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Presenting one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever spent three hours on: 

Fordese. Exactly as seen in Journal 3, but as a font. You too can confuse your work partner, twin brother, and dream demon arch-nemesis by simply typing on the keyboard as normal, no pen needed!

I must thank @picnokinesis and the fics they wrote in code for putting the random inspiration in my mind to do this, ahahah. XD 

The font includes all coded letters from A-Z, both in uppercase and lowercase. (They’re both the same, though- I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to double up.) It has a full set of numbers, and the most common punctuation. Some of the letters are annoyingly close to each other, but it couldn’t easily be helped. 

But hey, if anyone actually uses this and makes a post, please feel free to tag me in it so I can see! And if anyone tries this out and there’s any major issues with it, let me know and I can try to fix it! :D

You can find the font right here!

get this - a Thai show about gay love refuses to cast gay men in the roles of gay men (I know, unbelievable)

they (the organizer of the show) released a statement saying that they were searching only for straight actors because they felt they would fit the roles (of gay men) better

not only did they basically admit that they’re not creating their series for anyone but straight fangirls by saying something like that (because they can still ship themselves with the straight actors even if they somewhat or completely believe in their OTPs), they’ve also used a really popular, openly gay rising actor, Newyear Kitiwhut (part of an internet-famous Thai gay couple) to draw attention, only to drop him in the final stages of auditions (he brought in a lot of fans and supporters to the show by auditioning)

it also shows that they don’t really care about the content they are creating and the story they are telling, just the popularity of it (even if the organizer of the show is gay himself, he still only wanted straight men to play the roles)

you can read the full translation of the statement here + the opinion of the person who translated

the show is called 2Moons The Series

soul-rin-natsu  asked:

Can you recommend any klance fics?.

I can definitely recommend lots of klance fics. As in, lots lots. I am not completely sure what you are looking for/what you have already read though, so I’m just gonna list some of my favorite authors with some of my favorite fics. 

Quick additional info: there are no explicit fics on here, though some are rated mature. All of the stories have klance as their only ship but since I intended this to be author recs rather than fic recs, I will mention what kinds of other ships appear in other fics. 

Now then, here you go, in no particular order:


- Crossroads (106k): not quite canon verse, not quite AU - check the summary

- Plunged (6k): canon verse, Lance teaches Keith how to swim

Roommates (6k): modern AU, Artist!Keith, Photographer!Lance, exactly what the title says

This author’s writing is amazingly smooth and I particularly enjoy their Keith. Crossroads was my favorite fic for a long, long time until I found some others that were just as good :D [this author also wrote some nsfw and sheith]


- He Who Fights Monsters (65k): AU, there are dragons

This author has a style of writing that makes you forget that time exists. Like, you read their stories, look up 2 hours later and go “what the hell I only just started reading 5 minutes ago”. Their fics are pretty action-heavy but the romance part never falls short. [they wrote a lot of nsfw, their newest fic is shklance]


- Entangled (102k): canon verse, Keith and Lance get mind-melded

- Right-hand Man (4k): canon verse, Keith approaches Lance after the end of season 2 to talk about their roles from now on

Amazing characterizations here. I particularly enjoyed the OS because it seemed like something that genuinely could happen like this in canon… sadly I don’t think it will, but one can dream, right :’D Also amazing art! [they wrote some nsfw]


- it had to be you (9k): modern AU, Keith and Lance are professors, lots of flirting

- Echoes In Your Mind (7k): canon verse, Keith is turning Galra

- let the whole world know (4k): modern AU, soulmates AU

I honestly don’t know why I like this author so much? Probably because they can squeeze an entire story into less than 10k words, complete with character development and appearances from friends etc. I liked many more of their OS but there are just so many, you should check it out for yourself. [they wrote some nsfw and shallura]


- Not That Bad (68k): modern AU, socially anxious!Keith, lots and lots of fluff

- just like that (10k): canon verse, Lance struggles with his crush on Keith

this author just? makes reading feel so good? so relaxing?? Their style is focused on conveying emotions and flows really nicely, I strongly recommend to give it a try. [their newest story is nsfw and includes lancelot]

battleshidge (Amiria_Raven)

- Drive Me Crazy (8k): modern AU, lots of flirting and stupid pick-up lines

- Next Level (33k; WIP): modern AU, online gaming, they know each other but they don’t know that they know each other

