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Hey C.H! I'm going to Annecy in France this June, and I was hoping to show my portfolio to some folks from CN! Do you have any tips of what I should cram in there/how I should cram it in? I'm really nervous and my dream is to work on an animated series [like, anywhere]! Could you help a terrified second year out?

Think about the position you want and tailor your portfolio to showcase those skills in particular. If you want to be a character designer, focus on having different styles of designs in there. Same goes for background design, painting, or storyboarding. You can have art showcasing multiple talents, but make sure that ONE of them is the focus.

Show a solid foundation of drawing skills in addition to your creativity and personal style. Demonstrate you can do more than just your own style. You’ll need to fit the style of whatever show would hire you. When I look at portfolios, I look for both skill and how the artist thinks. I want to know the type of decisions they’ll make as a designer or storyteller. 

Edit it down to your best work. Don’t put in anything you feel you need apologize for (and I understand as artists we feel the need to apologize for everything). If it’s too much it becomes overwhelming.

Bring business cards with a link to your online portfolio and your contact info. You don’t need to give everyone hard copy of your portfolio anymore. Definitely have a couple with you so they look through it in person, though.

I hope this helps! All the best luck there!

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you got any portfolio tips for someone applying to art school? (kcai is high on the list for me so i thought you'd be the best person to ask)

INTERESTINGLY, that very fact might be the exact reason I’m not the best person to ask…. KCAI is a fine school, but lemme’ just be perfectly honest for a second and tell you that it’s not difficult to get accepted there.  Even if they don’t accept you, they will likely tell you exactly what they’d like to see from your portfolio.  For instance one of my buddies in animation had transferred in and applied with a photography portfolio… she didn’t really have a drawing portfolio to show them, but she wanted to learn and work in CG, so she just kinda had to make a case for herself and that was that. 

A school like, idk, CalArts, is considerably more difficult to get into, and so I’m not exactly sure what kind of portfolio they want to see.  What I would say though, is to include the art that best defines and summarizes YOU, or YOU’RE GOALS.  Art that’s an indicator of your PASSION, and what you want to ACCOMPLISH.  It’s not a bad idea to include a variety of studies/life drawings and stuff like that… those will help show that  you’re well-rounded.  But make sure to include what you feel is indicative of “your work”. 

I had a portfolio review with someone (from KCAI) before I applied, and I was just putting all sorts of things in there to showcase my different ABILITIES…  I put in some really well-rendered fanart… and then like, a simple, limited-pallet doodle I had done in MSpaint of some of my characters…. and she couldn’t have cared less about the well-rendered fanart.  Instead, she asked me to talk about the characters in the MSpaint doodle.  She said they were more interested in giving students a space to grow and develop their ideas, and I thought that was really cool. 

I have heard similar stories from people applying to CalArts (Jorge Gutierrez got rejected a couple times too, ‘cause he was putting together a what he THOUGHT they wanted to see.  They’d seen some of his more personal stuff–the super mexican-y stuff–and said they were more interested in that.), SO I mean… again, I can’t speak for all art schools, but from what I can tell anyway, there seems to be a bit of a pattern.  Put together a portfolio that speaks to you and what you wanna’ do!

Good luck dude!

A Familiar Face

Klaroline Infinity Day 7 - Ideal Endgame Scene

A year, a century, what was time to an immortal? For Caroline, forty years meant love, laughter, fear and grief. With her daughters grown, she’s ready to stop playing it safe and to go looking for the adventures the world once promised.

She had forgotten how lonely it could be, the fate of a vampire. At home, the girls knew exactly who she was and what that meant - but they couldn’t possibly understand the weight of outliving such a phase in her life. Humans went through a handful of these complete shifts, but Caroline was realizing she would have to do this over and over again until she met the wrong end of a pointy stick.

Having buried both Stefan and Alaric years before and signed the Bennett School over to Josie and Lizzie, Caroline decided to take a well deserved retirement trip around the world for her sixty-fifth birthday. She had left a week earlier, kissing the girls at the airport. “I love you, call me every day.”

