really why do cameras have to be so hard

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Hi, very very hot hcs you lot have down here, can I request overstim, machine fucking, and objectification with a side of extremely dirty degradation? Thank you!

Hi so maybe a fic where it takes place at the end of dans new video and after the camera goes off and the kiss and have sex basically I would like a smut fic with phil in dans sparkly jacket please

something along the lines of Dan being edged and overstimulated so hard he cries but Phil won’t stop and yeah that’s about it do what you will with it ;)

That gif looks soooo like Dan I wanna see him rut against that blanket until he’s whining and begging gahhh 

Could you do a hc of dan having multiple orgasms because phils fucks him so hard 

 the sparkly jacket prompt is a bit outdated by now, but ehhhh


Tags: All the shit above

Warnings: I don’t think any

- As soon as he turns the camera off, Dan takes a long breath. Filming was harder than he expected. That of course, is Phil’s fault. Dan filmed him playing the piano in his sparkly jacket first, then, before he could do anything else, Phil had him pushed down onto the bed, pulling down his skinny jeans.

- For the better part of an hour, Phil had teased him, and then left Dan, hard and aching, to film his video. To make matters worse, Phil knows how much of a turn on it is for Dan when they share clothes (it’s a possessive thing, something Phil understands), so he pulls on Dan’s sparkly jacket with no shirt or pants to help Dan film. So Dan has been worked up while filming, and now that he’s done, tears are beginning to fall down his cheeks.

- “Lemme come, Daddy, please?”

- Phil smirks and steps over to Dan, lifting him to his feet from the chair he’s sitting in and kissing him. Well, it isn’t so much a kiss as it is Phil claiming Dan’s lips with his own, hands slipping down to push down Dan’s skinny jeans. Dan gets the message and steps out of them, breaking the kiss long enough to discard his shirt as well. “Eager,” Phil murmurs, and pushes them back so Dan falls onto his bed. “Now, what should I do with you, hmm?”

- “Fuck me?”

- “Now, remind me, do pathetic whores who can’t listen to rules get fucked by their Daddies?”

- “No…” Dan was caged for a week, and when Phil took it off him, he informed Dan that Phil would take good care of him if he could keep his hands off for a couple hours while Phil worked. In twenty minutes, Dan had already come twice. It’s been a couple days, but Dan’s still feeling Phil’s wrath. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

- Phil reaches for the lube. “You should be, bitch. Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to take what I give you, no more, no less. You will not complain. You will not touch yourself without permission. You will not come without permission. I’m not going to restrain you or give you a ring. This is about self control.”

- “But-”

- “No buts,” Phil chastises, and spanks Dan sharply before lubing up two fingers and pushing them past Dan’s hole at the same time, giving him a moment to adjust to the burn before he starts to fuck Dan with them, purposefully avoiding Dan’s prostate. He quickly adds another finger, smirking at Dan’s quiet moan. Before long though, he pulls his hands away. He’s about to lube up his cock to fuck Dan while he edges him, but Dan’s hips drop to the bed so he can grind against the sheets and his left hand slips behind him to finger himself. Instead of stopping him, Phil crosses his arms and watches, eyebrows raised.

- It doesn’t take long for Dan to come, and the boy immediately realizes what he’s done and swallows. “Such a needy fucking bitch, aren’t you? No regard for rules or anyone but yourself.” 

- “I’m sorry Daddy-”

- “Shut the fuck up, whore,” Phil sneers, and grabs a cock ring to roll around Dan’s length, starting to soften. He disappears briefly and comes back with a chair, rope, and something Dan can’t quite identify. Phil’s steady hands tie Dan’s ankles to the feet of the bed and then to his thighs in a way that keeps him from moving his lower body. His hands are soon secured behind his back as well, so that Dan falls face forward onto the mattress. The something Phil brought in is set on a chair, there’s the tell-tale click of a lube cap, and then something cold and slick presses inside Dan’s hole, just far enough in to push past his already pink and puffy rim. All of it is followed by what sounds like a switch being flipped, and then what Dan assumes is a toy begins to fuck into him at a steady pace.

- Of course, a fucking machine, he thinks bitterly, biting back a gasp when the fake cock nudges his prostate. It’s going slowly, but before long it speeds up, making Dan whine. Of course, it feels good, but it’s also torturous because he can’t come or touch himself and the barely-there glances aren’t enough. Behind him, he can hear the tell tale sound of Phil’s hand stroking his own cock, slick with lube. 

- When the machine speeds up again, Dan feels tears pooling in his eyes. “Daddy, please lemme come lemme come lemme come please! Fuck me, please, let me come Daddy! Daddy please!” He shouts, like a dam has been broken, all of his pleas spill out.

- Chuckling, Phil runs a hand down Dan’s back, scratching lightly. “You shouldn’t have been a naughty whore then.”

- “I’m sorry daddy I’m sorry I’m sorry just please!”

- After rolling his eyes, Phil slows the machine to a stop and moves it and the chair aside, Phil says, “The only reason you’re getting fucked by my cock after how bad you’ve been is that I’m not going to deny myself using my little cumdump.”

- The words only serve to make Dan even more desperate, and he practically drools when he feels the head of Phil’s slick cock pressing at his hole. “Now, what do we say, Daniel?” He asks, the scratchy sequins of the jacket making Dan itch when Phil lays a hand over his back.

- “Please!”

- Phil swiftly pushes in, only giving Dan a moment to adjust before he starts moving, fucking Dan at a brutal pace. He grabs Dan’s hair in one hand to yank his head up from where he’s biting a pillow. “Such a fucking cockslut, messy, desperate to be fucked, and falling apart on my cock. You’re nothing but a dirty little cumrag, aren’t you?” His other hand reaches down to Dan’s stomach and rubs at the head of his red and leaking member.  Dan begs for release a little more, enough that Phil pulls off the cockring and tosses it aside to stroke Dan in time with his thrusts.

- It takes less than a minute for Dan to come, moaning loudly enough that the neighbors will probably complain later. He tries to collapse down to the bed, exhausted from coming twice already, but Phil keeps fucking into him and touching him, all while telling Dan what a slut he is, and how he’s only good for Phil’s pleasure. He comes for the third time not too long after with a scream. By the time Phil comes, it’s about ten minutes after Dan’s last orgasm, during which he came dry, not even hard, sobbing and begging Phil to stop, but not safewording. Afterward, Phil pulls out and just takes a long moment to observe Dan, and the way his puffy, abused hole is leaking come, and the same substance coating Dan’s thighs and the sheets beneath him.

Not sure if I like this or the ending but oh well // I DIDN’T WRITE AFTERCARE BUT IT IS IMPORTANT Y’ALL


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do you ever have troube staying in frame for speed paints? i always do idk why its so hard for me

not really, my camera has a viewfinder so i check constantly to make sure i’m in frame and that its focused 

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Do you have any idea why the camera focuses on Spencers hand/arm when she's being interviewed at the start? It just looks strange to focus on that. Also it's annoying Lucas doesn't say why he changed his story with the police.

They did that to show Spencer’s tension. It went to show how nervous she is; one of the smartest people in Rosewood. She was gripping her arm really hard! So that went to show just how serious the circumstances in that scene were.

