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This is not the end;

She’s never going to see him again. And he was perfect.  

Lily meets the love of her life in Tesco Extra at 10pm.  read on ao3

Happy birthday to the cutie-pie ria @gxldentrio

The first time Lily Evans meets him is at the self-checkout service at Tesco Extra. He’s got these tall, gangly legs that look like they could go on forever and (from what she can tell from the back of him anyways) an unruly bed of jet black hair.

And, if first impressions were anything to go by then he was also an absolute fool. Clumsy and, to be honest, bordering on idiotic.

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Dark Chocolate|1| M

Originally posted by gotjimin

Pairing: Jung Hoseok/Reader

Genre: Smut. Mild Fluff 

Words: 5,329

A/n: SO! This is my first ever smut and I feel a little weird about it. BUT! I think you may like it. This will have 3 parts with varying degrees of plot mixed in with the smut lol. Enjoy my little J-hoes! 

You smirked a little as you munched on your favorite treat, watching Hoseok pout at you while you sat on the counter. He ran his hands up your thighs, squeezing the soft muscle lightly and swiftly pulled them apart as you swallowed a gasp, smoothing out your expression as if this was nothing to you. He stepped in-between your legs, towering over you and put his hands on the counter on either side of you. He smiled like he knew you were only just pretending to be unfazed and licked his lips. His eyes stayed on your lips, only flicking them away to look longingly into your eyes.

“Baby, please?” He asked in an exaggeratedly cute voice. You held back your smile and shook your head. You took another bite and leaned away from him when he tried to take it from your fingers.

“Nope.” You said sweetly.

“I’ll make you come twice, tonight.” He bargained, leaning his forehead on yours and staring down at your lips as you bit them. You let your legs graze against his hip and you looked up at him with false innocence.

“Three times.” You countered in the same sweet voice as before.

“Deal.” He whispered, his lips brushing against yours, his tongue poking out to taste the chocolate that still clung to yours.

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on saving monies

ive been telling all my friends about this, but idk im hella excited so im gonna tell the internet. I think  @yocourt posted something a while ago on not using your debit card, and how it helps save money.



For the past month, on payday after i take care of rent, fill up my tank and buy groceries,  i withdraw a specific amount of money from my account. I make sure that i have enough food on me whenever i leave the house so that I’m not tempted to buy any food while im out. Whenever i think to buy anything, no matter what it is, I use cash. That makes me check myself, because

1. I have a limited amount of cash on me

2. I dont like running out of cash, so im always hesitant to use what i do have

It really just makes me be honest with myself like “Do you really need that?” And it really helps. So if you’re trying to learn how to budget and living check to check, this might help you.  Its really easy to swipe a card until you have $5 in your account and a week left to payday. I hope someone finds this useful. 

EXO Soulmate AU: [minseok accidentally running into your dressing room]

Originally posted by defbeoms

in the midst of running from fans at the shopping mall, minseok accidentally runs into your dressing room, which he thought was unoccupied. / oneshot / w. 635

Minseok speedily zipped through the shopping mall, ignoring the shouts of the angry shoppers he passed by.

The three young girls behind him did the same, not caring one bit that he was in flight mode.

They’d followed him around Hollister and a few other stores, continuing to do so even after he politely asked them not to. Because of this, the situation had escalated greatly, to a point where he was almost desperate for refuge.

He wouldn’t go as far as calling them sasaeng fans, but they had refused to leave him be after he took photos with them, so he was left with few other titles to use.

Noticing a large crowd forming around a the fountain, he charged right into it. Thankfully, this was when he was able to slow down a bit, seeing a Aeropostale shop right ahead.

Once inside, he headed straight for the dressing rooms, where he would wait things out for a few minutes or so — just long enough for the young ladies to forget about his presence.

He even ignored the clerk’s chirpy “How may I help you?” to do so, he was in such a hurry.

The first room he entered was thankfully unlocked, but not unoccupied.

“Excuse me?” You snapped in utter shock, holding your original top to your chest in order to cover your exposed upper half.

Minseok, still extremely panicked, held a finger to your lips.

“Shh,” he whispered, holding a finger to his own lips, “I’ll get you whatever you’re ready to purchase, you just really need to be quiet for a few minutes.”

“Or,” you made sure to keep a steady hand on your shirt and a quiet voice as you pried his finger away, “I could leave and it won’t be an issue anymore. Turn around for a second so I can put this back on and the room’s all yours, pal.”

He smiled in amsuement, but did as he was told.

“Did you just call me “pal”?“ He asked lowly.

