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“Mother, it’s your day” - Batmom x Batfam

It’s not mother’s day where I come from, but since it is in a shitload of countries…Well, I wrote something with the batfamily about it (I wrote it in litteraly 10 minutes, writing as words came to my mind, and didn’t proof read, sorry if there’s mistakes, and if it’s meh). Hope you’ll like it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think, feedbacks are always appreciated  :

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It was 6 am when they came back from patrol. As usual, they found you asleep in Bruce’s giant chair, in front of the batcomputer, waiting for them to come back. 

You would usually wake up at the sound of their arrival, however today, you were in a deep slumber…You had quite a difficult and busy week. Bruce, knowing that, stopped Damian from waking you up. 

He couldn’t blame the boy though. He was too excited…it was his first “Mother’s Day” after all. Damian annoyed his brothers all night, asking for advice about what he was suppose to do on that day, and once he understood the purpose of it, got really excited about showing you how much you meant to him…But right now, you needed your sleep. 

To be honest, they all needed sleep. It could wait a few hours. 

Raising you delicately in his arms, Bruce took you back to the master’s bedroom. You didn’t stir when he laid you in bed, and you didn’t even react to the sound of him taking a shower. When he slipped in bed, you went to snuggle against him, but he realized that it was more a reflex than you being awake, and with a small smile on his face, he wrapped his arms around you and soon, he was asleep too. 


The smell of eggs and bacon is what woke you up. And Bruce’s groans. 

You opened one eye, and then the other, slowly, sleep still fogging your vision a bit. You weren’t sure what were those four forms at the end of your bed…

-I sure hope you guys aren’t naked under the cover, cause that’s a sight I don’t wanna see right after waking up. 

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(My hand slipped…)

Imagine Mark as Robin from Teen Titans. He’s worked alone for years now, trying to make a name for himself, but crime-fighting, even for a prodigy, is pretty difficult. He’s gotten his butt kicked more times than he can count, but he’d rather not crawl back to Gotham with his tail between his legs. So, he keeps at it. It’s not until he stumbles across a team of rag-tag, barely human heroes struggling just as much as he is, that he really finds what he’s meant to do.

Imagine Amy as Starfire, an alien princess lost on Earth with no way of getting home. She’s tearing through a city one night, confused and afraid, when Mark finds her and tries to stop her. She tries to explain her predicament to him, but in her native tongue, he cannot understand. So, she kisses him, her people’s way of gaining knowledge of language, and Mark is immediately infatuated with this princess from the stars.

Imagine Ethan as Beast Boy. He’s been trying the solo hero thing, too, but it hasn’t gone well so far. He’s picked a fight with the wrong supervillain when Mark has to jump in at the last minute and save him. Ethan tries to hide the fact that he’s impressed with Mark, and when he joins the team, he tries his hardest to impress them with his abilities. It’s taken him years to get this far, and he only wants to get better.

Imagine Tyler as Cyborg, the guy who’s more titanium than human. He’s constantly upgrading his prosthetics (and his car), but he doesn’t really consider crime-fighting until he gets caught in the middle of a supervillain attack. When he fights back, he catches the attention of the other Titans, and they ask him to join. He becomes the team’s strong-arm, and he is an immense help in the building of Titan Tower. Though his designs are… a little on the nose.

Imagine Kathryn as Raven. She’s travelling the universe in search of knowledge and a way to put her father behind her. When she comes to Earth, she’s just looking for a little peace and quiet before running into the Titans. One look at their sloppy team, and Raven knows she’s got to keep them from getting themselves killed. Even though she likes to pretend like they do nothing but get on her nerves, she really does care about the others.

Imagine Dark as Slade, coming onto the scene in all of his villainous grandeur. He’s cunning and manipulative with just the right amount of creepy to make your skin crawl. Soon, Mark becomes obsessed with stopping him, but nothing Mark does comes anywhere close. Dark is the Titan’s biggest threat, and he’s intent on control, power. He wants to crush them under his foot, and he knows just how to make each of them snap like a twig.

Separately, they’re a bunch of freaks with powers, but together they’re an unstoppable force. When they’re not fighting crime, they’re playing video games and devouring more pizza than humanly possible (so it’s a good thing that half of them are aliens). But how will they fair against Dark’s litany of supervillains that he calls The Egos?

(Yeah, so this happened. I love the idea, but let me know what you guys think! If I have any good ideas, I might continue this AU because IT’S JUST SO GOOD… Anyway, stay gold, cutie pies!)

Oh, Man!

Hi, no one asked for this but I just wanted to share it with everyone because I love Peter and he is a smol bean I want to hug and cuddle with! That aside, it’s sort of like a continuation to not in that, you aren’t and it’s in Peter’s POV. There might be some mistakes mostly because I wanted to get this up before I leave for my flight! Anyways, hope you enjoy! 


“Dude, relax.” Ned watches as Peter paces about the room, nervous and jittery. “You are seriously going to wear a hole in the floor, man.”

Peter abruptly stops pacing to stare at Ned incredulously. “This is serious! I-I ask Y/N out on a date! On-a-date! Do you know how serious that is, Ned?“ His voice turns a little bit high-pitched by the end of his sentence because can Ned not see just how nervous he currently is? Peter has been hoping that the ground could just open up and swallow him whole!

Ned scoffs before throwing Peter’s pillow to him, surprising the latter but with Peter’s quick reflexes, he manages to catch the pillow right before it hits his face and he frowns at Ned. “Dude.”

“Peter, you got a date with Y/N – you should be happy!” Ned expresses incredulously. He knows how long Peter has been harboring feelings for you and he has also had to listen to Peter talking non-stop about you too ever since the incident that happened with Y/N finding out about Peter being Spiderman. From what Ned has gathered, Peter really has nothing to worry about at all.

(Ned recalls the times when he sees you checking Peter out – Peter always turns into a stuttering mess whenever you are around too – and there has been times when Ned catches your eyes and you would wink at him before going back to whatever you had been doing prior to looking at Peter).

“I am!” Peter exclaims, throwing the pillow back at Ned, hitting his best friend on the chest. Ned holds on to the pillow. “I am super happy and you have no idea how happy I am – I mean, you probably do but – it’s just crazy, Ned!” Peter pads over to his bed and flops down beside Ned. He turns his head to look at his friend. “It still feels so surreal. What am I going to do?”

Ned smirks. “Maybe you can ask May for some advice.” Peter’s eyes widen and he immediately pushes himself up to stare at Ned, a little bit horrified at Ned’s suggestion.

“Oh no,” Peter shakes his head. “I am so not ready for May to know, no way man, nope,” He says adamantly, shaking his head still. He definitely is not ready for May to know about this potential love life he might be having – if May freaks out, he freaks out too and just by the thought of having a potential relationship with you is making him feel giddy and nervous all at the same time.

The thought of May wanting to get to know you too is making him feel quite nervous and he definitely is not ready yet for any of those.

