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RFA finding out fem!MC is obsessed with makeup and has tons of it (especially highlighter cos glow af) and is always trying new things out with her look so somedays you can barely recognize her?? sorry if its too specific, I love your blog btw!! :))

anything for you fam :) I hope you like it! I’m really sorry if I made it too short but I have something special coming soon for you all, so I hope you can look forward to it until then! Also~ thank youuuuuu soooo much! 


-He doesn’t really understand at first why you want to wear make up “You’re so pretty, MC.”

-He also doesn’t understand why you have SO MUCH of it

-You have drawers full of eyeliner


-eye shadow like every color imaginable 

-highlighter bc yes. glow af.


-literally just brushes 




-ok lets just say you have A LOT of make up

-Sometimes you’ll walk out looking like a goddess

-and Yoosung is speechless



-He’ll even let you do you little make up sessions on him 

-He will admit it looks pretty good on him sometimes


-Jaehee completely understands you necessity for make up

-but why

-so much?

-You sitting on the floor

-you gigantic case of make up sprawled out in neat piles

-”My mascara, my eye shadow, my concealer, my foundation…”

-Then she saw the kind of things you create 

-”Wow, MC, that’s amazing.”

-Jaehee will literally ask for your opinion on with make up to get

-sometimes you just end up doing all her make up too

-she’s not complaining though

-because as far as she’s concerned

-you are a professional 


-He thinks it’s totally cute when you hum to yourself while doing your make up

-He also thinks it’s totally cute when your shouting at the top of your lungs

-your favorite song 

-while doing your make up

-It may take awhile sometimes more like all the time

-But he understands he is an actor so, he too, uses make up sometimes

-He really likes the finishing product though

-if you know what I mean ;)

-Like “dayummmmmmmm MC”

-”You lookin fiiiiiiiiiiine”

-Ok, but he’d say something along those lines. 

-He thinks you look bootiful

-But he also can’t ignore the buckets full of make up



-”Zen, that’s called an eyelash curler.”

-And you thought he knew everything about make up

-*insert disappointed look*

-But he actually does find it a bit interesting


-mostly because your face lights up whenever he asks you to show him all the “make up tricks”

-Like he could sit for hours watching you talk about “the origin of the make up wipe” …..?

-He’ll brag to all the RFA 

-”Look at MC, isn’t she gorgeous!?”




-”MC, we’re going to be late.”

-You “take forever” getting ready every morning

-”Sorry Jumin! I was applying the last touch of blush!”

-”What so great about make up?”


-You drag him back into the house pent house 

-*Que throat clearing*

-”Make up is one of the many wonders of today. It’s truly a blessing. With out make up..”

-He’s already zoned out

-He looks over your shoulder 

-revealing bags full of make up

-”MC, I think you’re beautiful with or with out make up.”


-”Silly Jumin! I like make up because it’s so fun! You get create beautiful art!”

-Now your pulling over to your make up station

-”Ok, let me just work on magic on that already oh so stunning face of yours.”

-”MC, don’t-”

-But your already started

-He doesn’t really mind all that much when your face get really close as your applying more “highlighter” ??? to his face

-He can smell your perfume you applied

-and he can hear your small little sighs when you “messed up on the wing” ???????

-He squirms when your hair brushes against his face

-And when you needlessly touch his face to blend some of the “eye shadow” ??? you’re applying

-his heart beats really fast

-until he looks in the mirror 

-He looks pretty

-pretty ridiculous 

-and now your bursting out laughing

-but he doesn’t really mind

-this experience was quite 

-satisfying ;)


-You have CABINETS full of make up

-”MC, I could hide all my secrets in all those cabinets”

-You are always touching up your face with a bit of something

-I mean

-He does use make up for certain things





-You’re always talking about this and that

-”And then! Wow! It really works! DEFINITELY keeping this in my notes!”

-But when you laugh at yourself bc you messed up and look terrible

-He can’t help but smile too

-Because your laugh

-Is just so lovely

-And when your turn with a confident look on your face

-and he sees that you look

-absolutely beautiful 

-Of course he says

-”Whoa! Who is this girl I see, staring straight back at me?” 

-and now you two are dancing together

-singing Reflection such nerds 

-bc Disney was your childhood even tho this is in Korea come on ppl i LOVE Mulan it was a great movie ok work with me here I’m also pretty sure there are Disney World’s in Korea too, right?