The style of writing is really, really good and I love how everyone’s friendships get portrayed. The author is also pretty good at writing conflicted emotions. [they wrote some shallura and shidge]


- it’s all in my head (8k): canon verse, mind meld

This author is super good with emotions. You always end up feeling what the characters are feeling and I’d definitely recommend going through their other fics as well - once again, there are just so many that I won’t list them all. [they wrote some nsfw and shallura]


- You Can Fog Up My Windows Anytime (3k): modern AU, all the awkward flirting

Another author that has a fantastic style of writing and portrays the characters really well. Also another author that wrote so many good things that I can’t possibly put them all on here. [they wrote some nsfw, sheith, shklance, shallura- lots of stuff, check the tags]


- Moonset Deep (50k, WIP): mermaid AU, lance is the mermaid

- The Quiet (40k, WIP): ghost AU, lance is the ghost

- 7 Days Series (pt 1 - 30k, pt 2 - 30k, pt 3 - 4k): canon verse, lance/keith get turned into babies

Amazing writing, plot-orientated. Don’t let that fool you though, the emotions never fall short. [they wrote some shallura, shance and other ships - also their fics aren’t rated. the ones listed are entirely sfw]


- Drive It Like You Mean It (94k): modern AU, street racing AU, it gets pretty intense later

This writer has a really fluent and nice style of writing and they somehow manage to easily let lots of characters interact. Everyone feels extremely in character and nothing feels forced. Also I know nothing about cars and yet their fics belong to my favorites, so give it a try. [they wrote some shallura]


- Of Don Juan And Elvis (3k): modern AU, soulmate AU

- Barbie Girl (2k): modern AU, soulmate AU, continuation

I’m not sure whether it’s just me but no matter what fic of them I read, they always feel– soft. Easy. Something good for in-between. One of their fics (not the ones listed here) has some pretty heavy topics in it and yet I still feel like that. [they wrote some shallura]


- A Moment in the Snow (3k): canon verse, Galra!Keith, snowball fights, fluff

- Carpe Diems and Chrysanthemums (14k): modern AU, hanahaki disease, trans Lance, angst with a happy ending

- A Quarter Past Midnight (14k): canon verse, trans Keith, angst with a happy ending

This author is amazing at writing angst. It just always hits you right in the feels. Like damn. I adore their writing so much but ho boy I was too scared to click the one Chara Death fic they wrote. I couldn’t do that to myself, the two longer OS that I listed here already gave me enough feelings. [they wrote some shallura]


- Nightmares (15k): canon verse, sleeping together, as in snuggling, fluff

- Costumed Identities (42k): modern AU, cosplay AU, they know each other but they don’t know they know each other

This author writes Keith’s and Lance’s interactions really nicely. They also never fail to make me smile/laugh with their fics, they are all really cute!! Lots of light heartened stuff here.


- Running Flat (11k): canon verse, thought sharing, lance is trying to figure out who has the crush on him

- A Commutal Contract (24k, WIP): canon verse, bed sharing

I really really really enjoy this author’s Lance!! He feels incredibly in character and I swear I can see him act in canon just like he does in the fics. Their style of writing is fluent, nice and adapts really well to the situation.

[I also really enjoy witty_name’s and freshia’s fics, both of whom usually put background shallura into their fics though so I couldn’t list them here]

Aaaand that’s it for now! :D If you have a specific length/specific topics/specific ratings in mind for what you want to read, feel free to send another message!! You can also visit the fic rec tag on my blog, maybe you’ll find something else there.

/EDIT: now there is a part two with some other of my favorite fics

anonymous asked:

What are your opinions on John winchester... just my curiosity spiking?

Oh boy, that one. 

I think he was a bad, neglectful parent. But I don’t agree with the pretty wide-spread characterization of him as a total demonic, drunk asshole who hates his kids’ guts and beats them up. I don’t think John actually beat them up – not on a regular basis, at least? I could maybe see arguments getting heated and violent, but not so much of a constant smackdown for every small mistake. He might have put them down verbally, if the Impala comment to Dean in the end of s1 was anything to go by… we all know Dean would never let Baby get rust or anything :(

I think he, kinda, destroyed them emotionally and totally didn’t provide enough support. He loved Sam and Dean, I’m pretty sure – but love alone’s not enough. He was a traumatized, scared man who wasn’t in the place to raise kids. I know it turned out that this childhood was the only way Sam and Dean could save the world. If they were raised happy and safe without any training and only ever becoming close with each other in their formative years, I doubt they could foil Lucifer’s plans that were thousands of years in the making in Swan Song. But John had no way of knowing that, so, that’s no excuse!

