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are you a fan of bts?

ahahaha…. a fan? of bts?

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am i a fan?

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i totally didn’t initially watch hwarang because of han sung…

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i mean, i totally didn’t watch hwarang at first becaue of v and minho

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I was tagged by @tonyspegasus @sugdens-robert @itsafangirlthing @boookemdanno @robertsuggles @wellyfullofale @escapingreality51 @andyoumattertome @dannymillers - thank you all so much!!! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this (some of you tagged me a few days ago!) but here I am, I’m finally doing this!!

Name: Bethany


Gender: Female

Star sign: Pieces 

Height: 5′2

Sexual orientation:
straight I guess????

Hogwarts house:
I think I’m Hufflepuff!!!!!

Fav colour:
baby blue, pink, purple

Fav animal: DOGS, ducks.

Average hours of sleep: Probably about 8 nowadays!

Cat or dog person: Dogs

Favorite fictional person: I mean it has to be Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden doesn’t it?! But I also love Marty McFly, SAMWISE GAMGEE and….lots more!

# of blankets I sleep with: One duvet

Fav singer/band: McFly, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, the Beatles, SWMRS, Green Day, Blink 182 (old), Enter Shikari, the Monkees

Dream trip: I mean I hate flying :( but I’d love to go to the Maldives!

Dream job: ??????

When was your blog created: Sometime in 2010

Current # of followers: a little under 2,000

What made you create a tumblr: I honestly don’t really remember, I know a friend of mine at the time was really into it so I guess that’s why!

Honestly I’ve seen so many people do this already and so many people have been tagged and because I’m so late getting to this I’m not going to tag anyone because the thought of leaving people out freaks me out I’m sorry!!!

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I saw ur anamatic its really clear and concise I love it! It made me actually want to find their rigs and animate it. Are u in school for it?

Oh my god, thank you! Sadly no, I’m still a kid and my high school doesn’t offer any animation courses which kind of stinks. 

But I am planning on studying animation when I go to college! I have always wanted to become an animator or story board artist when I am older, so I just thought I should at least start practicing now.

So my bf and I have started dating this girl, and she definitely is more sweet and affectionate towards him then she is to me, even though I’m like that towards her. It always makes me a little jealous, and I try not let it bother me because I know their relationship will be a little different, but idk I’m a really affectionate person. I don’t really want to say anything to her though because i want to be natural. Thanks!

Something you have to let go of in polyamory is this belief, or fear, that openly talking about a feeling or a desire is not “natural.” You gotta be willing to talk about this kind of stuff. It feels awkward at first, but it’s critical.

It doesn’t have to be a serious, formalized thing, though. Next time you two are alone together, you can bring it up gently and positively. “Hey, can we talk about something for a sec? I’ve noticed that you’re more touchy-feely with Morgon than me - is everything alright? What are your preferences and feelings about physical intimacy?”

Then, make space for her answer. She might be attracted to you differently, or put off by something about your way of expression affection. She might just not have noticed, or misread your signals. No matter what, the best thing to do is to have a chat about how you’re feeling, what you’ve noticed, and how you two can better communicate your needs and meet each other’s needs going forward.

ow storytime

earlier i was playing off-season comp on nepal, picked ana because even though i didn’t really want to heal ANOTHER FUCKING 3 DPS TEAM, i;m Tired and work with my skills

we lose the first fight and our junkrat leaves. cool. cool. great. good riddance, really. but y’see, even though we’re in off-season, the empty player slots aren’t filled in comp.

fighting 5v6 isn’t easy even in the best of situations, but forcing that onto your teammates on off-season comp? yeah it’s not as bad as if you did it in ACTUAL comp, but it’s still scummy because you’re wasting everyone else’s goddamn time. we made a genuinely valiant effort, not getting rolled, but still losing first round

2nd round, a lot of back and forth. enemy team’s at 99 fucking percent, we’re not TOO far below that.

then one of them fucking leaves.

in the ensuing 5v5, we win. more back and forth. we’re 2 to 2 points, still 5v5 for the 5th round. and you know what comp my amazing team picks? the dream team to win it all for us?

beautiful, isn’t it?

i assumed at that point we were throwing, but not so hard that i should switch off solo healer. i kind of really just wanted the game to be over because 1. i don’t like healing 3+ dps teams, 2. the fact that we had a leaver so early really does sour things a bit, and 3. FIVE ROUNDS OF KOTH IS ALWAYS TOO DAMN MUCH. YEAH IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME I’VE PLAYED IT, AND IT’S FAR FROM MY LONGEST GAME PLAYED (lasted 18:57, for ppl who like numbers), BUT I NEEDED TO FUCKING PEE

it didn’t really matter; both teams had a shitty comp. anyway. you can probably guess how this turned out.

because a story about a leaver

isn’t complete without a win

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Hey Jenna, do you ever have situations where you talk to people and you just think "oh god this guy is so much like one of my characters"? Is there a funny situation like this you'd want to share? :D

No, not really. Though I do know one woman who shall remain nameless who Cliff constantly refers to as Cosima (not a compliment).

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Hey Matt! Have you done your RWBY rewatch yet? I just did mine yesterday and it was amazing!

Not yet, though I fully intend to very soon. I really want to watch volume 4 in succession too with no breaks. I might save it for a little while longer - probably before I start on my next fic :)

I was tagged by @bluetheon to talk about how/when did Theon become one of my favorite characters. Thank you sweetie :)

So I watched Game Of Thrones when it first came out back in 2011 but I wasn’t super into it, it was only when the second season came out that I got more interested because Theon became a major character. The moment he went home and his father screamed at him and he looked so hurt, he became my focus. I was in the middle of a supernatural obsession at the time though but I really wanted to know what was going to happen to him after he got knocked out so I went to read his wikipedia page and found out about all the torture and that intrigued me even more (cause i’m a messed up person ;)) so I bought the first book, tried to read it and failed and sorta forgot about theon again because I thought he wasn’t going to be in season 3 anyways so I was going to have to wait for years to get him back. I went back to my supernatural obsession until the third season came out and Theon was there and that’s when my obsession became huge! I read all his chapters, eventually joined tumblr (I think in july or something) because I used to only be on youtube but there was no fandom for Theon there. I started to write meta that turned into writing a book, I’ve met Alfie three times (and will meet him a 4th time in may) and my obsession is still here! i’ve rarely been obsessed with something (or someone in this case) for this long. And I know that eventually I will find something else (I’ve already been obsessed with a bunch of other things inbetween but Theon remained my main one) but even when that happens I can’t imagine any character ever becoming as special as Theon is to me.

I tag @janiedean @selkiewife @theon-greyjoy-has-a-good-day @inhumanemonster @keprambles @mellorine-chan @cafeleningrad @creepywarleggan

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i cant stop writing bout brohm (seriously i just posted a fic about another AU), is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Its a good thing !! Everything you write is amazing,my friend ^∇^ i can do the art if you want (,,•́ u •̀,,) i really like snakes bryce though!! I just not sure how to draw him yet (“._.)


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 


I’m seriously in love with this game!

Overwatch - Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada

A “Mchanzo” winter-wear combo shoot. Jesse is totally a summer, but can surprisingly rock some winter gear and Hanzo is a total natural, a cool cat in his own habitat. 

It’s winter~ Grab some winter swag and bundle up guys~

  • Newt and Tina: *loses Jacob in a crowd*
  • Newt: Hold on I got this.
  • Jacob: QUEENIE IS AMAZI- wait....who's Queenie? Why do I feel so offended?
  • Tina: *looks to a crying Newt*

“The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane.”

aka my quest to make any bit of dialogue into something fond HAHA…

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….