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Bad Dreams / Chapter 8


The word still sent chills through your body but you remained where you were and listened.

“Half-human and half-wolf. A shapeshifter if you will, an ability to change into a wolf.” Suho looked down at his hands briefly and cleared his throat before looking back up at you. You noticed how serious he was as he tried to carefully explain.

“When we change we look exactly like wolves, just bigger and stronger. The actual shifting part hurts a little, but you get used to it.” He looked up at you as he began to smile. “In human form, werewolves are a bit stronger than the average human. The senses are much more heightened. And the eyes change color.” Suho smirked as he tapped the skin right under his eye with a finger.   

You listened in awe before you blurted out what you were thinking. “What about the moon?”

 Suho furrowed his eyebrows and cocked his head at you. “What?” 

“The moon! Like when it’s full that’s when you change right?” You asked excitedly with curious eyes.

“Oh no, that’s in the movies.” Suho laughed making you frown. You crossed your arms as you watched him crack up before getting himself together and wiping a fake tear from his eye. “We get a little stronger though.”

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