really this is just an artistic reference for me


A compilation of stuff I know about drawing Asian faces and Asian culture! I feel like many “How-To-Draw” tutorials often default to European faces and are not really helpful when drawing people of other races. So I thought I’d put this together in case anyone is interested! Feel free to share this guide and shoot me questions if you have any! I’m by no means an expert, I just know a few things from drawing experience and from my own cultural background. 

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Hey I love your art! I'm an artist too, but sometimes I have trouble drawing Voltron characters with the complex hair and proportions and such. Do you have any Voltron character reference sheets to share? Especially for Lance. Thanks! I might try to make some myself.

Hello there fellow sufferer! Thank you so much!!! <3

BOII I hear ya. Let me just use this moment to express my eternal hatred for everyone’s hair in Voltron. ESPECIALLY Lance’s. I freaking hate having to draw his hair mannnn. I don’t even know why it’s so hard, I just absolutely despise drawing his stupid hair gahhh ;o;

okay! So, I don’t have a character reference sheet, I just kinda… let my hand go wild whenever I have to draw hair. BUT! I thought I’d use this as an excuse to study their ridiculous hair and whip out this little… guide(?? ?) for ya!

Little note: I like to break down hair into sections. It makes it easier for me to understand the flow and direction of the hair!



(note: disregard the labelling of the sides and back section! Shiro’s hair is an enigma, I honestly don’t know how to divide his hair into sections)




AND DONE! Yeah I dunno how this would help you BUT I HOPE IT HELPS! 


I have no excuse or much context for this but basically McCree and Fareeha are both Native American and they like to troll Morrison. Based on this scene from “Dance me Outside”.

like honestly? i have no sympathy for instagram users who get their accounts terminated for infringement when all they do is repost content from actual hardworking artists, who rarely get even a third of the recognition the reposters do, and often bc they intentionally crop out artist’s signatures or just go “credit to whoever made this” with no real reference to the artist and their source.

like do you really think you’re gonna get sympathy from the communities you’re taking from and profiting off, but giving the bare minimum back to? bye lmao.


Commissions closed– Thank you so much!!!

Hey guys!  I am open for commissions, but these are a little different than what I normally do. Please read and consider everything before contacting me!

For 60+ USD I’ll paint whatever single character you like, however I will have complete artistic freedom! This is just an experiment to see if my art turns out better when I have free reign or not. For this type of commission, you really have to be ok with me deciding the outcome of the image. Please do not commission me if that makes you uncomfortable.

So heres a breakdown (please read first):
★ Base price is 60+ USD
★ The more paid, the more hours that will be put into your commission
★ Single character only
★ Commissions will be fully colored
★ Characters must have reference
★ Examples are cropped images, you will get the full image!
★ For obvious mistakes, you are definitely allowed to ask for edits
★ If you have read all of this and would like this type of commission, please contact me through email only: mjp.pate★  (★ = @)

Thank you!

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DeMetria's novel lover anon here ! Wow it was really it ! And your art is in no way crappy, omg ! You're like, one ofmy ultimate reference for digital art and i just L O V E the ways you designed your characters, and your art style in general. You're one of my fave undertale artist, and i absolutly agree with what was said about you in thefrenchiegirlgeek valentine post. You're amazing and skilled, and if your work is as good as you are i'd love to be friends with you (and come off anon eheheh)

Oh dear anon. If you’re not sarcastic - thank you, you make me blush ^^”
Never be shy to be friends with me : D


i don’t really know how to advise you since i’ve never personally used references, but once you’re able to see building facial structures + anatomy as SHAPES more than anything, the process of piecing your character together becomes much less complicated!

i’ve also included other techniques i’ve seen other artists use and really, finding the right style of drawing your guide lines are key to drawing anatomy without references, to me!

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1, 4 (I FORGOT THE NAME HHHH), 6,7, 30 ^^

Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
It really depends on what it is that I’m drawing! I love the different feels with both traditional and digital drawing. Digital still amazes me to this day even though I’ve been using it for some time XD But in the end, I love doing traditional work <3 (Just too lazy to post em all here XD so I seem like a “digital artist” more often :p)

Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?
I have a DeviantArt account and a Furaffinity acc, aside from Tumblr XD (which is my main acc!)

What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
Myyy least favorite thingg…hm…I think really heavy gore/bloody scenes I’m not always A-OK with drawing. 

How often do you use references?
As often as I can! I always have some picture or ref next to me whenever I draw! 

What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?
It’s always so interesting to see different things. Not just the physical things outside, but the weird things I come up with in my head. The biggest dream is to bring whatever I have in mind come to life, through art! <3 And animating it all…*fans self* that’s gonna be a good day…

On the “Tumblr Art Style” and censorship discussion

Alright, actually, I’ve got some serious thoughts on this issue, so bear with me while I try to express them coherently.

I really don’t like to criticize artists for style choices, and I think everybody should just be able to draw what they want, but I think there are some things that need to be said about styles that purposefully feature intentionally ugly, character-warping traits, like the now-infamous Kill La Kill fanart that’s been floating around, which I will include here for reference.