Also, that face that Dean makes in the Dark Side of the Moon when talking about John…

Yeah, that one. Poor guy. From the looks of it, John would never let them be kids, especially not Dean with his parentification burden. I could maybe understand wanting your kids to be ready if you know monsters are coming for them. But, damn, he could’ve stayed with them. Teach them how to shoot a gun if you really gotta, but you can also play catch with them and read them bedtime stories, yanno. 

anonymous asked:

Who are your top five Sterek authors? Sterek fics? Do you ship anything besides Sterek from TW?

OMG what a hard question! Off the top of my head: @cobrilee @inell @deleted-scenes @wellhalesbells @thepsychicclam @bleep0bleep @stileshale

As for faves, I listed a few here, and two others I just thought of: (Sacred) In the Ordinary and Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves. Plus, you’ve inspired me to create a fave fics tag so that I can do a better job tracking my favorites. ;)

As for other ships from TW…Sterek is really the only one. I low-key like a lot of other ships and will read a bunch, but I doubt I’ll ever write anything else in TW besides Sterek. Which means I’m so impressed with authors who do (nudge nudge @inell).

killerfig  asked:

Whenever I write dialogue I find that it normally goes something like this. "Xander, I can't even believe you," he said, grinning. "Well, I have my ways," she said, smirking. Do you have any suggestions for dialogue writing and then showing facial emotions? [if that makes since eek]

Dialogue with facial expression, or any sort of movement, can be tricky to capture. One of the reasons I think it’s difficult is because we, as authors, need to capture near simultaneous actions. With that said, it isn’t impossible. It takes a bit of practice, and the willingness to think things through. If you do, you’ll end up with more realistic dialogue and not just a list of tags with -ing verbs. Here are my tips.

  • Think things through. No really. What is your character feeling? What are their motives? Are they interacting with anyone else? Think about the order of their actions, too. Do they move, speak, and then have a secondary action?
  • Moar detail. Capture more detail in their facial expression. Do they wrinkle their nose? Squint? Stare in wide-eyed wonder? For your example, What kind of grin? Smug? Lecherous? Broad? Provide this information to your reader.

“Xander, I can’t even believe you,” he said as a broad grin spread across his face.

  • Moar detail, (part deux) Use more descriptive words to capture the movement or facial expression. A smile can play or dance across a face if someone is happy or flirting. Or if they’re angry or sad, their face can contort, warp, or twist. Getting this level of detail adds another layer of depth. For example:

A smirk danced across Xander’s face as she glanced up at him. “Well, I have my ways.”

  • Body language. People speak with their entire body. So you need to capture not only the words, but what their body is doing, too. The phrase, “That sounds fine,” said with arms crossed and brows furrowed is going to convey a very different message than the same phrase accompanied by an approving nod. 
  • Split the movement and the dialogue into their own sentences, like I did in that above example. Not only will you give yourself a bit of breathing room to capture the expression fully, but you’ll vary your sentence structure– which is a good thing. Monotony sucks. 
  • Vary your ‘saying’ tags. Did your character mumble, groan, yell, stutter, gasp, offer, or rage? Instead of hunting down a word frequency calculator, CTRL-F (or CMD-F if you’re on a Mac) and type in those verbal tags, and your machine will find every instance of that word being used. Be wary of using any one word too many times. Switch things up.
  • Secondary effects. Think about accompanying effects, too. If someone is really yelling, is spit flying from their mouth? Are their cheeks red from a stream of tears? Again, think things through a couple steps.
  • Use markup sparingly. Markup referring to bold, italics, and underlining in dialogue. While some markup does have a place- capturing an inflection or tone change in a character’s voice without a tag, for example- it’s a frequent mistake for new writers to rely on markup instead of using their words. Don’t take the easy way out. 
  • No interruptions. Throw most of this out the window for quick exchanges or arguments between two characters. You don’t want to tags slow things down…
  • Unless another character joins in. Then you’ll want to reintroduce tags to make things clear…
  • Or it goes on for awhile. All conversations, even hours long arguments, have an ebb and flow to them. If you see a long bit of dialogue, it’s time to break it up and get some info about how and why they’re saying things. 

