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They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

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thanks bro ❤️ ejdjdhdksb i really do hope i didn’t get you sick tho. today was preeetty worth it tho

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1 4 5 13 for forge please?

1. Their physical weak spots

4. Best places to kiss on their body

Tawn belongs to @the-pyromaniacs-lily!

5. Guilty pleasures

13. What gets them flustered

Tonev is forge’s sister-in-law and she can beat him at pretty much anything he can’t stand it

Back in the Day

Day Five; Moment in time/Clocks

Summary: Danny accidently goes back in time, a year before Jack Frost becomes a spirit to be precise.

Authors note: established Jack Frost/Danny Phantom, kinda? (I think this paring already has a name? EctoFrost? Yeah, I’m gonna use that name.)

The first thing that alerted Danny that something was wrong was that it was spring time. A normally welcomed thing and not unusual, but it was supposed to be early January.

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Spacedad left a couple of unsupervised rebellious kids at the helm of the most powerful weapon in the universe, didn’t he? Wonder how that’ll pan out without Shiro there to ebb away the sass.

for like a year i was like “idk bts i only know park jimin” 

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Hi, do you have any lgbt movie recommendation's?

i do!!! i should say that since i’m a lesbian i’ve watched waaay more gay women movies than men, but i’ve definitely got some faves! some of these are more Good Movie recs and some are just gay movies that i enjoyed/had fun with even if they’re not objectively very good

here is a list i made of lesbian movies i’d watch more than once- again, some are Good and some are just fun but these are my favorite lesbian films

of them, saving face (2004) is probably my all-time fave gay movie! its very funny and romantic and just a good movie all around. (i wont go into too much detail on the rest of that list because i don’t want this post to be huge, but i’m happy to talk about any of them further!)

for gay men, i’d say obviously moonlight which is maybe the only Good gay men film i’ve seen, but there’s also one that was on netflix when i was in high school called “guys & balls” about a german guy on his local soccer team who gets kicked off once he’s outed and decides to start his own, all-gay soccer team. its about as ridiculous as it sounds but it was so sweet and funny and its kind of hard to find since its no longer on netflix but i loved that movie

another kinda campy one is called “breakfast with scot” about a gay ex-hockey player who has to raise a rly flamboyant kid. its been a while since i watched this one but it was pretty funny as i remember and has a good ending.

recently i also watched “paris is burning” which is an amazing documentary about gay/drag culture in new york in the late 80s, and i fully recommend it!!

definitely feel free to ask if you have any more specific questions though! i’ve seen a lot of lgbt movies, good and bad, so i’m happy to help or just to talk about them more!

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How would the seijou third years react if there S/O feed them there favorite type of soup while there sick.


• slightly crying, very touched. gets easily emotional when sick and miserable and u kinda wanna giggle a bit because he looks cute but u don’t ok maybe a little bit 


• gives u a warm smile while basically being buried under two blankets bc he so cold. but his heart is warm for you <3


• thinks it’s really sweet of u and gets this goofy smile on his face. really wants to hug u but won’t bc he don’t want you to get sick too. really thankful tho 


• doesn’t say thanks but that’s cause his throat hurts pretty bad. gives u a smile and a thumbs up, u get his point. you press a kiss to his forehead, he very warm

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If you have the time, can you do headcanons of vanderwood and saeran taking care of their s/o when their sick or vice versa? I really love your blog btw!!

Awwh, thank you, anon! Here you go, I hope you enjoy~


(taking care of MC)

