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Love the Passing of Time by  weatheredlaw (for @weatheredlaw)

Newt feels, in this instance, closer to humans than ever has in his entire life.

Tina’s hand in his, their future laid out before them – he counts himself lucky to be one.

or: Tina meets the family.


@voltron-ss This is for Chiara @cherrychisoup !! They wanted Pidge, Allura, Shay, or klance – heck, why not all of the above? Happy Holidays, Chiara! 

Pidge is now taller than everyone, Allura isn’t sure what Christmas is but it sounds fun, Shay is too big for anyone’s sweaters, Hunk is attempting to knit a big sweater, Shiro thinks if they all worked together they could be the Tallest Pile of Paladins, Lance isn’t great at piggyback rides, and Keith thinks they should at least have Hunk on their side.

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Can you hit us with some 2p!America bf headcanons?

  • I feel like allen hates wearing clothes and it’s Not A Problem
  • he is the winky face personified but he always strays away from actually pursuing what he says/implies
  • it’s not uncommon to see him sitting on top of a counter eating greek yogurt or something
  • he likes printed socks and always buys you a pair he think you’d like when he gets new ones
  • he is so comfortable with bodies and wont even bat an eye if he accidentally sees you naked or something
  • like the amount of times he’s carried on a conversation while naked is astonishing
  • sometimes you find keys from a computer keyboard around the house and are like aLLEN STOP PICKING OFF THE KEYS
  • he picks off the ‘S’,’E’,’N’,’D’, and ’U’ keys all the time and sends a snapchat to you
    “what does sendu mean”
    “shut up yoU KNOW WHAT I MEANT”
  • he likes frozen yogurt– actually most yogurts
    “allen youre vegan??”
  • he really likes ugly holiday sweaters and wears them in june
    “allen what the fuck”
[Ask RPedia] Writing Too Much, and When It’s a Problem?

Anonymous asked RPedia: Hi! I was browsing online for random stuff about roleplaying and I found a post about what people find annoying, and one of the points was ‘replies that are too long’ and as a person who writes a lot it kinda made me paranoid? Their point was that it is useless and you should just get to the important parts, especially if you repeat yourself or are too wordy. Is it true that people find it annoying? I never thought of it, I always write long replies to explain what is going on on my OC’s head :/ 

Yep, this is actually a problem, but it’s not a problem for the reasons you’ve listed! Look, I’m gonna give you two sample posts, you tell me which one is more fun and we’ll dissect why. This is actually a very common problem, because a lot of kids really, really, want to impress their partners, but just don’t have the skills (or possibly the ability to frame new details/information) to do so yet. Your content and presentation, essentially, has to mean something, and relate to what you’re talking about in your post. Your wording should add to the story in some way; be that to elicit a response, or explain an idea you want to get across in some way so the other author knows about it. Squish unimportant things together to make them more important bullet points, or don’t say them if at all they don’t add something to the pot. That’s the major concept here. 

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kiyoyashi  asked:

can i request semisuga???

Ahh of course you could! apologies for taking so long in answering but have some SemiSuga headcanons!