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. To show you these principles in action, here’s a (draft) snippet from one of my latest chapters in my WIP, Sirens. I’ll put my thoughts in square brackets –> [   ]. 

“Don’t start,” the Catwoman warned. After the past twenty four hours, she was in no mood to rehash another unpleasant memory. [Instead of just ‘said’, I picked ‘warned’ to better capture her tone. I also provided a snippet of why that tone is relevant.]

“Selina took her hood off after a job,” Harley tattled and shoved a tart in her mouth. [Said would’ve worked, but I knew I could do better. I was debating between ‘interrupted’ and ‘tattled’, but went with ‘tattled’ because it captures her intent. Also, Harley shoving food in her mouth as she’s tattling serves two purposes. One, it reinforces that she’s a chow-hound, but that she doesn’t think twice about throwing Selina under the bus. Tattling is a casual action for her.]

“You take that masterpiece off your head?!” Stytch thundered. [Stytch has a bombastic voice, so thundered works. I also use ‘thundered’ for her character foil, so that’s one way I tie them together.]

“Gordon trapped me in a ninety degree air duct for an hour!” [no tag needed. It’s clear Selina is responding to Stytch]

I didn’t tell you to wrap yourself in indigo leather.” [again, no tag, because the exchange is continuing. I chose to use the italics to show Stytch’s inflection without adding a tag because I didn’t want to break the flow. Also, that’s the only italics in the whole 4,000+ word chapter]

“She’s not wrong,” Harley sputtered as bits of crust sprinkled on the table. [Harley butted in so you need a tag here to make it clear. Also, I want to reference she food in her mouth, so sputter instead of said makes sense here. I reinforced it by adding secondary action with the crumbs flying.]

Selina glowered and sank back into the chair. Arguing with Stytch and Harley at the same time was as productive as spitting in the wind. [No need for dialogue because Selina’s body language makes it clear she’s peeved, but doesn’t want to continue the argument.]

“Anyway,“ Stytch pivoted the conversation and swept the crumbs to the floor. "He said (scene continues)…” [There’s a lot going on here. First, I thought about how Stytch would move as she swept the crumbs off the table. She’d have to pivot at the waist to get the right sweeping movement. Since she’s changing the subject, she’s also pivoting the conversation so that verb does double duty. Second, it was time to get some different sentence structure in there, and I wanted Stytch to have a slight pause, so I put the tag where it is to capture it.]

One last tip. You’ll need a strong grasp of your character’s motives, personalities, and what is going on in a scene to pull off dialogue like this. If you have weak characters or plot, the dialogue will suffer. 

Hope this helps,


Undisclosed Desires (part 4)

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You get confronted by someone from your past and your secret is revealed.

A/N: Lets just say that a whole lot of canon has been tossed right out the window, I don’t even care. Season 11 never happened and some backstory is a little different. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my master tags list.


Castiel, Sam, and Dean made it into the house while you hung back, trying to figure out what the best course of action was.

“Maybe she’ll be too scared to talk.” You thought out loud. “Or maybe they’ll just kill her. That’d save a lot of trouble.”

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Hi guys!! As some of you may know, I’m going to need money for textbooks (I’m going to take care of paying for the classes itself lmao but it’s a lot already and I’ll need help with the required books.. orz) So I’m opening up commissions!

Commission info:

OCs or fanart, I’ll draw your favorite fandom characters and/or OCs… INCLUDING SHIPS!!