I hope you liked it!!! Thank youu sooo much for the awesome request! Also sorry for going off on that tangent..;;;;  Anyways~ keep sending those requests in! 


i really dont get why takashi0 keeps saying they are against doxxing even tho he doesnt care when people who disagree with them get doxxed but ok

A brief history of me trying to pick my favorite male DigiDestined, Digimon Adventure edition
  • 1999: Matt bc angst and ANGST IS GOOD
  • 2000: Yeah, but Izzy tho
  • Late 2000/Early 2001: tAI MAYBE??
  • 2001-2008: TAI TAI TAI TAI DEFINITELY TAI (and Izzy)
  • 2008-2015: Ok well I'm going to keep SAYING Tai, but really I love them all and can't choose
  • Secret feelings simmering for years, finally boiling over immediately after Ketsui: IT'S JOE
  • 2016-Present: Yeah, but TK tho

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Hi! I wanted to ask where you find the pictures for the animals if that's okay!

Honestly, I use a bunch of sources, so I can’t really send you a specific site, plus they are all in japanese. There’s youtube, blogs, twitter, niconico, the guide books, the official website for the anime, and other sites for news…

Since now they keep making new designs + redesigning old ones, it’s not good to rely only on app material, and finding the new designs in good quality (or not decolored) is hard sometimes. But I really enjoy doing this.

If you are ok with seeing the app ones (with the app voices, which are different to the new ones) I’d recommend to watch this playlist: clicky

It shows all their names + animations + intro + the things they say. The things they say don’t match with the animation tho, it’s like this:
① Home screen ② Going for a quest ③ Skill ④ Quest clear ⑤ Level up ⑥ Level up limit reached

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Oh gosh my first job interview was for Sam's Club as a cashier and I was so glad they were like "OK we saw that you have no experience so try to incorporate what you learned in school and stuff like that". And even tho I was a mess (like I really sat there for a minute cuz I was thinking of stuff to say), they still hired me. So yeah, anon you'll find someone right out there who'll hire you eventually, just keep searching.

oh wow thats great of them for still being understanding and open to ppl who dont have any experience! i was afraid of that my first interview too but there’s always someone out there ready to hire :))

I saw some stuff and, as an Italian I would like to say something.

[This is a new OOC post, but I am really angry right now.
I saw too many people glorifying things such as fascism and mafia.
Ok shitheads, let me tell you something about nowadays Italy: MAFIA IS A BUNCH OF CRIMINALS AND WE HATE THEM, FASCISM IS NOW NEARLY BANNED AND HATED BY THE 85% OF THE NATION.
I’ve heard of Italy cosplayers in the USA that keep saying things like
“Lol my family is a famous mafia family in Italy”
“Lol my family was friend to Mussolini” (i’m sorry for the horrible english, tho).

Ehy guys
Guess what

The Mafia families of Campania, the region where Naples is, just poisoned a huge piece of land, poisoning a lot of people and leading to death thousands of children due to illnesses. Mafia killed a lot of important figures of Southern Italy’s History, such as Falcone and Borsellino.
Do you feel like being proud of this? Really?
Romano would hate the mob, because they are poisoning and ruining his land, his people, Feliciano would too. Do you feel like they would be part of it? The answer is NO, THEY WOULDN’T.
So, please, stop glorifying those things: they are part of our History, but they are the worst part of it. We are talking about the nation of the Reinassance, the heir of Rome, the nation where pizza was made (this may convince you guys more).

So goes for Germany, Spain and Portugal. Those are our dark years, finally brightened by the light of democracy and justice (i feel like a poet, Dante Alighieri fatte da parte), leading us into a better future. We still have to fight the last demons *coughs* mafia, PEGIDA and Casapound *coughs*, but who hasn’t?

Sorry for the rambling, but I had to.]

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Imagine Miyuki head over heels in love with Eijun and is trying so hard to confess, but gets interrupted all the time either by his teammates or some incident. Imagine Kuramochi making fun of him at every failed attempt, but tries to offer help as much as possible. Somewhere in his confession attempts, Eijun realizes Miyuki's feelings but decides to wait for Miyuki to say it first.

oh anon how did u know that i love this kind of eijun?

but srsly an eijun who isnt totally blind to the obvious pls lmao. also like. yes. i love that eijun knows and makes him work for it bc its like payback for all the teasing miyuki put him through ahaha. im sure hed be all fond and sweet abt it tho bc miyuki just keeps trying and its very endearing to eijun and he really appreciates it yk? it means a lot to know that miyuki couldve just been ‘ok this is a sign’ and given up but no hes still persisting and idk i just find that very sweet

and when miyuki finally is able to confess its all the sweeter bc hes worked so hard lmao ganbatte miyook but srsly yes i love this anon i love the idea of miyuki just being so smitten w eijun a+ hc 😭

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ok fuck anon, i'mma say: Chesh, you're a great writer &. idk how come we never really talked but ?? your ideas back on my old blog were so lit &. i love them all &. keep being you &. such ;;;