He changed his story because even he knew it wasn’t believable. In 6B we saw that the police were poking holes in his story and if they poked even more holes, he’d go to jail for a false confession. For example, he said he went down the hall to get some ice, but The Radley doesn’t have ice machines on that floor where the room was. Little things like that… Lucas knew the cops weren’t buying a word he was saying. Lucas knew the cops thought he was just trying to protect Hanna. I think he wanted out before he got in trouble :)

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Ok I love reading your thoughts about each member and I just want to say this: I think your Kiho description is really accurate, and what you told about Minhyuk is really interesting because I hadn't heard about him being quiet off camera. I can imagine that happening, though. And I can so much relate to your difficulties to understand Changkyun, like... I'm writing a fic about him and 100% of the time I have no clue how he would act in this or that situation. What do you think about Hyungwonho?

yeah, it was mentioned by hyungwon in a ch+ video recently | and seriously changkyun is so hard to pinpoint i really do not know why.

as for hyungwonho, i think what makes them work so great is they mesh well together in a sense, they know first of all, how to give fans exactly what they want. they wouldnt have /that/ bit in their from zero choreo if they werent aware of how it’ll be received by fans. at the same time it just shows they are incredibly comfortable with each other. we only ever see hyungwonho’s playful, flirty whatever you wanna call it side, which is why i’d really like to know how they are when they’re having lengthy, serious convos. but maybe thats just me

EXO reacts to : You being cold and wanting to hug them to get warm

Xiumin - *lets pretend you’re ks * “Min…” you called and he glanced at you. “What is it, Y/N?” he asked. “I’m cold,” you answered. “Haven’t I told you to bring my hoodie? What should we do? I can’t be cold too. I still have to perform for tomorrow’s concert. Hm…” a suggestive smile appeared on his face. “Unless you’ll allow me to do it,” he said. Without another word, he hugged you from behind. You closed your eyes before leaning your head on his shoulder. “Better.” 

Kris - “Fan…” you called from the couch right beside him. He didn’t look at you but instead he just hummed. “I’m cold,” you mumbled. You can’t feel your feet and it was all your fault. “Do you need socks?” he asked but you shook your head. “Hug,” you said before opening your arms. He looked at you as if you’re a mad woman. “It’s okay if you say no. I mean, Baek or Yeollie are good cuddle buddies any–”The other boys snickered but you care less. He let out a sigh and made an approved sign to you. “It’s okay.” The moment you hugged each other, you both smiled. “Warm hugs!”

Luhan - You trotted towards him while you were rubbing your drowsiness off your eyes. “Lulu…” you called. He looked at you with a smile. “Y/N? Why are you up?” “It’s cold,” you replied. “There are blankets—” “Hug… please?” you asked. “HE DOESN’T WANT TO!” Xiumin yelled which made Luhan smile *creepily* at the latter. “It’s alright Y/N.” He said before opening his arms for  a warm hug just for you. “C’mere.”

Suho - “Myeon~ I’m cold,” you complained while you were lying on JM’s bed while he was on the floor. “What do you want to do?” he asked while reading a book which helped him cover his tomato red face. He wasn’t sure if you feel some tension inside the room like him or not. “I need a hug,” you said before looking down at him. He put down the book before looking at you. “Should I get Mr. Fluffy?” he asked but even if you haven’t say anything, he trotted towards his closet. “Let’s greet her Mr. Fluffy,” he said which made you snort. He faced you with a cute white teddy bear in front of him. “Annyeonghaseyo,” he said making the bear bow. “Hug him,” he said before he sat on his bed, giving the toy to you. “Can I have the both of you? Mr. Fluffy and you?” you asked which made him smile awkwardly. Keep your Mr. Tinkles down, Junmyeon.

Lay - “W-What did you said?” he asked while snickering. “You want me to hug you?” You nodded your head. “But it’s not that I’m doing this just to take advantage to you. It’s fine—” Before you could even finish what you’re saying, his arms were wrapped around your waist, with his head burried on the crook of your head. “Let’s stay like this for awhile,” he said, not planning to let go of you, the girl that he likes.

Baekhyun - You weren’t feeling well after what happened earlier. “Gosh. I think I just caught a cold,” you said while gripping the blanket tightly. “Who forgot the umbrella anyway?” he asked while drying his hair. “Well, I’m sorry Mr. Angry Pants,” you countered. “How do you feel?” “I feel really really cold,” you answered. I’m cold, Baekhyun looking so comfy… “Can I have a cuddle? I mean, hug?” He chuckled before walking towards you. “Why of course, Mrs. Angry Pants.”

Chen - He just finished the pictorial with the boys and they were resting at the waiting area where you were staying while you wait for them. “Took you so long,” you said before pouting while you’re playing with your phone. “Try posing on camera, it’s hard,” Chen said before sitting beside you. “I’m cold,” you said as you wrapped your arms around him. You can tell that he’s flustered but happy at the same time. “Let me hug you as well, I’m cold too,” he said before giving you an eye smile. Your favorite smile. 

Chanyeol - “Hug me…” you told Chanyeol while you were taking a stroll in a park near their dorm. It wasn’t just the two of you who were out tho. You’re with the other members. “Ah wae? In case you didn’t know Ms. Y/N, we’re in public. You’ll be bashed by our fans once they saw us hugging,” he said before messing your hair. “Well it’s just a hug. It’s not like we’re dating. I’m really cold and besides, I thought you like me,” you said that made him stop. “MWO?” he asked, surprised. However, it doesn’t stopped you to hug him. “Forget what I just said. Just let me hug you,” you said. Let’s just say that your hug lasted for quite a long time.

D.O - “I invited you here to comfort me, but it turns out, you’re the one who needs comforting here,” he stated while pushing you away from him using the pink plushie he bought for you. “Let me hug you penguinsoo.” “Nope.” “Fine,” you stated before walking towards the kitchen… or so he thought. “What the—? Y/N!” “Warm abs—I mean, hugs.”

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Tao - “Hug me,” you said and he started blushing. You know that he feels something special towards you but you’d rather set it aside for the sake of your friendship. However, today, you were under the weather and felt really cold. “W-What? Why are saying that?” he asked, sweat beads forming on his forehead. “I need warmth Tao-ssi. Hug me, please?” you said. A smile formed on his lips before he nodded his head, letting you hug him.

Kai - “Jongin…” you called but he only looked at you before diverting his eyes back to the manga in his hands. “I need a hug. Warm, warm hug…” you said. He put down the manga before hugging no one in particular. “Jongin…” you said once again before walking towards him. “Fine,” he said while he open his arms for you. You hugged him tightly as you nuzzled your nose to his chest. “Warm hugs…”

Sehun - He caught you staring at him. “What is it?” he asked in his sleepy voice. You puckered your lips but still not saying a word. He drew himself closer to you. “Tell me,” he whispered. “I need a hug,” you answered. He moved inch closer to you. “And why is that?” one last move and you’ll be facing Sehun REAL close. “I’m feeling cold.” With that, he wrapped his arms around you. “You’re lucky I love you.”

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Photograph Project [NCT Jaemin Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Scenario with Jaemin where you guys get partnered up for a project at school but you think he doesn’t know who you are and you have a crush on him but he ends up confessing after you guys get an A on your project? Thanks!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Remember class, the result of your project is 40% of your year-end marks. So, please please please do well,” my teacher said. “Alright, let’s get start pairing up you guys”

After my teacher paired up everyone, the last ones were Jaemin and me.

“Y/F/N and Na Jaemin, you two are going to be paired together,” my teacher said and my face became so pale.

I looked at Jaemin and saw him looking at me with his signature smile. I tried hard to smile back and looked away - not wanting him to see my red cheeks. I can’t believe he smiled at me. Well, I’ve seen him smiled but I didn’t know if it was for me or it was for someone else.

“The two of you will be doing a project on ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Xu Jinglei. It’s a Chinese movie and I hope you guys will do your best because this is one of my favourite movies,” my teacher said.

“Ms. Kim, you said that for all the movies,” one of my classmates joked making us laugh.


“You guys go ahead, I have to go somewhere later,” I said to my friends and they nod before leaving me.