“Every week,” Josie promised sternly, onlookers probably confused to see a young woman asking her mother to call every day.

Because Caroline didn’t look her nearly sixty-five years; she didn’t look a day over seventeen, and she never would. It was a realization that came in waves, one that hit her again as she flew over the Atlantic to South Africa. The list of postcards and souvenirs she had planned to buy was much too short for someone of her age, but everyone had died or moved on with their very human lives.

The girls, obviously, would receive the brunt of her gifts. Matt never cared for her messages, and Elena didn’t even know who Caroline was anymore. Some of the school’s students kept in touch, but it wasn’t the same.

She was always missing the people she loved, and she wanted someone to miss her.

Shaking her head, Caroline glanced around the plane to distract herself from the morose thoughts. Brass curls caught her attention, but she turned to her book before she could let herself wonder why.

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Update (So I’ve done something extreme)

Hi everyone.

I know it’s a lot of ask for, because you’ve all always been there for me and I’ve always asked for your support. But I’ll have to ask again. My life has and was still going down a path I didn’t want to go down and I’ve let it get so out of hand until I just…I just snapped. Now, I’ve really really got no place to live, no money for food or anything. But I’ve got a direction I know I want to go.

First off, thank you to @curlysword @legitimateluffy @cyriusli @roomshxmbles @firecatkitten @sosolawlu @madame-austere @welcome-to-sanjis-shitty-kitchen @theveryhungrycatahitler @insatiable-curiosity85 @dragon-shade-lamp-posts @demonkidd-asura @malfunctioningkitten @ryuichicentric @auspizien and many more wonderful users for being here for me to talk to off and on. I am so sorry I haven’t been around lately because of my situation. It’s made me very sad to not be able to interact and be online like I used to be.

So I’m still alive, barely. Yesterday I had my work orientation at the hotel my parents were forcing me to work at. And I went through the day, holding it together pretty well. I was shown how the banquet works, how the system is supposed to log me in and out and how everything I do has to be signed for and documented. 

From buying a muffin to drinking coffee I would have to count every single second of every single thing I do at the office. My job was supposed to be Sales for Events. I had to close my triple earring piercing I got (just like Zoro’s), and I would have had to dye my hair black. I would be stuffed into a pencil skirt and look just like everyone else and talks just like everyone else and kiss ass to big-named corporate clients to convince them to have their events at the hotel.

I would have had to wear three inch heels from 7am to 6pm (minimum, sometimes these girls go home at 10 or more), until my toes cried every, damn, day, Monday to SATURDAY. Saturday. Those don’t count as overtime people. I get one day off a week.

I would have gone home, exhausted, stressed, confused and completely and utterly miserable with my life. I knew this. I knew I would hate this. I knew I would hate a corporate outfit. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in a pencil skirt and made to look and act like some mindless, faceless drone.

And yet my parents wouldn’t listen. I already told them I would hate it. I went in to work, saw what was going to happen to me. Saw how they were dumping all the previous girl’s (she quit because she couldn’t take how they were treating her anymore, I went snooping and saw how she was getting penalties and timecards asking why she was even ONE MINUTE late to signing in to work and having tog ive reasons why she shouldn’t be penalized) stuff on me because nobody else would take it.

I never wanted that kidn of life where I could only think back and dream about how I used to draw, used to hang out with my art friends, used to chat, used to run for advertising deadlines and deal with clients who have no idea what they want and what I’m doing. I’d prefer that.

I’d prefer sleeping on someone else’s couch and wondering where my next meal is going to come than live in 3 inch heels and a pencil skirt, kissing up to people I don’t even know or care about to meet an impossibly high quota.

I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to even try. I know where I wanted to try my luck. I wanted to try advertising, I wanted to try concept art, I wanted to cry over why my designs weren’t good enough yet instead of cry over wondering how the fuck I became a pencil-pusher who was only earning 780 usd for going through this miserable bullshit. I’d rather work at a convenience store and take shifts and ride the bus and have an erratic schedule.

