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You know I like and what I think are pretty? Flowers. You know what God says he loves more than the flowers of the fields? You, and me. Pretty neat, huh?

Though can we talk about how Kirishima was the only one in the team Bakugou called by his name while giving Mina and Sero nicknames when they teamed up?? Because that’s actually really telling on how the whole “the unbreakable horse” speech really changed Bakugou and Kirishima’s dynamica in general.

My arm is getting bigger, or something?

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dude, your blog has a plethora of headcanons that people love to share with you and that's!!! really!!! neat!!! and you're always to responsive to all them! which is also!!! fucking!!! neato!!! a lot of artists and writers would probs go here to find a goldmine of prompts and you'd have neat little additions too and that's also nice!!! and i also wrote a fic to that one specific prompt with victuuri + public rink + stammi vicino suddenly plays

thanks!! seriously y’all have the best headcanons and i love reading them!!! 

  • Some artist who knows what they're doing: Right so I use a custom brush, it's got a soft edge but sort of a chalk texture, I set the layer to half opacity when I use it so that I can get the most out of shading with it. It's one of my several unique brushes, which I always keep in a special file.
  • Me, opening up Sai w/ the default pencil tool settings: thats really fuckin neat isnt it I eat my stylus

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

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This is more so leaned toward the mun but Kenny can answer it too if he wants. So, I just watched all 4 of Thomas Sanders's Q&As in a row and discovered that Kenny and Thomas oddly have a lot in common! I found that kind of funny considering that you've said that you imagine Kenny sounding like Thomas before. Anyway, I just thought that I should tell you that! I also want to know have you ever introduced Thomas Sanders's videos to Kenny before?

You know, I haven’t watched any of them yet! I should really get around to that, huh? I hear he’s quite a hoot and a half, haha~ 

OOC: Holy cow, really? :O I’ve only really seen a handful of his Vine videos and just really like his voice, I had no idea he had so much in common with Kenny! 

i also had a dream that i was in an underground subway/mall (i remember they had those in Holland but i’ve never seen one in the US) but i was riding on the shoulders of a very tall man named Al-Yasa. except because he was very tall i kept hitting the ceiling lights and i’d be like “Yasa i’m hitting the lights please don’t walk under the lights” and he’d be like “oh sorry”

and then he started walking towards a shop really quickly bc his legs were long and fast and i was like “YASA I’M GONNA HIT THE DOORFRAME PLEASE STOP WALKING YASA I MIGHT DIE PLEASE STOP WALKING” and he was like “OH sorry” and put me down.

he was very quiet and nice. i liked him. after i woke up i looked it up and apparently Al-Yasa is a real name so that’s cool. 

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Helo! Not really a fact about myself but I reckon it's kinda interesting. I'm Welsh and on Valentine's Day in Wales we give each other special spoons!

Wow that’s really neat! Thank you for sharing!! This is kind of a fact about me i guess (maybe??), but for the holidays last year my Ma put taco shells stuffed with chocolate coal in me and my sister’s stockings lmao. The taco shells broke when we pulled them out, but it was still really funny. My younger sister was pissed for some reason and I was just laughing my ass off. My 4 yr old sister though, she just, didn’t move a muscle. She stared and stared at the taco remains, like she was trying her best to comprehend why there was even a taco in her stocking in the first place. So i guess in my family we give each other taco shells for the holidays lol