As I closed my locker, Jaemin appeared out of nowhere - scaring me a little.

“Hey,” Jaemin said with a smile.

“H-hey,” I replied feeling very awkward.

“Umm, I was wondering if you’re free this evening,” Jaemin said.


“The project,” Jaemin said. “I thought we could begin working on the project earlier so that we can like do some changes if we want to change some details in the project.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m free,” I replied.

I thought he was going to ask me on a date or something. But, what am I thinking? I’m not as popular as him in this school. Lots of girls like him and I’m just another one of those girls. He’ll never notice me, he never really notices any other girls.

“Great, do you want to come to my house or go to yours?” Jaemin asked.

“Umm, go to our houses?” I asked in shock.

I’ve never had any guys coming to my house nor gone to any guy’s house.

“Yeah, I think we’ll be able to film some shots there easier since no one is there,” Jaemin said.

“Oh, okay. Umm, I think we should go to your house first because my siblings are at home and they’re going to be messing the entire house,” I said with a fake laugh.

Jaemin laughed along but his laugh wasn’t fake. He seemed to actually be laughing. “Okay then, let’s go to my house.”

“Please don’t say it like that, it sounds weird,” I said trying to hold in my laugh.

“It’s alright, let’s go to my house,” Jaemin starting singing to 2pm’s song.

I just laugh and shook my head with a huge smile on my face as we both walked to his house.


When I first reached his house, his mother immediately greeted me with a huge smile. She offered me some food and told me to stay for dinner but I couldn’t because my parents wouldn’t allow me. They don’t even know that the friend’s house I’m at is a guy.

After having some snacks that Jaemin’s mother offered, we decided to begin our project. The both of us watch the movie together and it felt kind of weird. We talked in between the movies and laughed a little at some of the scenes.

Once the movie was over, we decided to write a simple summary of the movie and planned out for what we were going to do tomorrow.

“We could film some of the scenes at the park and your house,” Jaemin suggested.

“But, my house isn’t that suitable for the movie,” I said. “Your house looks more modern and it goes well with the theme, and I think we should go near the Han River since there are certain scenes taken at a river. I think it’ll look really nice, especially in the evening.”

“Okay then,” Jaemin agreed to my suggestion with a smile and I decided to head home first.

“Jaemin, go and walk her home,” Jaemin’s mother said making my face turn red a little.

“Oh, no, it’s okay, my house isn’t far from here,” I said with a shook.

“It’s not good for you to walk home alone, especially with a pretty face like you,” Jaemin’s mother said.


The walk back home was pretty quiet. I guess he felt just as awkward as me. I’m secretly grateful that he’s walking me home. I’ve never seen this side of him before.

When I was at the footsteps of my house, Jaemin held onto my arm.

“C-can I have your number?” Jaemin asked.

“For what?” I asked.

“To contact you and stuff,” Jaemin said.

“Oh, yeah. Sure,” I said wanting to facepalm myself.

After I gave him my number we bid each other goodbye and I watched him walked away from my house.

“He asked for my number,” I mumbled to myself with a smile and walked into the house.


Jaemin and I have decided to just take photos rather than filming because most of the students were doing that and we wanted to do something different.

“Why not you stand there and I’ll take photos first,” Jaemin said telling me what to do.

“Why not you stand first and I’ll take the photo,” I said. “I’m not really photogenic.”

“Hmm, fine,” Jaemin said. “But you still have to do it too, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied and took his camera from him.

While taking photos, I realised that he is very very very photogenic. He looks great in almost every shot I took. In between, he did some funny poses that made me laugh hard. After what felt like hours, he said that it was my turn.

“I might look ugly in the pictures, so be careful,” I said trying to make a joke.

“You won’t,” Jaemin said and begin to take some photos. “You look…”

I waited for him to finish his sentence, but, he seemed to be stuck?

“I look..?”

“You look beautiful,” Jaemin said with his signature smile and continued to take pictures.

I was a bit stunned at what she said and I think he realised it.

“Yah, are you okay?” Jaemin asked with a little laugh.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” I replied trying to think of an idea to cover my stunned look. “Umm, I just thought about the photos. We can’t only have individual photos.”

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

As the both of us began thinking, Jaemin had an idea.

“One of my seniors live nearby here,” Jaemin said. “Maybe he can help us.”

“But not today right?” I asked.

“Let me ask him,” Jaemin said and called his senior.


“You look really good together,” Yuta - Jaemin’s senior, said.

I tried my best not to let my cheeks blush but it seemed pretty obvious.

“Y/N-ah, you’re blushing,” Yuta teased me and I just laughed it off.

“It’s just really cold,” I said because the sky was getting dark.

Jaemin then went to his bag and took out a coat. “I thought this might come in handy,” Jaemin said as he passes his coat to me.

“Very romantic, Jaemin,” Yuta teased.

“Yah, she’s just cold. I’m just trying to be a gentleman,” Jaemin said.

Yuta and I looked at each other and laughed so hard.

“What’s so funny about it?” Jaemin asked with a pout.

Yuta shook his head and said: “Nothing~”

I put on the coat and we continued our photo shoot at the Han River. Jaemin had his arms around my shoulder and the three of us kept making jokes. I guess since then, Jaemin and I became close - less awkwardness.


While editing the photos and making it into a nice video, I got to know Jaemin more and I fell in love with him more each day. But, he doesn’t feel the same way - well, from my perspective of course.

“Do you think this is good enough?” I asked as we finally finished the entire video.

“Yeah, definitely,” Jaemin said confidently.

“Don’t be too confident,” I said to Jaemin with a light hit.

“I just think that this video will surprise Ms. Kim,” Jaemin said. “You look really pretty in all the photos.”

I felt my cheeks burning up. I cupped my cheeks with my hands and shook my head lightly.

Jaemin then played to video and I looked at the photos that Jaemin took of me.

“I just look normal, though,” I said and poke my own cheeks.

“Well, that’s not how I see it,” Jaemin said and we both made eye contact.

The both of us just stare at each other wanting to say something but no words came to our minds. The both of us smiled at each other lightly. It wasn’t awkward, though - thankfully. Jaemin then pushed my hair behind my ear and smiled brighter - making me smile brighter.

Before any of us could say anything, Jaemin’s mother came in. The both of us immediately broke eye contact and looked at his mother.

“Do you guys want dinner?” Jaemin’s mother asked with a smile.


“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Jaemin said as we approached my house.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said with a smile and walked into my house. “Goodnight, Jaemin.”

“Goodnight, Y/N,” Jaemin said and showed his signature smile that melted my heart.


“Alright class, you all may leave,” my teacher said and all of us happily got up. “Except for Jaemin and Y/N, stay here in the classroom.”

I looked at Jaemin and he looked at me with confusion. Are we in trouble? But, we didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe she hated the video? But, we did quite well in it.

When all the students left, the two of us walked up to Ms. Kim and listened to what she has to say.

“Na Jaemin and Y/F/N. The two of you, your video…is amazing!”

Jaemin and I looked at each other feeling a little bit speechless but really happy at the same time.

“T-thank you,” Jaemin and I said in sync.

“You two received the highest grade in the class for having originality, creativity, and uniqueness. You guys embraced the movie and your summary was really good. I’m really impressed with the both of you.”

“Thank you,” Jaemin and I said in sync once more.

“Alright, you two are dismissed. I hope you two are happy with your results.”

“Oh, yes. Thank you, Ms. Kim,” I said happily and walked out the class with my bag.

As I walked in the quiet hallway, I felt someone grabbed me by my wrist.

“Y/N, wait.”

It was Jaemin. I stopped and turned around to face him.


