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Editor Henry Gilbert titled his section “Waluigi: The worst character ever”, suggesting that the creation process involved the developers of Mario Tennis having no one to fill the final character slot, and conceiving him as an “evil Luigi”. He describes such an act as “plunging to the bottom of the intellectual barrel”. He also calls Waluigi “disgustingly tall and thin” as opposed to Wario, whom he calls a “fatass”.



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so anyways “straight people aren’t gay/queer/LGBT+ (lol)” is an excellent example of a straw man argument

“A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.” (from wikipedia)

because, really, viewed on its own, as in many posts that I’ve seen that simply say “straight people arent lgbt,” it seems obvious. the lgbt community is defined, in some ways, as completely opposed to the idea of a “straight” person (here representing a cishet, non-intersex person. yknow, Straight.)

and it seems really stupid to argue against that particular point because like. That’s where the line has been drawn. Straight people are over there, we are over here.

But the thing is, that’s very very commonly used as a refutation of “asexual people belong in the queer community,” which is a very complex argument with a lot of different points and nuances. Some people reblogging these “straight people aren’t queer” probably don’t even know that that’s where the argument started. They may just look at the post and go “yeah, obviously.”

So people make these “straight people” posts because it’s such an OBVIOUS argument that NO ONE would ever argue against, and they’re equating that directly with the argument “ace and aro people are part of the lgbt+ community.” As if both of those arguments encapsulate ALL of the same points entirely.

Because if you manage to frame it as “straight people don’t belong,” and someone tries to argue with you on that point, then you’ve forced them, in some way, to admit to viewing ace/aro people as “straight,” which is a very large part of the argument that ends up being glossed over.

“Ace/aro people belong in the LGBT+ community.” “Straight people aren’t queer.” “That has nothing to do with this. Ace and aro people aren’t straight.”

I’ve seen this with multiple different things, as well. People stating an argument in such simple terms, and boiling it down to one point, as if that’s all there is. (Saying “if you’re not a feminist, you’re a bad person,” as if there aren’t some legitimate objections to feminism. Womanism is a good example of a group made by people (black woman) that have a very legitimate objection to feminism (very white-centric).)

Doing this is not an argument. It’s stating a point you already believe in and not allowing actual discussion of it.

It’s okay to state these things sometimes, I guess. But do not act like they are a good replacement for activism.

(P.S., there are many straight people that belong in the LGBT+ community, should they choose to identify that way. Trans people can be straight, as well as intersex people, and probably more I can’t think of right now.)

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Hi. Do you prefer the line 'I gave my mind blindly' line to have a sadder and slower tone to it or fast and angrier sound or does it depend on the actress? Also, I was listening to your 'You try my patience' comparison, and I was wondering if it was just me who thought that the older phantoms from the 80-90s have a sort of Darth Vader accent to it?!

For the first: I don’t really have any preference; I think both work and its ultimately dependent on how the actress has been playing Christine. If she’s been doing a pretty strong, kick-ass Christine, the angry and fast version works better (e.g. Elizabeth Southard, Maria Coyne); if her Christine is more broken and tired, and the sadder, more dejected version is better (e.g. Gina Beck, Harriet Jones). But it can work in other ways: a Christine who has been strong for most of the ‘Final Lair’ can still do the dejected version, if she plays it as her Christine becoming beaten down by the Phantom’s actions.

Uh, as for the accent… from what I’ve read, James Earl Jones (who voiced Darth Vader) generally went for a Mid-Atlantic accent, which is a fake accent created to be a blend of the American accent and British RP (emphasis on fake - it’s not an actual accent used in the US as far as I know). You tend to hear it a lot in early cinema, though nowadays it’s used more rarely; I imagine it was used in Star Wars to give Vader a more commanding presence to his speech. It was also apparently taught in theater to some extent around the same time period, so it’s possible that many of the early actors in Phantom had learned it when they were studying theater, but that more recent actors have not, which is why you only hear it in the older Phantoms. (Though I feel like that’s stretching the time period a bit.) Another possibility is that you’re listening to American Phantoms who would put on a faux British accent, but they’re failing at it and it’s mixing with their actual accent? Or maybe you’re just mixing up accents in general - I definitely do that.

Or maybe the Phantom of the Opera and Darth Vader’s character are so similar in some ways that your mental perceptions of their accents are bleeding over into each other.


So this post dropped the fun fact that Måns Zelmerlöw voicred Flynn Rider in the Swedish dubbed version of Tangled

And I was like “REALLY???” and Swedish Wikipedia was like “CONFIRMED”

And now I feel obliged to share this with you all

(what a good version of the song gosh)

just think about it….

the otra tour started in sydney february 7th and ends on october 31st and they’ve had 80 shows so far and still have 25 shows left, so a total of 105 live performances in less than a year…. pluss loosing a bandmember during the start of tour, interviews, launching a new perfume, photoshoots, shooting a music video, writing and recording a new album, hosting a charity ball, action 1d project and other individual projects on the side…… all this /just/ this year

@ ya’ll who think 1d ain’t shit what’s good ?? !