Confess something you’ve thought about me on anon

       you’re so wonderful, ok?? it’s great to see you back! even tho we don’t talk
        i still consider u a friend and i hope you’ve been doing well. xo

decided to move this to a separate post so as not to hi-jack the op's original art post

realizations I came to after seeing this fanart

- - -

let me explain to you a thing on why daryl and beth are so important

these are the thoughts at the supreme core of my bethyl feels

even when beth says it was “stupid” to think her dad could have a peaceful death, what daryl hears is not “naïve and foolish typical of some dumb teenager” like she means it

he hears “pure, hopeful” and also “logical” bc he knows her belief was rooted in faith that it’s still possible to work toward rebuilding the world into a place where that becomes a standard thing again

there’s so much right in this episode for me but the largest thing is daryl fucking validates her feelings and thoughts so much even if he can’t think and feel like she does and daryl says the way she envisioned hershel’s passing was how it’s supposed to be

and then when beth wishes she could “just change”

daryl’s response (and norman’s delivery) makes my heart just explode as he goes “you did“ in the most gentlest tone we’ve ever heard him use n with his brows all scrunched in compassion and empathy and oh mah gaaahhhh

that’s what makes my heart rate quicken most over daryl

it’s also what makes my heart go crazy about bethyl because she validates him right back. she tells him she feels she hasn’t changed enough, isn’t close enough to being like him who seems made for this world she says

and he responds, starting with this exhale or sigh or ‘tch’ noise like it’s dismissive but it’s so gentle it’s almost bashful, the sound envelopes the words like the emotion on his tongue makes his lips stumble when trying to mouth around the words “oh I’m” before continuing more clearly “‘m just used to it, things being ugly; growing up in a place like this”

so she offers “well, you got away from it,” very earnestly and kindly, with no veiled contempt as if she was jealous based on some notion that he’s managed to change more than her or jealousy based on him being better suited to survival; and when he says, “i didn’t” she emphatically mirrors his earlier validation with her own “you did

and what is daryl’s so touching response, which is really a vulnerable request? "maybe you just gotta keep on remindin’ me sometimes”

and, ok, yes then beth says in a wry, tho i believe still soft kind of way, “nooo, you can’t depend on anyone for anything right” and segues into how she’ll be gone soon but with these two and their bond that’s the damn point

they will depend on each other for validation, for reminding, for assurance they’re going in the right direction, and that’s why daryl cares so much about her being gone: because he’s so dumbfounded-ly numb after having the peace that came with feeling the integration of all his parts just ripped away from him right as he was admitting to needing her presence. (and he’s not able to put her lessons/influence into practice until he finds rick and carl, and then he’s just straight-shot focused.) she gets him to burn away the bad and cynical and her presence makes him absorb what’s good in him and some of what’s good in her into himself to ultimately become ever closer to who he deep down wants to be, the man he wants to be

and daryl offers her protection, yes, that’s big, but you know what’s bigger that he can extend to her? (stop that get your mind out of the gutter!) belief in her ability to be so damn strong and capable and a powerful person who does survive: “she’s tough, she saved herself” aaahhh i just want to pour his warm respect for her in a tub filled to the rim and rest in it. his experience with activity and followthrough to the best of his ability is so honorable and it’s like he doesn’t even know he’s honorable because it’s just plain as day to act that way, which makes he and beth actually really compatible: it makes him like the actual living embodiment of her ideal to care for people through meaningful actions and goodness toward others. he also has the ability to think quickly on his feet (well, as i said, activity-related, maybe not with the matters of the heart yet) where beth needs to learn/be nurtured into having that quality strengthened.

so that’s a duality i adore about them: beth represents so much internal agency, in touch with and being the master of her emotions and belief systems, where daryl represents external agency, (i so admire how norman epitomizes this message in just every mannerism he can). and with that duality between them, the integration they accomplish within themselves by being together is what melts me and gets me to fantasize about their happiness together

it’s just really beautiful to me and i get really hurt when people hate on a good character like her without even being capable of seeing what she means to other characters and the show itself. so damn beautiful that they are very different people but they are so able to quell restless, nagging aches in each other and i think of beth’s youth as a huge benefit to daryl, not a detracting factor like i’ve seen some critique it — she can help him lighten up in an emotionally raw baptismal way, but also in a really playful carefree way

so basically this is just me wasting your time getting to the main point of: this scene is why i started to be a bethyl shipper and throughout my progressive obsession involvement in getting to know them, i’m currently spending nights up writing fics where they are basically adult children because well they both are and bc don’t tell me what to do