So I snapped. I came home. In the middle of opening my packages to dye my hair black I had a meltdown. I cried. I wailed, even. I didn’t want this and I don’t want this still and I will never want this experience ever in my life.

My dad kept insisting ‘just try it for 2 months and then look for another job?’ 2 months?! Does he really believe that I was going to be able to look for something else while waking up at 6 every morning and going home past ten every night MONDAY TO SATURDAY? This job was a TRAP. This job was so that I didn’t have time to do or work or think about anything else but this damn job. No. I’m not even going to try. This was a trap and I just know it was my mother’s idea. She’d even called the house before to ask people to make sure I wasn’t drawing. (Like wtf, woman?)

This may sound like a coward’s way out, but I know a trap when I see one. I know myself well enough to know that I was going to be miserable there and I was going to be cornered into not being able to leave unless I outright just walked out and quit like the last girl and just become unemployed again. So I might as well stay unemployed.

There were a lot of things that happened that led up to this meltdown but this post is long enough as it is. The gist of it is that I’m so, so, SO DAMN TIRED of my parents guilt-tripping me and calling me ungrateful just to force me to do something I don’t want to do. I have never EVER gotten any moral support or positive reinforcement from them my entire life and I had had ENOUGH.

I didn’t report in to work today. Last night, while I was wailing my head off and scaring the shit out of the neighbors I called my mom and screamed at her that I hated her. I messaged my dad and told him I hated him. Extreme and I was wrong to do that and I will apologize, but I don’t regret it. I’ve been keeping everything I want and everything I wanted to do and be inside me for so long they even managed to wedge me into a corporate outfit that wasn’t even remotely close to what I even studied for. They did it so easilly, because they have money and power and friends in high places…

I just want enough to get by in a small apartment, a bed, food, wifi, water, electricity and time to work on my art. That’s all I want and that’s all I ever wanted.

I’ve been kicked out of the house I forced to move into because that’s where my mom puts all the people and things she doesn’t want to look at and think about anymore. (My two aunts and grandma are either too old to work, have cancer or have strokes and fainting fits every once in awhile and they all say she’s just waiting for them to die.) Right now, my uncle is keeping me at his place where I’m typing this and figuring out what to do next.

I’ve planned to work at a call centre in the meantime to tide myself over while I look for a job at an ad agency or an animation company, no matter how small-time. I just don’t want to be in corporate. I was scared to apply before because I thought I wasn’t good enough. That’s how I ended up in this corporate-bullshit situation. Now, I have no choice.

I’ll still be posting art. I’ve got things done and scheduled until the 17th of May and I’m looking to make an even longer buffer this week while I also get my portfolio together. Thank you all so much for being with me. If you like my work, right now, I’d really, really appreciate it if you’d support me on my patreon. I’ve always got things for you guys to enjoy there, so I hope you don’t feel like you’ll be paying for nothing.

I’ve got to go for now. Battery’s dying and I’m at the house alone so I’ll have to figure out how to get my shit together to get started on moving on.

Wish me luck.

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What inspired you to become an artist?

When I was 8 years old, I really liked making comics.

The first one I ever did and finished was this really silly Super Mario and Legend of Zelda crossover. I did ti on lined paper and it was like 72 pages long |D.

I was still experimenting of course, but I guess I didn’t fully decide that I wanted to be an artist until I was age 12, so I started taking it more seriously.

During high school, I was the fastest artist in my art classes and even got offered AP art courses because of it. I took them, was still the quickest artist in my classes, and got my portfolio set up very quickly.

As an artist, I just like the process of creation, watching myself make something from start to finish, it’s a really nice feeling!

I went to school for animation and childrens book illustration, so I also consider myself a concept artist and cartoonist ;v;.