  • Ugly cozy sweaters on pretty boys! Just imagine them strolling around in such ugly sweaters, and people’s eyes would automatically zone in on the sweaters but once they ‘see’ who’s wearing them, they immediately think ‘wow’ coz super pretty boys. ((Side note though imagine oikawa seeing the sweaters and thinking I have those too. Ha! Ugly sweater pretty setter squad???))
  • Getting teased because of Semi’s weird fashion sense but Suga thinking its actually adorable because cmon Semi is such a pretty boy with a temper
  • Cute ice cream dates where Semi wants to be cliche and takes a lick of Suga’s ice cream but immediately regrets it coz Suga gets the triple level Chili flavor.
  • Serious library study dates. Cue Tendou saying “Kinky” with that infuriating smirk and Semi going on defensive coz theyre ‘just’ studying and then Suga raises his eyebrow with a smile thats both innocent and sin
  • Semi looking for the hottest chili/hot sauce he can find whenever he goes on out of town trips with his team to bring back to suga
  • Shiratorizawa and Karasuno seniors stalking their dates, like Tendou is all ‘how did Semi get a date with him???’ And Ushijima says, ‘dont worry Semi wont do anything weird to your setter.’ And Daichi replies, ‘uhmmm… We were actually afraid Suga would do something to your setter…’
  • People surprised at how Suga can calm the hot tempered Semi but even more surprised when Semi says its Suga’s temper that should be feared.
  • Adult AU! Where Suga takes care of the house chores but its Semi who takes care of the meals. just being really domestic 
  • Imagine though Suga asking Semi out and telling him he’ll pick him up at 7 and reminding Semi to wear something warm. So Semi goes on and wears his blue plaid jumper (he loves print okay) and waits and Suga comes with his big bike and wearing leather and Semi just swoons.
  • Biker Suga teaching Semi how to ride his bike. Suga swears he’ll never be a passenger on a motorcycle ever again.
  • Semi insisting on those really (really) fluffy house slippers but asking Suga to buy them coz he wants to have this ‘tough’ image.
  • Suga thinking how adorable his boyfriend really is despite the tough exterior, glad that only he sees the kawaii things about Semi.
  • Semi’s contact name for Suga is Koucchi while Suga has him as Eita-Kun <3 - Tendou finds out and teases him for it but instead of caving Semi even adds a “<3”
  • Shiratorizawa seniors night out + Suga. Suga hits it off with Tendou with their snarky comment duel and now really Tendou can’t believe Semi has gotten Suga. Semi defending himself and Suga saying ‘but he’s far from boring.’ with that cheeky grin.
  • Volleyball serve practice together and everyone at the public gym surprised coz both just knock down all their target plastic bottles.

- Yamaguchi completely freaks out because he doesn’t know what to buy his bf. He is constantly asking him what he wants every time of the day. Tsukishima usually answers with ‘Just spend the day with me. Maybe a new DVD or sth.’ Which makes Yamaguchi feel even more helpless because a DVD is so… unpersonal!?! And then he’s mad at himself because he can’t think of any present that’ll show his love.

- He decides to put together a big basket of stuff: A DVD, some dinosaur figures, a new scarf, selfmade cookies, lubricant, a mixtape and even a little letter he wrote!

- Tsukishima settles for a new version of Monopoly which they can play together on Christmas Eve and a few pairs of new socks because all of Yamaguchis socks have holes.

- They decided to spend the day at Tsukishimas, because Yamaguchis mother is visiting some friends in a foreign country. So Yamaguchi arrives in the evening after changing his sweater countless times. He wanted to wear a really ugly christmas sweater to tease Tsukishima (with a dinosaur on it) but he got scared that Akiteru would make fun of him or his parents would disapprove. He then decides for simple black skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt.

- Tsukishima is visibly flustered because his bf is looking so hot and he himself just put on a random turtleneck sweater he found on the floor that morning. Also, because it’s their first christmas together.

- After eating dinner it’s time for exchanging presents and both Yamaguchi and Tsukishima get really fidgety. Tsukishima, because he suddenly feels bad for not putting that much thought into his gift and Yamaguchi is so sweet and good looking today and he really thought he messed up. And Yamaguchi, because he forgot his present.

- “Tsukki I forgot your present at home!!!“, he explains with bright red cheeks and visibly shocked. Tsukishima on the other side is relieved because maybe his present is bad but at least he has one!

- Kind of ashamed and panicked, Yamaguchi runs out of the house to get it. “I’ll be right back!“ - “Yamaguchi wait! You can give it to me tommorow it’s not a big deal. Just let us enjoy the evening. YAMAGUCHI!“ and both run off into the snow, while Akiteru is laughing and his mother shakes her head, but also laughing.

