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Do I have any followers with ADHD? Or does anyone have some really good information on it? I want to write a character who has ADHD but I don’t know anything about it except the basics so I’m looking to educate myself. Any help beyond a wiki article would appreciated! 

HERE COMES A THOUGHT: Steven healing Jasper’s corruption by entering her mind through his dreams, and the whole thing is a giant homage to the ending of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Jasper is Anthy, and just as Anthy is trapped by swords of hatred, Jasper is trapped by the green spikes of corruption that plagues her mind.

But the Anthy trapped by those swords is not the “true” Anthy, and the Jasper plagued by corruption is not the “true” Jasper, merely the monster she’s resigned to be. The “true” Jasper is pure and uncorrupted, possibly still wearing her Pink Diamond uniform, and Steven finds her trapped somewhere deep within Jasper’s mind. Maybe she’s hiding in her own hole from the Beta Kindergarten, sealed shut by the metal spikes that she used to contain the other corrupted Gems. That’s how she sees herself now–as nothing more than a corrupted monster.

Steven struggles to free the Jasper trapped inside her hole, just like Utena struggled to free the “true” Anthy trapped inside her coffin…

But he just can’t do it on his own. Jasper has to want to be saved.

“Jasper, please! Please, take my hand!”

I can really imagine Steven with this exact face, because he desperately wants to save Jasper and make everything right. He doesn’t even care that she was his enemy, he doesn’t care if she hates him or if she will always him, all he cares about his helping someone in pain. So he reaches for her…

Does she reach back…?


♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <

Okay but like you know what

You know what I really want in this life?
I wanna have a conversation with Dan.
Like actually sit down and talk with him over coffee or tea
I don’t care if it’s a 3pm conversation or a 3 am conversation
I just wanna talk with him
Like he is so incredibly smart and the way he thinks is so mesmerizing and honestly refreshing and so I want to have a conversation with him
I want to listen to him speak and express himself and say what is on his mind
I want to talk about the universe and if he thinks that there is an afterlife
I want to know what ticks him off and what makes his heart burst with emotions
I want to know where he sees himself in ten years and if he ever gets emotional just thinking of how far he has come
You know what I want most in this world?
It’s to have a conversations with Dan
Not Dan Howell or danisnotonfire
Just Dan

Voltron season 2 predictions/theories/hopes??

Tomorrow’s the Big Day™ we’ve all been waiting for so here I am, writing some of my most significant VLD s2 predictions, theories, hopes, questions etc. so that after I bingewatch the whole season in a few hours while lying in my bed and eating snacks I’ll feel proud cuz some of those happened and/or embarassed cuz those didn’t happen

Anyway, here I go:

