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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


You loved that woman, Vicomte. What’s more, you still do. Quite desperately. If you had not been so ashamed of it, how could you have treated her so viciously? – Christopher Hampton, Les liaisons dangereuses

So…I just watched Sarada’s part in the chuunin exams in Boruto: the Movie…

How the fuck does she have super strength when it took both Tsunade and Sakura TWO YEARS WITH INTENSE TRAINING to master it?

So either she’s just super smart and mastered it in five minutes and both Tsunade and Sakura were too dumb to figure it out ooor they’re just really desperate to prove that Sakura is Sarada’s mother by saying it’s a genetic thing which we already know it’s not.

[fic] we can go halfers on the consequence

desperate to get the too-dense leo to notice him, guanghong agrees to a fake relationship with phichit to make him jealous - so why’s seunggil the one acting so weird? a tale of romantic incompetence, cultural confusion, and asians being allergic to feelings.

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“In the dictionary, the definition of ‘flirt’ is just my picture,” Guanghong says.

“I don’t think you’re a flirt,” Phichit says from the other end of the phone.

“Not the noun,” Guanghong says. He’s nineteen and has never been on a date - he’s definitely not a flirt. “What does 'to flirt’ mean?”

“Well, flirting is basically telling someone you like them without actually telling them, right?”

“Exactly,” Guanghong says. “That’s my specialty.”

“This is about Leo, isn’t it.”

Guanghong groans and flops back onto his pillows. Phichit laughs. “You should just tell him.”

“That’s not what the magazines say,” Guang mumbles. He covers his face with his hands. “And I’m too shy.”

He’s not sure when it began, but it’s been a while since he started crushing on his best friend. Every touch feels like static crackling on his skin and makes his heart beat as fast as love songs say they should. When the realisation finally hit him, he avoided talking to Leo for weeks, unable to even form a coherent English sentence around him. He’d only blurted the truth out to Phichit after Phichit confronted him, concerned about the state of their friendship.

Guanghong apologised to Leo, saying he’d been busy (this through text because he was still playing hide-and-seek with his grammar every time Leo was around), and they returned to their normal patterns.

Well, mostly normal. Along with English, eye contact seems to be one of the skills Guanghong’s feelings conveniently threw down a well. Sometimes, he finds his gaze lingering on Leo, unable to stop looking at the nape of his neck, his collarbones and clavicle, his calloused hands and long fingers. Other times, he can’t make eye contact without his heart threatening to burst out of his chest.

“Maybe you haven’t done enough,” Phichit suggests.

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first kiss; or in which kaneki’s new book has a kissing scene and he’s curious about it.. or something.

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ok something that has been bugging me since i saw it, in matt's takeover when he was answering questions in his trailer at the end he said he was filming a scene next where him and magnus had to fix a water tank but alec wanted magnus to do it without magic, he was in the 2x07 clothes, but i've never known whether he was being serious or not?? i can't see that actually happening next week yet he seemed so serious and factual idk but then he's always messing with us ahhh

Maybe the water tank stands secretly for Magnus’ waterbed that broke when Malec had way too much fun in it and Alec is like…screw the bed who needs it anyway…

No, but seriously. We all know Matt is a little shit and likes to mess with us (look at his tweets!). I mean, just remember the BS he said before 1x12 aired. The thing with him saying “We call our shoes sneakers, but they’re not really sneaking.” or the hilarious sailboat odyssee … like, please, Matthew! Stop it!

why does lance have to be smart?

I’m serious, why are people trying so hard to make this character out to be really intelligent? What’s wrong with being a fcking idiot? Why do people need to be smart to be worthy of our affection?

I’m a learning disabled dumbass and I work really really hard in school and life, and I love the fact Lance is like me: funny and hardworking. He shouldn’t have to be ‘smart’ to be worthy of his position as a paladin or the fans love. Like really, we go on and on and about prejudices but we don’t examine our own?

We can’t step back and examine the fact that people want to put him on this pedal stool, but the only way to justify that is to make him out to be some sort of genius.

Who cares, who cares if he’s stupid, people should be allowed to be idiots and still be worthy. Like damn, let me live with my idiot son.