- Yamaguchi is a man with a plan and Tsukishima can’t stop him so he follows him home. He opens his present and can’t stop grinning when he unwraps the dinosaurs and the lubricant and he is deeply touched when he sees the mixtape.

- But the letter is just too much. Still standing in Yamaguchis kitchen, he holds the letter in one hand and covers his mouth with the other while tears are rolling down his cheeks. Yamaguchis words are so warm and caring and loving, it felt like no one in the entire world could love him as much as Yamaguchi did.

- They start kissing each other and touching and fumbling around while Tsukishima still cries a bit because he simply can’t get over the sweetness of his boyfriend.

- Let’s just say they put the lubricant to good use that night and also completely forgot about Tsukishimas present for Yamaguchi.

the garage sale au

a collab with @gravelyhumerus

  • the shaws are having a yard sale to clear out a bunch of old junk
  • some of their clientele include: 
  • a lady in a weed leaf-patterned dress. doesn’t speak english. buys all of papa shaw’s old CDs
  • a tiny old white lady who buys an old bong and calls it a vase. shaw doesn’t correct her
  • five different women in big hats who pat shaw on the back, calling her a good salesperson. they don’t notice her physical discomfort, nor do they buy anything
  • a man drops and shatters three tea cups, then walks away like he didn’t do anythingthere are people in their cars waiting for shaw to set up at 7am. shaw doesn’t know why the hell they’re up so early by /choice/
  • some lady asks shaw if the giant old lady bras (her late grandmother’s) are lingerie for her boyfriend
  • john very solemnly tells her yes, they are
  • root lives across the street and has a Big Gay Crush on a certain shaw comma sameen
  • shaw and john are close friends, and root doesn’t talk to anyone at school so she doesnt know that he’s really fucking gay so she thinks he’s flirting with shaw
  • he’s there helping out with the yard sale and root shows up to give him a run for his money
  • she’s too busy tripping over herself and buying all of shaw’s stuff to notice john’s bf harold is there, literally holding his hand
  • she doesn’t even look at what she’s buying, just scoops up an armful of trinkets and drops them on the table in front of shaw
  • “you’re really interested in all this crap?” shaw scoffs
  • “i am………..a hoarder”
  • she had a really smooth pickup line she’d spent hours working on (i see one thing im interested in) but it’s much easier to deliver the line to her shampoo bottle in the shower than it is to sameen shaw’s actual face so she panics and here we are
  • shaw shrugs. it’s hardly the strangest thing root’s ever told her
  • root ends up having to have her own yard sale a week later to get rid of all the stuff she bought from shaw
  • shaw stops by and she’s like wAIT a second
  • “hang on, you’re you making money off my garbage? i had this priced at fifty cents" 
  • "y’know, you really should have a better sense of market values. it’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • “it’s an old dog toy”
  • “an old dog toy that’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • a couple days later they bump into each other aGAIN and this time root is wearing shaw’s sweater and shaw is like oh shit she looks good in my shit what the hell red alert 
  • only it’s like a really tacky ugly sweater shaw hated bc it made her look shapeless, but on root’s lanky-ass frame it’s very cute and artsy
  • the asshole
  • back to the shaws’ yard sale though! fusco shows up to buy a rusty lamp with no bulb or shade. it belonged to shaw’s great grandmother. when questioned about his intentions for said partial lamp, fusco just shrugs
  • “ya never know. ‘s good to be prepared”
  • harper’s the one who shows up wanting to know the background of each item and shaw’s like "we found it in a drawer who cares”
  • (harper’s really just there to find cool stories and flirt with carter and shaw and root and dani)
  • zoe is the one that pulls up in her car just to give her pal shaw the thumbs up
  • shaw’s like “if you really cared you’d buy something” and zoe just laughs and yells back “if i wanted garbage i’d get it at the dump for free” and drives away
  • carter buys a necklace to support shaw
  • she sells it for a buck and carter looks at it online, sells it for a hundred
  • root wasn’t lying, it’s all about the market
  • john already bought shaw’s old video games, which he cherishes for the childhood nostalgia factor
  • their entire friendship was initially based on crash bandicoot
  • finch and john catch leon pocketing some shit. it’s literally worthless but shaw still punches him just on principle
  • she lets him keep it after that though
  • dani’s the one who spends the whole time playing with bear and doesn’t buy anything or talk to anyone
  • martine shows up with lambert and shaw/john/finch are immediately like “we’re closed”
  • “seriously, shaw? i can see all your stuff–”
  • “say, finch, what time do we close?”
  • “i believe we just did, sameen”
  • martine crosses her arms. “it’s only 9am”
  • “all sold out” john saya
  • jeremy gestures to the rest of the driveway, filled with people and clearly not sold out merchandise. “i can see the tables”
  • shaw finch and john just stare them down
  • literally the second they turn around to leave john calls his baseball teammate michael cole over to check some stuff out
  • shaw’s selling a absurd amount of knives because she needs to clear out space for MORE KNIVES
  • she makes sure to loudly say so as laskey, carter’s lab partner in a&p, walks by with his older brother simmons
  • they’re both Notorious Pricks
  • after a few hours shaw’s mom brings everyone lemonade and iced tea and gives shaw a one-armed hug
  • shaw’s like “mamaaaaaann c'mon, my friends are here”
  • and john’s like “yEA we are can i have a hug???”
  • they all get hugs, and harold gets a kiss on the head
  • sweet boy
  • mama shaw brings out some treats for bear too so dani can feed them to him
  • shaw takes a quick pat on the shoulder because her mom respects her limitations
  • root sees mama shaw as she’s leaving and gets a wave and veritably beams
  • mama shaw only knows root as (affectionately) “that odd girl from across the street”