I think the thing that pushed me most was just…yeah, wanting to create something hgfjklds

An Intern’s Guide To: Interning

Yesterday I turned 19. Meaning today it has officially been one year since I claimed the title of intern. That’s one year of intern knowledge, and then some, that I would like to share with you. 

Let’s begin with a bit of background. I lost my intern virginity last summer. I started applying in spring and, to my surprise, heard back from all the magazines I applied to - bar one. But their Twitter pic hasn’t changed in a year so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. I ended up becoming an editorial intern at two magazines. Both of different genres - I figured it’d be beneficial to  get a diversity of experience. The first was a fashion magazine and I absolutely loved it. It was the first magazine I set eyes on and I even modelled my entire CV around one of its covers (more on that later.) I enjoyed it so much that I re-arranged the dates of my next internship just so I could stay longer. I woke up every morning last summer looking forward to what my day had to offer. Even though I struggled to afford travelling into London everyday, and got achey eyes from hours in front of a laptop screen, I began each day with a flurry of butterflies in my stomach because I loved writing for them so much. It felt like the right fit from day one. Despite arriving 2 hours late on day one that is.

I was given so much freedom to write exactly how I wanted to — much different to my next internship, where despite the fact it was a much younger magazine, had a more traditional approach with its interns. Everything would get sent back with highlighted notes and once it was finally published, lost all remnants of its initial vitality, but in turn gained the slick and polished voice of an edited feature.  I did learn a lot from all that editing. Things they’d usually teach you in journalism school like “numbers under ten are expressed in words.” Not only did I learn a lot but met some really wonderful people.

Despite each internship’s differences, both editors seemed happy with my work and expressed they wished I could stay longer! I now write for the first magazine, which is beyond what I could’ve imagined when I began applying last year (have a read of my elated response to first-time publication here.) I’d like to stress that I had no contacts nor family members who have a clue about this industry. If I can do it, you most definitely can too! So from me to you, here’s how to become an intern.  

Find Your Own Experience.

High-key every intern’s #goals

Before writing your CV you need relevant things to fill it with. Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, why not make your own? With the Internet at your fingertips there is no excuse. Gaining experience and building a portfolio is as simple as e-mailing your favourite blog and asking to contribute an article. Starting your own blog and making sure it’s in tip-top shape when future employers decide to Google you, and sincerely reaching out to growing online platforms asking to write for them. In the beginning I built my portfolio through Twitter search. I would search key phrases like “bloggers wanted” or “writers wanted” and volunteer my services (@UKFashionIntern is fab for this). You’d be surprised how far a well-composed e-mail can get you! Experience wise, you really don’t need anything fancy, you just need to show employers that you’re competent in the basics. So e-mail the editor of your local paper and ask to shadow someone for a week, or get down to your local radio and volunteer your time for a few days. If you’re at school or university make use of all the opportunities to write for the magazine or paper. This is all classed as experience, will build your portfolio and get you suited for an internship.

Stand Out.


I think this is most important. Especially if you’re lacking in the experience department. It’s imperative to set yourself apart from all the other candidates who have the same or more experience than you. Two ways to get your application an eyebrow raise are your e-mail subject line and the aesthetic of your CV. Editors’ inboxes are filled with hundreds of e-mails a day so use your subject line to stand out from all the other intern e-mails. Make it short, concise but interesting so they have to read it. I’m not sure where I came up with mine, but I definitely did a ton of research, looked at lots of examples and steered away from the conventional. Think of it like a headline, but always ensure it’s appropriate. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CV. Fashion and media are industries where creativity is celebrated after all, so you can afford to push boundaries with your application (although as was suggested to me by Heat’s Senior Editor, simplicity is often better). It’ll make you memorable and give you a chance to show your personality and how badly you want that internship. Think of the dozens of black and white word documents an editor receives then *boom* in comes your creative piece of curriculum vitae. At one of my internships, the editor showed my CV to the entire office and asked how I created it. I used photoshop (good way to showcase photoshop skills) in order to create an infographic CV. Infographics are a succinct means of getting your experience across, way more visual and fun to look at, and a great way to play on human psychology (psych student coming thru). Who wants to read through dozens of identical applications when you could present the same information through image, colour and an attractive aesthetic. Chances are they won’t be glossing over your CV. It’s different to the usual application so they’ll take note. If you dont know how to use photoshop - like me pre-CV - just google everything. Google is your friend.

