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@voltron-ss This is for Chiara @cherrychisoup !! They wanted Pidge, Allura, Shay, or klance – heck, why not all of the above? Happy Holidays, Chiara! 

Pidge is now taller than everyone, Allura isn’t sure what Christmas is but it sounds fun, Shay is too big for anyone’s sweaters, Hunk is attempting to knit a big sweater, Shiro thinks if they all worked together they could be the Tallest Pile of Paladins, Lance isn’t great at piggyback rides, and Keith thinks they should at least have Hunk on their side.

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imagine ethan taking up knitting and around christmas time he knits mark and tyler really ugly sweaters that he forced them to wear, mark and tyler pretend to hate it but secretly they both really really love it -☁️✨

Omg and what if what if!! Later on when Ethan gets a little better at it he knits them slightly better matching sweaters that both say “World’s #1 Boyfriend” and Ty and Mark are confused because how can they both be #1? Ethan just says it was a tie so they have to deal with it now (Mark n Ty are the opposite of upset and they wear the sweaters right up until summer when it’s way too hot, especially in LA, to wear sweaters)
'Pumpkin Spice' - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Eren/Jean/Marco] (NSFW)
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“Sweaters?” he asked. “Really ugly sweaters…”


So my beloved Charlie asked me to write them some steamy, snuggly EJM and… I threw in pumpkins and sweaters for fun. SHRUG EMOJI, idk guys, but here’s 6k+ of ugly sweaters, sneaky boyfriends and sleepy cuddles. Hope you all enjoy!

norfin stuffs
  • watching disney movies together and crying at every feels-y moment
  • finland teaching norway how to knit and norway being really bad at it but still knitting him a really ugly sweater and fin loves it
  • finland refusing to make more coffee after he drank the last of it and norway cutting off their supply completely. they only last a few hours
  • human au where they’re both little kids and nor is the weird kid who never talks to anyone and fin is determined to be friends with him
  • finland climbing into nor’s bed at night when they’re younger and he just rolls with it since it happens all the time
  • intense shower sex

Date: December 24th, 8:00PM Central Time

What Is It? An event where the whole fandom will pop in their PP2 Movie(s), put on their Ugly Sweaters, and make some Hot Cocoa then chat over Skype (Text, Audio, Video… Whatever!). There’ll also be some PP2 Bingo going on as we watch the movie. The winner will probs just win bragging rights, but I promise all players will have a blast!

Message me ( @acawiedersehen ) for more info!