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With You By My Side - Nine

A/N:  9 of 10. By now y’all know what this story is about. I’m gonna put in some warnings, but if you dont want to get SPOILED, dont read them. If you are easily triggered READ THE WARNINGS. Thanks for all of the amazing feedback, I am honestly baffled by all of you. And thanks to my beta @thorne93. shes the best.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared

Warnings: Vomiting, blood, reader is really sick, language, medical conditions, some fluff if you squint..

Wordcount: 2075

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Thanksgiving turned into Christmas, Christmas turned into Easter and before you knew it, Jensen was once again wrapping up another season of Supernatural. Your eight months were up, but so far you had barely noticed the illness, your body was a little weaker and you had very little energy, to the point where you needed to nap every day, but other than that you felt fine. You went to the hospital once a month to get an evaluation on how the cancer was spreading, and for some reason it had slowed down a little. It was still aggressive and Dr. Hansen always informed you that it was spreading, making sure you didn’t get your hopes up for anything. The outcome would still be the same, but you had gained a little more time.

“What did the good doctor tell you today?” Jensen asked as he Skyped you during one of his breaks up in Vancouver.

“Nothing we don’t already know. He seems to think that I will start feeling worse soon, and he wanted to put me on a higher dose of cortisone,” you explained. The cortisone was there to help with pain in your joints, the only side effect was that it made your bones more fragile. “He’s still a little shocked that I’m alive I think,” you chuckled.

“Did he say anything about how much time he thinks you have left?”

“No, anything between a couple of months and half a year. He did tell me that once I start to feel sick, it will probably be fast.” That little fact eased your mind a little, the worst thing you could think of was to just lay in a bed and wait for death, you couldn’t imagine a worse fate than that.

You heard a few muffled voices through your computer as Jensen’s eyes started traveling the room he was in. “I’m really sorry babe, but I have to go. I’ll call you later if I get a chance. We’re gonna try and wrap things up tonight so that we can go back home tomorrow.”

“Really?” you said excitedly. “Then you go knock ‘em dead.”

“I love you, (YN),” he said, blowing a kiss your way.

“I love you too, Jay.”

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Michael Imagine: No sleep for the wicked. *requested*

“Michael imagine where you’re really tired and get extremely cranky and take it out on Michael and then feel bad so you guys cuddle together and eventually you fall asleep.”

 AN: I really wanted to write this, I am aware some of you may be disappointed this isn't a “bad Boy” update but do not fear. I am halfway writing that so it should (hopefully) be up tomorrow.

Words: 1475
Warnings:  One swear
Pairing: Michael x reader
Requested: Yes

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#4 Morning Sickness

A/N Aw this is no fun and kinda gross but It’s pretty necessary for a pregnancy series. It probably won’t be too long so I’ll be updating hopefully tonight again to make up for it. but I hope ya like it! 

Ashton-  You and Ash were laying in bed one morning since he had a day off. You were just enjoying being together. He was making you laugh when suddenly you felt a bad feeling in your stomach and you knew what was coming. Mid sentence you jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. You made it just in time before you were sick into the toilet. You heard Ashton’s footsteps behind you and he kneeled down next to you. “Aw sweetheart I feel so bad.” He rubbed small circles into your back. Once you were done he handed you a towel to wipe your face off. “Better?” He asked in a soft voice. You nodded. “Sorry about that babe. "It’s alright. It’s worth it in the end.” You replied as you slowly stood up. He grabbed your hand to help. “But I still feel bad." He said as he stuck out his bottom lip. "Come on lets go back to bed and I’ll go make you some hot chocolate and we can cuddle ok?” He said as he wrapped his arm around you. “Ok.” You said as you cuddled into his side as you walked back to the bedroom.  

Luke- You were in bed really sick pretty much throwing up for most of the morning. Luke had to go to the studio and He really didn’t want to leave you but you made him go. He was texting you and calling the whole time to make sure you were ok. You must have dozed off because you woke up to the sound of the door. Luke was back early. You smiled because you were really glad he was home. He came upstairs too see you immediately and he had a big bag of stuff from the store. “Hi Lukey.” You said. “Hi honey how are you feeling?” He said as he kissed your forehead. “Not as bad as this morning but not great… What’s all this stuff?” You asked as you sat up. “Oh I googled stuff to make you feel better and bought everything it said. There’s lollypops, Raspberry tea, Bananas, and I don’t know some more random stuff it said. "Aw Luke you’re the cutest ever!” You smiled at how adorable he was. “I Just want the best for you.” He said as he kicked off his shoes and jumped into bed and wrapped his arms around you. “Now lets cuddle.”  

Michael- “Y/N why have you been trowing up all morning?” Michael asked as he followed you into the bathroom, grabbing your hair to hold in the process. You threw up once more before you were good enough to answer his question. “Michael it’s called morning sickness.” He looked scared for a minute. “Can I catch it…?” You laughed. “No Mike it’s because of the baby. It makes you really nauseous.” “Oh my god why? And you have to do that for 9 months?!” He looked shocked. “No no it’s only for the first few months.” “Oh good. This makes me sad to see you sick.” He frowned. “Do you want something?” He asked as he scratched his neck not really sure how to help you. “Actually can I have some tea and honey?” You asked him. “ Of course!” He almost ran down the stairs and was back in about 3 minutes. “Michael you’re the best.” “No you’re the best. And little clifford better stop making his or her mommy so sick or it’s going to be in big trouble.” He said getting closer to your belly and pointing his finger so the baby would hear him. You laughed. “You’re so weird.”

Calum- Calum slept over at your house that night and you spent pretty much the entire night on the bathroom floor. This morning sickness was kicking your butt. Well for you It wasn’t just morning it was 24/7. When Calum rolled over and realized you weren’t next to him at 3am he got worried. “Y/N?” “In here.” You coughed. he walked in and sat on the floor next to you. “You ok?” “No. I think I’m dying.” “Why didn’t you wake me up?!” He asked as he rubbed your back soothingly. “Because I felt bad. You have to be up early tomorrow.” “Yeah but you’re more important than any radio interview. Now I feel really bad, I’m not leaving your side for the rest of the night.” “Trust me Calum you don’t want to be in here. This is disgusting.” “You’re always beautiful ok? I don’t mind. I wan’t to be here for you.” “Aw you’re so sweet but hold that thought. You said just seconds before emptying your stomach once again. "Told you this is disgusting." 

Sorry again it was really short! PLEASE KEEP REQUESTING IDEAS FOR THIS SERIES!!!!