“Ummm, here,” Jaemin said and gave a polaroid to me.

“What’s this?” I asked and looked at the polaroid to see a photo of the two of us at the Han River laughing happily.

“I know that we haven’t known each other for a long time, but this past week, I really fell in love with you, Y/F/N,” Jaemin confessed.

“R-really?” I asked in shock not really believing. “This is not a dream right?” I asked and pinched myself.

Jaemin laughed and shook his head. “Of course, it’s not a dream,” Jaemin said and pushed my hair behind my ear. “Let me prove it to you.”

Jaemin moved closer to my face and covered the empty space between us. His lips on mine felt more than a dream come true.


Yes! Finally! Thank you, anon, for requesting a Jaemin scenario! <3 I hope you all enjoy reading this because I really enjoy writing this. It’s like 12:27AM right now and I’m supposed to be sleeping! xD But I was too motivated to write this story.


I run my finger across the multi-grey fabric of Kendall’s bow tie, adjusting it and making sure it wouldn’t loosen it’s form. I smile, fluffing it out. Kendall’s hands comes up to my wrist, pulling them away from his bow tie.

“I think it’s good babe. No more?” Kendall asks. I nod.

“I’m sorry. Just…straightening it out, I guess.” I look away, biting the corner of my bottom lip. Kendall chuckles.

“It’s ok. I understand. If you weren’t here, I’d probably be doing the same thing, except making it worst and calling you non-stop to come to me and fix it.” I laugh.

“Mr. Schmidt. We’re here” the driver in front says.

I look out the black screen window and see the start of the red carpet already fill with security, paparazzi and other famous, well known celebrities. This event is huge. It’s the 56th annual Grammys and they claim that this would be the best of all.

“Alright” Kendall said toward the driver. He then looks over at me. “Are you ready?”

Quickly responding, I nod at his question as my answer. Kendall smiles warmly before leaning in, pressing his pump pink lips on mine. He pulls back shortly after and takes my hand as we step out and onto the start of the carpet.

Our relationship is public already. Fans discovered about our relationship back to the VMAs about five months ago. But we’ve been dating a total of seven months now. What I’m really nervous about is the event itself. This is the Grammys - bigger than the VMA! And this is Kendall’s first time here. That’s why a bow tie was included in his suit tonight.

But Kendall isn’t nervous. He isn’t nominated, so there’s really nothing for him to freak out about. Maybe next year, when there is a chance he will be nominated. Who knows. I’m probably more nervous than he is. I have never been around twice the amount of celebrities’ fame level before. Sure, I saw Taylor Swift and Katy Perry at the VMAs but tonight, P!NK, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney are going to be here. I’m going to be surrounded by these people. And these people inspired Kendall to be who he is today!

We found our security who will be guiding us safely through the red carpet event. With Kendall’s arm hugging me behind my waist, we walk through the crowd of mostly parents, or guests of the celebrities already here.


The sound of our first interview, made both of our heads turn to the direction where a nicely dressed man stood with a microphone in his hand. With his free hand, he waved over to us, informing us to come to him. Kendall seems to know him, shaking his hand quickly and greeting him with a great smile.

“Hello!” Kendall says.

“MTV interview! Do you mind?” the guy ask. Kendall shakes his head.

“Nope, let’s do it.” Kendall tells him. The guy nods and face the camera. I try to stay out of the picture, but Kendall holds onto me closer.

“First, where are the guys? Where are the rest of your crew?” the guy ask. Kendall chuckles.

“Honestly, I don’t know, but I’m sure they’re watching the Grammys, or will be” Kendall replies.

“You might not have the guys’ company here with you, but I see that you brought your beautiful girlfriend with you tonight!” I swear I blush. Kendall nods.

“Yep. I did.”

“YN, right?” the guy ask. I nod. “So, YN, what are you wearing tonight?” I look down.

“I happen to be wearing Lulus. One of my favorites of hers. Just a simple teal blue dress. I just hope I’m dress right for this kind of night” I laugh nervously.

“I think you are dressed perfectly for the night. And so is your man here, Kendall!”

“Yeah. I think he’s looking great and I hope they catch a lot of pictures of him tonight” I smile.

The interviewer nods. Before he even speaks up bringing up another question, a face pops into the picture, making a face. We all look over, seeing Austin Mahone bombing the interview.

“Mr. Mahone!” Kendall shouts. Austin breaks into laughter and stands up straight stepping closer. Kendall gives him a quick man hand shake. Austin blushes for interrupting the interview.

“And we have Austin Mahone with us now!” the interviewer says. Austin nods toward the camera. I smile toward him.

“Hey” Austin says toward the camera. He looks over at me, where Kendall still holds onto me aside. “Hey YN. You look pretty.”

“Aw, thanks” I tell him.

“Ok. While you’re here Austin, I’d thought now would be a good time to bring this question up” the interviewer starts.

“Ok” Austin says.

“We do this with every star, so let’s do it with you guys.” Kendall and Austin both nod. “When was the last time you got lucky?” I look up at Kendall to see if I can get an answer from him, but instead his face starts turning red.

“Last night” Austin starts. “My single was released and it’s at #2 now. Let’s bring it up to to #1.” Kendall scoots next to Austin, bringing a finger up.

“#1” Kendall roars, the scoot back next to me. I giggle.

“Ok. Austin last got lucky last night! How about you Kendall?” the interviewer ask.

“Uh, you know, I’m not going to answer that question” Kendall stutters.

“Why not?!” the interviewer ask loudly. Kendall shrugs. “Alright. Then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask your lovely girlfriend…” the interviewer mock. I laugh as he lend the microphone over. I take.

“Last time I got lucky?” I ask to make sure. The interviewer nods. “Hmm, you know. There was never a last time for me really. I’m lucky every second right now. I’m with the man I love and he loves me back. I’m lucky to have him. Not only do I support him but he…also supports me too.” I smile. I look up at Kendall who’s smiling big. He kisses my temple hard.

“I love you” Kendall whisper. I hand back the microphone.

“Aww. That’s probably the best answer out there” the interviewer said. “Next to Austin’s.” We laugh. Kendall snatch the microphone back.

“Now I know why I’m so lucky!” Kendall says toward the camera. He winks before handing the mic back.

“Alright. That’s all for Austin Mahone, Kendall Schmidt and his lovely girlfriend, YN. Thanks for stopping by and have fun tonight!”

We nod and start walking. We head toward the paparazzi hall where we get our pictures taken. Kendall told me earlier that he wanted me to join him in this section of the carpet. I couldn’t regret. We let Austin go ahead first. Kendall holds onto me by the waist as we move ahead and step into the paparazzi zone. We’re smiling big and Kendall’s laughing and talking with some of the familiar faces of the paparazzi.

“Hey Kendall! What’s the suit you’re wearing?” one of them ask. Kendall quickly looks down then back up.

“Who knows” he laughs. “I just found this in a part of my closet I’ve never gotten a chance to wear before!”

Kendall let’s go of me so he can pose solo. He starts pointing to he camera and playing with his bow tie, adjusting it. Then he stopped quickly, holding his hand out refusing to touch the bow tie any further.

“I just learned out to tie this!” he yells. I step in next to him again, and Kendall holds onto me. “I learned from Youtube” he chuckles.

“You mean we did” I corrected him. He laughs.

“Ok. Yes, we did.”

“Kendall tried to do it by himself, by following the steps on Youtube, but couldn’t do it. He was boiling mad, about to give up” I confess.

“Oh really?” one of the paparazzi friends asks. I nod.

“I swear, I could hear the video being repeated, knowing that Kendall was re-watching it just trying to understand it.”

“Until she stepped in” Kendall point out. He chuckles.