  • Payment via Paypal invoice (I will send the invoice after I receive your paypal email and settled what you’d like)
  • Each extra characters is an additional amount as the price of the single! (ex: two characters in sketch = $2, three characters in sketch = $3, two characters in flat color = $10, etc)
  • I’ll begin drawing once payment is received (If I cannot do your request for whatever reason and you’ve already paid, just send me an invoice for the amount. I will try and let you know if I can/can’t do it before I send an invoice anyway so we don’t have to go through that mess)
  • These will all be waist up in 1500x1500 pixels, 300dpi
  • Since full coloring is not included, your piece will be done within 1-2 days~ (Of course depending if I get a list of people, this might change)
  • Finished product will be sent to the email you provided and you can do whatever you like with it xD
  • I cannot draw explicit things, furries/animals, or mecha.. (I’m just really bad at them)

If you have any questions or you’re interested, message me here on tumblr asks/instant messages/reblogging maybe(?) lol and I will respond ASAP! More samples on my blogs~

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Heyyyyyyyy I love your blog! You are one of my favs!! Just wondering what is 'fy faen' and why is everyone mentioning it? Can you link me or something to it? Much love!! ❤️

Hello sweetie and thank you! I don’t really know where the song itself comes from more than it’s been going around the fandom during the hiatus and then some of the cast has been instagramming about it! If anyone else knows the story behind it then please share! Here’s a youtube link and a spotify link depending on where you can listen to it! All the love!! 💙


nowheregay  asked:

I was thinking about the name for danny x ward ship, and I really like Wanny, but if you search for the Wanny tag here on tumblr, it shows a lot of posts that aren't about the ship (including nsfw). It's like, for each danny x ward post in this tag, there's other five posts about something else. I think this could be a problem.

Yeah I can see how that could be a problem. I hear ya. I kind of think the Wanny ship has sailed, however xD Most people seem to be using it now, and I’m not sure what, if anything, we can do about it. There are so few of us, that I feel like we can find Wanny content pretty easily since we all share and pass around the same stuff anyway? I have no idea. I’ll leave the question open to y’all.

Heeey guys,, it’s Mod Scott here.
Sorry I haven’t been able to answer at all recently, everything’s… not been going the greatest for me. I can’t really focus on these kinds of things so I’m gonna be a little absent from time to time. My mood has just taken a downfall recently and I can’t seem to climb back up from it.
I don’t really wanna state why since it’s a bit of my business but… Depression, Anxiety, a bunch of other shit has made me breakdown and I know from experience that’s it’s gonna be like for a little. So I’m taking a small break since I’m going to Florida on Sunday and will be there for the whole week. So I won’t really be able to draw anything.
Sorry again guys, I’ll be back in commission soon. I hope anyways.
Don’t let this stop you, I’ll be alright! Just give me a little. - Mod Scott

dimondthefandomfangirl  asked:

I'm wanting to start my own msa rp blog, and I'm wondering how I should set it up? I've asked someone else already, but I think a second perspective could help. What are some tips for a beginner you have?

(I hope I can help you here! I have a few posts about this actually! 

1 2 3

My newest advice would be that when writing, I find it best to have tags for things so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Tagging the rp partner is a good idea, and I like to tag it as in character (ic) or out of character for a post (ooc). Then I tag rps as ‘rping’ so that if people don’t want to see rps, they could blacklist the tag to avoid them (and if it has the rping tag, that means you shouldn’t reblog it unless you’re one of the partners. Everything else i post is free game). 

Aside from tagging for easy navigation, I suggest in rps that you either do short replies of a couple of paragraphs, or if you have more than that, most of it is internal. Because doing too much leaves the other partner to backtrack which can really muddy up a reply when it feels like there’s multiple conversations going at once! 

Communication with a partner is always good too! especially if you want it to be more than just silly/witty shenanigans. using the IM system is pretty good, or asks or even talking in tags (something i do with consistency!). It’s always easier to do a thread when you have it plotted out, I think, because the excitement for what’s to come gives you the drive to keep writing!

I also recommend talking to your partner, because sometimes it’s easy to end up letting one person lead or follow only, which isn’t as fun in an rp. You don’t want to feel like you’re the only one progressing the story, and you don’t want your partner to get frustrated feeling like they’re doing all the work. Some partners just gravitate towards one of those roles, but my favorite rps have always been with people who keep it in balance, or in an rp where we have an understanding that some characters just won’t lead and some do what they want :V 

Please, if you do make an rp blog, hit me up, too! I would love to rp with you more than I do and I believe I read that you are writing an interpretation of ???? so I would love to see it in action! Until then, good luck and I hope this helps!)