Be as modest or as extra as you please

For infographic inspo I did a Google and Pinterest search for creative CVs. I saved my favourites and used them for inspiration on how to design my own. As mentioned in the intro, I based the colour scheme of my CV on the cover of the first magazine I applied to. Partly because the colours were soo beautiful, and because I wanted to impress them. I literally used a colour code finder to find the exact colours. If that doesn’t show how bad you want that internship I don’t know what could! A strong subject line and a pretty CV are bound to give you a good footing in the application process.

Here’s a buzzfeed link to CV ideas you could use for any job, not just creative ones

Use your Initiative/Be a Ninja.

Once you’ve got through the prelims and finally land that internship, it’s time to be on your A-game and stay on that A-game. Bring a notebook so you can take note of instructions, feedback and stay on track. It also makes you look like an eager beaver who’s ready to work. It’s important not just to do what you’re told, but to go beyond that. Do things that your editor didnt even ask or expect you to do. Make everyone’s life as easy as possible by doing more than you have to. So if you’re asked to write an article for online, write the tags and social media posts for it too. If you’re asked to research an interviewee organise your research in an easy-to-read format and suggest interview questions - even if you weren’t asked to. You must always be one step ahead. It’s important to be quick but not to sacrifice quality. So edit, edit, edit. You better be the most helpful and competent ninja that office has ever seen.

Be Present.

Carrie started as an intern. Who wouldn’t want to be Carrie?

Don’t be scared to contribute to discussions. An intern is still a part of the team so offer your ideas and when asked - dont be a neutral party - give your opinion. Be sure to make the most of your time at a publication and get to know people. A good conversation starter is to ask them questions about themselves. Like how they came to work there or any advice they could give you. Dont be a silent voice in the background, you’ve got to be a helping hand and a smiling face. Remember, these are the people giving you references and everyone seems to know each other in fashion, so they could recommend you to someone or even offer you a job based on how lovely you were during your stay.

Be a Nice Human.

UAL produced McQueen and Phoebe Philo. Their word is golden. 

This is integral in any field. Be nice and respectful to any and everyone you meet. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and googled when I got home only to realise how major they were. These are the people you could be working with one day or the key to your next opportunity. You need to be remembered as a pleasant and competent person because in order to advance, it really can be about who you know. So greet and say hello to everyone. Even if you’re shy and really awkward, you have to do it! Try to get as many contacts as you can and keep in touch. Whether that be e-mailing them for advice once, thanking them for your experience or offering your time to help them (I recently did this and ended up working at Topshop’s flagship for a few days - score!) This includes fellow interns. A lot of people in the industry started as interns - look at where they are now? Who’s to say that intern on the Mac next you won’t go on to work at a PR firm that might just be hiring, or recommend you when a last minute stylist assistant is needed? Just leave a good impression on everyone you meet, k?

In summary, get off your bottom and seek experience whether that be online or in your local area, get creative with your e-mail, cover letter and CV, always be one step ahead of your editor’s needs and treat everyone with upmost respect. Fashion and the media aren’t as mean as TV and film make them out to be. People tend to be very helpful. The opportunity is there you just have to be willing to go for it!

Now you’re equipped, go get that internship!