“It only took me one round of the video and I learned it like that; tying the bow tie for him.”

“Hey! It’s not my fault that the video was mirrored or in reverse” Kendall joke.

We laugh as we step off the paparazzi hall. Still holding onto me, Kendall and I walked through the crowd of people heading inside to the arena for the award show.

“You’re honestly perfect” Kendall said. I blush

“And you’re amazingly spiffy” I smile, tugging onto his suit jacket, bringing it closer, buttoning on button together. Then the bow tie popped out of its place. Kendall laughs softly dropping his head in defeat.

“Oh boy” he mutter, still smiling. I laugh and tie a perfect bow again.

“There.” I pat his chest when I’m done and Kendall checks it out. He gently straighten it out.

“You know that I love you.” Kendall whisper.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I love you.” Kendall whispers before closing the gap in between us, giving me a Grammy-worth, kiss of the night.

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Maybe you could tie in Sam's drunk texting with the Wrong Dorm somehow?

Rest of the Wrong Dorm au can be found here.

It’s late. I wish Sam would call when she would be home at this hour, or crashing elsewhere. I have plenty of reasons to worry about this girl and she certainly doesn’t make it easy for me. 

I fidget with the ‘History of Peruvian Tapestry” and dog ear the text for another time, tapping my fingernails against the tabletop and clicking on the telly to distract myself. It’s not as if she didn’t do this all the time. She’s fine, no doubt.

My phone buzzes twice on the kitchen counter across the room, but my attentions on a grueling documentary on Tutankhamen’s tomb and I’m having a really hard time ignoring the terrible mistakes.

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We Got (Unwillingly) Married

I really don’t know if I’m writing what the requester wants here… But it’s oh so fluffy and Jaebum is a big ball of fluffy fluff. Also, I’ve been reading Romeo and Juliet alot lately so sorry if there are really failed deep, loving sentences in this. 

He’s cute. You’ll give him that.
His hair is dyed blonde and styled in a classic updo. He’s smiling, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. You can see the nervosity in them.

“Hi…”, He says, and even though his voice is clear, it’s easy to sense the panic there as well. You smile, but it’s false, only for the cameras.

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Investigate the death of Black Lives Matter activist Marshawn McCarrel

Marshawn McCarrel, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, died Monday outside of the Ohio statehouse. Authorities say the 23-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene and appeared to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although no one witnessed the shooting.

His death was ruled a suicide, however there was nobody to confirm that.

McCarrel was also the founder of Pursuing Our Dreams, an Ohio-based community activist group that helped to fight homelessness and hunger - both issues McCarrel battled himself for three months after he graduated high school.

McCarrel was recently recognized by Radio One as a “Hometown Champion” for his great work and activism in the community. It was a prize that came with a free trip to attend this year’s NAACP Image Awards.

His friends and people he worked with are sure he had no motives to kill himself. They are also demanding the video footage from the cameras on the building to see if he really did it with his own hands. 

This man has done so much for the community, he tried so hard to make the life of black people better, so why would he do something like that and leave all his efforts to seek justice and peace? How could a person, who was appreciated by so many people, who jut got a prize from the radio for his achievements leave this life? There is definitely something wrong here and we have to help and find out the truth.

Sign the petition. For all the Black Lives Matter activists.


Moreover there is  story of one cops mocking on this tragic suicide. It’s just not right. 

Why I think Harry and Louis are in a romantic relationship.....

So this is the third part of a little about why I think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a romantic relationship.

PART 1: Tattoos

PART 2: Tweets


PART 3: Touches

So in this part I thought I would focus on touches. Many of the gifs and pictures in this post are old because we have little contact between them these days. Therefore it is open to scrutiny because what I am showing is in some cases nearly four years old. But anyway, this is just some thoughts which add up to a picture of romance rather than just friendship.

It is a really difficult thing to analyse pictures and gifs as anything beside what you cans see. It is interpretation and I already come from the belief they are together. This will affect my analysis. However, I think these images are quite powerful when viewed in sequence and hard to assess in another way.



In this section I will focus on what I perceive as the ‘private’ touches, as in the touches which were supposed to have been just for them, not for anyone else to have seen.

Some people comment about how the interactions between Harry and Louis are 'stage gay’ or 'playing up to the cameras’…… But I think these touches were not meant to have been seen.  These are touches of comfort or reassurance between two people in a romantic relationship.


Source (11,07) - 9 March 2012 - definitely worth watching 

This whole interaction is supposed to be secret and hidden behind the table they were sat at. 


Source (from 3.40) - 13 March 2012

Harry leaves his hand there on purpose and Louis intentionally rests his arm on it. This is supposed to be a subtle private moment.


Source (4.18) 7 Nov 2013

Harry and Louis are holding hands, again this is supposed to be private and they withdraw their hands when they think they will be spotted. I know people will say 'why would they hold hands in front of interviewers?’ - I don’t know, but they were holding and stopped once they were aware of the camera.



These are the touches which are just not thought about because they are instinct, they are the touches that lovers will share without thought, without care about the rest of the world. They are just what they do. These are hard to control if you are next to the person all the time which is may be why Harry and Louis have spent so much time separate. These really show of a couple in a romantic relationship


X Factor, 2010 Week 2 17 Oct 2010, Group Performance - source - except it has been cut, the end and is no longer there - at least I cannot find it anywhere…… but I have watched it before….. I think…..

But this moment is really special because Louis just has his hand there and Harry’s instinct is to reach up and hold it. Beautiful. And week 2.


Source (from 1.53) March 2012

They have their hands held and arms locked around each other. They are comfortable with this intimate type of touch. To me it seems like a position they adopt often, without thinking, without care. Just being close to one another.


Source - (about 2.37) 3 March 2012

Here we see Louis gently and ever so quietly run his finger down Harry’s wrist and over his hand. The reason this image is so strong is because this is actually an instinctive gesture. It is Louis saying ‘shit, this is a little more overwhelming than I thought, I feel anxious, you must too, but I am here, we are OK’

This would actually be a normal action between two people who are in an intimate relationship with one another. It might be inappropriate for someone to do this to someone who is a friend, you might be punched.


Again this is such an intimate move, that was not meant to be seen. They were may be going to hold hands but Louis remembered that they were on stage and can’t. This gif has been slowed down.


This gif is fantastic. They think they are being subtle because it’s such a fast gesture. But it is similar to the last because they were on stage and it was a little fun moment.


Source - (about 0.26) 9 March 2012

It seems like Louis tries to reach for Harry’s hand for a moment. Now this is only from observing but that’s how it could look. I think this is an instinctive reaction to get Harry to be in the right place.


Source - April 2013

This picture really sums up the 'Up all night Tour’. They were really conscious so much during the live shows, but here Louis’ face is completely frozen as soon as Harry touches his shoulder. Now this could be for other reasons, but it seems like when Harry touches him he becomes concerned and self conscious. Perhaps not the obvious reaction to someone you love touching you, unless perhaps this was something he wasn’t supposed to do.  

But yeah that touch meant more than anything in that moment!


Source - 7 May 2014

Now I can’t find a source for this, so I don’t know if this came from a video or whether it is a manipulation, or the angle of the picture. But it looks intimate and they are clearly touching or even holding hands…. They have changed their behaviour a lot to ensure that they often don’t get too close or interact too much when there are cameras around. But here it is like they allowed each other a small moment of contact when they were sharing this experience together. I think their instinct is to touch one another in these moments.


The rest:

Some other moments of touch between Harry and Louis which can be interpreted as romantic as opposed to to platonic:


Source - week 4 x factor 2010

There are just so many examples from x factor but this sums it up for me because of their faces. These are faces of two people who are falling for one another. The way your cheeks hurt in that first flourish of love. The way you just can’t stop smiling. It is all over them and it is so sweet.


