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“Gumdrop we’re home!” Wilford called as burst open the door with Dark behind, rolling his eyes in annoyance.
“Gumdrop?” Wilford said, looking around confused when he didn’t hear you either call out to them or come to greet them.
Curious and a bit concerned, the pink mustached man started looking through the house with Dark trailing behind as he too searched through the house.
It didn’t take them long to find you in the bedroom, curled up to your side.
“Everything alright Darling?” Dark asked, walking into the room with Wilford not far after.
“I’m okay.” You tell them, “Just…feeling a lot really.”
“You wanna talk about it?” Wilford asked, “Anything we could do to make our Sugarlips feel better?”
You it up and turn to look at them, smiling weakly, simply holding out your arms to them. No words needed to be said as the joined you on the bed, sandwiching you between them as they cuddled with you. The whole time you stayed on the bed, Dark would trace imaginary lines along your arms, resting his head against your temple, murmuring sweet words into your ear as his nose occasionally brushed against the side of your face.
Wilford on the other hand continuously peppered you with kisses, commenting on sweet you were and how lucky that they had you (though he also added on how he wished he had you all to himself, which resulted in Dark pulling you closer to him to spite the pink haired man).
It was late into the evening when they decided to make you something to eat. Wilford literally carrying you of bed and into the kitchen where he placed you on a stool they had.
If you had voiced any protests on the matter of cooking, they shot you down.
“Let us take care of you my Dear.” Was Dark’s words, “It’s rare for us to spoil you like this.”
“Yeah especially for Darkipoo to put on an apron.” Wilford chuckled as he forced the monochromatic man to wear his pink apron with candies on them.
Rolling his eyes, Dark scoffed but didn’t take off he apron as he rolled up his sleeves and started preparing to make a meal meant for the queen you are.

@bee-wrecker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am legitimately crying this is the best. This is just what I need, my two favorite beans. My boys. I love you for this sister mine.

Do I have any followers with ADHD? Or does anyone have some really good information on it? I want to write a character who has ADHD but I don’t know anything about it except the basics so I’m looking to educate myself. Any help beyond a wiki article would appreciated! 

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i love ur voltron headcanons!! <3<3<3<3 theyre so good... and honestly all of team voltron is a giant meme. no pressure but since u dont seem to mind: any keith or hunk headcanons?

how about BOTH

  • keith steals the thing, hunk hotwires it
    • “for the record, i’m morally opposed to this,” hunk says as he does the thing he is morally opposed to 
    • “i’m not,” says keith, who thinks rules are for squares
  • when lance realizes that hunk and keith are actually Friends he spends the next week broodingly whispering “traitor” to hunk whenever they’re in a room together
  • they’re the Suspicious Squad
    • *alien betrays them* hunk: “what did we tell you? not to trust the random aliens. and you did it anyway. we told them, right keith???” keith: “yeah dude we told them”
  • whenever hunk looks at keith he feels like a grandma (he’s so skinny he needs to eat more and has this boy even had a cup of water since stepping into this weird alien castle i mean-)
  • keith is highkey jealous of hunk’s biceps
  • founders of the “will fuck you up if you make shiro sad” crew
  • one time keith is trying to run off on his own and do something stupid and everyone’s yelling at him to stop but he won’t and hunk panics and kinda just. picks keith up and holds him in the air
  • *lance does anything* *hunk and keith share a Look*
    • hunk @ keith: i’m sorry he’s like this
    • keith @ hunk: i’m sorry you’re so used to this 

Dear Hoya,

Thank you. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Infinite and Inspirits for the last 7 years.  You showed me what it’s like to be passionate about something and to be brave enough to chase after it. Because of you, I learned to get off my lazy butt and go chase my dreams and I will forever be grateful to you for that. As sad as I am right now, I know it’s that same passion that’s leading you to this decision and it would be wrong of me to stop you. I know Infinite will continue to be amazing and do incredible things because they’re Infinite. I also know that you will continue to be amazing and do incredible things because you are also Infinite. I hope you go off and be everything you want to be and I’m looking forward to everything you have to offer. Thanks again for an amazing 7 years

Dear Inspirits,

Let’s not be sad for long, okay? I know we’re all still in shock and it’ll take some time to move on. But we still have our 6 boys who will need our support now more than ever. Let’s have our big group cry and then move on and keep supporting all 7 boys. If anyone wants to talk, feel free to message me. We can get through this :)

Okay, but everyone talks about James Potter realising Remus and Sirius were meant for each other before they even did. Like he wouldn’t even have blinked when they told him they were dating.