…but just understand there’s more, they go so deeply together, and hopefully accept my viewpoint that they are seriously compatible on top of being adorable dweebs together, and know anything that comes forward from my love of them combined with my writing/art, with subject matter ranging from touching romance to ridiculous romps— ultimately it all flows from respect of their deep connection in this scene as well as being immediately followed up by their cathartic vandalism and then touchyfeelyfeels in alone

p.s. my favorite daryl expression comes from this scene when he’s smiling like a nerd stabbing the knife into the post and saying, “yeah. imma dick. when i’m drunk”

p.p.s. can you tell by my lowercase and bad grammar that huge-ass meta has me so damn tired, worth it tired, but obviously i just needed a rambling vent of happy feels and admiration

So me and my girlfriend have been officially dating for about a month now. She doesn’t know about my fetishes tho. I have known her for 12 years and as long as I have known her she has been super thin. Today we were out at McDonald’s and she ordered about twice as much food as me. She ate it all. Needless to say I was super turned on but I had to hide it. The thing that really got me going tho was the fact that she was wearing a skin tight dress and I could see all of the curves around her belly. She kept pulling her dress away from her belly and so I commented “ are you ok? You keep doing that” and she replied, “oh it’s just these spanx feel tight around my belly”.

I almost exploded! I was so ready to grab her and feed her more and feel her growing belly. I don’t think she is gaining on purpose and I am not going to force her to gain or let my obsession take over the relationship. I love her for who she is more than her belly. Just I wouldn’t mind if it got a bit rounder! :)

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Have you seen buzzfeed india's henna video? How do you feel about that?

um lmao that vid was awks for me that lady kept saying henna was for “everyone” even tho the participants were like “is this ok tho”. keep in mind that a) buzzfeed isn’t the best source to form concrete opinions on this and b) one brown person’s views on mehndi isn’t the be all and end all. 

i think it was important for her to say that unless you’re getting the henna done by someone from that culture, it’s not really okay?

i feel v. uncomfortable seeing white people/people whose cultures/religions have no connection to henna wearing henna nowadays since it’s a “trend”. the capitalizing of mehndi by companies that don’t give a fuck about the history behind it is really gross to me.

i guess don’t be a hypocrite? get your henna done by brown artists. support them. don’t wear henna and call it bohemian or the g-slur or w.e. the fuck y’all like to say to exotify it. respect the fact that you’re wearing something that holds significant meaning to hundreds of cultures around the world and has for many centuries. 

ik my discomfort also stems from the fact that the same people who made fun of us for wearing henna are super into it now. don’t be that person who wears henna today and spews slurs at brown people tomorrow. 

asshole dads will always be my fave, like that fucking thing where they just insult each other until one of them accidentally says something nice?? 

and then everyone’s waiting for them to be ‘what’, but they just keep it rolling with it and slinging nice things at each other aggressively before it silngshots back into just insulting each other.

Outlaw Queen

Don’t ask me why but I made these

I’m Snow White! *I’ll destract him Regina so you can check him out*

He is so gorgeous, with his chizeled manliness and beautiful blue eyes and-

What’s up with the color of your text? I’d have thought you’d have a darker color than that…

This is the color of the Pixie Dust Tink used to show me who my soulmate was way back before I killed your father

Thanks for that reminder…

And the color of Robin’s eyes is too dark to use for this scene

He does have some nice dark blues…

They’re dreamy

Robin’s so hot Don’t let him see you checkin him out Green never looked so good

Belle and Neal look so fabulous I’m such a genius It’s a shame Rumpel had to go and sacrifice himself or he’d be eating out of Belle’s hand

*no body no proof*

He’s hot, right? With the hair And the eyes And the hands That accent is really hot right? This is my first crush since you got Daniel killed, so I’d like a little feed back here

*busy writing Outlaw Queen fanfiction

I don’t think she’s listening to me *switch tactics That coat does nothing to hide your baby bump It looks great on you though

I should probably get Regina’s opinion on Robin before I ship them I mean this isn’t Tumblr

Baby Bump!!

*Ok Snow be subtle you can do this it’s not like keeping a secret Robin’s really hot tho what do you think of him? *nailed it

*so she wasn’t listening He’s totally hot right up there next to Jefferson a Jefferson that wears earthy colors and uses a bow instead of a portal crossing hat We’re actually soul mates believe it or not but I’m not supposed to put that together till I see his lion tattoo I swear if you say ‘you found each other’ i will punch you in the throat you’re not pregnant in-show yet so I can do that

*They found each other!!

I totally ship you two! Invite me to your wedding! I promise I won’t threaten to destroy your happiness

Fine, but you’re not gonna be my maid of honor Tink will

He smells of forest *And forest never smelled so good

(All screen shots are mine I edited them myself please like and/or reblog if you use any thanks)