really this place is perfect

ahhh i marked my two dances on stage today and the teacher that runs the show was like “you don’t need to audition them we know they’ll be perfect” jfkdkdjsjs i feel Loved and Pressured


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 9/10):  2 - God I Hate Shakespeare

“They say ‘Will you’re such a genius and your writing is divine!’
‘A rose by any other name is such a clever line!’
And they’re all ‘OOOH’ and he’s all ‘STOP’
and they’re all ‘YAY!’ and I’m all ‘UGGH’

Update on Blizzard interview: I was offered a job. Just...technically not the one I applied for.

The position was given to someone else. A contract worker who just had that edge above me since they had already been working with them for the past several months. He fits into their team well, and I can’t begrudge them that. So, instead, they want to offer ME a contract to take his place. “Your interview was perfect. Everyone was really impressed by you and your work. We feel like you would fit here well and we would be missing out on an opportunity if we didn’t offer you something.” From what he explained to me, contracts are super rare occurrences. That they would offer me one makes me honored. But…I’m still severely bummed that I won’t be in California this summer to experience working there firsthand. So, officially, ya girl is a fresh, new, bonafide Contract Graphic Designer for Blizzard Entertainment! Just one step at a time, folks. I’ll get there soon enough :)

okay but hear me out here-

•Magnus and Alec as regular college age students au

•Magnus doesn’t bother going to college because his dad is rich as fuck

•you know, one of those soul sucking corporate types

•totally evil, but hey, Magnus doesn’t care because he’s never gonna have to work a day in his life

•but sometimes he still hangs out with his friends on campus

•because he likes the whole vibe of the place

•it’s an old school, the kind that specializes in classical and history degrees

•he would never study there, but the place is beautiful

•he likes to take pictures of it

•actually he loves everything about photography and architecture

•so this is really a perfect place for him

•he just loves how permanent they are

•everything else around him changes, but those photos will last forever

•and one day he’s waiting for one of his friends, a pretty girl with blue hair, to finish class

•it’s a beautiful day

•one of those no clouds, shining sun, sunglasses on, birds chirping kinds of days

•and he’s thinking about the party they’re going to throw that night

•and wondering what the weather is like in Hong Kong (where he thinks his dad is on business)

•(but he’s honestly not sure, he lost track of all the different trips)

•(and to be even more honest, as long as the rent money for his flat keeps showing up each month, he doesn’t really give a damn)

•and he notices that a certain beam of light is hitting the school’s centerpiece (a gorgeous marble fountain that they never turn off, not even in the winter) just right

•it’s like a perfect scene

•but when he takes the picture

•with his big bulky camera that he carries around with him everywhere

•he notices that something just isn’t quite right

•he isn’t sure what it is

•but then someone walks past

•and Magnus thinks he knows what it might be

•so he runs over and grabs this stranger, begging him for a second to please just sit down on the edge of the fountain

•but don’t look at the camera

•and he isn’t really paying attention

•so thankfully he doesn’t notice that the poor stranger is stammering and trying to act cool at the same time

•because, holy fuck, Magnus is really hot, okay?

•but he agrees and Magnus goes to take the picture

•he looks through the lens and finally realizes the gorgeous guy he accidentally picked for this

•like he’s actually perfect

•with the most amazing blue eyes that Magnus has ever seen

•and the picture comes out all gross and blurry

•so oh no, he has to take another one

•(what a shame, more time with the stranger)

•and Magnus gets his picture

•but his friend isn’t quite out of her class yet

•so he asks if this stranger might want to, say, get some coffee or something?

•as a thank you for posing, of course

•that’s totally it

•so they go and it’s absolutely perfect

•he finds out that the boy’s name is Alec Lightwood

•what a pretentious fucking last name

•it’s perfect

•and he studies at the university and magnus is so amazed that this is the first time they’ve ever met

•because seriously how did they not meet sooner than this

•of course the cute boy in the ratty sweater with beautiful blue eyes is also a classics major

•what a dork

•and his phone is from Magnus’s father’s rival company

•which is just a bonus

•and they can barely even stop talking to each other to even order the damn coffee

•and they don’t stop talking when Magnus’s friend repeatedly texts him demanding to know where the hell he is

•he comes to know that it’s also the first and second time that rule follower Alec Lightwood has ever skipped a lecture

•because they managed to talk throughout two lectures

•and just lost track of time

Exo reaction - When you say i love you for the first time


“You get even more cuter for each day. I love you too. Now calm down and let me see that smile”

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“What? You do?” He would just smile like an idiot and giggle. “It better not be a dream. I love you too”

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“You really are romantic, perfect place to say it and all. Love you too”

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“I know you do, Who does not love me?” He would joke around before laughing and saying i love you back.

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“What did you say? You love me? I love you too..” Nothing could take the smile of his face now.

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“I love you too, stop shaking now. I have loved you since i saw you for the first time”

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He did not really know what to say. You and him had been dating for a year and he could never believe that a girl like you would fall for a guy like him. “Oh god.. I love you too”

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“I love you too, now give me a kiss..”

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“It’s been 84 years.. I’m kidding, i love you too babe”

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“I really do love you too. I have been wanting to say it myself, i just did not know how. You deserve the best”

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“So cute, are you even real? I love you too”

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“She said it! She loves me, and i love her! Oh.. i should probably say that to you. I love you too Y/N”

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Welcome to the first of many Before & After home design entries!