  • Shiro won’t die, that’s for sure (at least not in season 2)
  • Galra!Keith happens? Maybe?? Or there are more hints for it, I’m callin it
    • If galra!Keith really happens, I doubt Keith’s appearance will change tho (unless there’s like a really good reason for it but it’s unlikely)
      • it’d be cool tho cuz there’d be drama
    • eventually part-galran/part-altean Keith happens
      • but I know Lotor is going to be part-galran/part-altean so I’m not sure they’d do the same plot twist twice
      • it’d be the best explanation of all the not-fully-human!Keith hints in season 1 tho
  • paladins’ backstories
    • Where do Keith and Shiro know each other from?
    • Why’s Keith an orphan??? how did his life even look like before? was he in the foster care? did he know his parent(s)?
      • Also, what’s the deal with his dagger? did Keith get it from his parent? Is it galran??
      • Also, are both of his parents actually dead? or are they just like, somewhere in space?
    • more retrospections from the garrison and from Shiro’s times as a gladiator/in a prison
    • something about Lance’s family
    • sth about Hunk?? we know pretty much nothing about Hunk’s backstory wtf mate
  • beach episode?? (ya know Keith and Lance are swimming, Hunk’s cooking sth, full chill on the beach)
  • Klance moments pls
    • (I’d like to write “Klance is canon” but that’s probably asking for too much) (would be nice though)
    • them being good friends and space ranger partners that they are and cooperating together
  • What does the quintessence actually do and what is it?
    • does it heal and speed up regeneration?
    • does it somehow expand the general capacity of the body?
  • what’s “altean magic”? How does it work, what does it look like? what is it
  • Someone is captured (at first I thought it’ll be Shiro but after the s2 trailer I’m really concerned about the blue boy)
    • pls no
  • who’s actually Thace??? like what’s his deal
    • he’s probably in some kinda resistance tho, and tries to sabotage the galra empire
  • we find out sth about Matt and Sam Holt’s whereabouts
  • Klance moments
  • former paladins’ backstories
    • Was Alfor the yellow paladin?
    • What did Zarkon use to be like? was he like, fully good??
      • If so, why did he change? what are his motives now?
  • The new galran ally was probably some kinda galra soldier but ran off
  • What’s going on on the Earth?
    • How’s is Mrs. Holt holding? I mean dude, she’s pretty much lost her entire family (assuming that she already knows about Pidge’s disappearance)
    • What’s going on at the garrison rn?
  • Zarkon keeps finding Voltron because of Shiro’s galran arm
    • […] Keith’s galran heritage/biology
    • […] his connection to Black Lion
    • […] because the new galran ally is actually a spy (I doubt it tho but who knows?)
  • did I mention Klance moments?
  • we meet Lotor, maybe? if it’s not too early for this
  • ponytail Keith?? (damn what a selfishness we’ve already gotten ponytail Coran and we still crave more)
  • some LGBT representation?
  • and many, many more minor things (there are just…. so many good things that could happen wow)

So yup, that’s it and I’m really hyped! feel free to add something if you wanna

“Broken” “laughed at” “called a plant” “misunderstood” like is that everything you’ve got? really ??? compared to “abuse” “r*pe” “murder” you really wanna talk about how you belong here?

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

Yoongi said

everyone who biased him is weird because he himself thinks hes ugly.
Well news for you Agust D you’re freaking handsome you’re smile can heal anything, your rap skills are fantastic, your eyes light up the dark and your skill to write those lyrics is amazing! Don’t drah yourself down like that, even for fun. You’re one of the most handsome people ever, I really wanna meet you someday and talk about music or stuff and I hope you will someday notice how precious you are, especially without all that makeup and behind the scenes.

So I’m re-reading the Symmetra comic, and I’m having some serious Feelings about her, especially as an autistic character. ;w; Because, like, as I look at it again I actually do rather like how her particular traits are portrayed by Blizz? Like, her being on the spectrum does effect her, but it isn’t used as an excuse to either villainize or infantilize her, which is nice. Particularly her issues with empathy, which affect the plot in 2 ways: she doesn’t see why the people in the community Vishkar is trying to take over are mad about that, and she doesn’t see that Vishkar itself is manipulating her.

Satya doesn’t get why there are protesters against Vishkar, cuz in her mind, the corporation is a force for good.  The changes they made to her hometown helped her greatly, and she joined to be able to do that for others. The protesters obviously don’t feel the same way, and Vishkar def. isn’t planning to help them, but Satya doesn’t get that cuz she can’t ‘see’ the other perspectives on their actions well.
But just because she can’t empathize with people doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them! She may be a rather proud person, but I’d say she’s mostly just upset because she wants to help everyone and doesn’t understand why they don’t see what she does. Her inability to see what they see alienates her (again tho, this is also helped along by her natural pride), and that helps allow some of the awful things Vishkar does to happen, but it isn’t written in a way that makes her some heartless villain. Like, look  v v v v 

The other thing that combines with this (and sort of causes it tbh) is that she doesn’t see how Vishkar (And Sanjay) is manipulating her, and sure as heck not to help anyone but them. It might seem clear to the reader, sure! But she clearly seems to trust Sanjay, and Vishkar helped her community in the past, too. So she trusts it when Sanjay says that they’re helping and that the people protesting are just angry because they don’t understand that, because the people telling her she’s right are trusted allies.
It’s a rather common experience for some girls on the spectrum to connect closely to certain people, and trust them through a lot, and you can sometimes get used cuz of that. Even if in retrospect you can see that they were using you, that just doesn’t help anything in the moment, you know?  

