really that's neat

  • Some artist who knows what they're doing: Right so I use a custom brush, it's got a soft edge but sort of a chalk texture, I set the layer to half opacity when I use it so that I can get the most out of shading with it. It's one of my several unique brushes, which I always keep in a special file.
  • Me, opening up Sai w/ the default pencil tool settings: thats really fuckin neat isnt it I eat my stylus

ive seen playthroughs of SuMo and ppl are confused with how some ppl talk in the game.

Let me clarify things, in Hawaii calling someone cousin is a term of endearment or someone you think is close enough to be like family. When Hau says Tutu, he is referring to one of his grandparents. Also when kids call an older adult Auntie or Uncle they are not saying they are related, but its just a respectful way to call an adult when you talk to them.

One of the themes for the game are having close ties with ppl. And I think having the game based on Hawaii is a good choice. Alola captured how close a lot of ppl are and how they regard each other in Hawaii and thats really neat!

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

ok but to be fair at the very start (literally the teaser) it says “who IS this personality, who has gone so far as to imagine a narrator to keep him company .. as if he were the star of screen stage or story” and also “hes pretending to BE on the radio show. he does this. he does all the voices" another thing to consider is in ep 1 theres a piece where a child is flicking through radio channels (who i imagine to be a younger julian) and is growled by their dad (i think). Anyway, julian probably listened to jack benny (“all those old radio shows like jack benny, they would always have those crazy characters that would come crashing in and everyone would laugh…” as a kid to cope and from there he just created him own show set where he works at the eiffel tower and it just kept developing over the years.

so like straight off the bat we’re told its all in his head. the season finale wasn’t MEANT to be such a big reveal, a huge plot twist or disappointment. we just got so immersed in the show, so vividly felt the connections julian has with the characters, that, in a way “we feel that they are with him. and we believe that they are real” and i just think. thats really neat. the way it was written, to distort our (fictional) reality like that… is really gosh darn neat.


this song makes me think of @stalk-softly because you’re actually the first thing that comes to mind these days when i think of vienna. the other is asshole director of an unproduced film, big squares with many many cafe chairs, and pastry.

mod Eirlys drifts up through the floorboards, sleepy-eyed but in good spirits (they do love themselves a good pun), and deliver to you, the mortal reading this, a personal thank-you note. it is a single stale Funyun, but you somehow immediately understand it to be thanks for allowing this suggestion blog to grow to 150 followers so quickly.

the breeze pushes mod Eirlys along like a lost balloon, and then they are gone, but a speck on the horizon.


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I know Christianity isn't the best but google episcopalianism and its beliefs and it's actually really rad, we marry gays, allow women to hold any position, believe in climate change, take a pro-choice stance, and do lots of events with progressive movements!

thats really neat!! whenever i get mad about christians pls know im talking about like. evangelical christians who are Sold Out and Hate Every Non Christian!! im not anti-christianity, just a certain brand of em

ur cool and ur belief system is rad as hecc

u kno wat i really like about the shinee+shawols?? honestly each member gets the same amount of attention, theres not like ‘the popular one’ or anyhting!!! but also like… no matter who u stan in the group, any shawol would still take a bullet for any member. shinee+shawols feels so well rounded and complete n whole and i think thats really neat!!

//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.


Behind the scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Seven)

Excerpts from the podcast commentary with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner

RTD: Now with the water. Hooray!
DT: The water closing in quite literally on this set, and of course nobody can be touched.  Not easy.
JG: Oh the amount of discussions at the tone meetings 
RTD: …and the amount of work Ed Thomas had to do - I mean, it’s a difficult set to build anyway, and it has to be waterproof… Health and safety - can you imagine the electrical cables, blah, blah blah.  And it really is pouring in here.
DT: Oh, absolutely.  And this all had to be filmed very chronologically because once things start getting wet, they were knackered! Because it’s wood - it warps.

JG:  David, was this your last quarry?
DT:  Noooooooo
JG:  When was your last, last, last?
DT:  Planet of the Ooood 
RTD:  The Ood quarry.  The Oodsphere
DT:  The planet of the Ood. Yeah
JG:  But you thought this was going to be your last quarry?
DT:  I think we all did.
RTD: I did!  I sent you a text.
DT & JG: Yeah / Exactly
RTD: “Hooray, your last quarry!”   …and then we all went, “Oh no.”
DT: “Oh no, it’s not”
JG: “False, false alarm”
RTD:  [laughing] We’re terrible

(Any transcription errors are mine)

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