(I have yet to find a source on this picture, if anyone has one please tell me because I think art needs to be credited even if, or rather especially if it is being criticized.)

It’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with the characters that this is a gross (gross as in obvious or very pronounced, not gross as in disgusting) misrepresentation of what they look like. One character has even had their race changed for no reason, which smells like fetishization to me.

Lots of people, including me, have expressed that they think this style is ugly, and said they don’t like it. To which others have responded, “THIS IS LITERALLY CENSORSHIP!” It’s not. 

Everyone is well within their rights to draw what they want, and everyone is also well within their rights to criticize art styles they do not like.

Now, there is a bit if a soft rule in the art community that if you don’t like something about someone’s art, it’s probably best to just move on and not voice your displeasure, to avoid upsetting or discouraging artists, who very often struggle to stay confident and motivated (a feeling anyone who knows me at all is well aware I struggle with.)

However, this style is intentionally provocative. It is clear from looking at this that the characters being unattractive and strange-looking was a mindful choice on the part of the artist. It’s a social statement - the characters have almost all been placed into some minority group they aren’t canonically part of, and intentionally made to look, well, pretty ugly. 

So it’s kind of stupid to say that it’s censorship to criticize an artstyle that was crafted to attract criticism. Unlike some other incidents that have happened with artists here on tumblr, no one (that i have seen) is demanding that this be taken down, doxxing the artist, or telling them to die/kill themselves. They’re simply expressing that it’s ugly and they don’t like it.

And that isn’t censorship.

weeabaae  asked:

I reported that girl. It's annoying how she's confronted with the issue and just refuses to acknowledge what she did wrong. Her friends insist "she was inspired and used it as reference!" If that's the case then there's no excuse why the girl couldn't have said she used you as inspiration and you're the original artist. 🙄 She's still young, though. This really sucks and I'm sorry. Hopefully when she's older she'll grow out of this sort of thing. Best we can do is report. No reasoning with her.

Thank you so much, I’m following the comments under her post and I really have to thank everyone who’s trying to help me! 
It happens a lot, not just with me, and it’s really annoying, I could have pass over it, but even if she’s very young (and yes, hopefully she’ll learn someday)
this is just not right.
She could have just said “yes, it’s traced, she’s the artist, I’ll change the description” and it would have been over XD
Plus seeing how many feedback she gets with copied art is so boring. 


reference of the two Millennium Earl’s (“original” Earl and Adam) we know until now, to compare them! i tried to get as close as i could with the manga. also, the colors are up to the artist, i just used the ones from the 219 cover for this!

I’m proud of young artists, it makes me happy to see so many young teens dare to aim for what they love to do and be appreciated for it.

If you’re 25+ and get anxious seeing really young people make great art; please don’t. Just because they’re 13-16 doesn’t make you any less successful as an artist.

Today it’s so much easier to start taking commissions, find tutorials and references,lots of art youtube channels, paypal, free digital art software, cheaper drawing tablets, art livestreaming, online communities willing to give feedback on your work etc…

When I was 13 I didn’t even know how to browse the web - I wasn’t yet fluent in english. I didn’t know what “deviantart” was, nor did I not know about “tutorials” or “commissions”. Heck drawing tablets weren’t that common either for what I know, my first tablet had a battery-driven pen and it srsly sucked.

Like back in 2002-2003, buying things online wasn’t as obvious and easy as it is today. ESPECIALLY when it came to international purchases. And online art communities weren’t as big and developed like they are today. Especially for ppl who didn’t speak english as their native language.

 Like even if I wasn’t as skilled as many of my young mutual followers when I was their age, I was still considered “talented” for only having a pencil and paper as my tools.

Before I started using the internet I spent all my free time alone in my room drawing whatever I could come up with, from the very small amount of inspiration I got from whatever I could find. (I didn’t even have cable TV so there wasn’t much shows I found interesting either. No anime except pokémon and sailor moon.)

 I started to use photoshop when i was maybe 14??? And like I got my dA account when I was 15-16 I think. Like of course my first digital artworks weren’t masterpieces lol. No one makes great stuff on their first try.

We artists who are 20-25+ can’t really compare our artistic process to a 15 year old’s current creations. Young artists try their hardest and do their very very best to make the most out of what they can create, and we did that too when we were that age - it was just under different conditions. We did the best we could and that’s just as valid.

And that’s how it is, and I’m glad it’s easier for young peeps to improve their art because they’re like our future you know???

I for one really hope for a future where more people can learn to create great works of art no matter how young or old they are.

Anon1: Lots of references and references are every artist’s best friend!!! I watch videos on youtube and sometimes I pose myself on the mirror. 

Anon2: Thanks. :’) (by the way, I don’t always drink. I just like beer (also tea and chocolate milk :’D)

Anon3: Ah- there are a lot of anon asks that were left in my inbox. Most of them were either uncomfortable asks, art requests (though I sometimes/rarely take it) and mean asks like “kill yourself” (which I usually just delete but sometimes contemplate whether or not I should block them)

AAAAH!!! THANK YOU QAQ you guys are so sweet ;;; and yis I ship Charisk! but don’t expect shippings here though or any Charisk moments between my version of Chara and Frisk (maybe some lowkey moments but only that I guess)

edit: LOL told myself there won’t be charisk. The next day i made a fluff ////coughs dont trust my words


Hey, guys! I’ve got bills to pay and two cats to feed so it’s commission time.