But the good bit is that it doesn’t mean that she’s not a genius, or that she’s helpless. Satya is a wonderful person herself even tho Vishkar sucks, with very strong morals. She challenges her orders on smaller matters pretty often (like refusing to kill even when ordered!), and she wants to help better the world, more than anything else. This is just as much a part of what keeps her working so hard, even as her employers grow farther and farther from that vision, as her autistic traits ever are. They are a part of her that contributes to her story like any other, not the sole hinge of her whole plot, yeah?

Like, her empathy issues don’t make her into just some awful monster that doesn’t care about people and can’t understand their pain. And they ALSO don’t just make her into a helpless child that could get manipulated by Sanjay and Vishkar like wet clay.
Satya’s a calculating genius, and a hopeless idealist, and someone on the ASD spectrum, with clear sensory and empathy issues. She’s all of those things and more, and I thank god for that characterization, tbh, especially coming from Blizzard’s writers.

…And anyway, “Satya” means “truth”, right? 

I have no doubt that she’ll find hers one day, even if we don’t know exactly where she stands in the current game :3
(And then god help those Vishkar bastards. They’re toast!)

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists

I’m not gonna make this long and I’m just gonna say one big thank you to all of you for following me! I recently hit 20k followers in less than a year and I’m honestly blown away by that. I ‘lost’ my previous blog so I had to make this one and start all over again and honestly at that time I didn’t take it well. But oh well, I’m kind of glad I did now. All in all, thank you all once again, for following, for all nice comments and liking my content, it really means a lot. So here are some awesome blogs and people, you guys are seriously amazing~❤️ I know that I maybe don’t talk much and I really wanna talk to some of you but I’m kinda scared to say hi and all 😅 *Also I’m trying to be more active on my twitter and I wanna follow more people, so yeah, my twt is @yoochiim *


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anonymous asked:

(wowzaihavesomanyquestions) About deaf!Keith, is he still entirely vocal(still signs tho)? Or does he just stick to signing along with a few sounds for clarification? Also with Lance, is he an interpreter for Keith or another student just touring the school with Keith? Lastly, is Keith able to read lips? Thank you for taking time in reading this I adore your art as well as your au!!! 💞

oh gosh thank your for your interest in my AU anon! 

here are my own headcanons:

- Keith was born with severe hearing loss, so he wears really strong hearing aids. He relies heavily on lip-reading, sign language and writing as communication. (He used a tablet but it broke so he uses the sketchbook now)

- He didn’t really do speech therapy so he can’t speak? He was orphaned and moved a lot so he didn’t get to stay at one place to learn. He probably squeaks sounds out without realizing it tbh (lance thinks it’s cute and illegal stop that)

- Lance is a student at the high school and is Keith’s classmate. Keith is enrolled in a special scholarship for deaf kids that the school offers!

everything is pretty much still in brainstorming stage, but those are what I think are solid for my headcanons of the AU ^o^ 

Hey everyone!