Happy Ugly Sweater Day!

PaintTool SAI

anonymous asked:

any fics where one character has psychotic tendencies? ^^ thanks :)

Killer - Psychotic

A Taste Of Compulsion (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
Absent Secrets (Sehun-centric, psycho!Kris)
All Of These Scars (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
Mr. November → In the Dungeon (Kris/Tao)
Never Meant To Belong (Baekhyun/Jongin)
Only If I Remember (Xiumin/Chen)
Psycho → Hitchcock (Kris/Tao)
Reply [Answer Me] (Luhan/Sehun) 
Shadow Games (Baekhyun/Jongin)
Take It All Away (Layhan/Hunhan/Lukai)
The Difference Between Dreams and Reality (Suho/Chen)

Mental Illness/Obsession - Psychotic

Alliosis (Luhan/Sehun)
Angel (Luhan/Sehun)
이리 와 (Attention) (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
Blue Ink (Jongin/Sehun)
Lost and Unfound (Luhan/Jongin, lmao does this count?)
Skeletons in the Closet (Chanyeol-centric)
The Monster (Kris-centric)
Trapped (Luhan/Jongin, Luhan/Sehun)

There’s the mental illness tag, too.

Check out Luhan being insane (but not really) in Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Luhan/Sehun, crack) lol 

- alexa & ileney

Christmas with Seventeen



  • shopping with him for the rest his sons
  • literally spends 10 mins just standing there, figuring out what shampoo to buy, good luck shopping with him
  • “ugh this smells like sock”,”Seungcheol pls, shampoo don’t smell like socks”
  • you two go into stealth mode when its time to hide the gifts [james bond plays in the BG]
  • hides all the presents in weird places because he knows dino and hoshi will start a search party just to find out what he got for them
  • gets you to climb onto his shoulder to hide them on the top shelf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • is kinda cooking ??? but actually just tell seokmin to chop the onions thinner #mother-in-law-S.coups , freaks out when the food gets slighty burned and you have to pass him some tea to make him chill and relax
  • “Seriously Y/N, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you, I-I mean, you as in your help :)” [smooth moves]
  • has to check on mingyu and vernon every 5 mins to make sure aren’t the log cake
  • someone save scoops