Lisa Cuddy in every episode 3x11 “Words and Deeds”

You’re not impressing anyone, you may call yourself principled but what you really are is a stubborn adolescent idiot! You used the rectal thermometer on him.You insulted him instead of apologising. You flaunted your drug use in his face and you refused to accept a deal. Tritter has been opening doors for you every step of the way and you keep slamming them shut. There are no more openings to give, House, if you wanna stay out of prison you gotta make one for yourself.

Draco Malfoy Imagine: Origami

You stormed into Potions class with a scowl on your face. Draco Malfoy: your Slytherin Prince was sitting at your table. You growled softly. You sat down in your usual spot and ignored the pest staring at you.

He finally spoke, “Hello, love.” A smirk appeared on his smug face.

“I’m not your ‘love’, Malfoy,” you snarled.

He looked hurt. “Why the hostility?”

‘What an idiot!’ you thought. Did he really not remember the origami bird he sent you the day before? “I don’t appreciate being cursed at using a paper bird.”

Confusion and anger flashed in his eyes, “What are you talking about? What bird?”

It dawned on you that Draco honestly had no clue what you were talking about. Your scowl disappeared and was replaced by a look of guilt. Draco didn’t send a bird to you. You thought he had, for he usually sends love notes to you that way.

"Oh, Draco, I’m sorry. I thought you sent the bird. Forgive me?” You smiled sheepishly. God, you were so embarrassed for acting the way you did.

"Of course I forgive you. Forget that, who the Hell sent you that bird? You’re my Princess! No one disrespects my Princess!” His eyes were dark and his smirk vanished. In that moment, seeing his passion to keep you happy made you realize just how blessed you were to have him wrapped around your finger.

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Jehanparnasse | Day Six | Modern AU | 2ks

Pre-relationship Jehanparnasse. Mostly an excuse to write the members of Patron-Minette as roommates because I love that concept way too much

Jehan was sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the dreary buildings, their tie-dye hoodie almost drawing a target on their back. When Eponine had specified “bad neighbourhood”, Jehan had never pictured it to be that bad. They weren’t one to judge, but you know things are bad when Eponine Thénardier herself tries to discourage from you hanging out somewhere. Still, Jehan walked on. They had an important errand to run and they wouldn’t let themself be intimidated by a few tags and onlookers.

The stairwell of the building they entered had not seen a broom for at least a decade. Overhead, the neons lights were winking at them, casting a gloomy light worthy of a cheap horror movie. For a second, Jehan thought about what Enjolras would say if he came down here, how enraged he would be. They were enraged too. They took a mental note to mention that during the next ABC meeting, but it wasn’t why they had come.

Second apartment on the third floor, that’s what Eponine had said. “There’s a huge indent on the door. Unmistakable.”. Unmistakable indeed. Suddenly nervous, Jehan swallowed hard and plunged their hands in the front pocket of their hoodie. It’s just a courtesy visit, they kept telling themself. It wasn’t weird, right? Why would it be weird? The plain door was staring back at them, daring them to knock. They did, though timidly. For the longest time, no one answered. Then, heavy steps rose from behind the panel and the door creaked open.

“What d'you want?”

The man standing before them was about twice their height and four times their weight, all in muscles that would have put Bahorel to shame. Gueulemer, no doubt. Jehan flashed their softest smile. After all, elephants were scared of mice, weren’t they?

“Is Montparnasse here?”

Gueulemer frowned, his eyebrows drawing menacing lines.

“You’re a cop?”


“That’s what a copper’d say.”

Jehan looked down at themself, wondering what about them screamed “cop” so badly. They’d never seen a cop wearing hoverkicks before. In absence of an answer, Gueulemer was already closing the door.

“No, wait!” Jehan exclaimed. “I’m a friend of Eponine’s!”

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The best means against trolls are to ignore them, but what do we do when the troll is the President of the USA and actually has power?


You…you guys realize this isn’t a condom, right? I’m seeing a startling amount of people asking “Did Mark just ask if that condom’s dead?” PRO TIP It’s a piece of a popped balloon and yes they realized it too.

I love you guys