“So what are you going to do now?” Ned throws back the question to Peter as he flops back down beside Peter. Peter sighs before turning around so now he is laying on his back instead of his stomach, hand splayed on his stomach. He drums his fingers on his abs as he contemplates Ned’s question. How do people really go about after asking someone out on a let’s-do-it-whenever-you-are-free-date.

A knock sounds on his door, causing the two boys to stop talking to stare at the door. May peeks her head in with a smile. “Are you staying for dinner, Ned? The two of you look like you were in deep conversation.” May notes, grinning at the two boys.

The moment May said those words, Peter knew Ned was planning on doing something because he knew his best friend far too well but before Peter could even sit up and reach to cover Ned’s mouth, Ned blurts it out.

“Hey, May. Did you know Peter managed to score a date?”

Peter sputters incoherently when May turns to look at him sharply and his jaw drops as he tries to make sense and take control of the situation because right when the words registered in May’s brain, she lets out a very loud squeal, coming in to the room completely.

“Peter, why didn’t you tell me?” May smiles widely. This is the first time she has heard of anything remotely close to Peter having a date. Even though she feels a little bit sad that Peter did not tell her himself, May also knows how embarrassing it can be when you have to talk to your aunt about your potential love life so May definitely understands where Peter is coming from.

“It’s nothing, May. Technically I haven’t really asked Y/N out yet.” Peter flushes, stumbling over his words and narrowing his eyes briefly at Ned before looking at May, sheepishly.

“Nonsense.” May’s eyes twinkle with mirth. “This is not nothing, Peter. Y/N? Is that the name? Sounds cute. You have to tell me this over dinner. Come on, boys. My treat! Let’s go out for dinner.”

Peter swallows the groan that is about to leave and gives May a smile before glaring at Ned. Ned is grinning smugly at him and Peter sighs. Dinner is definitely going to be interesting tonight.

More Than That (Pt. 1)

[Summary]: Who knew your boyfriend knew Tony Stark in college. At a college alumni party, you meet the Avengers and they immediately take a liking to you, treating you like a “sister-like” figure. Except for one super soldier who likes you “more than that”. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you confide in Steve about it who’s willing to do anything to be more than friends with you.

[Pairing]: Steve x reader (mentions of the team)

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! More Backstreet Boys comin’ your way, peeps! [x] This one literally screamed Steve’s name when I was listening to it, so here’s the result… A short series!

Originally posted by marvelgifs

You will never forget the first time you met the Avengers. It was a pretty surreal moment for you. And all because your boyfriend had went to college with the most well known member of the team.

A party invitation had been sent to the apartment the one day and you almost had to do a double-take, noticing the address it said where the invite came from. For a second you almost thought that it was a practical joke from one of Greg’s buddies.

“Hey, hun,” you said to him as you walked into the kitchen. “This isn’t another joke from Billy, is it?” And you tossed the envelope into his lap.

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jeeno2  asked:

Rebelcaptain -- finding the other wearing their clothes ;)

It’s been twenty days when Jyn finally picks the lock to Cassian’s room. It’s surprisingly easy, for a man so paranoid about security and watching his back, but Jyn understands when she gets in. The room is almost empty–a bed, a wardrobe, a desk. The bed is neatly made; the wardrobe closed, the desk clear. It’s like the first time Jyn had rifled through Cassian’s bag, before Jedha so long ago; nothing personal. A man who travels light. 

It’s not surprising–Jyn hadn’t expected hoarding here–but something in her is still disappointed. She’d wanted–something. Some remnant of him, because there’s nothing else in this base. K2 is with him, a small comfort when they’re both too deep for communications; she is fond of Bodhi and Baze and Chirrut but they aren’t Cassian, aren’t a part of him. They’re worried, after twenty days of silence, but Chirrut’s faith is absolute, and Bodhi’s belief in Cassian’s competence edges onto hero worship sometimes, and Baze’s cynicism has resigned him to the worst. They don’t understand this fear, twisting in her, fear and anger at the impotence of waiting. She’s waited before, for people who never came, and all she has is a crystal necklace to show for it. 

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Seth Rollins/OC: Seth is coming home for the first time in a few weeks after being on the road and you decide to surprise him with new lingerie. But when the door opens, Seth isn’t alone - he’s brought his friends home with him. He kicks them all out and then jealous, possessive smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

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anonymous asked:

I'VE BEEN WAITING TO ASK THIS FOR SO LONG But Scenario where Tendou is kinda teasing his s/o about her anxiety disorder and she usually just laughs it off but he accidentally hits really close to home and she just snaps and ends up calling him " a monster"? You can take this wherever you want but can it have a fluffy ending? I dunno I love your blog I've heard from many mutuals that you're the woman to go to for quality Tendou's gah thank you

I’ve actually never written a fight on this blog??? This should be interesting? Also, mdr, “the woman to go to for quality Tendou,” as if Tendou is a drug and I’m a dealer. Well… I mean… metaphorically… I suppose… witty…

Also Tendou has a roommate?? Can he be classified as an OC? He doesn’t have a name? 

Also it takes place in the same universe as this thing everyone loves just to let you know ack I”M RAMBLING SORRY

__ was always patient. Perhaps, Tendou pondered, that was what made them so compatible. She had always been so unwaveringly tolerant of the way he ran his mouth, whether he was over-enthused or over-thinking, Tendou couldn’t think of one time where she hadn’t been calm. Although Tendou knew tempests arise out of the calmest tropical waters, and he swam out too far and got caught in one.

“__, how’s it feel?”

__ barely spared him a glance as her eyes darted between him and the textbook she was studying. Friday nights had become a ritual between them; him wanting to do anything that didn’t involve himself being alone, and her much rather utilizing her time with her nose in a book. She’d come over, study, or at least, try to with him occupying the space next to her on the bed. There had been an odd feeling in Tendou’s gut all day now, and watching her comb through pages made him even more uneasy.

“How does what feel?” She said, albeit absent. Tendou figured he could’ve said anything then and she wouldn’t really pick up on it.

“To be so anxious all the time?”

She had definitely heard him, though. She was used to questions like this, she had to have been, by now, at least. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at him, the softness of her face turning downwards.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She pondered, rolling her eyes and directing her attention back on her book. Tendou didn’t fail to notice the way her grip tightened around the edges of the cover, though. Her knuckles were practically white.

“It means exactly what you think it means. Does it suck to be afraid of everything?” He waited for her standoffish, sarcastic remark to come, they usually came flying in seconds after he had insulted her, but there was nothing, silence. The only noise was the sudden dull ‘thump’ of heavy pages closing in on each other.

“I… I’m not really afraid of everything. It’s… it’s complex in the way that-”

“Oh? Are you stuttering?” Tendou laughed, which he shouldn’t have, because the already crooked expression on her face tensed up even more. “Am I making you anxious?”

“Why are you acting like this?” The tone of her voice was broken just above a whisper. She was looking straight at him a minute ago but now she didn’t even dare look up in his general direction. Her fingers slipped off the side of the bed and started feeling around for the straps of her bag. Her eyes never left their place on the floor.

“Acting like what?” Tendou scooted closer to her, only for her to stand up, immediately, and almost topple over. “Oh, __, don’t tell me your social anxiety is getting so bad that you can’t even talk to your own boyfriend, hm?”

The room was silent for a moment, her back turned to his and the only noise to be heard was the soft tick-ticks of his roommates clock. The noise to break the monotony was a sniffle, just loud enough to be heard, and Tendou wasn’t sure it was coming from her or him.

“__..?” Tendou muttered, pondering whether or not he should stand up and reach to her. “Listen, are you really that upset, ‘cause-”

That’s when she turned around to face him, her cheeks ruby red and not in the way he liked. There were tears rolling down her cheeks, not enough to be considered a cry, but enough to express the way her broken eyes glistened in the dim light of his desk lamp. There were very few instances he had ever seen __ cry, once over a hurt pigeon they saw hobbling around campus, and another over the likelihood of him. Although, the other time didn’t break her heart like this did.

“Y’know…” Her voice wasn’t broken like he’d expect it to be. It ran flat, stoic, like a recording of something that wasn’t human. “I think it’s really funny that I’ve put up with every single piece of your shit, but you can’t even accept a little bit of mine.”


Don’t” She stated, loud, clear. It echoed off the walls and Tendou was sure it was loud enough for the neighbors to hear. “I think it’s really funny how I’ve actually cried with you over your own mental problems but you can’t even accept the fact that I overthink. Don’t you? That I sometimes actually stress myself out over problems that aren’t even mine but I get made fun of because I can get exceptionally nervous?” Her voice wasn’t flat anymore, it was cracking. It was louder and tainted with the slightest hint of anger, but she wasn’t angry. Not yet.

“That’s petty, __. Don’t use the “I think it’s really funny how” line on me.” Tendou stood up from the bed, and she moved back. Her bag was still dangling from her hand.

“I have every right to be petty. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Well excu-use me for not realizing you wouldn’t take a joke!”

“My mental health isn’t a joke, Satori!”

“Well you treat it like one!”

The room fell silent once again, __’s bloodshot eyes widening. Another tear slipped down her cheeks. She was silent, the lips she had been gnawing on, agape.

You…” She muttered, slinging her bag over her shoulder without breaking eye contact with him.

“__, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Really? What did you mean then?” She cocked her head, taking a few steps away from him again. Tendou didn’t reply, he couldn’t. “You’re so selfish! I actually cannot believe this! Do you ever hear me making depression jokes? Have I ever once put you down for anything wrong with you?”

No, but it’s not like it would be the end of the world if you did!”

“Really? Really? I was fine before Satori. I really would’ve been fine with a little “sorry” and I would’ve cut it. But I’m a joke? Am I just a joke to you?”

“You’re damn acting like one! What’s wrong with you today?”

“What’s wrong with me today?” She was all but screaming now, hands balled into fists and shoved in her pockets. “God, you know what, you really are a monster. Goodnight, Satori.”

She turned around on her heel and stormed towards the door. He wasn’t sure what the plunging feeling in his chest was, but he was honest it was the closest thing to heartbreak. When he saw her tugging at the doorknob with shaking hands, that’s when he knew he had seriously, horrendously, ultimately, fucked up. There was something else in him though, something other than sadness, that made him storm up to her and yank her away from the door.

“I’m a monster, huh?” He spat, his hand tight around her knuckles as he loomed over her, pushing her back into the living area.

“Yes.” She scrunched up her nose and licked her lips, watching him tentatively to make the next move. “You’re a monster.”

“I really don’t get why you have to be so over-fucking-dramatic about this! Why couldn’t you’ve just told me to shut the fuck up! I would’ve!”

“Really? Would you? You don’t work like that, Satori, I know you.” She hissed through her teeth and yanked her hand away from his, her nail accidentally cutting the side of his thumb. She didn’t notice, and neither did he.

“You don’t know shit about me.”

“I don’t? I really don’t? Satori, you’ve told your entire sob story a million times! “Oh I got bullied,” “oh everyone hates me.” I can see why!”

Tendou was at a loss for words at this point, the plunging, surging in his veins making him feel cold. He should’ve known it was a bad idea to pick at her, someone who really did know him better than he did himself. She could disassemble him and put him back together if she wanted, and most importantly, break him down. He didn’t even feel like shouting anymore, if he was being honest. He pushed himself to, anyways.

“You’re being a real bitch, __. Do you even know what you’re saying?”

“I’m well fucking aware of what I’m saying!”

“Then why are you saying it?”

__ paused for a moment, gnawing at her lips again. Tears were still running down her face yet she didn’t let her aggressive facade down.

“God, its because I love you!” She shouted, turning around and heading for the door. “I love you and it really fucking hurts when it seems like you don’t love me, okay?”

“It doesn’t seem like you love me.”

“Well I do. I care about your opinion more than your shitty little brain could ever articulate. That’s why I’m overreacting. That’s why I can’t just tell you to shut up.” She paused for a moment, looking at him from the doorstep, wanting to say more, Tendou knew because her lips were pursed together so tight he was afraid she’d split one.

“Goodnight, Satori.” She spared him one last glance before slamming the door behind her, and her hurried footsteps clambered down the hall.

Tendou felt empty in the void of his dorm. He sat down on the edge of his bed and rested his face in his hands, and much to his surprise, when he sat back up, his fingertips were wet. He had definitely messed up.

 It had been three days since the argument. Tendou really didn’t realize how much he depended on another person until he found himself locked up in his dorm the entire weekend, along with the entire following Monday. He had missed all his classes for the day, but ultimately, he didn’t care. It had been a while since he had felt this disgusting, the last time he could recall was losing his last match of senior year. He couldn’t even classify this feeling as sadness, there were too many other feelings mixed in for him to just be sad. He felt guilty, disgusted, livid, his mood was a cesspool of negativity. His roommate had teasingly pointed out that he looked like shit, to which Tendou had wholeheartedly accepted. The lack of sarcasm made his roommate threaten to call the RA, which he didn’t, just tugged the bed sheet off of him and forced him out of the room to go take a shower.

“Call your girlfriend before you die in here.” His roommate had joked, “Or maybe I’ll just let you die, I’d get a 4.0 sympathy GPA from the board.”

It wasn’t until Tuesday night when Tendou mustered up the courage to send her a text. Usually she responded in seconds, but this response was delayed by hours. She ignored his message of “can we talk?” and jumped to, “I’m coming over.” Tendou didn’t mind, he worked well with confrontation. Though, he was definitely worried another argument would strike, that would be the last thing he’d want. His roommate was spending the night at his boyfriend’s dorm, but if he were to still drop by somehow, he’d hate for him to be caught up in an argument.

At six-thirty on the dot, there came a knock on his door. He figured he must look like a wreck, his last shower was Sunday morning, and he hadn’t slept much since then, either. He dragged himself over to answer her, though. Before he had the chance to open the door, she knocked again, which, for some reason, made his stomach lurch. There was the possibility that he was a bit nervous.

He swallowed thickly, swallowing his pride along with it, and cracked the door open, fumbling with the locks on the sides before he swung it open all the way. __ said nothing, just looked up at him, her eyes just as tired as his. Neither said anything but both could tell it wasn’t a very smart idea for both of them to be away from each other for so long.

“I’m sorry.” Is what broke their silence, and Tendou’s heart was racing too fast to tell whether it came from her or him.

“No, I’m sorry.” __ peeped next, so it was safe for Tendou to assume he had spoken without thinking. “I said some shit I shouldn’t have and I’m really, really, sorry.”

“You wouldn’t ‘ve had to say that if I didn’t start it.” Tendou tentatively placed his hand on her shoulder, pulling her inside and shutting the door behind her. As soon as the lock clicked, __’s weight collapsed underneath him, dragging him down to the floor and up against the wall with her.

“I forgive you…” She muttered into the crook of his neck, her arms tight around his waist. “And I never meant anything I said that night. You’re not a monster, I promise you, you’re not. It was so shallow of me to even mention all of that and I wasn’t even thinking about how you’d feel and… I’m so sorry…” She fumbled over her words, lifting her head up to reveal tears in her eyes.

“You’re forgiven.” He smiled, uncoiling one arm from around her neck to thumb away a fallen tear. “I’ve never seen you cry this much, y’know.”

“The shit I said wasn’t true, but everything else was.”

“That whole caring about me thing?”

She nodded, her eyes breaking away from his to look down at her lap. “It’s pathetic, huh?”

“I don’t think it’s pathetic.” Tendou tilted her chin up with his fingertips, and pressed a soft, forgiving kiss on her lips. “I could say the same about you.”

“We’re fucked, aren’t we? Is this what it feels like to be in love?”

“Mhm…” Tendou hummed, a smile on his face as he kissed __ again.

“Disgusting.” She muttered. “I love it.”

Tendou found himself laughing, pulling __ closer to his chest and holding her against him. The time rolled by, the ticks on his roommates clock filling a comfortable silence instead of an empty one. Maybe him and __ weren’t compatible because of her patience and his unwillingness to ever shut up. They were undeniably compatible, though, and he couldn’t waste his time thinking of why. All he knew was that she was right for him, right in his arms, and everything was alright.

My mom always told me when I was little, that if anyone ever did me wrong, I was to always say “You are forgiven” instead of “It’s alright” or “It’s okay.” Because if you tell them that what they did wrong was okay, they’ll believe it, and keeping thinking that hurting you is okay, and they’ll do it again. Always say “you’re forgiven”, because that shows that you won’t tolerate their mistake again. 

Supermarket Flowers

Words: 1600+

Warnings: death, cussing

Request: Can I request a Madison x reader fic where the reader is friends with the Hamilsquad and Mads comforts her after Alex’s death?

A/N: I got extra inspired while listening to ed sheeran’s supermarket flowers, so here you guys go!

You picked up the withered supermarket flowers from the windowsill, throwing it in the garbage. You forgot to water them, so they died within days. As you stared into the trash, you remembered the day you got them.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry. I know how that must feel.”

“It will be okay Y/N, Alexander is in a better place now.”

“Y/N, please don’t cry. Aww, it’ll be alright. I’m here.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

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i want more m/f platonic ships. like i want my muse to come running into your muse’s arms when they’ve had a fight with their s/o, and instead of using this to get into their pants, your muse simply comforts them and reminds them why they’re with their s/o. or my muse just broke up with their s/o, and instead of using your muse as a rebound, they steal some sweatpants and spend the next week eating popcorn in their couch in the comfort of the other. or headcanons of our muses first meeting, how they may have initially tried to spark a romantic relationship but realized the friendship dynamic worked so much better. platonic fights bc those hurt so much more than romantic fights sometimes, and showing up to each other’s houses in surrender when they realize they miss each other too much. having really dumb inside jokes, and her calling him to come back to the office to walk her out because she’s afraid to even go to the parking lot at night alone and he doesn’t even question it. or lunches to discuss each other’s lives even though they already know most everything going on in it. late night cuddles that mean nothing more than the comfort of closeness. deep talks. adventures. coffee making. i just want supportive and fluffy m/f ships that don’t focus solely on romance. pls. 


Requested: hiii could you do an imagine where y/n is an actress, and she and shawn are know to be best friends in the entertainment industry and everyone ships them but they keep saying their just friends and stuff. just super best friends goals kind of thing. thank youuuuu! 💞


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“You’re really coming?” You ask Shawn, as you stare at his face through your phone.

“Yes, y/n,” He chuckles, “I’m coming.”

“Tomorrow?” You clarify, still not fully believing that he isn’t playing some sort of cruel trick on you.

“Yes.” He says, “I’ll be there by tomorrow night.” 

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Twice Reaction To Another Girl Kissing You To Make Them Jealous

Mina: She wouldn’t confront her or anything but it would be clear on her face that she was pissed. She would pull you away from that girl and seeing how uncomfortable you were, she would try to comfort you about the situation.

Originally posted by nayeoh

Momo: She would be shocked with the boldness of that girl. She would be pissed at that girl trying to take you from her. She would run to you and would push her off of you. She would just silently stare at her with an angry and disgusted look on her face.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Dahyun: She would be extremely dissatisfied. She would confront the girl and would tell her to apologize to you and to her for kissing you. For her that was an ridiculous attitude. She would probably never let that girl come close to you again.

Originally posted by nayeoh

Jeongyeon: She would be really angry. She would probably chase her off. If that girl wanted to make Jungyeon jealous, she succeeded. She would rush to you and would take you away from that girl. Even though she was really mad about it, she wouldn’t do nothing else apart from having an serious conversation with you later.

Originally posted by misamo

Tzuyu: She would watch in disgust with her mouth wide open before approaching you and the girl. She would be more disgusted if she saw that you went on with it. But she was glad since you didn’t and backed the girl away.

Originally posted by idolsgeneration

Chaeyoung: As soon as she saw you trying to back away from that girl trying to kiss you she would appear by your side locking your hands together.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

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Sana: She wouldn’t believe what she just saw. She would probably have some serious talk to you and would back that girl away once she tried to apologize. For her, that girls attitude were stupid and that Sana didn’t want her around you never again.

Originally posted by minatokazisana

Jihyo: She would be really disappointed and pissed. But she wouldn’t make a scene. Instead she would immediately pull you away from her and ask you why she’s done that. Like Sana, she wouldn’t want that girl near you two ever again.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Nayeon: She wouldn’t care if it was to make her jealous or not. At the moment that girl kissed you Nayeon would get the girl off of you and would stand in the middle of you two, with her hand keeping you behind her.

“Yah, what the hell?!”

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The hall goes silent. It's broken only by Natasha's laughter. Steve is bright read. Loki is proud as hell. Clint wishes his phone worked at Hogwarts because *this needs immortalisin in video* ☆☆

Steve might be blushing but he’s got nothing on Tony. Who is so embarrassed he refuses to even look at Steve for the rest of the day. He’s also furious enough to contemplate declaring a blood feud between him and the Odissons, but he’s also sorta best friends with Loki, even if he’s an ass, so that doesn’t happen. (It’s a close call though.) (It’s really not.)

I’m not in love with Tony” Steve frustratedly snarls at Natasha two hours later, while the castle is abuzz with rumours about their non-existent love for the ages.

Tony, who’s just coming around the corner, freezes.

“I’m not crying” he insists later that evening.

Loki knows better but he doesn’t press. He has a murder to arrange after all.

My Sunshine

Challenge 06: Mortal
Genre: Fluff
Character: Youngjae

Plot: Youngjae confides in you about his insecurities of trying to live up to his sunshine image.

(Gif not mine)



“Today on GOTing+ we will be heading to a fan meeting,” Jaebum explained as you held the camera in front of him. Jinyoung moved forward, joining Jaebum on the screen.

“It’s always a happy feeling to be meeting with our Ahgases,” he added, putting his arm around Jaebum’s shoulders. The leader nodded his head with a smile.

“Lately, our Ahgases have been greeting us with nicknames.”

Jinyoung chuckled as Youngjae walked through the door.

“And here comes our Sunshine right now!” Jaebum called with excitement.

“In our latest comeback music video, Never Ever, Youngjae wears a white peasant-cut shirt,” Jinyoung explained to the camera. “And he dyed his hair light-colored so in certain lighting Youngjae looks like an Angel.”

Youngjae laughed at Jinyoung’s expression as Jaebum pulled him by the arm to stand with them in front of the camera. You tried to hold in your chuckle, as Youngjae came forward on screen with his bright smile. You could just imagine the PD-nims editing a halo over him already.

“Introduce yourself, Sunshine-sshi,” Jaebum teased, making Youngjae laugh with embarrassment.

“Hello viewers, this is Got7’s Youngjae,” he complied, still laughing.

Jinyoung clucked his tongue. “No, no, you are…lovely shining Sunshine Angel, Youngjae!”

Jaebum and Youngjae collapsed with laughter at Jinyoung’s straight-faced exaggeration. You bent down, focusing the camera on Youngjae. The PD-nims always teased you about focusing too much on Youngjae, but you couldn’t help yourself. After years of filming Got7 through all their reality shows, you had grown to love the boys, but especially Youngjae. You loved capturing his contagious giggles, his bright smile, and his silent, open-mouthed laugh that never failed to make your heart happy.

You used to say you were just a fan, but somewhere along the way, as you got closer to the boys, the friendship bloomed into something stronger. You kept the camera on Youngjae, waiting for him to compose himself.

You grinned when he made eye contact with you before looking back at the camera. “Ahgases keep calling me Sunshine. Is it because I like to wear yellow? I think yellow looks good on me though. Doesn’t it?” Youngjae tried to explain. He glanced at you again for reassurance. You sent him a small smile.

You glanced away, seeing Jaebum smiling at you off screen. He sent you a playful wink and you rolled your eyes back. Out of all the guys, Jaebum was the only one who had caught on to your favoritism for Youngjae. Whenever you weren’t busy filming he would tease you about it and it always annoyed you that you never had any good lines to say back. Instead you’d just turn red in the face and stutter nonsense.

You turned the camera back on Jinyoung.

“Okay, we are off to the fan meeting now. We shall see you guys there!” Jinyoung announced as Mark ran to the camera to cover the screen with his hand.

The guys clapped in unison as you turned off the camera.

As you began packing the camera away, you heard a light sound. It was so soft and quick that you almost missed it. Almost.

You turned to Youngjae who was squatting beside you still, even though the others had already gone to the van.

“Why are you sighing, Sunshine?”

He heaved another sigh. “Not you too.”

You stopped fiddling with your things, looking at Youngjae more seriously now. “Is everything okay, Youngjae?”

He shrugged his shoulders and huffed. “It’s just…I don’t know, it’s nothing really.”

“Oh come on,” you say as you take a seat close to him. “My ears are always open, even for ‘nothing really’s.’”

Youngjae chuckled reluctantly, looking away from you and to the floor.

“I don’t know,” he heaved again. “I sometimes just hate that nickname.”

“Sunshine? Really? There’s worse out there you know. Markiepoo,” you muttered the last word under your breath but Youngjae heard and he laughed. You smiled at the reappearance of his bright expression.

“But still,” Youngjae began again. “Do I really suit the name Sunshine?”

You were about to begin your rant about how he was literally the center of the universe, the energy that kept everyone’s life at bay, basically the sun itself, when Youngjae’s phone began ringing. He smiled at you apologetically before raising his phone to his ear.

“Why are you calling me?”

You could hear Got6’s shouts and laughter echoing from his phone. Youngjae groaned again as he hung up. He glanced at you with annoyed eyes.

“The van left without me,” he explained.

You laughed. “Savage!”

“Can I catch a ride in your car?” he asked. You gave him a knowing smile.

“Of course, we’re all going to the same place,” you said as you got up and lent your hand out to help Youngjae up. “You can actually catch a decent nap in my car anyways.”

Youngjae chuckled as took hold of your outstretched hand. He walked over and grabbed your camera bag and purse. You smiled as the two of you began walking back to your car. It was silent for a while as you focused on Youngjae’s legs, matching your stride with his.

“Hey,” you began. “Don’t tell Jackson this, but you know you’re my favorite right?”

Youngjae turned to you with arched eyebrows. “What’s this all of a sudden?”

You glanced at him shyly.

“You’re my favorite!” you declared firmly, making Youngjae chuckle at your cuteness. “And it’s not just because you’re handsome, okay?”

“Oh really?” he chuckled quietly. “I bet my handsomeness plays a pretty big role though.”

The two of you laughed as you approached the car. Upon entering though, you try to keep a serious tone again, which was hard considering the fact that Youngjae’s presence in itself made you smile intuitively.

“When I first started working as your VJ, you were the first to welcome me with a big smile. And that one time when we went on break and I sat by the piano just out of curiosity, you sat down next to me and taught me an entire song, which by the way, I still can’t play,” you glanced at him quickly before turning your eyes back on the road.

Youngjae laughed. “Okay, so what’s your point?”

“Remember when we had to film in the rain and you gave me your hat even though you just got your hair done at the salon?” You continued, ignoring his question. “Oh, and remember when you took Coco to the park and she chased after a bunch of kids?”

Youngjae chuckled. “I got them to learn an entire Got7 choreography.”

“They were laughing so much. I was laughing so much!”

Youngjae turned his head to look at your profile as you reminisced over the memories. He had no clue where you were going with your random stories, but he liked how happy you looked while telling them. He was kind of glad the guys had ditched him. He lived for car rides with you.

“But anyways, what I’m getting at is you’re just a really awesome, caring, humble, talented person, Youngjae.”

You were glad you were driving because by now the heat rising to your cheeks was volcanic. You hoped Youngjae couldn’t see how red your face was turning.

“But Sunshine is still a bit much,” Youngjae insisted quietly. “I can’t be a Sunshine all the time. I feel like Ahgases have built this image up…They’d be disappointed if they found out my true self.”

Taking a hand off the wheel, you placed it over his hand and squeezed it gently. Youngjae blushed at your seemingly nonchalant gesture. Your hands were cold but soft. He put his other hand over yours to warm it up.

You smiled at the feeling of his warm hands. “Youngjae, we’ve all heard the songs you’ve written. Ahgases know you aren’t all sparkles and rainbows.”

You stopped at a red light, taking the opportunity to look into his eyes.

“You’re you, you’re human. We all know that, but that doesn’t mean you’re not amazing still,” you grin, rubbing your thumb against the back of his hand. “You never have to force yourself to be a Sunshine for anybody. Your existence itself is the sunshine in people’s lives. You, just being you, fills people with happiness.”

Youngjae looked at you with embarrassment. The lines coming out of your mouth was making you blush too, but they were true. You turned your head and continued driving.

“You’ve been taking exaggeration lessons from Jackson,” Youngjae chuckled, dismissing your words out of embarrassment. It was weird to have you talk like this about him. Usually the two of you only joked around and teased each other.

You tapped your finger against the wheel, looking ahead thoughtfully.

“Youngjae,” you whispered desperately. “Hear me out because I’m being serious. I can’t speak for all Ahgases, and you’ll just dismiss me anyways, but one thing I know for sure is that you’re the sunshine in my life. Seriously, some days the only reason I can push myself out of bed and go to work is knowing that I’ll get to see you.”

You took a deep breath, trying to calm the racing of your heart.

“Youngjae, you just being you, makes me more happy than I think you’ll ever understand.”

You exhaled deeply as you parked the car at the back of the fan meeting venue. You sunk into your seat, still staring straight ahead as you were now suddenly aware of how sweaty your palm was, still between his.

Youngjae bit his lip, trying to control the wide grin that was spreading across his face. “Y/N…was that…a confession?”

You looked at him with wide eyes and tried to pull you hand out of his, but he quickly caught your hand again, intertwining his fingers between yours. He smiled cheekily.

“You’re the sunshine in my life too!” he cheered happily before exited the car, blushing. You smiled as you watched him run into the building to join the other boys.

You sighed into your seat one last time before exiting the car to grab your camera equipment in the trunk. You weren’t sure you’d be able to film steadily with your heart still racing, but you were glad Youngjae’s spirits were back up.

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In the areyouafraid AU, can we see what happens after Obi-wan returns to normal and now knows about Qui-gon and Palpatine? Could you write ghost-Qui-gon/Obi-wan?

Breathing steadily as he sat on his meditation mat under the window, Obi-Wan reached slowly into the Force, prodding and examination it steadily as he tried to find…

Force why was this so hard.

Qui-Gon had just appeared before, Obi-Wan hadn’t even needed to reach out at all he had just…appeared!

Biting his lips savagely, the Jedi master tried to figure out what was different when it suddenly hit him.

Young Obi-Wan knew his master, missed him, had a connection to him and didn’t properly consider him dead…

Jedi master Obi-Wan did.

The realization jolted him a bit before Obi-Wan took a deep, steadying breath, letting himself find the mindset of his younger self as he trailed after his so very tall and awe inspiring master, wondering if he’d ever measure up to the ma-

“I’d say you’ve surpassed me long ago little one.” A warm and affectionate voice offered.

Holding his breath, Obi-Wan slowly opened his eyes to look at the translucent blue figure kneeling in front of Obi-Wan and outside of the color blue, Qui-Gon looked no different then he had the last time Obi-Wan had seen him on Naboo.

“Master…” He whispered out in a choked tone.

“My dear padawan.” Qui-Gon reached out, the touch of his fingertips against Obi-Wan’s cheek the sensation of a breeze against skin but it was enough because it brought with it the smell of fragrant sapir and warm spices, the smells Obi-Wan associated with the older man.

“Oh Force you were real. It all really happened.” He whispered, unwilling to even blink in case the other disappeared.

“It was real Obi-Wan. I was here when your connection to me once again sprung to life with your younger body. Your soul called out to me and allowed you to see me and now you call out once again to see me.” Qui-Gon fingers moved and Obi-Wan could feel the scruff of his beard move slightly.

Oh Force he’d gladly give up drinking tea if it meant that Qui-Gon would remain in his life to speak with and those faint touches as if the wind was blowing.

“Can… Can I talk to you… until the day I join the Force now? Because I missed you so much Master Qui-Gon.” He questioned quietly, staring at the other.

“Its a bit hard, time has no meaning for me but if you call for me I will of course try to respond. I know you missed me, I’m sorry that I left you and I’m so sorry for the manner in which I left you, no one should be forced to see their master die like that.” Qui-Gon offered quietly, his fingers still resting against the others cheek as he smiled sadly at the boy who had become a man. “How do you feel Obi-Wan? Have you had any negative side effects from being so young and now being back in your adult body?” He frowned in worry.

“No, not that I’ve noticed though people have been noticing a personality shift… I seem happier apparently.” The redhead grinned wryly, letting go of his sadness for now.

That got a tender smile out of the dead Jedi master. “That is only a good thing dear padawan of mine.”

Obi-Wan chuckled faintly.

Then his smile slowly faded as he stared at the other. “…Palpatine.”

“I was wondering if you remembered that.” Qui-Gon rumbled deeply.

“Thank you for making me go through with it. I don’t know what he planned but he had the power to do it legally.” Obi-Wan said seriously. “I should most likely not admit this but I’m attached to my men, to Anakin, to Padme… I don’t know what his coup would have lead to but… I know nothing good would have come from it.”

Qui-Gon nodded slowly. “Yes. Are you still guilty about it though?” He questioned, worried.

Shaking his head, Obi-Wan smiled wryly. “I’m an adult now Qui-Gon, I understand better and though I don’t really feel good about it…I don’t feel directly bad about it either. And frankly I’m relieved because Palpatine has been around Anakin for too long.” He shivered, closing his eyes.

He didn’t want to even imagine what the man had in the cards for Anakin.

Unfortunately he had a very good imagination.

The idea of his Anakin with yellow eyes was a frightening thought and for a moment he swore he could smell sulfur and feel a searing kind of heat against his face instead of Qui-Gon’s soothing phantom touch.

Taking a shaking breath the Jedi master opened his eyes to peer at the other for a long moment. “Thinking about to hard will only hurt me. He’s no longer a concern.” The still living man whispered.

Moving his translucent hand down to the redhead’s shoulder, the long haired ghost smiled tenderly. “He is the past. Now there is the future, embrace that.”

The future seemed bright and warm and Obi-Wan felt lighter then he had in three years.

Always Keep Fighting

A/N: I wrote this after work today and it deals with some stuff going on in my life right now, and it’s nothing to serious. This fic is really intended for me, but it could others out to in someway. I was wary about it because I thought it might sound really stupid, but then I thought what the hell?

“We don’t need a damn new library!” a man shouted at me from across the room. I could only hear the negative comments coming out of people’s mouth and nothing even slightly good. Dear god, why? It’s a library! Nobody wants to build a new library in the our little town, even though the one what we are at now is full to the max. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breathe. I prayed to God that I would get through this by the end of the in one piece. My eyes scanned over the crowd and fell on my brothers standing in the back corner with Cas. I felt a little more at peace.

   “People! Please, listen! A Library is an important part in a community! We don’t just check in and check out books anymore! We provide free computer use, Wi-Fi, DVDs, audiobooks, programs for children, Summer Reading Program, meeting rooms, tutoring, proctoring, a safe environment for everyone, we provide an info express system to deliver and receive different books, movies, tv series, and audiobooks from different Libraries for free, and we can offer so much more if you just hear us out about this!” I said, trying to beg them to understand. It’s just only going to raise everyone’s taxes for a little while. I just didn’t understand, wasn’t a Library worth it?

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Maybe Jack spoiling Rhys for Mother's Day even though he's like...BARELY pregnant with Cyrus

this one is short but i actually really liked the prompt and what i did for it!

Crap. Jack had fucked up.

He knew he must have fucked up because if he hadn’t, Rhys wouldn’t be standing before him, hand over his mouth and crying.

Was it the lilies? Maybe Rhys hated lilies. Jack did. Well, he kind of hated most flowers, but he’d still gone to the fanciest florist in all of Helios, slapped down some impressive amount of money and an idle death threat and told the beta behind the counter to give him the fanciest bouquet tailor-made for an expectant omega. Even though Jack hated flowers he had to admit they’d looked nice, but if Rhys was crying than maybe they were really shit after all?

Was it the card? Maybe it had been too little, he should have gotten the one that sang when you opened it, even if it was recorded by a Claptrap. Jack could always gouge out his ears after he gave it to Rhys. Or maybe it was too much—maybe he shouldn’t have written at length about how many bandits their baby was gonna kill when it grew up, or maybe he shouldn’t have used the word “suckers” so many times. Jack’s graphic chicken scratch certainly looked out of place next to the elegant, glittery paisley that decorated the card’s insides.

Was it the chocolate? No, it couldn’t be, ‘cause if there was one thing Jack knew about Rhys it was the omega’s sweet-tooth. Rhys couldn’t get enough of those strawberry cordials that made his lips so sticky red and sweet to the taste after he ate a whole dang box by himself. Which was whatever, Jack could usually get his fix of candy after an intimate make-out session.

Jack kept on wracking his brain like an idiot while Rhys sobbed, pressing a hand over his still-flat stomach. Eventually, the alpha gave up trying to think and just did what he did best—listen to his instincts.

Rhys seemed to relax as the alpha wrapped his arms around him, tipping his head downwards to nuzzle against the shoulder of the shorter man. Rhys sniffled, shakily embracing Jack back and letting out a wet laugh.

“You’re….you’re really ridiculous…” Jack ignored the fact that Rhys was probably getting snot all over his jacket. There was at least eight months ahead of soaking up Rhys’ overspilling emotions, so he better get used to it.

“It’s not even….Jack, we’ve only know for like….literally a week.” Jack chuffed, patting his omega’s sides.

“So? I wasn’t just gonna ignore it and not spoil the hell outta you. You’re still gonna be a mom even though it’s just like. The size of a bean.”

“Probably not even a bean. Like. A grain of sand. Still really tiny.” Rhys breathed as he pulled away from Jack’s shoulder, rubbing his eyes with his flesh hand before pinching two fingers together. “Like….that big.”

“Still important, though…” Jack moved his hand to rest against Rhys’ front. There was nothing there that couldn’t probably be blamed on the kid’s celebratory-slash-nerve induced ice cream binge, but just the thought of what was to come made Jack feel all warm inside. He tilted his chin up, managing to catch Rhys’ lips in a soft kiss as he tugged the omega close.

“Still ours.”

not your color

(or, 4 people Hisoka was jealous of)

1. Tatsumi

Jealousy is not an emotion with which Hisoka has much experience.

He knows it in himself of course - empathy is at least that useful, after all. But it’s…strange.

Tsuzuki and Tatsumi have always been fairly close. They gravitate towards each other, orbit each other regardless of their shared past or current grievances. Hisoka watches them around the office, unable to help himself. He remembers the grief on Tatsumi’s face, the grief in his soul, as he spoke of the end of their partnership. It was deep and tearing, impossibly endless, and something in Tsuzuki had echoed it as he ran away.

But he also remembers the quiet, boundless joy in Tatsumi’s heart at the girl's—Luka's—softly whispered words of love to his book-self. Hisoka can’t bring himself to forget that those characters were them, in every way that matters.

It twinges, a bit, that his own character had nothing at all to do with Tsuzuki/Luka—just a plot-point, a roadblock on the way to the end of the story.

He watches them in the office, leaning in close with their heads bent together, and can’t make himself read them.

He’ll never admit that he’s scared of what he’ll learn if he does.

It makes Hisoka angry, too, because Tatsumi abandoned Tsuzuki when he really needed him, and that’s…well. Still, Tsuzuki is more stable now, and for all that Tatsumi has offered Hisoka his blessing as far as their partnership is concerned, Hisoka can’t stop wondering if Tatsumi is interested in…something different than a working partnership.

And Tsuzuki…he watches Tatsumi with large, wide eyes and a desperate hope bubbling inside of him. He laughs and smiles and thanks Tatsumi shyly when the secretary brings him boxes of pastries or cups of tea, the gesture always covered by bluster or excuses but full of sickeningly sweet earnestness nevertheless.

It’s…well. Not disgusting, not exactly, but Hisoka wants to think it is. One of the problems with being an empath, though, is that it’s ridiculously hard to lie to himself.

(That means that when Hisoka slinks into one of Tsuzuki’s favorite bakeries one day, a very large portion of his paycheck in hand, he can’t fool himself that he’s in there for any reason but to find a gift box that will compete with the ones Tatsumi has been bringing. It’s…disheartening.)

Hisoka has no right to his feelings, either, and that just makes him more frustrated.

2. Muraki

It’s ridiculous and idiotic and a little twisted to be jealous of the way Muraki leans close to Tsuzuki, deep within his personal space, and strokes cold fingertips down his cheek. Ridiculous and idiotic and a little twisted that Hisoka doesn’t feel better even when Tsuzuki flinches back and tries to twist away.

Hisoka is jealous, regardless.

Muraki touches Tsuzuki like breathing, but with an edge of greed. He wants, and when they’re all in a room together Hisoka is a little bit terrified that what he’s feeling—for Tsuzuki, about Tsuzuki, because of Tsuzuki—is all just some sick reflection of the open, grasping, desperate avarice that twists the blackened remains of Muraki’s heart whenever he lays eyes on Tsuzuki.

But, when Muraki is gone, when the bastard has pulled his latest vanishing act and crawled back under whatever slimy, dank rock first birthed him, Hisoka admits that writing off the blame for this knot of feelings in his chest isn’t quite so easy.

Because Muraki wants to possess Tsuzuki, wants the shinigami stretched out in his bed and feeding his immortal life and a dozen other things that make Hisoka’s head pound with a mix of fury and disgust, because Muraki wants to take them by force. That’s the fun part for him. On the other hand, Hisoka wants to be the barrier between Tsuzuki and the world that is far too harsh for his soft heart. He wants to wrap Tsuzuki up in cotton and silk and lay him on a bed of pillows somewhere with as much chocolate as he can eat and no reason to ever despair again.

Tsuzuki is still an idiot, most certainly, but Hisoka wants him anyway. Not regardless of the fact, but including those idiotic tendencies.

It’s nearly enough to send Hisoka scurrying for Watari, to check for potions or poisons or other mind-altering substances. Maybe even just blanket insanity.

But whether he’s been hit over the head too many times or not, Hisoka’s blood still boils whenever Muraki reaches out and touches Tsuzuki, lays hands on him or leans a bit too close or whispers disgusting things in low, intimate voices that make Hisoka want to separate his head from his body even more than normal.

It’s…not pleasant, perhaps, but it’s manageable.  

3. Watari

Watari is…handsy.

It’s aggravating.

And his constant quest to turn Tsuzuki into a girl does nothing to endear him to Hisoka. It’s not like Tsuzuki isn’t already prettier than -

Well. Anyway.

And Tsuzuki keeps trusting the mad scientist responsible for a good portion of their body-swapping or love potion or truth serum incidents, even though it never ends well and Hisoka seems to be the only one who sees it.

Really, it’s maddening.

And then Watari goes and throws himself at Tsuzuki whenever they come back from a mission, drapes himself over him whenever they’re in the lab, flops all over him like some kind of damned octopus whenever they’re in close proximity.

But if Hisoka has any urges to rip Watari’s wandering hands right the hell off his body, it doesn’t matter. His control is iron-clad and his will is second to none.

Hisoka growls a little under his breath as Watari presents Tsuzuki with his latest scheme disguised as an innocent cake and the moron just takes it, but that’s fine. He’s in control. He’s most certainly not imagining Watari with all that long blond hair going up in flames.

That would just be petty.

4. The Count

As far as looks go, Hisoka can admit without compunction that Tsuzuki is stunning. Beautiful. Violet eyes and skin like milk and wild, silky black hair that’s never quite tamed. And then there’s his personality—sweet and gentle and kind, too kind for the world they live in, all combined with an edge of danger and power and crystalline fragility, like a dagger made of broken glass. It’s…addicting. People look at him and want to wrap him up somewhere safe even as their hearts start pounding and their blood starts pumping with the bone-deep recognition of dangerpredatorrunhide.

The dichotomy of Tsuzuki is just as fascinating as his beauty, and while Hisoka knows he himself is, unfortunately, also appealing to the eye, he will never quite have Tsuzuki’s presence.

Simply put, Tsuzuki is exquisite.

But does everyone really have to be so damned clingy about it?

Dumbfounded (Nalu FF, 1/1)

For Mary (@siriusly-random​) as a high five for finishing her exams ♥ 

F for fluff~
Words: 1600
summary: Nothing inspires an epiphany like a snow fight. 
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Natsu was her best friend – or as close to it as anyone could be – but just this once she would throttle him if he took one step closer to her. She backed up, foot slipping on the uneven ground, and he gave a laugh that sent out a little burst of flame.

“Natsu,” she warned, watching the flame longingly as it flickered and died in the ground.

“Lucy,” he repeated, his hand lowering. Despite everything she knew about him – and despite the devious quirk of his brows – she still lowered her defensive hands, letting out a small breath that appeared like smoke in the air.

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Take from the ones who love you

Skimmons. Emotional hurt/comfort. Post FZZT. Written for the Femslash February challenge over at @aosficnet2. Title from the song “Ones Who Love You” by Alvvays. Much thanks to the @theclaravoyant for beta reading.

It’s the middle of the night, and as the sorrow pours out of her, Jemma’s entire focus is set on crying as silently as possible. She doesn’t want to wake anybody up. Really, there’s no need for anyone to worry about her. She’s fine. She’s alive. It doesn’t matter that she wakes up every other hour with sobs caught in her throat. It’s perfectly normal that as soon as her consciousness drifts away, she feels her body fall and fall and fall and she waits for all her bones to shatter.

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It took me a long time to become comfortable with where I am.

I spent a lot of my years longing for the past or waiting for the future to arrive, confused about where I was and where I wanted to go.

Admitting to myself that I was confused and unsatisfied was difficult enough; the thought of actually doing something about it was a little too much to swallow. Instead, I welcomed distraction. I ventured down various paths for the sake of going somewhere, even though none of them took me close to where I wanted to go. I explored career paths because other people’s successes made me feel like I should want them, too. I grappled. I swayed. Nothing changed; it’s impossible to follow a dream that has no shape or outline.

When I realized that I couldn’t continue grasping for an invisible idea, feeling, or future, I began doing some of the more difficult work that comes along with introspection. I peeled back the layers in order to find out who I really was, what was most important to me, and what it was that I wanted to cultivate in my life.

The hardest questions are the ones that open doors. Every spread in this book features a universal life lesson paired with an exercise. These exercises, often taking the form of a chart, list, or written prompt, are designed to help you apply the sentiments behind each lesson to your life. As you continue throughout the book, you’ll find that some pages are harder than others – they’ll ask you to dig a little deeper, face some hidden truths, or let go of ideas that you’ve always carried with you.

There is no right or wrong way to complete this book. If you’re honest with your thoughts, these pages will serve as a mirror. You’ll become privy to various pieces of yourself – some that you know very well, and others that have previously gone unnoticed. 

The best advice I can give is to keep going. The process of self-discovery is just as important as any realizations that are waiting for you at the end of this book.

Take your time. Use what you have. Start where you are.

—  Start Where You Are
Meera Lee Patel