Yours truly,


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hi, your art is really nice, i was wondering if you have any tips or advice for starting to post art on tumblr? i've been wanting to post my own art for a while now but i'm not quite sure where to start, thank u in advance ;u;

Step 1: Click Photo image on dashboard

Step 2: Click image file on your computer and upload

Step 3: Make sure you created the image yourself or the art theft hellhounds will find you

Step 4: ??? Profit

In all seriousness though, there’s really not much to it besides posting regularly and slowly compiling a portfolio of images for people to enjoy. If you’re asking more about how to gain a following for your art, then there’s just a few tips I have for you (whether you’re an original artist or fanartist):

1. Post at a moderately steady pace - this is not really a rule but a personal preference. I feel like posting more than 3 times a day can get annoying for followers, particularly those who only follow you for one specific thing. Posting once a month or so, however, is a little too infrequent. Part of why I follow someone is not only the quality of their posts, but also their personality and availability – it can be an amazing thing when an artist you like is available to answer questions and is willing to put some thought into interacting with you. Post frequently enough for people to get comfortable with your presence on their dash and to feel like they know you personally a little. Having enough content to post once a day or so also shows your dedication to the craft, and that’s something worth following in my book.      

2. Tag consistently and appropriately - tags allow people interested in your subject matter to find your art. Tags also help organize your material so you or people looking at your blog can find specific pieces again in the future. You’ll thank yourself for being organized in the future if you ever get to the point where you have thousands of posts to sift through. 

3. Be nice! Patience and positivity are always good traits to espouse if you can help it - getting noticed for your art can be a slow and arduous process and no one is obligated to like or reblog your art. Positive attention is earned through patience and a genuine desire to convey concepts that mean something to you. I’m not saying you have to lie down and take it if someone is being blatantly offensive or insulting (though my preferred response is the delete button), but it’s best not to show negativity/impatience if you’re not getting the views you’re hoping for, especially if you’re just starting out. Just keep posting things you enjoy and do it consistently, and someone will take notice eventually. 

Just start posting and you’ll figure it out! Best of luck :)

question for art school/college students/graduates

Hi! so I am very much in debt and can only really afford two years at my current school, however I have very good grades, I’m on the honors roll, I won a merit scholarship for work I did over the year, during our freshman art exhibition I was one of if not the student with the most pieces in the exhibition for exemplar pieces in class….with that being said has anyone ever asked for more scholarship from their school???? Ideally i would want to stay and not subject myself to transferring…and I don’t want to seem full of myself but I really do try my best and I think my work is always something that has 110% effort put into it and my teachers appreciate that and idk maybe I make the school look good academically(or maybe I’m just crazy) but do you/anyone think it would be worth asking for more scholarship???/or resubmitting a portfolio to get more aid??my family really can’t afford to stay here all four years:/

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how do u get ur glowy effect in drawings? and are just making ur own comic panels??

The above is effects which I usually use.


About my own comic, no this is not. it’s only for my portfolio ;( I really want to do a project with my own story based. (if I get enough time.)

Thank you for ask!

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Hey Mister Black Hat, I'm in need of advice. I'm a villain, no doubt about it. I don't lack anything in the lacking-of-morals department. I steal and commit murder as pass times. No empathy in me, really. My problem however, my physical appearance is too adorable for anyone to take me seriously! Sure it makes being evil easier when you can use your diminutive size to manipulate people into giving you anything you want, but lately I've been feeling equally as small. I want to be feared!

“ Well, my dear aspiring villain, you have quite the portfolio of evil actions, haven’t you? I’m just the slightest bit impressed. As for your problem, try to use for cute looks to your advantage. When people see something cute and adorable, they tend to let their guard down, allowing you to strike where and when they are weakest. But, if you insist on looking terrifying, I’m sure we at Black cat Inc. have something right right for you; Perhaps an arsenal of weapons would please you, or a disguise of some sort? We have plenty of products to choose from. “ 

anonymous asked:

"This gives modders a chance to make money, get real-world dev experience, build their resume, and get really good connections in the industry." No. Just no. Stop. I'm a Source engine modder and I can assure you that this system that Bethesda has is fucking over mod creators and fucking over consumers. It's made solely to maximize profit margins for companies. As for "experience" and "building resume" - YOU ALREADY FILL YOUR PORTFOLIO WITH YOUR WORK. Also you cannot make connections like this.

