really why do cameras have to be so hard

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So I think I have a theory to why they got kicked out, Ethan tweeted "filming a nutty video" and the same day (not really but a couple hours later) they tweeted they got kicked out, if it's the same video they posted today, when Ethan fell off the chair after he got shocked in the leg he fell super hard and the camera shook a little and he was loud after it happened, neighbors might have complained. Do u think that's why they got kicked out of their apartment?

Might be a possibility. But judging by how loud they were on only that video, it’s not enough to get kicked out just like that in my opinion. I think they’re loud in general maybe, when talking etc. So maybe the filming of that video was the last straw?

It’s hard to tell, but your theory might be correct x

I feel so angry I could cry.
Why WHYYYYYYYYY do people have to continue to make things hard for Yugyeom?? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!?! He is the most precious human being to live.
Can we talk about that hidden camera on Real GOT7 where he cried, not because of the prank but because he loves those 6 boys so much and he was terrified that they were going to disband and the thought of that WRECKED him. Can we also mention the stream where he freestyled to multiple songs and talked with fans and he was glowing. He was so happy just to be able to sneak away and dance for us on a live stream. It was beautiful. That smile on his face was so sincere that i cried. I looked truly so confident and so happy. What about the disaster that was his birthday?? He felt so terrible, so responsible for fans being upset to the point of tears. He spent his birthday UPSET for us because of something that was COMPLETELY out of his hands. HE LOVES US AS FANS. LOVES US.
Yugyeom has the biggest heart, and he has always been so good to us and only ever wanted our love and acceptance. SO SOME STUPID ASS PRICK HAS TO GO AND HUMILIATE HIM AGAIN????? If you are this type of person, this type of “fan”, don’t you dare call yourself Aghase!! It takes some kind of loser to humiliate such a pure soul like this and I’m so disgusted.
We love you Yugyeom. I’m baffled and I feel so devastated. I support Yugyeom, and every idol for that matter, in their privacy. I’m so sorry you’re hurting.
Idols are human. Living, breathing, FEELING, humans.
Remember that before you humiliate them, or anyone for that matter.