“I believe so. What else would I call you? You haven’t told me your name yet and I’m still not one hundred percent sure that you won’t kidnap me.”

“You really don’t know who I am?”

He didn’t sound cocky or like you’d bruised his ego. He sounded genuinely surprised at your words.

“I might would if you told me your name,” you placed your arms on his shoulders and spun him around, so you wouldn’t have to ask him to, “Might also help if you told me why you invaded my changing room.”

“It was unlocked,” he pointed out cleverly.

“Shoot,” you snapped quietly to yourself, faking frustration, “What a pesky mistake on my part. Deepest apologies, sir.”

“I was running from fans,” he finally revealed. Minseok thought it better not to comment on your joking, which would clearly continue until he answered your prying comments.

“So you’re famous?” You raised an eyebrow, not waiting for his response, “I don’t want any part in that, really, but it makes me feel more tempted to accept your offer on buying me those jeans.”

“First, go check to see if they followed me in here,” he instructed gently while stepping aside.

“What do they look like?” You asked as you picked up everything you’d come in with.

“They’re girls.”

You rolled your eyes at his vague response.

“Specifics, please, pal.”

“Well, there were three of them — two blondes and a brunette. I was too busy running to notice anything else.”

You sighed and poked your head outside the tiny space, smiling triumphantly when the trio was nowhere to be seen.

“You’re good, I think. Just don’t quote me on that,” you informed him at a normal speaking tone, “Now chop chop, I have places to be and I’m sure you do too.”

Operation Strawberry: failed

“Nico! I can’t possibly do that! It wouldn’t be appropriate!” I exclaimed, shocked by the suggestion my butler just made.

“And why not? I did at least ten times…with Albert!” he responded unfazed.

“Dear Lord! I couldn’t possibly poison Giles just for a few days off really! What kind of person would I be?” I panicked

“ A person that gets what he wants! A person like me.” answered Nico looking straight into my eyes.

I suddenly didn’t really want to drink my tea anymore. I placed the cup back on the table and reflected on what Nico had just told me. Strategically speaking weakening an enemy to obtain victory was the best option. But we were talking about Giles. Apart the fact that I was convinced he was immortal I couldn’t possibly poison my adviser, my ally in front of all the bureaucrats. There had to be another way than poisoning and blackmailing him with the antidote to obtain a day off.

“Or we could still go back to operation honey pot?” suggested Nico with a frown.

“No the idea of using his weakness is perfect, but we picked the wrong one… We’re talking about Giles not Sid, so he won’t budge when it comes to women. That kinky royal adviser has a bigger weakness than those nice legs of mine.” I triumphally said.

Giles had a sweet tooth. Desserts were always his favorite part of the menu. He was worse than Nico really, but he had the skill to hide it very well. The only thing I had to do was to tempt him with a delicious chocolate-strawberry cake and strike while he was savoring him. By striking I obviously meant ask him to let me go on vacation, not literally strike him with a blade. Nico had somewhat misunderstood that.

Knowing my cooking was worse than my flirting skills, I went down town to buy the sugary bait. The baker was kind enough to help me personalize it a bit. It wouldn’t harm to make it seem like I made it, so I added a few blueberries and I nice message on top of it. Nico had remained at the castle to spy on our target. When I came back, he told me Giles had retired to his room for a little break. The timing was just to perfect. Sweet! (No pun intend.)

“A cake for me? But I just had lunch.” asked Giles surprised, but I just saw a sparkle in your eyes.

“But I went through so much trouble just to make it for you.” I pouted a bit.

“Fine! But just one bite.” he sighed and after a few minutes. “You still won’t go on vacation though.”

“But Giles, can’t you at least arrange for one day off. Please! I rea-“ I suddenly stop begging when I noticed Giles face was turning beat read.

He then started coughing and gasping for air. It was frightful sight and I immediately called for the doctor. After a while, Giles managed to whisper something: “Strawberries”.  That man could be saying his last word and the only thing he managed to say was a fruit’s name, why must his love for dessert take him away like this really? The doctor finally gave me some explanation regarding Giles’ cryptic message.

“It appears that he has an allergic reaction caused by the strawberries he just ate.”

“Will he recover? Will he…die?” I asked looking at Giles’ cheeks who were dramatically puffing up.

“I just gave him some medication. The swelling and the coughing should go away in a few hours.”

After he left, I decided to nurse him until he fell asleep. Giles had been mumbling a few words but because of his swollen cheeks, I understood “Bubble” which may have meant “Trouble”. I still can’t get over the fact that I accidentally poisoned him.