We moved into our new house in the beginning of March, and we have a list of projects a mile long to get the house where we want it to be.

Our upstairs living room has come a long way in the last few weeks.
New carpet, fresh paint, a DIY built-in bookshelf spanning 14 feet across the far wall to hold all of my knick knacks and books, and tons of little accents to make it feel like home.
I’m in love with the marble rhino’s head we have hanging above the reading corner. His flower garland is the crown that my oldest daughter wore as a flower girl in our wedding last May, and I love that the marble accent ties into the table tops.

So far my favorite part of the house is the corner in this room with my entomology collection hung above the chaise lounge. There are blankets stored in the cabinets right next to the lounge and it really is the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.
The other cabinets house the little ones’ coats and shoes, as well as all of the dog’s food and toys.

The world map in the center is not quite finished. I still need to paint in a Legend showing a color-code for push pins: where we’ve been vs. where we’re going.

I put so many hours into building this massive bookshelf and I’m so happy that it turned into a functional, beautiful centerpiece for our front room.

Next on the list is the master bedroom – if I stay on schedule with all the projects I have planned it should be completed this week!


Anonymous asked: Could you do a parallel gif set of 1x20 where Barry and Iris are in his lab and he thinks she’s going to confess her feelings vs. 2x20 when he’s not expecting anything and she does confess her feelings?

okay I KINDA believe in the conspiracies that there’s something that’s hiding in Antarctica like a military base or something, partially because of the weird structures and sudden appearances of large holes in the ice (which could just be naturally occurring due to global warming, it was just like 60 degrees there a couple weeks ago I think?) but mostly because it’s really the perfect place to hide something. it’s massive and mostly unexplored and inaccessible a lot of the time and I wouldn’t doubt the existence of some new organisms living there too

“I don’t feel like the guitar is this separate thing - I feel like my spirit, my brain, my body, my guitar are all flowing together, and there’s no physical sensation like it when there’s such a good groove as that. That’s my favorite part of my relationship with the guitar, because to work toward that you have to do a lot of just sitting still - practicing. When you’re on stage and you feel like that, or when you’re in the rehearsal room - there’s that kind of energy flowing between the people playing the music. It’s just the most singular, peaceful feeling that I know of. It’s where I really feel like the world is just a perfect place, you know?” (John Frusciante)  

Top 5 Ships

Thanks so much to @bellamystery for the tag!

1. Kabby (The 100)

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Currently, at least, these two own my ass. Their relationship has had marvelous development and though I can’t put a finger on what got me interested in the ship in the first place, I really love them.

2. Bellarke (The 100)

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They’re perfect and they’re so in love, it’s fantastic. I can’t wait until we have enough canon to brag to the antis haha!

3. Peraltiago (Brooklyn 99)

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I mean, I’m only on episode 12 of season 2 so they’re not together yet. But know they will be and it’s gonna be so damn perfect when I get there!! They’re soooo cute already and I haven’t even seen them as a couple <3

4. Danny and Mindy (The Mindy Project)

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(We’re pretending season 4 and whatever season the show on is now doesn’t exist anymore cause I stopped watching beyond that.)

Anyway, they were super cute. And I have a thing for ships on sitcoms, they own me.

5. Sanvers (Supergirl)

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I’m not that invested in Supergirl currently but Sanvers is cuuuuuute <3

I just wish we actually saw them a bit more.

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gemsofthegalaxy replied to your post “OMGCP fandom is so pure but I feel like sometimes I gotta look out for…”

I wrote that tag and i am laughing so hard right now. i truly didnt realize snowy was an actual character the first few times he showed up in fics and i still hardly remember him? i have 0 clue what he’s like, im just trusting that post i reblogged. really though this fandom would prob be the perfect place for a fanon character to get popular enough for people to confuse it with canon. ive seen similar stuff before tbh it could happen

Oh look, a chance for me to geek out!  HERE’S SNOWY AND WHAT FANDOM HAS DONE IN HIS NAME.  The short version, ie. everything I can get from an easy search of my archives.

So we first met Snowy in Meet the Falconers:


  • He’s a goalie
  • He swears a lot
  • He is not averse to spending a lot of time with men who massage his upper thigh

Some people made “draw me like one of your French goalies” jokes and imagined him and Bitty being sassy BFFs.  Some people wrote Snowy/trainer slash.  Or Snowy/Tater/OMC/Parse, shipname STOP.  Some people drew connections to the practice of “snowing the goalie” and created elaborate backstories for Snowy that included lots of personal development.

AND THEN he showed up in Home Opener with his perpetual five o’clock shadow and what half of fandom will SWEAR is eyeliner, and the lid came off, especially after @asterlark proposed Snowy/Kent Parson, on the basis that they’re both foul-mouthed and very pretty. (Asterlark is like, their no 1 stanThe search for shipnames has been a little rocky, with a current three-way tie between “snowpea”, “parsnowy”, and “snent snarson”.  There is fic where they fall in love by fighting about hockey in the comments of youtube makeup tutorials.

And he has been in THREE PANELS.

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"There's my cloa- you've made a little nest haven't you?" She folded her arms -moon

Qrow popped his birb head up out of the nest he had made from Summer’s cloak. It was warm and smelled like her, so the perfect place to nap, really. It made him feel safe.

He let out a little caw at her question, before hunkering back down into the warmth.