I’ve sorta maybe kinda made a decision (with the help of a friend, you know who you are) that I’m not going to be on my dash (aka looking through my dash) at all during this hiatus. I feel like the comments I’ve seen passed around about this season on many topics have only either upset me or angered me to the point of almost leaving altogether. And it’s the kind of person I am in which I get upset easily by seeing these things. So in light of what happened on the show tonight, and how I anticipate things are going to unfold within the fandom, I’ve decided to stay off my dash and only mainly talk through messages over this hiatus. You’ll see things run as usual, but I’m going to limit how much time I spend on here and how much stuff I reblog from my dash. So it may seem as though things are normal (you’ll probably see gifsets from the episode here, but no opinions). But!!! If you see or make a gifset you’d want me to see, please message it to me so I don’t miss it. If you have anything you wanna say, please feel free to send me a message or an ask. I feel like I’m being rude when I say this but I can assure you I’m not. I just have this way of looking at things too much (aka my dash) and the slightest piece of criticism or anger at the show will set me off. And tbh, the episode was well done tonight and I’m very proud of Jed at how amazing he did. So please take this as a way for me to save my own sanity and emotional well being. As always, love you all and if I miss your work, sorry. Enjoy hiatus! I’m doing a rewatch ;)

rip in peace … i was tagged by my baby @extrajungkookie​ to do the bangtan voice meme tag thingy … i tried so hard … im sorry y’all have to listen to this piece of shit ❤️🌹

  1. Name + Username
  2. Who is your bias and why? Any bias list wreckers?
  3. When did you become a fan of Bangtan and what made you like them?
  4. Which album is your favorite?
  5. What’s your favorite song?
  6. Who is your favourite vocalist?
  7. Who is your favorite rapper?
  8. Do you have a favorite era?
  9. Which Bangtan Bomb is your favorite?
  10. Rookie King vs. AHL vs. Bon Voyage?
  11. Have you ever seen them in person before? Any special memories, if yes?
  12. Tag your friends (or don’t lol)

im gonna tag: @jtae@kittaee@traumu@teenage-sihlouettes@jihoomie@not2tae@aegyongi@02tae@shyjimins@vmiiin@sweatae@protectaetae​ (you guys dont have to do it ofc) 🌹❤️

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little psa

Hey everyone! First of all, I hope this doesn’t come off as weird or rude or conceited because that’s really not my intention; I simply want to explain myself a little bit. 

The thing I want to talk about is that I am actually not a very social person. I’m very, very, VERY happy on my own, and yes, my need to communicate spikes now and then, but most of the time I like being by myself just doing things I like without having to talk too much. 

What I’m trying to say is that I currently have more than 40 unanswered IMs, some of them weeks or months old. IMs are the most time consuming part of social interaction on the internet because before I get the chance to reply to everyone, I already have replies again from some people, or in other words: I will never ever be done. 

That’s a huge problem for me because I’m the to-do list kind of person who needs to see progress.. also, the fact that I feel like replying to messages is some kind of task I need to do already speaks volumes. I feel guilty for being so slow with replies, I feel pressured to talk to everyone, and that pretty much kills my fun. 

And besides that, I also have asks to answer, currently around 500 unanswered comments on AO3, and also people telling me they are disappointed that I don’t update my fic daily anymore. Honestly, I’m not some kind of superhuman.. sometimes I just want to consume and not only create all the time.

It’s seriously overwhelming and way too much for a little hermit like me. I’d be lying if I’d say that I don’t like the attention I’m getting, but I’m actually just here to share the stuff I create. The part that’s most essential to me is the process of creating, and I’d still draw and write and edit even if I wouldn’t post it here.

So yeah, I’m not saying that you should stop messaging me etc., not at all! I just need room to breathe. I will eventually reply to (almost) everyone, but it might take a long, long time. I’m sorry for it, but it’s hard enough for me to keep up with my social life with my real life friends. I’m really just here to have fun and post my stuff. 

That doesn’t change that I love getting to know new people, but besides all my hobbies and my real life there’s only so much time I have left for social interactions, and I will often choose doing things by myself over communication. If I don’t reply to you, it’s really nothing personal. I hope you understand.

Anyways, if you want to tell me something, best chances of getting a (relatively) quick response are asks because I always immediately save them as drafts, so that I can easily keep track of them, and then check them off my to-do list.

Thanks for reading! ♡