  • Mask on? ✓
  • Hair in a ponytail? ✓
  • Chicken stock, onions, celery, carrots, basil, freshly made noodles, basil, oregano… and tons of other ingredients from the grocery store all ready to go? ✓
  • alright Vanderwood it’s chicken noodle soup go-time
  • As soon as they hear you’re sick, they show up in total and complete mom-mode. They do your dishes, vacuum your floors, fold your laundry, and basically make sure you’ve got nothing to do around the house during the entirety of your illness.
  • You don’t actually see a lot of them while they’re over. Mostly they just confine you to bed rest while they get their work done in the other room and make you meals. They say it’s because they don’t want to catch your illness - but the way they avert their eyes signals one of their typical evasions of the truth.
  • It’s just… so uncomfortable seeing you miserable, especially when they know they can’t do very much. Honestly? They’d love to just stay in bed and cuddle with you but oh boy is that embarrassing to admit, and, y’know, it’s true that they don’t want to get sick. They hate getting sick.
  • being left totally alone is driving you a bit nuts though, especially since they won’t let you DO anything, so you manage to convince them to at least let you be in the same room as them. So they’re working at the table while you’re sprawled out on the couch watching TV in a stupor…
  • and. okay. maybe about an hour in they give up - not because they’re worried or want to be by you or anything, they just. y’know. are tired of work and want to also take a television break next to you.
  • (they totally pet your hair, because there’s no germs on ur hair ok)

(Being taken care of)

  • Vanderwood hates being sick, so when they catch a cold they are just the sulkiest bastard on the planet
  • seriously they will not stop whining and moaning about it
  • “please let me tear off my nose it’s not necessary”
  • “use the stun gun, MC, knock me out”
  • They want to be on whatever drugs make them the sleepiest.
  • The worst thing is the snot. They feel so gross and want to take a million showers.
  • (You bring over some nice bath salts and other fancy toiletries to make them feel better. vanderwood secretly loves bath bombs ok)
  • when they’re not conked out, they’re getting extremely anxious over the state of the house. (there’s dust on the windowsill! there’s dishes in the sink! LET ME VACUUM THE FLOOR)
  • they try to get up and do those things but you’re like
  • get the fuck back in bed u giant hypocrite
  • (you try to do the housework but they whine at you that you’re not doing it right)
  • basically, what I’m saying is Vanderwood is a huge pain in the ass.
  • they make you wear a mask around them because YOU’RE NOT GETTING SICK OK
  • actually, they tell you to stay away from them, and are mostly very insistent about this
  • when they are really sick and really sleepy tho, you basically get a big, miserable Vanderwood in your lap. you don’t complain, because you know this is what they wanted all along.
  • (when they wake up and realize they drooled ALL OVER YOU they apologize like a million times)
  • shut up vanderwood u big baby


(taking care of MC)

  • you tell saeran it’s fine, it’s just a cold, but lmao this child does not listen
  • He is by you 24/7. he doesn’t even care if he gets sick it’s YOU and he will be READY TO ADMINISTER THE KISS OF LIFE THE SECOND U NEED IT
  • (saeran that’s NOT WHAT THAT’S FOR)
  • Seriously he is rendered useless by you being ill, and he will NOT leave the chair in the corner of your room.
  • (you have to shove him out so you can shower)
  • Saeran tries to be a responsible adult and take care of things for you but you walk in one morning and lmao he’s ruined one of your pans in a horrible pancake accident
  • (plz baby it’s ok we’ll just order takeout)
  • he won’t even let you eat by yourself, seriously he tries to feed you everything
  • but he won’t even admit that this is weird and that he’s freaking out
  • “No this is normal, this is what you do for sick people, I read it on the internet”
  • “where.”
  • “….….  .. a website.”
  • “what website”
  • anyway, as bad as Saeran is as a caretaker…
  • he’s an even worse patient.

(being taken care of)

  • “i have a runny nose and a fever I MUST HAVE LUPUS I OBVIOUSLY ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS TO LIVE”
  • (take mayoclinic away from this idiot)
  • he hides in closet like a dying animal because he doesn’t want anyone near him while he’s sick and vulnerable
  • you coax him out with goldfish and candy bars.
  • eventually, you manage to convince him to take some fucking nyquil and it’s probably the most intimate display of trust he’s ever shown you
  • While he’s out, you make him all of his favorite foods to try to make this less miserable. You also get a bunch of DvDs of his favorite shows.
  • He lives on the couch from that point on and is just curled up next to you.
  • he complains so much.
  • more than vanderwood.
  • that is a lot of complaining.
  • he totally clams up around anyone else though and you realize he’s only doing that because he trusts you enough that he’ll display weakness around u
  • you’re like the only person he’ll voice his troubles to congrats
  • enjoy your horribly whiny sick boyfriend.