On The Run

Yo its ya boi

honestly im going on a writing spree i have so many stories what do i do with them

but heres another one and look at that its gonna be split into parts!

im a mess ughhhhh

anyways i hope you enjoy it and all that jazz love you guys thank you so much for all the support




On The Run-Part 1

Pairing: Brohm, maybe others to come ;)

Word Count: 2053

Triggers: None? I hope I can always tag it later if you need!

**I do not own any characters or anything, like Bryce Or Ohm or anyone else, this is fiction and they are not really in a relationship**

Easily put, Ohm was running from the police. Yeah, he might have stolen $50,000, but that was beside the point. They shouldn’t have left that bank so unprotected! But before Ohm could sit around and debate in his head anymore, he heard gun shots down the alley way he was running down. Crap, this was really not good. Ohm made a sharp turn, and saw a car parked on the edge of the street, with the engine still running and a person in the drivers seat. Perfect.

Bryce was sitting in his car, enjoying a sandwich when he heard police sirens drive down the street past him. He stopped, looked up at the flashing lights passing his dark car, and then went back to enjoying his delicious sandwich. Bryce heard loud footsteps down the street, and was trying to ignore them because he never got alone time. Not since his roommate Jonathan moved in. Like god he never left Bryce alone. Bryce stopped his train of thought when suddenly his passenger car door was opening and a really attractive guy was getting into his car. Bryce stopped with his sandwich halfway to his mouth, his mouth still hanging open.

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It’s four am. My internet is shit here. But I did these edits just now :U

I should’ve just used marks video from case animatronics instead of the park but my mind is tired so i made this

An edit where Mark and Jack switch places?? idk man here you go im tired

EDIT : The chair has been bugging me so i changed it. let me know what else I should change if necessary. Man Im really bad at photoshop XD please recommend me more edits i should do so I can practice.

this blog is probs dead

Note: I’m not going to delete this blog

But tbh my motivation to keep it up hasn’t really been here (as you can tell). I highkey encourage others to pursue their poly writing and art though - I love reading and seeing what y’all come up with. Tag me please so I can find it. I would give this blog away for someone else to run, but it’s a side blog - so that won’t work :/

p.s. anything that was in my askbox prior to this message is not there anymore. I’m sorry if you were waiting on something (be it ask or matchup).


Read on Ao3 

Domestic fluff. 1691 words

Summary: “ Akaashi desperately needs a new mattress and he drags his loyal, loving, and very loud boyfriend with him.”

In Bokuto’s mind, mattress shopping should be a lot more fun than this.

He’d imagined pillows and blankets with lots of colors to choose from, teddy bears and fluffy comforters and places to test out the mattresses to see if they were comfy enough. What he got instead was a cramped corner of an appliance store, washed out white, smelling like bleach and plastic, and worst of all there’s only one mattress even set up for Bokuto to test out.

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It Can’t Be

Originally posted by deanwinchesterdaily

Pairing: Dean, Reader, Ben
Word count: 808

Part 8 of Lucifer’s Baby Sister

Dean shook his head. “Ben’s not my kid. Lisa–” He furrowed his brows. “Wait, where the hell is your mom?”

Ben looked down. “They got her, so Chuck came and got me.”

He moved forward toward the boy that had been like his son. “Who got her?” He asked.

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Damn Stool

Yes okay the picture is bad but the point is Yoongi looks slightly official and Jimin is clinging to him.


“I hate tall people.  I hate tall people everywhere.  I hate tall people in offices, I hate tall people as my roommate (fucking Taehyung), and most of all” Jimin grunted as he shifted his body weight to an even more uncomfortable position “I hate every single goddamn tall person who has ever worked at this godforsaken grocery store.”

He gasped quietly from over-exertion as he settled back down on his feet, an exasperated sigh leaving his mouth and sucking all the fight out of him.  He was so done.  Done with this entire thing.  Jimin swore to god the next paycheck he got was being spent on 4-inch thick insoles because he never wanted to go through this again.

Every single time he had to get something from the tall shelves at the small, family-owned grocery store that he worked at, he wanted to scream.  He was not made for this!  He, Park Jimin, standing at 177 cm, was not made to reach things on shelves that reached heights of 210 cm!  This was not the way of the world!

Working at Min’s Meat & More (we have everything you need – and more!) was supposed to be an easy side job to pay for his simple meals of instant ramen and any damage one Kim Taehyung caused to their apartment.  It was not supposed to be the source of all his stress in life.