But.. Guys… This man is the father of Harry James Potter. The most oblivious boy I have ever seen.

Sirius was probably lying on top of Remus, furiously making out with him, the two of them rolling around the couch in the common room only to have James walk in like, ‘Hey guys, Remus there is this really pretty girl outside the common room you wanna go talk to her?’

Then Sirius sits up, ‘James?! Remus and I have been dating for like a year now???’

James is standing there all confused like, ‘Wait Padfoot.. you like guys??? Since when????’

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

Five Seconds (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: When you confessed to Richie, you got the expected response, but that doesn’t mean it hurt any less. Not even a week later he decides to talk to you, not so subtly jealous about you spending time with Ben. Things sort of…escalate from there.

Warnings: Cussing and Kissing. (oh no, not kissing! *parents screaming, children crying, Ohio catches on fire*) This is a request. DON’T HESITATE TO SEND IN REQUESTS. (Don’t send in like 50 tho. I still need sleep.)

Word Count: 1,697

“Can I t-talk to you.”

Richie stops laughing at Stan and, still giggling, turns to you. “Yeah, what’s up?”

You glance over Richie’s shoulder to see Beverly shoot you a thumbs up. “I’ve been, well- It was Beverly’s idea! But for a while now…” You stumbled over words, trying to soften the embarrassing blow of ‘I have a crush on you’.

“I like you!” You blurt, deciding to get it over with. “I l-like you as more than a friend.”

There’s a moment of silence in which you count the seconds that painfully tick by.

One. Richie’s mouth opens and closes, you can see his eyes dart to the other boys. They’re whooping and hollering, pushing him and giggling like idiots.

Two. You can feel the headrush hit you hard, along with waves of nausea.

Three. Teasing smiles stay on the boys’ faces, but Beverly’s melts off. She knows. She knows what’s going to happen.

Four. Richie’s ears turn fire hydrant red as you grow pale and faint. His eyes once again scan the boys, who continue to tease without mercy. You close your eyes, wishing they’d stop. There would be nothing to celebrate.

Five. “I’m s-sorry…”

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happ. birth. @crybabyboners

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rivals to lovers starters

as requested. feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “I’m going to kis–kick your ass!”
  • “You can’t sleep with him/her/them! You’ll get your heart broken–and then I’ll automatically win, and that’s no fun.”
  • “I’m considering letting you win…”
  • “If you lose, you have to do anything I want.”
  • “Stop squirming! You can’t beat me if you have a cut like that.”
  • “I’d do anything to……win.”
  • “How did you trip over thin air, dumbass?! Be quiet, I’ll carry you somewhere.”
  • “I challenge you to a duel! With my tongue/mouth.”
  • “I bet I can kiss better than you can!”
  • “Wow, you’re really dumb…PFFT…bet you won’t take off your shirt…chicken.”
  • “I can’t believe I have to share a room with you before our competition.”
  • “Try to beat MY handholding skills.”
  • “Contest: whoever comes up with the most ways to say ‘I love you’ wins.”
  • “Ha! You’re definitely the fastest.”
  • “Scared, ___?”
  • “I was joking…why would you actually try to jump over that fence?”
  • “Don’t do anything stupid!”
  • “FINE. If you win, I’ll go out/sleep/make out with you.”
  • “You have about as much of a chance at winning as you do of getting a kiss from me.”
  • “I don’t want to lose to anyone else but you!”
  • “If you get it right, I’ll let you take a break.”
  • “Are you too scared to skinny dip?!”
  • “Think you can handle my thoughtful love notes?! You’re in for a shocker.”
  • “I’ve always spent so much time practicing/studying/exercising/etc. that I’ve never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other before.”
  • “For a newbie, you’re kinda cute.”
  • “Hey, stop with the puppy eyes! I won fair and square.”
  • “No, YOU’RE the cutest.”
  • “Time for a staring contest! I’m totally the king/queen/ruler of them.”
  • “Can we end practice? It’s really hot in here.”
  • “Oh you wanna trash talk huh? Well-uh–your lips–a-are really soft-looking–”
  • “If I win, you get to be my prize.”

