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Worth It (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Word Count: 2,412

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You and Bucky have always had an (unspoken) connection due to having similar backstories and both feeling like outsiders in the Avengers. One morning during a power outage in the tower because of a thunderstorm, you and Bucky are forced to resolve whatever’s going on between you two. Based off this request. (I changed up the request a little bit, sorry!)

Warnings: Language, mentions of kidnapping/violence/death, fluff

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You watch him as he sleepily walks into the kitchen, your eyes glancing away from your phone and up to him as you curl up on the couch, surrounded by blankets to keep warm. It’s an extra cold day today in New York City, and with the storms rolling in, you know the weather will only continue to get worse. Another day stuck inside the tower for you. Half of the team was out on a mission today, leaving you, Bruce, Tony, and the quiet and mysterious man in the kitchen with nothing to do.  But of course, Bruce and Tony were cooped up in the labs all day, which just leaves you and him.

Bucky’s always intrigued you, ever since the moment he walked into the Avenger’s tower a few months ago. Steve told you about his backstory before he moved in with the rest of you, but instead of being afraid of him like everyone else seemingly was, you weren’t scared. At first, you pitied him, having gone through a similar situation as his. HYRDA kidnapped you as a child and trained you for years to become their own personal weapon, putting you through hell in the process. Natasha had saved you from HYDRA three years ago when you had been fighting her in one of the labs her and Steve had come to take down. You don’t exactly remember how things had gone down- there’s a lot of blank spaces in your memory from your HYDRA years- but you do know that somehow she had managed to convince you to go back to SHIELD with her. A year later, you were an Avenger, kicking the asses of the people who had ruined your life as a child.

A few weeks after Bucky moved in, you realized that he was a lot different than you had expected. He was a good man; you had already known this, but he proved it to you. He never spoke to anybody except Steve, not even you, but it’s the small gestures. The way he genuinely cares about Steve, the way he will give the missions his all, the way he bent over backward to save you from getting killed by a HYDRA agent a few weeks ago. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore- he’s just simply Bucky Barnes to you, a man who went through a hell of a lot to get to where he is today.

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Yo if I were to send you GameCube games would you play em? I wanna send you luigis mansion

Absolutely.  Actually, Luigi’s Mansion SPECIFICALLY is a game we don’t own but really wanna play on Press Buttons n Talk, but we will gladly play any Gamecube games (or other games) sent to us.

You Taste Better

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: nobody is in the tower except for Bucky and you who decide to play a game in which both of you seem to win.


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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

The tower is in complete silence. Bucky has gone out and you just return from the grocery. Everyone else is abroad so, Bucky and you are the only ones in the tower, which now seems a castle just for both of you.

You play your favourite music in the home theater of the living room to avoid the deadthly silence of home. Keeping the products you have bought is much more easier and quickly since you do it at the rhythm of the music.

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‘two days tops’ (damon salvatore drabble)

vday is long gone, but me and my drabbles are not! haHA! sorry i’m lame. please keep in mind that delena isn’t/wasn’t thing in this scenario. kai is a friend to the gang. elena isn’t asleep. yada yada yada. pls let me know what you think!!

(remember that none of the gifs are mine!!!)

“All that mushy-gushy stuff makes me wanna vomit!” ft Damon Salvatore

You miss the days when your friends were all single. Or at least kind of single and all lived in the same place. Nowadays, you’d be lucky if you saw Matt every couple of months. Caroline and Stefan were trying hard to incorporate everyone into their holiday plans, but it was their first year as a married couple. Elena was with Bonnie, who’s all the way in New Orleans trying to connect with an old family friend. Jeremy and Tyler and Kai were vacationing on the West Coast and that just left you and Damon in Mystic Falls.

You tried to convince Damon to leave town with you for a few days, but he just rolled his eyes. You two had a very wierd friendship: you two were almost at the point where you’d jump each other’s bones. You were always scared to though because you could never be sure with him. He was still heartbroken and he flirted with anyone who had a vagina or Ric.

Alas, it was Valentine’s Day. Stefan and Caroline went on a small vacation to the Swiss Alps and the others were nowhere to be seen. That left you with nothing to do but go ahead and bug Damon… or seduce him, but you didn’t wanna get your hopes up.

“Daaaamooonnnnn,” you call him out, stretching out his name like you know he hates. “C’mon old man. It’s Valentine’s Day!”

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“What do you want?” Damon steps into the living room: bottle of bourbon in hand, signature black dress shirt left wide open, and his everyday black pants.

“Damon, it’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s go do something like–”

“No, I hate dates.”

“That’s not what I was–”

“And no mushy gushy stuff,” he lets out an exaggerated shiver and takes a swig of his bourbon.

“All that mushy-gushy stuff makes me wanna vomit. Do you not know me at all?” You cross your arms over your chest and Damon eyes immediately land on your chest.

“Well then what the hell did you want to do?” He narrows his eyes at you for a moment before a realization sets in. “Wait a minute… do you want to have sex with me?”

“Damon! Ew, no!” You scrunch up your face and he gives you his sex eyes.