  • thank god for jeonghan
  • this guy keeps everyone in check bless
  • knows that seungcheol would freak out for a bit so he made some tea in advance, saw you going out shopping without wearing a jacket which he then takes of his to cover you with and whips out tissues to swipe away mingyus snot an angel
  • you have to hold him by the arm to make sure he doesn’t rip over some random chair
  • you two sing the pikachu song in the car but suddenly gets remixed until seokmin and hoshi comes in and now it’s like pickachu ft. mariah carey & ariana grande
  • isn’t afraid of the naughty or nice list because he knows he’s an angel
  • cleans up the dorm with everyone, wanting to make sure everything is neat but laying flat on the floor with the rest of seventeen from pure tiredness so when you get back from getting take out
  • “ Hey guys guess what I got for din- uhhh are you guys okay “, they just groaned a ok and just laid there for another 5 mins same


  • can you imagine him with a white beard going all out with ‘ ho ho ho merry Christmas ‘ Santa look, would make you cringe a bit but he looks so happy in the costume so you don’t want rain on his parade
  • his eyes would immediately light up when he sees the bag of fried chicken in your hands
  • ‘ chicken will heal our hearts ‘ - joshua jisoo hong
  • all of you take a break to recharge and just rest, you guys spend it by watching anime and chom chom-ing on the food
  • when you see him nibbling on a candy cane you suddenly had the craving of having one, joshua sees you eyeing his so he breaks in half to hand it to you
  • GentlemanHong
  • busy hanging up the setting up the Christmas tree
  • is very very amused at Jun
  • ends up getting fascinated by the bowl of candy canes that you were looking for


  • probably busy untangling the Christmas lights while joshua just giggles at Jun which earn him a playful slap on the back
  • 7 hrs later and the lights still aren’t untangled [ send help ]
  • gets himself stuck in the Christmas lights
  • “ Y/N ~ come help meeee, you’re always good at detangling your headphones HEeeeLPPpp ME ~ “, “okok Jun gimme a sec while i try to un-sticky tape dino”
  • get all flushed when you get a little too close too him and when you look up, he looks like a dear that’s caught in the headlights, looks away quickly and goes back to fiddling with the knots on the lights
  • you guys finished dinner and you decided to help put up the lights, seeing that wonwoo and Jun were definitely struggling with hanging it up right
  • “ hmm Jun it really doesn’t look right from where I’m standing, like the lights are all in a circle and this part is all wonky and all over the place ?”, Jun scoots over to Wonwoo’s side to see what he was talking about,” woah you are right, this has to at least be the 8th time we’ve taken it down again, that’s ok let’s do it agian”
  • Wonwoo went to go help with the Jeonghan while you and Jun were practically wrecking yours brains to fix the lights
  • finally happy at the finished product you two collapsed into a pile


  • jams with Seokmin to all the Christmas jingles he hears while shopping
  • blares Chrismacy songs to get everyone into the mood
  • would be helping out in the kitchen with seokmin and mingyu, ices the cookies while mingyu and dino bake them
  • the cookies are all really cute, they have really cute shapes like ugly sweaters, hearts, stars and snowmen
  • you giggle at how determined he looks when he was icing the cookies, with his eyebrows all scrunched up and his lips pursed together
  • sees you staring at the cookies so he taps you on the shoulder from behind and from his back, he pulls out a heart shaped cookie in pink icing with the wording : Y/N
  • gets back to icing the other cookies with red ears 0///0


  • wanders around the mall when you guys go shopping so you need to hold him by the arm and by the end of the shopping trip you and the boys have formed some kind of human chain
  • helps out Jeonghan with clearing up the dorm since most of the time its
  • pretty messy but its the holiday so it had to be a little bit more tidier if they member would wake up on Christmas morning tripping on their own underwear
  • eats cookies with you
  • you see crumbs on his chin so you brush them off and wonwoo’s frozen, like you’re pretty sure he’s not even breathing because he was looking a bit tense “ wonwoo you ok ?”, snaps out of his daze to dunk his cookie into his milk “y-yeaa I’m good, thanks Y/N”
  • gets you to pick out the sweater he was going to wear tomorrow and you pick the white turtle neck one 


