really universe I'm disappointed

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.

anonymous asked:

I kinda wonder how the AU versions of the Skelebros would look in your artstyle you don't have to if you don't want to!

The thing is, I’m not all that invested in a lot of the different Undertale AUs. There’s a few that I like,but most of them I don’t really care for.

Some of my favorite ones are BabyBones and Littletale, so have some doodles for those AUs. ^^

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My favorite thing about peridot's comment about pearl "singing, crying, singing while crying..." is the implication that pearl has probably done a bunch more overly dramatic and theatrical musical numbers during the course of the episodes we've seen, and she did them without us knowing

yea, I have to imagine that the Crystal Gems do a fair amount of random singing, Pearl and Steven in particular. We just happen to be present for some of them

a little disappointing though because it means there’s songs we’ll never get to hear