you want to tell that to my friends who do exactly what you do but said exactly what I said? this is going to be a bad look but i’m literally just regurgitating what they said. and if it IS maximizing profit margins? sure, i hate our current economic system as much as anyone else, but like….companies aren’t going to do something that isn’t going to give them profit. that’s just…not how it works. also, no matter how much solo work you do, getting to put ‘worked with bethesda on a fallout mod that was officially released by bethesda’ is going to look way better than anything else you put on your resume. how do you figure you can’t make connections this way? what you’re doing is literally working on new mods with actual devs- are you saying making a good impression on people who get paid to do what you do by your own passion isn’t productive?

Hey Angel Chapter 20

You were about to head to the airport, when your phone rings. You smile when you see the name, so you answer it quickly. 

“Hunter!” you gasp. “How have you been?”

“I’m doing well, sis.” He smiles. “Are you okay to talk for a bit?” 

“Yeah! I’m just waiting for the car to pick us up to take up to the airport.” You say. 

“Awesome! I just wanted to call and tell you that I’m going to be in the same city as you tomorrow!” He smiles. 

“What? Really?” You smile happily. 

“Yeah. I’m going to be taking some scenic shots around there for my portfolio and I saw that the tour you’re on is going to be there, so I wanted to let you know in case you might have some time off to meet up. I miss Ella and you so much.”  

“Of course, yes, I’ll make some time. I’m sure we could meet up for lunch or dinner and I’m sure I can get you some tickets to the show!” you say. 

“Oh.. Okay. Awesome. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” He smiles. 

“Me either. I’ll call you when we land.” you smile. 

“Okay. Talk to you later.” He smiles before hanging up the phone. 

You smile ending the phone call before putting it back in your bag. 

“The cars are here.” Harry says walking back over with the kids. He had taken them to get some smoothies while everyone was waiting for the cars. 

“Finally.” You joke. He laughs taking your hand and you both walk outside. 


About an hour later you all were on the plane. Jackson and Ella were coloring with Abby, while you and Harry were sitting together, talking. 

“Oh! So, I have to tell you something.” You say. 

“Okay.. what is it?” He asks. 

“So, I got a phone call from Hunter while you were gone with the kids.” you say. 

“Your brother Hunter?” He asks. 

“Yep.” You nod. 

“That’s great, what did he have to say?” Harry asks looking over at you. 

“Well, he’s actually going to be in Miami tomorrow and he want to meet up tomorrow because he wants to see me and Ella.” you smile. 

“I’m glad you get to see him.” He smiles. 

“Well, that’s not all, I was maybe hoping you would want to come with us, so he could meet you.” You say. 

“Oh..uh.. you want me to meet your brother?” He asks nervously. 

“Yeah.” You smile. “And I thought maybe we could get him some tickets to the show.” 

“Uh.. yeah we could get him some tickets.” Harry says. “And uh.. yeah I could uh meet him…I guess.” 

“OH my god are you nervous.” You giggle. 

He blushes looking out the window. 

“Aww that’s adorable!” You giggle. “But you shouldn’t be nervous.” 

“Au contraire, I’m a brother, I should be nervous.” He mumbles. 

You giggle kissing his cheek. “You’ll be fine! I promise.” 

“Okay, whatever you say.” He mumbles with a bit of a laugh. 

You smile giving him a quick kiss. 


After getting off the plane, you head to a restaurant near by. 

“Mama!” Ella giggles. 

“Yes, baby!” You giggle. 

“I hungi!” She whines. 

“I know, baby. We’re almost there.” You smile. 

“Yay!” She giggles clapping her hands. 

“She’s so cute.” Abby smiles 

“Ya! I cute!” Ella giggles. 

You laugh shaking your head. “Thanks.” 

Harry smiles and finally you all get into the restaurant and sit down. Harry helps Ella into the high chair and Abby puts Jackson into his seat. Jackson yawns before grabbing his crayons. 

“Tired buddy?” Harry laughs tickling him. 

“Ya! I so sweepy!” He says. 