External image

Source - x factor 2010

This is so cringe worthy, but Harry’s giggle is so wonderful. It feels really intimate and verges on feeling inappropriate to watch really. But this is 'play fighting’ and most definitely flirting. The sexual tension between these two is insane. I did a post about Larry and flirting and talk more about this there.


Source - (from about 0.20) March 2011

Louis has his hands around Harry behind him and Harry is touching Louis’ sides. This is a very intimate position for two people who are not at the very least attracted to each other. And that this is safe. People are normally frightened of rejection and there is non of that threatened in this interaction.


Source - 13 March 2012

Harry cannot resist demonstrating what happens with the love bites. It’s like he acts first then thinks after. He wanted to show everyone that Louis was his essentially. Although this is played for the camera, the context around the action and the fact that Harry didn’t appear to think before he reacted shows us there is more to their relationship. The more I watch it the more I can’t believe that the message to fans is that they are not together, this is crazy. The interviewer is completely shocked by it. It is shocking really.


This looks to me like they are holding or at least touching hands. Friends do not normally need to touch like this. People in a loving relationship enjoy and need touch from the other person. This helps the loving feeling and is comforting.

I did a post about how they were taking the piss because seriously last tour there were so many examples of them holding or touching in the meet and greets. I think it is really sweet but I suspect they knew people would spot them and they did it on purpose!


Now I guess this one could have gone in the 'private’ or 'instinctive’ section of this post, but actually I think this is them being drawn together through their magnetic pull of one another and their fingers have chanced upon each others. This is really not evidence on its own because it could be a mistake, but for me its another example of how these two are always drawn together.


So there are clearly more images and examples of their touch but these are my favourite ones. I think when they are lined up together like this they are so clearly romantically involved. There are numerous examples of private touches which are for them only, to ground, to reassure, to communicate….. Then there are the instinctive ones which are more in moments when they behave as they might do normally although the later examples show that there has been modernisation in their behaviour. They have become far more conscious.

I think their touches are similar to those shared by couples in long term relationships. They are grounding, comforting and intimate.

My Experience at EXO’luXion in Seoul

Wanted to do a recap of my first experience watching EXO Live at EXO’LuXion Day 4 in Seoul so here it is!
The thing I want to tell all International fans is that- IT IS WORTH IT.
And it’s wayyy better on homeland Seoul because the kfanexperience is out of this world.
Watching EXO live is on my bucket list and I am happy to say I have done it and yes I would do it all over again.

So here’s a picture of my Ticket, Lightstick and Ending Banner:

The SM tour bus dropped us off at the venue around 330pm and there was already a lot going on.

There were many queues for fansite goodies and Damn was it difficult to get something!

I wanted the fans from Kai Union but everything was gone! But now I know I will have to arrive much earlier at the venue for fansite goodies ^^

Entered the stadium around 515pm.

 I am part of the silver ocean! :’)

I didn’t take many pictures during the concert, firstly because security was being quite strict about it and secondly I really wanted to experience the concert with my own eyes and not through a phone screen. There’s a reason why we have fansite noonas and their pro cameras :D you don’t need to take your own!

Concert began roughly a minute or two late and the Opening VCR was EPIC.

It began with a story about “10 unidentified objects” blah blah blah…

And then boys appeared on the VCR doing their superpower thing and Everyone was screaming their heads off Im not even exaggerating.

My heart was pounding so hard because OMG I knew they would appear onstage anytime then and it was going to be my first time seeing them in flesh.

And so they did appear, in gold jackets AND I LITERALLY SHRIEKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

They began with a remix of Overdose and the fanchants brought the concert to LIFE.

This is why I say the kfan experience rocks because the fanchants are ON POINT.

Watching enough overdose performances helped me join in the fanchants IT WAS THE BEST.

My fave part was “HEY DOCTORRRRRRRRRRRR”. Seriously indescribable adrenaline rush.

Then History. El Dorado.

Oh Godddd El Doradooooo.

It’s a baby-making song I am sure of it.

The lightsaber choreo was amazing and the boys were great. Enough said.

Thereafter it was the First ment and I was screaming because omg here I am listening to EXO SPEAKKKKK <3

Kyungsoo is also tiny in real life. And needless to say, Chanyeol is lean and tall-  I must say he has amazing body proportions.

Kyungsoo is also squishy hahaha I cannot explain it, he just looks CUTE.


Hearing ksoo’s smooth honey vocals irl really made my life whole.

Junmyeon is skinny- his thighs are the size of my arms and I have also confirmed all past suspicions that he has a face of an angel.

Jongdae had quite a lot of makeup on but those dinosaur-life features are unmistakable and he is skinny too.

Baekhyun looks cool with his eye makeup and his eye smile is endearing. He also chats a lot and is happy to interact with fans at the extension stages.

Sehun is TALLLLLLLL and “milky white skin” is an understatement for this guy. He knows how to tease the audience and then consciously laughs about it. What a little shit.

Lay looks good with blonde hair he is a good dancer no doubt about that and fans love him because everything he does and says is so sincere and honest.

Minseok is basically a fairy who descended onto Earth in human form – he is so beautiful <3

His hair has a life of its own like if you could watch him in slow motion-  when he flings his head, his hair goes neatly in one direction and then falls back into place again. IT FUCKING BLEW MY MIND.

At some point Minseok tore open his shirt in front of my section and it was fucking mental because my knees went soft unexpectedly and I nearly lost balance and fell forward to hit the girl in front of me.

It’s a mental picture I can never forget til the day I enter my grave. THANKS A LOT KIM MINSEOK.

There is also another member whom I suspect, is a celestial. That would be Tao.

His hair was blonde and sexedddd  and he has good body proportions as well as an elf-like face. I CANNOT.

Oh yes Chanyeol looks like an elf too- those ears are astounding.

Pretty unfortunate Tao had to sit out many performances because of his injury though. He looked bored and upset most of the time anyway.

Last but not least, my bias, Jongin. Oh Jongin, jongin, Jongin. What did you do to me.


Yes Jongin is tall, has long legs, a great ass and godlike jawline. He also has soft brown puppy eyes which will make you spill several litres of tears.

He is shy when interacting with the audience on the extension stages, he doesn’t fix his gaze on any one fan in particular, he focuses on the items he has to throw to the fans. Unlike other exo members who look at fans, make gestures to fans. When he smiles, he looks away bashfully quickly.

That’s Jongin.

BUT when he is performing. All I see is Kai. A confident, bold and flashy dancer.


Okay enough about the members.

It was Don’t Go after the first ment. It has been my dream to listen to this song LIVE as well as sing along.

The choreo was cute, they made butterfly hands at some point in the dance and it’s basically a lovely song- one of my exo faves <3

Then they performed Playboy, one of the new songs, and it was dead sexy. Enough said. It reminds me of Thunder, another on the EXO list of baby-making hits. BOOM PREGNANT.

Then Baby Don’t Cry and the fucking Sekai water performance really KILLED ME. Sehun’s spot was right infront of my section and I actually was fascinated by how the water pond appeared LOL.

One moment Sehun was lying on dry flat ground, another moment that “ground” was sinking into a shallow metal pool and water was filling up fast through tiny holes.

Jongin was at the opposite side and he was really getting into his choreo he was thoroughly SOAKED while Sehun was less enthusiastic to get his upper body wet so of course he finished with his glorious hair still in place whereas Jongin was a drenched puppy haha.

And My Answer, which is also a new song. I am so happy Junmyeon is finally recognised in the vocal line. Baekhyun is one talented motherfucker that’s all.