  • very very fascinated at the giant Christmas trees they have at retail shops
  • is cutting paper snow flakes with minghao
  • laughs along with joshua when he sees jun stucks but goes back to picking out the playlist for Christmas day, asks for your advice on what to play and you pick out mansae which makes him cock an eyebrow since it wasn’t very festive but you said it was one of your favourites that he composed
  • sneaks around with you to look for the lost bowl of candy canes
  • you beg him to put on so fUNNy looking Christmas sweater probably got, you try to get him to put in on by acting cute and you can hear Seungkwan in the back screaming nOOOooooOOoOoo
  • woozi get all cringing when puts on the sweater you could see him scrunching up his nose and balling up his fist send help
  • falls asleep while everyone watches attack on titan


  • is having a mini jam session with joshua and hoshi in the cereal isle
  • pushes the cart with dino inside
  • makes lots of train sounds like ‘choo choo’ races mingyu with minghao in his cart, can someone save them
  • sees you struggling with the Christmas supplies so he jogs over to
    help you with them, ends up getting shouted at by hoshi for
    leaving him with his bag of groceries
  • decorates the Christmas tree with Seungkwan and vernon
  • ends up getting distracted by the hanging Christmas lights


  • catches a bit of a cold since its getting colder and you notice him sniffling in the car so you drape your jacket over him hoping that it warms him up a bit
  • ends up snuggling up to you
  • you doze resting your head on his head and when he wakes up he’s a little shocked to see you covering him up with your jacket while drooling on him as you sleep but he’s not complaining
  • gets his snot swiped away by jeonghan bless him
  • races hoshi with an unsuspecting minghao in his cart 
  • makes cookies with jeonghan and hoshi, doing a great job 
  • offers you what looks like choc chip cookies but is actually raisins but they’re still good so you continue eating them


  • goes around shopping for gifts with Jun
  • loses Jun because he was distracted by something ends up falling into a cart because he was trying to reach for some chips, get driven away by mingyu
  • is confused at how he got there
  • but at least he found the rest of his members so that fine
  • cuts up paper snow flakes but makes one in a shape of heart just for you
  • [ pls protect him ]
  • decorating the front door with seuncheol


  • busy taste testing the food, tries to sneak in a bite of the log cake with mingyu and hoshi but ends up getting caught by seungcheol
  • is hanging up the ornaments and when he’s done he call you over to see how it looks like, you decide to add a couple finishing touches onto the tree and you must the tree is looking pretty good
  • but there’s one thing missing, the star, seungkwan jumps onto the top, “its me, I am the star”
  • nahh I’m kidding, he’d rush to get the star and he’d try to lift you up to put it on and after a few jumps you two finally put the star on the tree


  • begs woozi to put hot line bling onto the playlist
  • you guys have a dance off to see who could dance like they lost all circulation in they body, you two look like jellyfishes flopping around
  • plates the cookies for santa next onto a table
  • borrows joshua santa beard and turns it into a wig
  • decorates the Christmas tree but ends up getting lost in his on reflection in the Christmas ornaments


  • somehow ends up in seokmin’s cart and gets caught in a race cart battle with mingyu
  • tries to wrap up a present but gets stuck with the sticky tape so you have to un-sticky tape him
  • is baking with mingyu while hoshi ices them, when you step into the kitchen all you see is dino and jeonghan cover in flour,you try to dust off as much flour you can off them
  • you come to help them mix the dough but you having noodle arms, you groan about getting sore arms and dino come in to help you,”Y/N here let me help you”

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE it going to be Christmas in 1 day??? I can’t


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