Side note: I can picture the princess poking his cheeks while he’s asleep :3 Also I hope it doesn’t bother anyone that I use the first person perspective (we say it like that in French but I don’t know the English term for it).

jsori1  asked:

You know it's extremely tempting to help provide extra food for you and your boyfriend :P Did wanna ask how far apart your weights are currently, and if you've got any ideas whether you'd like one of you to be bigger than the other? :)

We’re only 22lbs apart at the moment. I’m at 420 and he’s at 442. I wanna be the bigger one. He’s never really tried gaining. It just happens. I on the other hand… cost us allot of money buying food with the intention of gaining weight 😅😅😅

Post breakup cuddles

(A/N): I hope you’re doing better sweet anon 

Request:It’s the always present small, red headed trans man here. So, my boyfriend just broke up with me and I’ve been kinda down recently can I get a fix where Steve or Bucky is helping comfort the reader, I just need something really fluffy right now…

Warnings: none, mentions of a breakup

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

   You sniffle softly as you paw away at your permanently runny nose. Only a few days ago you had broken up with your boyfriend and to say you were hurting was putting it lightly. Tissues shrouded your bed and you had covered yourself in a mass of blankets, refusing to come out even for the most tempting offers (which had been Clint’s offer to go out and buy you some puppies and pizza). All you wanted to do was stay in bed and cry until you physically couldn’t any longer and then maybe you’d reconsider Clint’s offer. 

   He hadn’t been the only one to come and check on you, hell, Nat had threatened to break down your door if you didn’t let her in for five minutes. Even Tony and Thor had come in to check on you, just asking you some questions about how you were doing before leaving you once again. 

   Everyone was attempting to cheer you up but unfortunately nothing was doing the trick, you had remained in this constantly sad state since your breakup and that only made you feel worse. Everyone around you was attempting to make you feel better, try to include you in more and yet you remained depressed much to your disappointment and just to make matters worse it had began to rain. Most days you’d be elated at the sight of dark clouds and stormy weather but it was only adding to your depression today. Perhaps if you got up, got dressed, maybe went out- You snort at the mere thought of even leaving your warm bed, the almost comfort it brought you. So instead of getting up and doing something with your life you chose to snuggle down deeper into your messy bed, electing to ignore the world for now. 

   You must have fallen asleep because you suddenly jolt upright in bed, your mind hazy and foggy as you attempt to figure out just what in the hell had woken you up. A loud banging issued from your door, causing you to jump once again, nearly squeaking at the sudden surprise. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky’s all too demanding voice rings throughout your room, even though Bucky himself wasn’t in there with you. “Let me in…now,” His tone is dark and most definitely intimidating which is why you suddenly found yourself on your feet and by the door in a matter of seconds. You reach out to grasp the handle of your door only to stop halfway, your nerves getting the better of you. Oh god- what was Bucky going to think when he saw just what a mess you were? Was he going to be mad? Would he be disgusted? Would he- “(Y/N),” Bucky’s voice is nearly a growl at this point. “Open the damn door,” His dark tone is enough to convince you that your room doesn’t matter, not when Bucky was taking that tone with you. 

   You hastily open your door, quickly unlocking it before taking a step back, not wanting to be pummeled by Bucky’s apparent rage. You await your door to burst open, to reveal a seething Bucky but instead your door lightly creaks open and when Bucky finally walks in he doesn’t even look remotely mad, a stark contrast to the tone he had just been using on you. 

   “Sorry,” Bucky’s tone is much more soft now, sweet and nearly loving as he speaks to you. “I had to get you to open this door somehow,” He gives you a shy smile as he closes the door behind him, shutting it quietly so not as to disturb the peace of the tower. “So,” Bucky steps a bit closer to you, “You doin’ okay? No one’s heard from you in a few days,” You merely shrug your shoulders, dropping your gaze from his gorgeous face to the floor below you. 

   “I could be better,” You whisper softly, hoping that Bucky didn’t quite catch on to what you heard. Unfortunately that man had the ears of a goddamn hunting dog and he picked up on your words immediately. You can hear him sigh a quiet ‘oh god doll,’ before you’re quite suddenly wrapped up in his arms, the warmth and security of him wrapping around you like a blanket. 

   “Is there anything I can do to help?” You go to open your mouth to tell him, ‘I’m fine Buck, but thanks,’ or something like that but you suddenly become hyper aware of just how comforting Bucky’s touch was; A comfort you hadn’t felt in quite some time. 