“C’mon, you know you want this!” He smirks and walks over to you, playfully running his hands down his abdomen as you turn away from him. “You know you think about this all the time.”

“Damon, stop that right now!” You turn around to look at him, not realizing how close he is to your face. You falter, taking a step back and nearly tripping. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for you, Damon catches you and pulls you back up pressing your chest against his.

“Careful there. We don’t want you to get hurt before anything actually happens,” he smiles at you as you blow your bangs out of your face.

“And what makes you think that anything will actually happen, huh?” You glare at Damon and he gives you a gentle smile.

“I can smell your arousal from a mile away. Do you really wanna play that game?” You open your mouth to argue with him, but he cuts you off. “Come on, we’re both single. We’re alone. We’ve got a whole week to break all the beds in this place. What do you say?”

“A week? Come on, that’s pushing it,” you roll your eyes and tilt your head up, teasingly brushing your lips against his. “I’d say two days tops.”

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University au : rfa and MC studying together for finals ( they are not dating but they have a crush on her) thanks!

YAH OKAY i love uni AU so much :3



  • suggesting a study group was how he broke the ice
  • but he also kind of forgot that a study group has more than two people
  • and he neglected to include any other of his classmates in this “study group”
  • so when MC shows up at his apartment and they’re the only two there, he explains by clumsily stuttering
  • “oh, ah, haha they all canceled on me! lame, right?”
  • and he laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck
  • he spent a lot of time studying before the studying so he would seem smart in front of MC
  • but then she was like “at this rate, we’ll only need to study for half an hour!”
  • Yoosung has suddenly forgotten everything he has ever learned
  • not only is he playing dumb, he’s also just insanely nervous and distracted and wont stop giggling
  • they meet up a few times and as he gets more comfortable around her he actually starts to learn
  • as soon as he finds out his grade he calls her
  • “MC, good news! i passed the final with a B!”
  • “dude, nice! i’m about to check my grade too”
  • “i bet you passed with an even higher grade than me”
  • “haha…”
  • “hey, Yoosung…can i ask you something?”
  • “yea, of course! whats up?”
  • “there was never any study group, was there?”
  • “alright, you got me”


  • he asked MC over to his place to “study”
  • and he thought they were both on the same page: this was more of a date than it was a study session
  • but MC was NOT under that impression at all
  • she really showed up at his door with her backpack, laptop, and three different text books and Zen was like “oh…yea…studying”
  • he’s caught off guard and NOT prepared to study at all
  • “okay Zen, whats the quadratic formula?”
  • “uhh…”
  • he writes i < 3u
  • MC laughs and is like “not even close”
  • he just continues to flirt with her while she tries to prepare him for the exam
  • she doesnt even care because its adorable and flattering
  • Zen actually studies really hard for his exams
  • just not when MC is around
  • they both study separately because they know that when they get together, it quickly turns from studying to Zen flirting and MC blushing and giggling
  • so in the end they study all the time, just never when they say they’ll actually study


  • she needs a study partner because she has fallen asleep on her text books one too many times
  • and MC seemed really sweet and smart, so she just decided to ask her if she needed someone to study with for the final
  • thank god she said yes
  • alright, finally! Jaehee can focus on studying and actually get some work done!!!!
  • only Jaehee soon realizes that its impossible for her to focus around MC
  • she doesnt even understand why ????
  • its just like, whenever MC is there Jaehee cant think straight
  • her brain gets all jumbled and she forgets simple things
  • its so frustrating and it makes Jaehee feel like she isnt prepared for the exam at all
  • she just can figure it out
  • why cant she focus?
  • it doesnt hit her until Jaehee is literally in the middle of taking her final
  • whats the name of that famous essay, again? i swear MC went over it but all i remember is…
  • oh….i have a crush on her


  • it frustrates Jumin so much to see students just…talking to each other
  • he’s really interested in MC but he cant figure out the right way to start a conversation
  • he’s tried so many times but it always comes out weird and awkward and 
  • ugh
  • “i’m totally gonna fail this exam”
  • Jumin was surprised to hear MC talking to HIM first
  • okay, you got this
  • “oh,  im great at physics. i can help you”
  • “really? that would be great! just give me your number and we can meet up this weekend”
  • nice, i got her number!!!!
  • and….i also told her i was good at physics…
  • Jumin has like 3 days to teach himself how to be good at physics so that he can actually help MC
  • he works so hard but boy, does it pay off
  • he thinks MC looks so cute when she’s listening to him explain general relativity
  • he’ll finish teaching her something and then be like “oh, do you know about…”
  • usually the answer is no, so he gets to be with her longer
  • learning physics is the best thing he’s ever done