However, when he had been told to take over the late-night stocking shift, his employer (who hadn’t even bothered to tell him in person, instead choosing to hid behind an carefully formal e-mail) had failed to mention that he would spend half of his shift struggling to push boxes onto shelves that were even higher than the grades he was expected to achieve.  

“Sounds like some kind of deep shit Tae would say after hitting up a blunt.”  He muttered, regretting that last thought the second it crossed his mind.  Taehyung high was not something he ever wanted to see again – or hear, because wow he did not know that microwaves could make that kind of sound but putting both Jimins sweatbands and Taehyungs rubber duckin one and turning it up to see how long it would take to ‘make the ducky swim in Jimins sweat’ would wrench that kind of noise from anything.

“Fucking Taehyung.”  He groaned, rolling his muscles in an attempt to get himself worked up enough to shift the next box onto the shelf.

“Who’s Taehyung?”  A rough voice asked, the sound scaring Jimin almost as much as that time he caught Namjoon getting off to pictures of Converse.

“Holy shit!”  He jumped, turning to the source of the voice beside him, almost falling over in surprise when he saw who had uttered the question.

The guy was pretty.  Like, seriously pretty.  He had pale skin, creamy and really soft looking, with sleepy brown eyes and a mouth that curled just the tiniest bit in the corners, his delicate features making him look almost like a fairy out of some fantastical story.  Not to mention the messy, light pink hair, swept under a beanie but showing just enough that the tips of his ears peeked out and damn if ears could be considered attractive, this man was attractive as all get out.

Realizing that he had been staring for longer than was considered socially acceptable (thanks to a light cough and small smirk from the stranger) he straightened up and fixed a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry sir, but we are past closing hours.  You can come back tomorrow – we open at 7 and close at 9!”  He stated cheerfully.  No matter how cute this guys was, he was not getting fired because some random guy managed to get inside their grocery store past hours.  

Wait, what?  “Um, sir, how did you get in?”  He asked, immediately disregarding the mans lack of response to his previous question in light of his new discovery.

The man just smirked, his eyes twinkling.  “Do you need a little help with that?”  He nodded at the boxes in Jimin’s cart – obviously he had been there when Jimin was struggling with the height of the shelf.

Jimin bristled with both his ignorance of Jimin’s question and the implied insult to Jimin’s height.  He drew himself up, feeling his face flushing and hoping that the storeroom was dark enough to hide it.  “I don’t need any help.  And even if I did, you wouldn’t be much help.  You don’t even look that much taller than me.”  A frown drew itself across his face – he didn’t normally get this mad, but his height was not something to joke about.

The man’s smirk deepened.  “That’s hyung to you.  And I’ll bet I can get that box up there in half the time it took you.”  He crossed his arms, waiting for Jimin to retaliate.

“You don’t even look older than me, hyung. And it’s a deal.”  He stuck his hand out firmly, a sneer of his own stuck on his face.  He was pretty sure that this delicate woodland elf wasn’t going to be able to lift the box up from the cart, let alone over his head and onto a shelf much taller than him.

The man shook his hand, and Jimin blushed even harder with the contact, yanking his hand away before he could get lost in the feeling.

“You’re up.”  He said, stepping back and briefly wondering why he was challenging a stranger in a dark warehouse in the middle of the night, but the thought was lost in his confusion as he watched the man bend down and rummage in the dark space underneath the shelf.

Jimin snorted.  “What’re you doing?  The shelf’s up there.”  This entire thing was a lau-

His jaw dropped as he watched the stranger pull out a stool from underneath the shelving unit and easily transfer a box from the cart to the shelf.

“O-oh my god.”  He pouted as soon as he realized that he had been tricked.  “You cheater!”

The guy was practically in tears laughing so hard.  If Jimin hadn’t been so mad at him he would’ve thought his gummy smile and crescent eyes were cute.

“You are SUCH a cheater!  I can’t believe you!”  Jimin was actually less upset about the fact that he had lost and more by the fact that he had been struggling for the past 2 months when that stupid little stool had been hiding there the entire time.

“I didn’t cheat!  I won fair and square, and now I you have to pay up.”  Mister Evil, as Jimin had named him, had straightened up from clutching his stomach and was now looking at Jimin expectantly.

