really wanna see this

should have left for class 5 minutes ago but @hedaswolf‘s clexa&eleven au has rekkt me. i want to wrap eleven and clexa up in a million blankets and toss them puppies and chocolate

i know i screwed up proportions and i know i aint the best artist but damn i needed to do smth other than cry. also like what is lighting lol 

honestly where is that eleven supercut

anonymous asked:

i love ur voltron headcanons!! <3<3<3<3 theyre so good... and honestly all of team voltron is a giant meme. no pressure but since u dont seem to mind: any keith or hunk headcanons?

how about BOTH

  • keith steals the thing, hunk hotwires it
    • “for the record, i’m morally opposed to this,” hunk says as he does the thing he is morally opposed to 
    • “i’m not,” says keith, who thinks rules are for squares
  • when lance realizes that hunk and keith are actually Friends he spends the next week broodingly whispering “traitor” to hunk whenever they’re in a room together
  • they’re the Suspicious Squad
    • *alien betrays them* hunk: “what did we tell you? not to trust the random aliens. and you did it anyway. we told them, right keith???” keith: “yeah dude we told them”
  • whenever hunk looks at keith he feels like a grandma (he’s so skinny he needs to eat more and has this boy even had a cup of water since stepping into this weird alien castle i mean-)
  • keith is highkey jealous of hunk’s biceps
  • founders of the “will fuck you up if you make shiro sad” crew
  • one time keith is trying to run off on his own and do something stupid and everyone’s yelling at him to stop but he won’t and hunk panics and kinda just. picks keith up and holds him in the air
  • *lance does anything* *hunk and keith share a Look*
    • hunk @ keith: i’m sorry he’s like this
    • keith @ hunk: i’m sorry you’re so used to this 

Dear White People | Official Trailer HD | In Theaters Oct. 17