   “I uh-” You trail off, getting lost in the small bit of pleasure that suddenly erupted around you as Bucky began to play with your hair, running his hand over it, smoothing over the knots that had accumulated. “Can you- can you just…” You trail off once again, a little too nervous to ask the question. “This is- this is good right here,” You whisper, perhaps a little too fast for anyone to comprehend and yet Bucky “I can crack any sentence apart” Barnes was able to figure it out. 

   “You just- you just want to cuddle?” Even Bucky sounds a bit embarrassed at the idea and you can’t help the small flame of embarrassment that floods through you. 

   “Never mind,” You begin to pull away, detaching yourself from Bucky’s warm embrace. “It was stupid and-” You were so close to getting free from the confines of Bucky’s arms when suddenly he yanks you back against him, nearly giving you whiplash at the speed. 

   “No, If cuddling helps you then cuddling is what you’re gonna get,” You smile against Bucky, melting against him a bit as you allow your walls to slowly come down, the walls you had built up since this little breakup you had. 

   “You know what?” You whisper as you press yourself against Bucky a little more, a bit desperate to feel his warmth and safety surround you once again. “I think I’d like that,” You can feel Bucky smiling against you and before you know it he’s wrapped you up even tighter, his arms providing a sort of shield from the rest of the world. 

   “You better get ready,” Bucky’s voice has dropped a few octaves, giving him an almost seductive like voice. “Cause I’m about to cuddle the fuck out of you,” 

Tips for Cosplaying on a Budget

We all do it. We all spend way too much on cosplay at a con or right before a con and lament our lack of funds. We vow to do better next time, but we don’t actually know how and we just keep spending money on these costumes. How do people with limited budgets actually do it without going broke? Well, I’m no expert, but here are some of the things that help me save.

Note: Some of this may look familiar. I’ve talked about it before, but not on here. ;)

  1. Sales, sales, sales. If you’re on a budget, the only time to shop is when there’s a sale. If your cosplay has smaller pieces, go for the remnants section at the fabric store. Those are usually at least 50% off, which is a wonderful discount. Sales can drop the price of something significantly. If the sale isn’t good enough, wait; there’s always a better sale.
  2. Coupons are your best friends. Y’know what I get excited about? Coupons to JoAnn’s fabrics. I get really excited. If I get a 50% off or 60% off coupon in the mail, I want to go buy fabric just to take advantage of the coupon. Not even joking.
  3. Connect with your local fabric store. In line with the previous two, this is how you keep updated on sales and access ALL THE COUPONS. I get the newsletter from JoAnn’s, I get coupons via text and mail, and they know me when I walk in so if there’s another coupon that can apply, they provide me with it.
  4. Check Goodwill. You won’t believe some of the stuff they have in there. I’ve seen bolts of fabric, even. And don’t be afraid to buy and cannibalize clothing! It costs $3, why shouldn’t you rip the seams and use it to make something new? Remember too that different Goodwills have different stock, so you should check out multiple ones. And they don’t just have clothing! All sorts of stuff gets donated. Seriously, great resource.
  5. Plan ahead. This is seriously the BIGGEST tip I have in this whole thing. If you plan your cosplay in advance, at least 3 months, you have the chance to shop sales and wait patiently. Ideally, plan at least 6 months in advance. Then you’re not rushing to finish, you’re not hurrying to try to find the fabric and spending more than you should, etc. I know it’s tempting to pick up last-minute cosplays - heaven knows I’ve done it, especially when it’s to hang out with friends in a group - but it’s not cost-efficient. If you’re willing to be patient, you can buy things only on sales and with coupons. This can halve your cosplay cost and cut the stress, too.
  6. Budget, budget, budget. Set money aside so it’s not an instant drain on your finances. Maybe set $10/paycheck to the side for your cosplay. If you have money left over when you buy stuff, great! Just don’t spend it out of the blue, or you may have sticker shock and receipt regret later. Budgeting is a very good friend of yours. It helps to have your cosplay funds in an envelope you set aside with cash, because then when the cash is all gone, whoops, no more money to spend right now. It keeps money separate and makes a clear designation. (Unless you’re like someone I know who spends all the cash they get.)
  7. Think outside the box. It’s easier a lot of times to just buy the expensive, really nice materials. It’s also tempting because, duh, nice materials. But nice materials are expensive, and sometimes you can’t afford that extra cost. Look for mundane alternatives. Test them out before hand. If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll have time to do your trial runs. Sometimes, the really nice stuff is necessary, or you want to splurge. And that’s fine too! But know your options, and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’ve given yourself plenty of time, you have plenty of time to do test runs and make sure it’ll work.
  8. Always bring references when you’re shopping for fabric. Do you know how frustrating it is to buy the wrong shade of fabric because your brain remembered it differently than the real deal?! Probably, you do. The way to avoid this is to bring in reference images. This also saves you money because you’re buying the fabric once, not twice. If you do accidentally buy the wrong shade, don’t throw it out! Use it for something else. And on that note….
  9. Always check your stash to see if you have something that will work. Need a lining fabric? Don’t go out and buy one just yet if the color’s not specific. Check your stock. Even things that aren’t technically lining fabrics can serve the purpose, and it’ll save you the cost of the lining fabric itself.
  10. Last, but definitely not least, measure twice, cut once. It’s an age-old adage, but it saves time, materials, and ultimately money. If you make 1000% sure you’re measuring right, you won’t run into issues later or be forced to buy more fabric. Yeah, we’ll all still make mistakes, but it’s a good habit to get into. I can’t count the times I’ve seen people (coughJ-Jocough) forget that seam allowances are a thing and cut on the line of the fabric. And then have to fumble and make tiny seams and somehow make it work but we can’t all have things miraculously work out (coughlikeJ-Jocough) when we screw up.

