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Uuuuuuuhhh messy scribble of some skin swaps turned into an AU
Worlds cutest cyborg out here winning ur mech fights

  • media creator: this character is asexual :)
  • ace people: oh wow! that's really neat! i'm really glad to see representation, both good and bad characters, in media!
  • you demons: yea except that character isn't ace they're gay coded bc they've acted flamboyantly and turned down people of the other binary gender before so please don't steal our characters. and if they're not gay they're straight bc they've never shown interest in dating anyone!! don't make things up it's just sad :))
How to interact with closed cultures' significant religious or craft-based practices:
  • you: wow! That's really neat! thanks for showing me, I learned a lot about your culture and I think it's really interesting to look at _______ from another point of view! Now it's time to never put it into my practice or religion or teach it out of context to those who don't know any better! I hope you have a great day!

You know I like and what I think are pretty? Flowers. You know what God says he loves more than the flowers of the fields? You, and me. Pretty neat, huh?

Though can we talk about how Kirishima was the only one in the team Bakugou called by his name while giving Mina and Sero nicknames when they teamed up?? Because that’s actually really telling on how the whole “the unbreakable horse” speech really changed Bakugou and Kirishima’s dynamica in general.

There’s something strangely ironic and nice and kinda sad about how Ava’s Demon portrays two figures who represent lust actually being lustful instead of being objects of lust, and that already makes them drastically more original than the ‘stereotypical’ depiction of lust.

*finishes season 1 of The Good Place* haha this show was fun! except for the part where Chidi apparently went to hell for having a mental illness that he never got help for, cool cool cool

My arm is getting bigger, or something?

Honestly The Cat Returns is such an underrated movie. Like I know it’s not as famous, or as critically acclaimed as other Ghibli movies, and it’s pretty light and fluffy, but it’s just so gosh darn fun! And the concept’s weird but it’s so unique and has an old fairy tale/alice in wonderland feel, and of course the best part is there are so many cats!

all of the ace cards in my sonic deck are shadow…
shadow is ace #confirmed

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dude, your blog has a plethora of headcanons that people love to share with you and that's!!! really!!! neat!!! and you're always to responsive to all them! which is also!!! fucking!!! neato!!! a lot of artists and writers would probs go here to find a goldmine of prompts and you'd have neat little additions too and that's also nice!!! and i also wrote a fic to that one specific prompt with victuuri + public rink + stammi vicino suddenly plays

thanks!! seriously y’all have the best headcanons and i love reading them!!! 

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Hi! Just a quick writing question. How do you keep au versions of canon characters from feeling like OCs and vice versa? I've been trying to write an OC fic but lately I've been wondering if it might work better as an au Izuku fic. I ask you because your fics always seen so in character even tho you have one where Izuku is like a distortion in the fabric of reality or something. that's one's really neat by the way.

for me, when considering au versions of a character, it basically comes down to: (1) what fundamental characteristics stay, regardless of change? (2) how are their beliefs and their inner world shaped by their alternate circumstances?

let’s consider the case for izuku. for question no. 1, i’d say that some facets of his personality that stay regardless of the universe are:

  • his tendency to fixate on a subject/topic of interest, which often becomes a driving passion as well. mostly: he’s a nerd who will write, color code, and organize 13 notebooks on heroism if that’s what interests him. although his interests may change between universes, how he engages with them does not.
  • his tendency to avoid or escape from his own problems, even though he knows he shouldn’t
  • tendency to devalue himself (this is usually tied to the years of bullying & abuse he suffered at bakugou’s hands)
  • alarming proclivity to go “self harm is okay then?” and do something extremely inadvisable for himself in pursuit of a goal (which is, more often than not, helping someone else)
    • this is because izuku considers his health and well-being as a tool he has to be used in pursuit of a goal, rather than a goal in and of itself
  • quick thinking and analysis, as well as some sarcastic quips if he feels comfortable at the time
  • loves his friends and family, would do just about anything for them
  • an unshakeable conviction and impulse to act when concerning his beliefs. he may be nervous, afraid, unwilling, etc. in any other situation or when it comes to protecting himself; but put him in a situation where someone is out of line with his beliefs, and he will act. (i.e. in canon, compare izuku’s normal demeanor with when he yells at todo/roki and i/nasa to get over themselves and get a-heroing. top 10 anime scenes)

so then we have a very good idea of the skeleton of izuku’s personality. we then flesh it out with changes rendered by an au, and consider question (2). 

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