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anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering if it'd be okay if i wrote a fanfic based on ur designs of bee rose and peacock juleka? they look so great! and i was wondering where rose's miraculous is in her transformed form since i can't rlly tell from ur designs?

oh my god, of course!!! i would absolutely LOVE that, thank you so much?? (you’re going to have to tag me in this when it’s done, i can’t wait to read it!)

oops i guess i did forget to put a clear place for her miraculous in the designs, since the miraculous is a comb (from what we know) she just puts it simply in her hair to keep it off her ears (not much else you can do with hair that short haha!)

good luck on the fanfic??? i can’t wait to see what you do with these two!

“Smiles make people kind. From there, love shall connect.” - Kis-My-Ft2′s 4th Overture

As I’ve reached a number of followers that I don’t think I’ve ever reached before on this account, I decided that I would appreciate some of you guys. I didn’t expect to hang around much after stepping back into this, but thanks to the affection, care, interest, and support of many of you, I’ve managed to stay around longer than I thought that I would. I hope that many of us can grow even closer, or that we’ll actually talk and form a friendship. I’ll probably miss some people that I wanted to put on this somewhere, but please keep in mind that when you see this, I appreciate you. This isn’t a post for just those that I name. Each of you have a part in this. Who knows, I might even end up tagging some people that I follow, but that aren’t on my followers list. Whatever the case is, thank you for taking the time to make this ride a little more interesting for me.

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