And then the 2nd VCR, and The Star- which I’ve never actually seen them perform live (correct me if I’m wrong!)


Poof ovaries goneeeee.

Another new song Exodus came next and that….destroyed me.


Hurt is all kinds of GREAT I don’t even know how to describe it T.T


The Coffee elf VCR is next and my world exploded with all the cuteness you can imagine I AM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING.

It was well creative, kudos to SM and of course the boys’ amazing acting and aegyo.


And then EXO returned to stage in those cute as fuck elf costumes with an equally cute song Peter Pan.

They peeked out as the stage slowly drew open, in all sorts of cute poses and KAISOO WAS SAILING DAYUMMM THEY WERE SAILINGGGG. #kaisoo til i die

The crowd-pleasing upbeat songs like XOXO, Lucky and 365 followed.

At Lucky, they stripped behind that fucking translucent screen thing - FUCKERS.

The crowd really went wild and they really knew how to tease us.

They also tore their way out of the paper screens and began their Christmas songs I thought that was cute as fuck, but then again, WHAT do I NOT find cute anymore fuck my life.

And the boys ran everywhere on the extensions stages to interact with fans and throw candy.

Needless to say, we went wild screaming and waving. Most memorable, Minseok was at my section during 365 and his fist pumping in the air during “3-6-5!” was the most adorable thing and would stay etched in my memory for as long as I live <3

Idk, Minseok is so beautiful I don’t even know how to describe my feels.

Then came the 2nd ment.

And then at some point in MID (when only 3 members were necessary) ChanTao disappeared to get changed for the EXO Nightclub segment.

They reappeared with renewed swag and Full Moon.

Thereafter this was the fun bit - it was literally EXO Nightclub. Machine remix came next and Chanyeol got into his DJ set immediately at the end and a new song Drop That came on and IT WAS CRRRRRRAZYYYYYY FROM THEN ONWARDS.

“Jump jump jump E-X-O


We were jumping and going wild and Park Chanyeol was the King of the Show <3

Let out the Beast remix and Run remix came on IT WAS CRAZYYYYY PART 2.

Tbh I never thought much of Run but OH BOY THIS REMIX WAS A FUCKING RAVE BEAT

Minseok also tore his shirt open here and my soul left my body basically.

My thighs are still sore from this. RUN IS MY NEW JAMMMM <3

I think EXO Nightclub segment would be my fave part of the concert if I had to choose- because everyone was high and on their feet <3


The camera was the “girl” which EXO members held hands with and led around to different places, doing diff things. They were all cute and endearing but most memorably would be Minseok in a chef costume pretending to have cut his finger, only to suddenly make a heart with his hands I WAS LITERALLY SCREECHING FUCKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU  >: (

Next was the much-awaited CALL ME BABY TEASER. Oh glorious fuck.

Which they also performed for a bit and the audience actually knew the lyrics HAHAHA again…KFANS FTW!

Then the Growl dupstep came on – one of my faves actually.

I NEED A ONE GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL and Jongin doing his thing UNFFFFFF <3

Then the crowdpleasing hits like Growl and Wolf came one. SO GOOD and the fanchants were SO MUCH FUN <3

Then we had the third ment and it was crazy because Byun Baekhyun started by lifting Minseok’s shirt to show his chocolate abs and it WAS SO UNF AND you could hear ovaries exploding all over the stadium.

And then the “SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!” chanting began when someone mentioned lay had a good body and the ball got thrown to baekhyun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, tao etc etc but no one flashed their abs but it was so much fun seeing them get embarrassed.

Esp Ksoo’s comment that We should stop talking abt Baekhyun’s abs now because he has a tummy like a pear LOL

And they made promises with EXO-Ls that they would work out harder and show us their abs next time, and Baekhyun was closing his eyes in anguish and beating his chest like it was a hard promise to make SO ADORABLE <3

Then MAMA came on with their hooded cloaks and all so gooooood.

Oh I forgot to mention Sehun disappeared at one point, apparently he was injured so they were down to 8 :( he came back out and cried, such a baby and then junmyeon cried too and it was just all very EMOSHUNALLLLL.

And then the final VCR which was really touching, showed their concert practices etc.

Instead of “Encore” we had to chant Gombawa and I grew tired at some point and stopped but the kfans carried on strong, for a good 10 minutes at least. IT WAS MENTAL.

They came back out with Promise- literally my new fave ballad. IT WAS WONDERFUL <3

Finally thunder and Angel- another one of listen-to-live dreams. I love ANGEL SO MUCH <3

Into your world, Eternally in Love <3

And the concert drew to a close and man I was exhaustedddddd.

So yea I managed to recap all the highlights of my experience IT WAS SO AMAZING I hope all international fans can try to attend an EXO concert in Seoul at least once in their life you won’t regret it I promise! <3

Will also blog about the Post-Concert feels another time- this one a not-so positive note actually :/

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i don't get why people can't just be happy that Tyler and Troye did this for us because it was probably really hard for them to do this in front of so many people with a camera right behind us, but they did it because they care about us and they made a promise. People should just be happy and grateful for that.

I agree completely. They want us to be happy, and they do so much to make us happy when they don’t have to. We should be happy with anything they give us. Anything they’re comfortable with giving us I’m grateful for. 

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Have you seen their twitter? Jimin posted a video with Jungkookie💕 no kiss tho 😕


Yup. They’re definitely out to get us. Why does Jungkook look all cute and stuff clinging behind Jimin’s seat asldkjfaskldfjd ;-; They are so cute :33333

that being said, I do have several questions:

1) it’s jimin’s birthday, so why is jungkook here? shouldn’t the focus be strictly on jimin? unless you know. he wanted his boyfriend to be in the video.

2) are they really out together at 6:00 am again or…? they’re either working hard (at practicing) or you know… hardly working …

3) why is jungkook making those pouting faces in the back?

4) most importantly: what happened after the camera turned off? (° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5) what did jungkook give you for your birthday jimin…? ;P

also, because I’m extra salty where’s my kiss scene at yo?

Imagine: doing a live show with Dan and the only thing people wanna talk about it the two of you dating

The second the live show started, everyone watching was happy to see you sitting so close to Dan. The chat began to blow up. You and Dan were a more popular ship then Phan, which was really saying something. Dan was over at your flat so you two could do a video when he remembered there was a live show he had to do. Good job Dan, you get some slow claps. You didn’t really mind though. His fans adored you… Well the majority of them did, a little hate is normal for a youtuber. So there you two sat, sitting on your bed very close to each other

“Hi guys, it’s me. And of course the lovely ______.”

‘Awwwww he called her lovely!’

You rolled your eyes then looked at him, “Since Dan has such a fabulous memory, he forgot about the live show, so we’re at my house.”

'Oooh _____’s house ;).’

'Can the two of you fuck already?’

Dan, pretending he wasn’t reading the chat, cleared his throat a bit. “Yeah, I didn’t really have any plans… So what do you guys wanna talk about?”

'When you two are getting married.’

'Why the two of you aren’t dating.’


You blushed a bit, “Is that really all you guys wanna talk about?”


You rolled your eyes in defeat. “Okay Dan, time to have this conversation in front of the whole world.”

He looked at you with very loving eyes. The way he looked at you just then was the way you looked at him when he wasn’t looking. Your heart leapt into your throat. Why did he have to do this to you? Why did he always have to look so damn cute? Why did he have to torture you with his beauty? It really was getting hard for you to handle. It was getting to the point where everyone knew that you had feelings for him, even without you saying anything. It was like a stupid romantic comedy movie. Except you were convinced you weren’t getting a happy ending.

'Oooooo they’re so cute!’