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(wowzaihavesomanyquestions) About deaf!Keith, is he still entirely vocal(still signs tho)? Or does he just stick to signing along with a few sounds for clarification? Also with Lance, is he an interpreter for Keith or another student just touring the school with Keith? Lastly, is Keith able to read lips? Thank you for taking time in reading this I adore your art as well as your au!!! 💞

oh gosh thank your for your interest in my AU anon! 

here are my own headcanons:

- Keith was born with severe hearing loss, so he wears really strong hearing aids. He relies heavily on lip-reading, sign language and writing as communication. (He used a tablet but it broke so he uses the sketchbook now)

- He didn’t really do speech therapy so he can’t speak? He was orphaned and moved a lot so he didn’t get to stay at one place to learn. He probably squeaks sounds out without realizing it tbh (lance thinks it’s cute and illegal stop that)

- Lance is a student at the high school and is Keith’s classmate. Keith is enrolled in a special scholarship for deaf kids that the school offers!

everything is pretty much still in brainstorming stage, but those are what I think are solid for my headcanons of the AU ^o^ 

i saw my psychiatrist today for the first time in like a year and mentioned im moving to the UK and she was like “any particular reason?” and i guess a part of me was like i remember this person shes actually super cool bc i usually avoid talking abotu it w strangers but i was like “im getting married” 

and later she goes, “i assume it’s a he?”

and it was the best possible thing bc she was implicitly giving me the opportunity to say, no, actually! and it was SUCH A RELIEF telling strangers im getting married is always so weird bc i dont wanna like out myself to ppl??? who have like a part of my life in their control at the time we are talking especially LMFAO

but yeah so i was like no actually its a girlfriend and my psych looked SO HAPPY and honestly i havent had a lot of opportunities to feel really? safe? and excited? about all this yet like PUBLICLY, its all so unfamiliar to p much anybody i meet, moving across the entire world for this thing i really AM excited for, but like, its gay and coming out to people is terrifying.

anyway the moral of the story is: someone made me feel safe and happy about my gay marriage today and also this person seems super competent in getting me to a place where i am physically and mentally healthier and im so bummed out that i only get to see her for a handful more months bc she earned so many points w me today haha…

You know what I love?

With the exception of one or two who took stoicism to new heights… Every single male character on Black Sails was allowed to cry, to show emotions, to have meaningful connections with another character, to open up about how they’re feeling.

I don’t know, it’s just really refreshing to see these tough af pirates being all “I wanna talk to you about my one or two feelings, it’s healthy opening up y’know.”

3 years after...

Imagine this:

After the war of Hogwarts, things have changed. Obviously.

Harry, Ron and Hermione (the last two being a happy couple from then) moved into their own house close to the Weasley’s, where the three of them stayed.

A lot of their friends stayed in London and had normal jobs after three years.

Harry became a really good and important Auror, Hermione became a simple nurse and Ron was still deciding what path he would like to walk on.

All in all, life has changed for them, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed in the beginning.

However, there was something that did bother Harry.


He hasn’t seen him since then and he really wanted to know how his secret crush back in the days was doing.

But apparently, Draco and his mother disappeared from the screen, meaning that they were nowhere to be found.

And it hurt Harry. A lot.

Things with Ginny didn’t go too well and they broke it off soon after their first big fight that involved a lot of shouted insults.

Ron was cool with it, in fact he was glad that his best friend didn’t snog with his sister anymore.

The thing that no one knew was that Harry missed Draco.

He missed him so much.

After what happened in that fire, Harry had so many questions, so many things to say-but there was no time for confessions.

So on one day, he decided to do something about it.

It was around November when Harry finally got the guts to speak up.

All his Auror colleagues and bosses where in a meeting, more like a little party thing going on, and camera men and reporter were all over the place to ask them everything they possibly could.

When it was Harry’s turn, he answered a lot of questions, regular ones about his job and his private life, you know, normal stuff that he had to answer every day.

But there was one question that got him.

“So, Harry Potter, is there anyone special in your life?”

With a shaky breath he turned to the camera.

“Hello, ferret.” (he had to give him a nickname since the Ministry was still looking for him and his mother)

“I know you know that I am talking to you right now, and it’s really hard for me to say, but…I miss you. Where are you? I really wanna see you again and talk about everything that happened. Just the two of us, like friends. Please let me know if you’re safe. Thank you.”

And that night, when Harry got home, there was an owl on his window and when he opened the attached letter, he froze.


don’t you ever call me ferret again or I’ll cut you into tiny pieces and feed them to the Dementors.

But yeah, I am fine. Thanks for asking.

Talk? I would like to hear what the great Harry Potter has to say to his biggest enemy.

You know that little coffee shop down the street? Let’s meet there tomorrow, at 10AM in the morning.

And talk.

Don’t be late.



♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <