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Tom Dating A Cat Person:
  • A/N: Requested

  • At first Tom didn’t realise that you were a cat lover, he had automatically assumed you’d be a dog person

  • “Oh my gosh Tom look! She’s so cute!”

  • “Oh no, god no. We are not getting a cat”

  • “But baby…”

  • Convincing him to get a cat with you from the shelter

  • “Tessa isn’t going to like this…”

  • “Are you kidding?! She’ll love it”

  • Tom getting jealous when you give the cat more attention than him

  • He didn’t like the cat and the cat didn’t like him

  • It wouldn’t take Tom long to notice the cat pillow you’d placed on the couch

  • “I can’t decide if i hate the pillow more or the actual cat itself”

  • “Hey! Don’t talk that way about Captain”

  • “I still can’t believe you called that thing Captain…”

  • He’d mention his dislike for cats in an interview and you’d think it was the funniest thing ever

  • Buying him cat socks for his birthday as a joke

  • He’d lowkey think your love for cats was adorable but would never admit it to you

  • Sending him pictures of cute cats on instagram and snapchat

  • Okay but.. You’d buy this really ugly cat sweater to annoy him and he’d just get really frustrated

  • “Cmon Darling, this isn’t funny anymore”

  • “Oh but Tommy it is funny”

  • Your ringtone would be cats meowing and it’d drive him up the walls sometimes

  • Okay but one day you caught captain crawl up on his chest and fall asleep there and Tom didn’t dare to move her… it was the cutest thing ever

  • Of course you had to take a photo and post it on instagram

  • Having heated debates on weather Cats or Dogs were better

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What’s in the box? (it’s spiders)

Anyway, here’s this fun little Christmas cryptid


Because I have shit else to do with my life at the moment and the last one made me laugh harder than it should I present to thee:

MTMTE Ugly Christmas Sweaters PT. Deux!!



Perceptor (It was a gift from Brainstorm):





Fort Max:




@voltron-ss This is for Chiara @cherrychisoup !! They wanted Pidge, Allura, Shay, or klance – heck, why not all of the above? Happy Holidays, Chiara! 

Pidge is now taller than everyone, Allura isn’t sure what Christmas is but it sounds fun, Shay is too big for anyone’s sweaters, Hunk is attempting to knit a big sweater, Shiro thinks if they all worked together they could be the Tallest Pile of Paladins, Lance isn’t great at piggyback rides, and Keith thinks they should at least have Hunk on their side.


Love the Passing of Time by  weatheredlaw (for @weatheredlaw)

Newt feels, in this instance, closer to humans than ever has in his entire life.

Tina’s hand in his, their future laid out before them – he counts himself lucky to be one.

or: Tina meets the family.

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Can you hit us with some 2p!America bf headcanons?

  • I feel like allen hates wearing clothes and it’s Not A Problem
  • he is the winky face personified but he always strays away from actually pursuing what he says/implies
  • it’s not uncommon to see him sitting on top of a counter eating greek yogurt or something
  • he likes printed socks and always buys you a pair he think you’d like when he gets new ones
  • he is so comfortable with bodies and wont even bat an eye if he accidentally sees you naked or something
  • like the amount of times he’s carried on a conversation while naked is astonishing
  • sometimes you find keys from a computer keyboard around the house and are like aLLEN STOP PICKING OFF THE KEYS
  • he picks off the ‘S’,’E’,’N’,’D’, and ’U’ keys all the time and sends a snapchat to you
    “what does sendu mean”
    “shut up yoU KNOW WHAT I MEANT”
  • he likes frozen yogurt– actually most yogurts
    “allen youre vegan??”
  • he really likes ugly holiday sweaters and wears them in june
    “allen what the fuck”
Christmas with Exo


  • has already gotten you a christmas stocking with your name on it
  • planned your gifts in advance, got them wrapped already
  • is excited for christmas but also has other things to do
  • lowkey likes singing christmas songs with you
  • kills it because he’s that good
  • “i just want to spend time with you, y/n”
  • cute christmas selfies with reindeer ears and santa hats
  • making christmas drinks all the time
  • lots of cuddles near the fireplace


  • marshmellowww
  • super ready for fun relaxed times around christmas
  • down for watching cute christmas movies and drinking warm hot chocolate
  • is totally okay with wearing the reindeer ears
  • really just wants to have time to do nothing 
  • “let’s just cuddle and watch movies” 
  • has got a bunch of movies lined up for you both to watch
  • falls asleep half way through the movie 
  • it’s okay he’s cute


  • is really excited for christmas
  • has one of those advent calendars tries really hard to stick to the dates
  • ends up eating like four chocolates in one day
  • tries to learn all the christmas jingles 
  • is constantly singing or humming them somehow 
  • has sexy christmas boxers just because alright
  • he’d just look really good in them, okay 
  • loves decorating the christmas tree with you
  • accidentally knocked down the christmas tree though 


  • boy was ready on the first of December
  • has christmas joy for daayys
  • “jingle bells jingle bells” 
  • is always singing christmas songs 
  • looks super adorable in his little santa hat
  • would actually look more adorable as an elf
  • “what are you getting me for christmas, y/n?”
  • has already shaken all the gifts under the christmas tree
  • no ragrets 
  • “nobody touch my christmas stocking!” 


  • head of the christmas caroling crew 
  • boy has been ready 
  • intimidates all the other christmas carolers ‘cause he is that good
  • turns the whole street into his stage 
  • wears really adorable matching ugly christmas sweaters with you 
  • is all about that christmas spirit 
  • “come on and sing with me, y/n. just this once.” 
  • likes to wrap you up in his jacket and take snowy walks with you
  • is the life of the party at all the christmas parties 


  • has excellent rapping skills (aha, see what I did there?)
  • already wrote a christmas jingle 
  • loves to go christmas shopping with you
  • especially to the toy shops so he can can get cute figurines
  • accidentally touches one of those loud annoying toys
  • the two of you have to run away from the shop 
  • tries to hide what he got you for christmas
  • he’s not that stealthy though
  • is the cutest with his santa hat no doubts about it


  • looks absolutely adorable in an elf hat and those little shoes 
  • best elf ever but doesn’t go to elf practice 
  • pretends to not be super excited about christmas but he really is 
  • likes to get gifts with you for the other members 
  • is hella good at wrapping them and decorating 
  • bakes christmas cookies with you and is hella good at that too
  • outshines you my dude but it’s okay
  • “i like hanging out with you, y/n.” 
  • surprises you with the best gift on christmas day ‘cause he is the best listener


  • is like a little kid on christmas 
  • is so ready to see pretty christmas lights with you 
  • likes wearing matching reindeer headbands with you
  • kind of wants to sit on santa’s lap and take a picture 
  • you remind him that he’s too old for that
  • instead lets you sit on his lap and take a picture
  • smooth my dude smooth
  • dances with you too all the christmas songs
  • you guys are the best christmas couple at the parties


  • you, sehun and vivi all have matching christmas outfits 
  • it’s tradition apparently 
  • sehun thinks vivi looks cuter than you
  • he’s super excited to spend christmas with you acts like a little kid again
  • giggles whenever he sees people dressed up in christmas outfits 
  • bakes christmas cookies with you or well tries too 
  • likes to cuddle under the blanket and watch his favourite christmas movies with you 
  • “the grinch is just misunderstood, you know?”  

Merry Christmas everyone! <3 

✩ Indigo 

Naruto Christmas Headcanons

Hi Guys! I’m not dead, just going through a rough patch at the moment. I feel bad for being so inactive, I’m sorry.

I only wrote about some of my favorite characters, if you want more (about another character maybe) feel free to send in an Ask!

Also, Haikyuu christmas headcanons will follow soon.


  • He never really cared about Christmas traditions all that much. What is important to him though, is spending quality time with the people he cares about. That being said, Yamato always goes out of his way to prepare a substantial dinner for his friends/significant other.
  • His home isn’t decorated, except for one plant that he adorns with a small Christmas ball ornament. It’s usually placed on the table in his kitchen.
  • If he’s asked for what he wants for Christmas he most often tells people that he doesn’t want them to spend any money on him. Yet, he’s the one wracking his brains about Christmas presents, because he wants to make sure that he gets his friends/ significant other the most fitting present. Sometimes his presents are material, and sometimes they’re not.
  • He loves snow. Or rather watching it snow while he’s sitting inside his cozy home sipping a hot cup of coffee. Yamato isn’t one to get cold easily, though he prefers to stay inside on cold winter days.
  • There aren’t many Christmas songs that don’t jangle his nerves, thus he has his radio/TV usually turned off during Christmas time, and instead sits or lies down to read a book.


  • He feels indifferent about Christmas and often spends Christmas Eve alone, and doesn’t make the effort to decorate his home. On Christmas day he either spends his day watching/reading bad romantic comedies or pays a visit to a friend(s) whom he knows will enjoy his company.
  • Even though Kakashi isn’t the greatest Christmas enthusiast, there’s one thing that really gets him into Christmas mood (which means drinking booze and eating cookies). Sappy Christmas songs. Listening to Christmas songs makes him drink more, to really get into ‘the mood’, and the more intoxicated he is the louder he sings along (this definitely happens if he spends time with Jiraiya or Guy on Christmas).
  • Kakashi doesn’t like material present, but fears that that’s exactly what his students and friends wish for or expect from him. That’s why he makes up excuses, and ironically tells them that his time and his presence are worth more than a material present. lol


  • This guy loves everything about Christmas. The decorations, the presents, the snow, you name it. Kankuro always puts a lot of effort into decorating his home and has a really good eye for color schemes. He insist on a Christmas tree, and if there’s no chance getting a real one he will make his own fake tree.
  • He watches a lot of cooking shows around Christmas and would love to cook himself a feast for Christmas. Unfortunately he’s not a good cook at all, and ends up ordering take out food instead.
  • Has a huge Christmas playlist on Spotify. He has it on loop during the holiday season, but probably starts listening to it in early November already. Friends coming over ? They’ll have to bear with it. Family is visiting ? He’ll insist on them singing along with him together (same goes for his friends).
  • Sometimes he talks about Santa like he’s real, and the other day he will laugh at children for saying the same thing.


  • She doesn’t tell people what she wants for Christmas, because she expects them to know what to get her if they’re (good) friends. Funnily enough mostly her who approaches people and asks them for their Christmas wishes. Though, it’s not because she’s uncreative, but rather because she wants to know if there’s something that they really want, giving her the chance to grant them their wish.
  • Never invites people over to her place (except her parents maybe), mainly because she’s too lazy to tidy up her home.
  • She buys herself a cute Christmas-y outfit every year. Either it’s that or it’s going to be a really ugly Christmas sweater. There’s no in-between.
  • Even though her home is a mess, she puts a lot of effort into decorating it. It’s mostly the same color combination every year, red and white/gold. Sakura usually regrets not having tidied up before Christmas, because that way nobody will get to see pretty decorations, and realizes that it was all for nothing. Afterwards she is determined to do it differently next year, but guess what? Doesn’t happen.


  • He doesn’t care about the traditions, nor about the presents, but what makes Christmas enjoyable for him is the time he gets to spend with his family/friends/significant other. He always looks forward to getting together and updating each other on their lives etc.
  • Gaara usually doesn’t get presents for anyone, because he’s rather uncreative, and doesn’t understand the custom of material presents although Christmas is about the family.
  • Has no objection when his brother asks him to help him decorate, and bake cookies. He thinks of it as quality family time, and enjoys casually talking to his brother about anything. Gaara will also accompany his siblings/friends when they’re going out to go gift shopping. He tries his best to give good advice, but usually talks nonsense because he has no experience with such things, and never really bothered to invest a lot of time into it.


  • Not really a Christmas enthusiast. He tends to avoid going out more than usual during the holidays, because he doesn’t like crowded places/streets, but unfortunately that’s the norm during Christmas season. Though, he would go gift shopping with his friends for their sake (if they would ask him).
  • He’s not a fan of candy/sweets either. Christmas has nothing to offer for him, except giving him the opportunity to spend a lot of time with his family and friends.
  • Shino likes the cool weather and often goes for a stroll in the evening, when the streets are empty.
  • He usually doesn’t enjoy listening to Christmas songs and would rather have his peace, but if he’s drunk enough (happens real quick) he will challenge you to a round of karaoke, Christmas edition (he’ll beat you even while drunk).


  • Temari is probably the sibling that does the least for Christmas. Decorating the house is too exhausting, baking cookies is too time consuming and shopping for Christmas presents is a pain in the ass, according to her.
  • She leaves most of the work to her brothers and often uses her 'big sister card’ on them to get them to do things for her.
  • She’s really good at making presents though. When you receive a gift from her your reaction is either going to be ’wow I always wanted this!'   or ’I didn’t know I needed this until now!’.
  • Rather than spending Christmas with her brothers, she’d prefer being with her girlfriends/significant other. She thinks it’s annoying how enthusiastic Kankuro is about Christmas, and would much rather have a girl’s night including corny Christmas movies, alcoholic beverages and casual girl’s talk.

Merry Christmas! :)

Mike and Doll are definitely havin’ a very happy one *wink wink* 

Doll is, of course, getting festive in her ugly sweaters and antler headband, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get Mike to participate! He was just being too stubborn. 

Thank you to @onexal​ for giving me the idea to draw this!

So, it’s Christmas already? Again? Seems legit like it just happened! Not to mention that New Years is going to be in a few days!

This is my first time drawing people kissing…hope it doesn’t look too awkward lol

Anyway, guys, seriously, I hope everyone had a good day today! Even if you didn’t get shit, just remember: it really isn’t about getting stuff. I’m not trying to be corny, either. Just be grateful and appreciative about the things you do have instead! 

I love all of you, and hope your day was great! :)