“Well, I’m sure as soon as we’re done here, we’ll head to the hotel and your Mum will get you in bed.” He smiles. 

“Yeah because I’m ready for bed myself.” Abby laughs. 

You all laugh at that before ordering your food. 

“So, Ella, do you remember Uncle Hunter?” You ask. 

She gasps looking up at you with mashed potatoes all over her face. “Unca Hunta!” She giggles. 

“Well, we get to see him tomorrow.” You smile. 

She screeches excitedly clapping her hands. “Ya! Ya!” 

“Who Unca Hunter!” Jackson asks. 

“You know how Auntie Gemma is my sister?” Harry asks him. 

“Ya! Wuv Auntie Gemma!” He giggles. 

“Me too.” Harry smiles. “Well, Ella’s Uncle Hunter is Y/N’s brother.” 

“Dat so cool!” Jackson giggles. “We get see him too?” 

“If you want.” You smile. “He’s coming to the show tomorrow night too.” 

“Yay!!” Jackson giggles. 

“Unca Hunta! Unca Hunta!” Ella smiles. 

You smile kissing her head before going back to eating. Once everyone is finished, Harry pays and you all head to the hotel. The kids fall asleep before you even get back. Abby carries a sleeping Jackson, saying bye to the two of you while Harry carries Ella back to your room. He lays her down, kissing her head and looks over at you. 

“How do you think Hunter is going to take meeting Jackson and I tomorrow?” Harry asks. “I mean does he know that we’re together?” 

“He knows that I’ve been seen someone, but he doesn’t know that it’s you.” You honestly. 

“Oh…” He whispers pushing his hand through his hair. 

“Hey. You’ll be fine.” You say wrapping your arms around his waist. “Trust me.” 

He groans. “I’m going to hold you to that.” He smirks down at you before giving you a kiss. 

You smile into the kiss before you both get ready for bed and fall asleep. 


Hey, what’s wrong?

I have no idea what I’m doing, I don’t know which pictures to choose because I have no idea what people expect to see on “online portfolios”. Why did I let you and Zayn convince me this was a good idea?

Come here *stands up*
You got this okay, just pick the ones you like the most. Hell, put them all if you want, it’s your portfolio after all. You got this!

You really think so?

*answers between kisses*
Yeah, I do. I’ll tell you what, how about I start making us dinner while you finish it up?

Or I could just keep kissing you…

tigulf-times  asked:

I know you've probably been asked this before, but what advice would you give someone looking to become a concept artist, especially in regards to what to include in a portfolio.

Hey there! I have been asked that question a couple times before, and I think I might have one or two responses in my #Artvice tag that could help you out.

But in summary, two things: make art. All kinds of art, all the time. Bad art. Terrible terrible art that you’re embarrassed to show people. Try really hard at it, try not at all at it, just draw- your best work is buried under all the bad drawings it will take to get there and you need to draw through them- you can’t skip ahead.

Secondly, re: the portfolio. People like all kinds of things and it’s impossible to predict accurately what they are going to want to see. Certainly show them that you are technically capable, if you want the job, show them you can do pretty much exactly what they need you to do for them.
But you can nail that in 2-4 pieces…as for the rest? Make sure it is the art you believe in your heart of hearts is the best work you’ve made. Doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t show people portfolios full of work you think they’ll want to see- you’ll get hired for it, and then have to spend your time making more of it. Show them what you love to draw and the chances you’ll get hired to draw more of what you love increase exponentially.


I’m looking for models and other creative people (stylists, designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc) in the L.A. area who want to collaborate on a fun photo shoot!

I mostly shoot my friends (all of the models in these photos are my friends!)

@klyne, @nikkilangmusic, and @nugsafari to be exact!

But I’d like to branch out a bit and work with new people and make some new friends! :)

I’m a photographer and stylist and I mostly shoot 35mm film. I just really love photographing people, but I’d also like to expand my portfolio and create original content for my blog. HMU, babez!