really this series exceeded all of my expectations


The Captain America / Winter Soldier CHAOER Nekomimis (cosplay figurines) arrived!!

I’m honestly super impressed — for figurines that are probably not licensed (the Marvel logo/copyright appears nowhere on the packaging or the figurines themselves), these guys are really really nice.  They aren’t based on a stock mold; their body language, builds, and heights are all different.  The paint and fine detailing are clear and appealing.

Each figurine has one point of articulation; their heads swivel (Bucky has a smaller range of motion because of his hair).  Their props (Steve’s shield and Bucky’s knife) are not removable.  They each come with a little clear stand with a Cap insignia on it.

These were purchased through the eBay vendor (toysbox2013).  At $9.99 USD + $11 international shipping each, I found the price very reasonable. (note: they are cheaper at Aliexpress, but I don’t have experience with that vendor - Aliexpress also does not accept paypal.)

I’m really happy with these guys, they far exceeded my expectations. ★

(Steve | Bucky | Discount Set @ Aliexpress)
(Steve | Bucky @ eBay)

(There’s also a Loki and Thor from the same series.)

It’s really easy to just deflect to humor and make terrible shitposts about Carmilla and its little quirks, but the ending of Act 3 was incredible. It exceeded every single one of my expectations and I am wholeheartedly appreciative of everyone involved in this project. I’m sitting teary-eyed on my bed with tissues all around me and I never in a million years would have thought on first glance that this little YT series would teach me so much about love, loss, friendships, and life. It’s been such a ride, thank you so much to the cast, crew, writers, and fans for making this experience something amazing <3