  • study session?
  • more like: shove pencils up your nose and try to make the cute girl sitting across from you laugh
  • they never get any studying done, but unlike Zen/MC, they dont study when they’re apart, either
  • Seven and MC will be sharing a bag of chips while they quiz each other on vocabulary
  • “alright, what happens when hydrothermal-”
  • “wanna have a chip eating contest?”
  • “i thought youd never ask”
  • or
  • “which conference in 1976 decided the-”
  • “i think its adoption day today at the pet store, wanna go play with the cats?”
  • “um, hell yea”
  • or
  • “hey Seven, wanna study for the exam today?”
  • “not really, but i kinda wanna play a 50 round game of mario party with the computer settings on hard”
  • “oh, alright we can do that instead”
  • they legit cannot study together like, they have to be separated
  • Jaehee will probably study with Seven and the whole time he whines about how much he misses MC
  • and Zen would study with MC while she complains that Seven is a way “funner” study partner


Boyfriend Sanha
  • What a cute lil fetus
  • Very outgoing and always happy
  • He’s a little sunshine
  • Your sunshine
  • A single glance at him can cheer you up instantly
  • He’s really playful
  • He’d always wanna play fun games with you
  • What a cutie pie
  • At first, you would refuse to play games with him
  • So he would use his almighty aegyo powers on you
  • “Y/N, please~” he pouts, jutting his bottom lip out
  • He’s way too adorable to refuse, so you give in
  • A cuddly child
  • Never fails to make you laugh/smile
  • Where’s the chill
  • An overexcited kid
  • Gets hyper over everything
  • Have you been feeding him too many cookies, is that why he’s so hyper?
  • I guess so
  • Speaking of feeding him, you really do feed him cookies
  • And many of his favorite pastries
  • He loves it when you feed him and baby him
  • Because he is your precious little baby
  • He’s a sweet, kind little boy
  • He would love taking you to the zoo and seeing so many animals
  • You would want to see the cute pandas with him
  • “They’re cute, but not as cute as you, Y/N~” - Yoon Sanha 2k17
  • Matching sweaters
  • Matching hair colors
  • Cute, perky couple
  • Forehead kisses
  • Intertwines his fingers with yours
  • Tall boyfriend
  • Teases you on how short you are
  • He thinks your smol height is adorable tho
  • Buys you lots of stuffed bears for Valentine’s Day and just any day tbh
  • Very generous
  • Loves buying you lots of cute things
  • Sanha is just a loving and caring and also very adorable boyfriend in general, stan him

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What platform do you game on???? :ooo also do you have any games you recommend to a fellow gamer thanx xoxo

I game on the Ps4 and PC mostly but I also use my 3ds for fire emblem and pokemon
Let’s see
My all time favorite video game is Until Dawn, which is based on a stereotypical 80-90’s horror movie. It’s on the Ps4 and has lovely characters and character development and a lot of endings and scenarios (it’s based on the Butterfly Effect)

I’d also recommend Outlast II but it’s very– sensitive. There’s a lot of material in that game that might not be suitable for all ages. It definitely messes with your mind

I also would recommend Resident Evil: Biohazard (or really any resident evil tbh) I play it on the Ps4 but i’m pretty sure you can play it on PC too. It’s really good and well done and is basically shows the origins of the virus and it’s really interesting.

If horror isn’t really your thing though (which is understandable I hate the jump scares so much lmao)
I’d also recommend

Stardew Valley for the PC, it’s like a new and improved Harvest Moon in a way, it’s very peaceful and has a cute little story, it is a farming game though so like, you’ll be farming

Life Is Strange (i don’t know what platforms you can play it on but i play it on PC) , it’s very similar to Until Dawn in the way where your actions can change the ending significantly. It has a lovely storyline and the graphics are pretty good, also the soundtrack is A++

I also really love Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age Inquisition. I think you can only play them on PC (through Origin), they’re open world exploration with a really good plot and the graphics are nice too, it has character customization and marriage options too which is fun

If you’re interested in an online game that has a lot of races to choose from, PvP options and a leveling up type thing, I would highly recommend World of Warcraft. It’s actually an amazing game, you can play up to level 20 for free, no trial or anything and you can make a lot of characters too. If you ever play it I say play on the region/server Fizzcrank it’s the one i use and i just enjoy it

For nintendo tho I only play three different types of games
1. Animal Crossing New Leaf, which is such a cute and calming game it’s been proven to help reduce anxiety and stuff. real neato, lovely little NPCs too

2. Every. single. pokémon. game. I love pokémon a lot and i’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. My personal favorite it pokémon Diamond/Pearl but honestly all of them are good (i have a choice of words with Pkmn B/W2 buuuut whatever), Pokémon X/Y was also one of my favorites. But overall i think they’re all good

3. Fire Emblem. Out of all fire emblems though my all time favorite would be Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s very similar to Dragon Age Inquisition, except, the graphics are for the DS so they won’t be as extravagant. The storyline is wonderful and there’s still an option for marriage (lon'qu bby), also character customization which is lovely

Anyways this is probably wayyyy longer then you wanted so sorry about that, but these are games that i’ve thoroughly enjoyed with all of my heart and play again and again
Especially Until Dawn it’s my all time fave video game
I’d also recommend the new video game PREY but i haven’t finished playing it yet so like i can’t form a full opinion on it, it’s open exploration and fighting monsters but– in space! And there’s a good plot too

Anyways I hope one of these appeals to you??