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“Joker is a rapist” “Joker is a mass murderer” “Why do you romantize him”



Of course I do not support rapists and mass murderers irl. But it’s fiction godamit!!! Let me appreciate what I want in fiction! That doesn’t make me a bad person, I won’t go to hell or whatevs BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FICTION!!!!!!!!

neriad13  asked:

I have an autistic character who is hypersensitive to loud sounds, especially gunshots. Unfortunately, she lives in a world where gunshots and combat are common. Would it be realistic for her to not be so effected by that sound as time goes on or is that something that never changes? I'm also planning on her wearing earplugs much of the time to deal.

I think it’s unlikely that her hypersensivity decreases because of exposure.

Sensitivities can definitely change throughout a character’s life, especially between childhood and adulthood, but I don’t think this has much to do with environment.

What really does affect one’s sensitivity is one’s mental state. Being tired or low on spoons will likely make your character more sensitive, as will being overwhelmed from repeated exposure to a painful stimuli. So I think that repeated exposure to the sound of gunshots could make your character more sensitive to them rather than less.

However, the reverse is also true: a well-rested person who hasn’t crossed their sensory threshold regularly in the recent past is more likely to cope better with being exposed to overwhelming stimuli.

So if you want your character to be able to deal better with the sound of gunshot overtime, I would say this is possible in two ways:

  • She learns strategies to avoid these sounds most of the time (earplugs are a good choice indeed!), which allow her to be more resistant to occasional instances of painful stimuli.
  • If she recently moved in an area where gunshots are particularly frequent, she might be surprised by the sounds at first, which could cause anxiety, but as time goes on and she gets more used to them, the anxiety decreases. This will not help with the sensory aspect as such, but it could nonetheless be an improvement in the way she experiences these noises.

-Mod Cat