“W-what?! We didn’t even agree on anything!” Jimin flushed as he realized he didn’t even have his wallet on him.  ‘Genius.  Just embarrass yourself even more.’

“Actually, we shook on it.  So now you HAVE to do what I say.”  Jimin was too busy mentally berating himself to notice how close Mister Evil was, his head snapping up when he heard his voice again, this time close enough to feel his breath curling around him.

He only looked up in time to see a split second of Mister Evil’s grinning face before he was kissing him.  His lips were soft, the edges slightly chapped as they pressed against his.  He could feel Mister Evil’s hand coming up to cup his cheek, deepening the kiss but only slightly.  It was sweet and soft, and Jimin found himself leaning forward after the other man had pulled away.

He was wearing a self-satisfied smirk as he looked at Jimin, his hand still resting by his cheek, and Jimin could only blurt out a bewildered “What?”

“That was the bet.  I won, so you had to give me what I wanted.”  The man said, finally stepping back to look at Jimin, a careful look hiding from beneath his laughing gaze.  “I wanted a kiss.”

“I-I … well.  That was nice, but I don’t even know your name.”  He sighed, accepting that this guy was very cute and that Jimin was very okay with being kissed by him.  He figured that if that was going to happen a lot, he might as well get this guy’s name.

And there was the cute smile again, his gums peeking out from just underneath the curl of his lips.  “I’m Yoongi, but everybody just calls me Suga.”

“Sugar?” Jimin teased, having forgotten all about his anger now – the kiss and the comfort of being in the company of this ‘Suga’ was strangely familiar, and he had settled into the state of mind that he only slipped into when he was around his closest friends.

“No, brat.” Yoongi reached over to swat the back of his head, the action almost too friendly considering that they had just kissed. “Suga.  You better learn it.  It’s not nice to forget your date’s name.”

“Yeah, okay.  All you did was pull a stool out of your sleeve and suddenly I’m supposed to date you?” Jimin paused.  “Actually, how did you know the stool was there?”

“Uh.” Yoongi shifted his weight, smiling a bit before looking Jimin in the eye and saying “Well, I kinda put it there.”

“What? When?  Only employees can get in here.”  Jimin was suddenly very confused.  He knew all the employees here – he would’ve remembered someone as cute as Yoongi.

“Yeah. I mean, technically I don’t count as an employee, but I still have the key.”  He replied, the beginnings of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Ummm… should I be reporting you to Mr. Min?”  Jimin had never actually met the boss but he figured that he was the best figure of authority he could threaten this Yoongi character with.

And suddenly Yoongi was laughing ridiculously hard again, doubling over as he wiped fake tears from his eyes.  “O-oh my god.  Are you serious?  You really don’t know?”

“What do you mean ‘I don’t know’ what do I not know?”  Jimin was panicking.  He felt like there was a hidden camera somewhere.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve introduced myself properly.” Yoongi extended his hand to Jimin, a broad smile spreading across his face.  “I’m Min Yoongi, founder of ‘Min’s Meat & More’.”

“Fuck.” Were the only words out of his mouth as he stared at the cute boy in front of him.  “Fuck.  I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to kiss you, please don’t fire me.”

“Woah woah, calm down, I’m not going to fire you.  Besides, I kissed you.”  Yoongi – Mr. Min – he corrected himself, slung an arm around Jimin’s shoulders.  “But I mean, if you really want to make it up to me, you can go for coffee with me after your shift tomorrow.”

“Hyung~ Really?”  And Jimin was happy-go-lucky once more, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s middle and looking up at him hopefully.  “Are you buying?”

“First I pay you for working at my store and now you want me to pay for your food too?” Yoongi scoffed.  “Brat.  Maybe I should just fire you.”

“But hyung~” Jimin cuddled into Yoongi’s side.  “You love me~”

“I regret it.  Go back to work.”  Yoongi said, shoving Jimin off of him and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before sauntering away, weaving through the shelves with a practiced precision.

“Bye hyung~”  He called out cheerily, turning back to his boxes after a cheery wave in Yoongi’s direction.

He took one look around and almost cried.

Yoongi had taken the stool with him.


Ye okay so this is my first post on here.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  I feel like I kind of botched up Jimin’s character, but anyways.