I will NOT draw:

  • Porn, or anything like porn (although artistic unity is cool)
  • Extreme violence
  • Crazy mecha stuff
  • Anthro (I’m just not good at it)

I WILL draw:

  • Original characters
  • fanart
  • portraits
  • Some gore (this is only if it doesn’t refer to violence, if that makes sense)

* These commissions come with a simple background but if you really want something more intricate, email me and we can talk about it. I will charge extra though, how much depends on the background.

*You have one edit. I will send you a screenshot in the pencils stage and you can let me know if you want anything changed. However if you can be super clear about what you want in the first place, I would very much appreciate it.

*I will NOT begin working on your commission until I am paid. This MUST be done through PayPal.

*Standard rules apply. These are only for personal use, and obviously you can’t run around claiming the art as your own.

*If you are wanting a commission of an original character or a portrait, I will NEED reference pictures. I will not do it without them.

If you are interested please send me an email at:

-Include “Commission” in the subject

-Your Tumblr URL

-Type of commission (Half-body, full body, how many characters)

-If this is for an OC or Portrait, attache reference images

Once I get your email I’ll let you know if all systems are go and I will let you know the total price. If you’re pleased and I’m pleased then you can send me the total payment to my Paypal address, which is

Once the commission is complete I will send you the file via email.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or send me a thing on Tumblr. I’m sure I forgot to mention something.

Thanks, guys!


i just wanted to show you how much difference references make.
in my opinion even using references, fenris’ face is really hard to draw. i always wish i could do it from memory but … like you can see here, i always fail. so i literally doodled from my background image here.

it’s not cheating. it’s what artists do. i had to remind myself of that for a long time until i accepted it. even tracing is good practise (i do that with screenshots of movies / videos to get quick sketches of the poses). you gain a feeling for proportions and anatomy through stuff like that, it’s not forbidden to get better. i had to trace a lot of stuff until i got to the level i’m at now, so i can use pictures like this for references. because at the beginning you can’t really see angles or perspective, you have to train your eye by looking and drawing.

i’m still not good enough, and maybe i never will be. but i just wanted to tell the people who want to learn that it’s not talent - it’s hard work. and the quality depends on how much you are willing to do for it. :)

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Do you have any art tips to pass onto a rookie?

umm lets see dont shy away from the basics, pick up “how to draw” books from the library if you like or search up tutorials online , it helped me a lot with figuring out where to begin when it came to drawing. References are awesome too, I’m just starting to use them myself and boy do they help. Also drawing stuff from your favorite shows/books/movies is a a huge motivator for pushing the boundaries of your art. It can get frustrating though I’m not gonna lie, I remember dozens of times where I would scribble out stuff in my sketch book because of how pissed I was heck i still do that  also this video bro

its cheesy but its true

Little Eleven from Stranger Things ! ^_^
Yes, I’m really fallen in love with this series.  All characters are charismatic and lovable. The ambience, the story, and many 80′s references (musics, films…). All is so good !  This show is a nice surprise for me. 
Stranger Things is just amazing !! 
I hope that I will draw other Stranger Things fanart in the future, if I find the time ! 

helpful art advice?

ooooh yeah!! I keep forgetting but there’s a piece of art advice i’ve been wanting to share with you guys that I heard this spring that really helped me out, since I know a lot of you are growing artists too:

Draw what you see, not what you think you see.

Does that make sense? Well… take an eye for example. We are trained since childhood to draw eyes in a stylized fashion:

Now, this is kind of cool. We know that isn’t what a real eye looks like. We know! These drawings are symbols of eyes, and we understand these symbols enough to infer that, yes, these are eyes (that depends of course on context). However, this is not what an eye looks like. 

More examples of how we draw symbols instead of real things:

If we train ourselves to draw these symbols instead of what a real eye looks like, we’ll train ourselves that this is what we should draw when we want to draw an eye or a tree or a house, and we will end up with symbols by default and we will not know how to draw from life when called upon to do so. 

That hinders your progression as an artist and prevents you from understanding the basis behind the stylization, and therefore hinders you from learning ways to stylize your art yourself.

So start by drawing a real eye. Then you understand the shapes presented and can simplify as you see fit.

Ok yeah I hope that helps all my artist followers. if you start with drawing what you see, you’ll be able to stylize accordingly and not lose the idea of what you’re drawing. Cool. o/”

TL;DR: Draw the real thing, then learn to stylize. It helps you learn properly how to draw whatever you want, and it especially helps you when drawing from references!

I’ve been sitting outside for an hour or two with my cat now… and of course I had my sketchbook with me. Dorian just won’t leave me alone. I didn’t have any reference images so I didn’t do him justice for 100%. But it’s something and I’m glad that my art block is fading again.