'Dan you love her so much, it’s kinda obvious.’
’_____ I’m so jealous.’

Dan smiled at you, trying to hide his embarrassment. And he was successful in doing so. You looked at the camera. “Well… First off we’re not dating.” You said, sadness almost apparent in your voice. Almost.

“But why?” He asked. You were completely caught off guard. You just looked at him with wide eyes, red cheeks, and a slightly open mouth.


'Ooooo _____’s blushing!’

Dan blushed and looked down at the keyboard of your MacBook. “Well… Have you ever thought about it?” You hesitated a bit, biting your lip. When you didn’t respond, he continued, “… Because I have.”

Blush coated your face heavily. Dan smiled a bit at the sight of it. “Um… Well… Yeah I have. I didn’t know you thought about it. You should have told me.” Dan covered his blush with his hands

'Awwww! You guys are so cute!’

'Ask her out, Dan.’

“Because you’re my best friend and I don’t want to loose you.” He said. Realizing just what he said, he laughed. “It’s really cheesy but it’s true okay, don’t judge me.”

“Dan…?” You said very softly, most of the people watching couldn’t even hear you, “D-do you fancy me?”

He looked at you with his chocolate brown eyes. The moment was perfect. The two of you looking at each other so lovingly for all the world to see. The chat blew up, almost crashing the website. Everyone could see the love both of you mutually shared for each other. Dan didn’t even need to answer your question. You knew. He felt the same way. Everything was perfect. Finally, after wondering for so long, you were sure for the first time ever. Happiness swelled up inside you.

You threw your arms around his neck and tackled him so both of you were lying on your bed. Dan and you smiled in loving silence. Neither of you were sure how long you just payed there in silence, but you didn’t mind. It was a very genuine moment, both of you allowing the other to see just how much love there was for the first time. Then, Dan softly pressed his lips onto yours, holding you by the waist. You kissed him lack, allowing him so bit your lower lip softly. After a few minutes you glanced at the screen to see the chat, completely destroyed and smiled a bit.



Everything was perfect.

[TRANS] The Celebrity - Dongwoo

I was well aware of the fact that he’s extremely enthusiastic, but meeting him in person, he exceeded my expectations. Wandering around every nook and cranny of the studio, Dongwoo touched this and that, suddenly started dancing, clung onto passing staff and rapped. I thought he only knew how to laugh endlessly, but it turns out that he’s a man that holds everything inside. – Feature Editor Lee Myunghee

You’re attempting your first musical <In the Heights>, how are you preparing? I’m also curious about the how the members reacted to your casting. (Kim Soyoung, Esther Lee)
I’m working hard preparing for it. There are lots of lines, dances, songs, and stage flow that all have to match. And at the same time there are also raps so it’s hard but I’m practicing diligently. All of the members supported me a lot of course. They said that it fit me well because I normally have really big reactions. Weirdly enough, I receive a lot of compliments about that part at rehearsals too. 

Seeing you practicing at the photo shoot today, it seems like you’ll practice until right before you go to sleep.
I don’t realize this myself but I jump all over the place. Once, I was riding in an elevator and a grandpa scolded me and said, “What the heck is this kid doing?”

If it’s not on stage or in front of a camera, exactly where and how do you release that enthusiasm? (Yoo Hyein)
I talk a lot. I chat a lot with friends and just run around all over the place. Every time my friends see me they say it’s amazing and the members have seen me for 7 years but say there are still some parts that they’re not fully accustomed to yet. It’s to the level where my dad asks me if I’ve been drinking. But I’m happy, so it’s okay. (Laughter)

Looking at your usual self, it seems like you never get stressed out or stuff like that, but that can’t be the case right? Does the always-bright Dongwoo have any worries lately?
Lately, the thing giving me the most stress is, of course, the musical. Because it’s my first musical and my first lead role the pressure of “Will I be able to lead this?” is big. If I don’t do well then I’m failing all the patrons who came to watch the show and all of the staff. This burden trumps my happy virus. I was in a panic mode for about two weeks or so but I’ve gotten out of that now. Besides the musical, I’m worried about my father’s health.  Since I’ve lived separately from them for several years now, I feel like I haven’t properly fulfilled my duties as a son, and I’m the only son. I’ve decided to go with my dad to his medical exams soon.

It seems like you don’t make things obvious on the outside, and types like those are actually weak on the inside. How do you overcome rough times?
You’re right. There are more times where I feel alive again after being comforted than having a really difficult time and not accepting comfort. The comfort I get from the people around me and Inspirits really lift me up. I think the more you hold in hurt and worries in your heart the worse it will get, so I work hard to talk it out. Because being hurt isn’t a weakness you need to work even harder to let those around you know.

When does happy-go-lucky Dongwoo get mad? (Hwang Suyeon)
Manners are important. I also think you need to make sure to address people properly. (T/N: Using titles like sajangnim/hyung/noona is very important in Korean culture) I hope the person who becomes my future wife will have good manners. A woman who knows how to educate a child to have good manners.

You’re already a “niece babo” (T/N: Meaning he loves his niece so much he spoils her), the chances of you becoming a daughter babo look high as well. If you have a daughter, what is the one thing you really want to do with her? (Ryu Minseo)
I personally want to have three or four kids. My wish is for the first born to be a girl, the second to be a boy and after that it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. You need a daughter in the house for a nice and peaceful atmosphere. First of all, I want to go on overseas trips with the kids in order to show them a bigger world. We should go before they hit puberty and say they don’t want to go on trips with their dad anymore. I want to show them a lot of things, let them experience the little things in life, let them feel things for themselves. So that way after they grow up they won’t be flustered by any situation put in front of them.

You seem like you’ll be a good dad. Recently on Instagram, you said you have to become a good man, what are the standards of a good man according to Dongwoo? (Han Minji)
A man who tries to talk things out. A person who, even if he’s mad, doesn’t destroy things and talks it out. A good man is one that listens and resolves an understanding instead of just watching and saying ‘Fine, stay pissed’ if another party is upset or angry.

As ‘Walking Analects’ and ‘Jang Dongwoo Teacher’, please give a wise saying to all high school seniors. (Hyun Ji)
Being a senior is a phase that’s like opening a door to a bigger world. You need to stress out and go through hard times in order to live a long life in the future. You just need to simply not think pessimistically. I hope you don’t think ‘Why am I like this?’ but gain confidence while thinking ‘This is me’. Ah, I hope you all live the lives you want and not just go to the universities your parents want you to go to. Take some time to look into what you really want. If you work hard at something you’re good at, then the work will naturally follow behind.

What are you interested in nowadays outside of the musical and music? (Lee Jiwon)
I’m really into these three things: the manga <One Piece>, gold, and skateboarding. You should type asterisks on both sides. (Laughter) A little while ago, I went alone to the Yongsan War Memorial of Korea and saw the One Piece exhibition. And recently my mom spotted something and told me that I liked gold. (While showing me the gold rings on his hand) That’s why nowadays everything is gold… haha. And if I have time I ride my skateboard or try hard to go here and there. That’s why a lot of fans catch me on their cameras. (Laughter)

You’re going on your second world tour, which country do you want to do what in? (Park Seunghyun)
First of all, I want to go back to the aquarium in Dubai and I want to look at the sports cars that I like. I also really want to eat huoguo (T/N: hot pot) in China. This time, we’re going to Poland for the first time, so I want to see mountains or popular natural attractions. I want to go up the newly built Empire State Building in America. (T/N: I think he’s mistaken it for the WTC Memorial) We’re working hard preparing for the tour. We put soul into every single song. Since this is the second world tour, we focused more in order to create a good stage, please look forward to it!

CR: The Celebrity
Translated by: togetherinspirit7