Those are my tips. 10 of them, to be exact. I hope they help you guys. I try to abide by these in my cosplaying, but I screw up too and get distracted by shinies. Good luck, dears!

:: 100 woozi headcanons ::

Hey there, lovelies ! It’s finally with-woozi’s first anniversary so in order to celebrate it, I decided to compile 100 headcanons that I have about Woozi. I hope you guys liked this little list of mine and I hope to hear some feedback from you guys. Please enjoy this gift from me, Admin Leen, to each and every one of you. Thank you ~

Disclaimer: This list is quite long and it will be written in lowercase. Also, this are my own opinions and is in no way a reflection of reality ((well, even if it is, it’s just a coincidence tbh)). Please take everything written here with a grain of salt ^^

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Summary: You need help buying a present for your friend. A cute and clumsy guy comes to your rescue. 
Pairing: Reader/Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Fluffity fluff
Words: ~2,000

I wrote this a few months back as a submission to be an admin on a fanfic scenario site. It was a request by someone on their site. However, I never heard back from the people, so I’m going to put it out there for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy a cute Park Jimin.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

“How could I forget? I’m so dumb,” you chastised yourself under your breath as you frantically shoved shirts aside on the rack. You were in such a state of panic you weren’t really paying attention to what was on the shirt, just looking for a color would catch your eye. You didn’t have time to be discerning.

You pulled out a pink sweatshirt with the word CHEESE embroidered on the front in blue. It was shirt that had English on it, it was his favorite color, and it was weird. It fit the criteria you were aiming for. However, it looked small. Were you even in the men’s section of the store?

You whipped around, your head jerking up to see if the section was labeled with a sign to let you know you were shopping in the right area. The sweatshirt swung around with you, caught on the corner of the clothes rack, and toppled it to the ground with a clatter.

It was loud, but nothing was broken, and no one was hurt. You apologized profusely as you helped an employee pick up the mess you made. You stuck the sweatshirt back on the rack and moved to another part of the store.

This was obviously the men’s section. There were two guys shopping here already, a tall older guy who was still giving you an angry look over the ruckus you made, and another shorter guy with his back to you. At long as he wasn’t shooting you a judge-y look, you were fine with not seeing his face. Although he did have a nice back. And it was about the size of your friend’s, if you squinted really hard and tilted your head just so.

You slapped your way through the hangers again, looking for something equally amazing as the CHEESE sweatshirt. You struck gold with a sky blue hoodie that proclaimed FLIRT in huge letters, and pizza in small letters below it. It was a gem.

It still looked small. You eyeballed the back of the guy again; he was taking his time, reading each shirt before he moved on to the next. He was definitely the same size as your friend, if not a tad bit bigger. If it fit that dude over there, it would fit your friend.

Biting your bottom lip, you decided not to contemplate it. If you thought about it too much, you would chicken out. Just do it.

You walked over, and instead of asking, you just held the shirt up against his back, hovering the cloth an inch away from him. Still, he must have felt your presence, because he whipped around, causing the metal hangers on the bar in front of him to screech in protest as his arm hit them. Your face went crimson, and you were sure that the tall guy over yonder was giving you the dirtiest of looks.

“What are you doing?” the guy you were holding the shirt up to asked.

His face was handsome, full lips, perfect cheekbones, amazing eyes. He looked startled, not upset, his brows drawn together with the question. You found yourself at a loss for words the moment his eyes locked with yours; he took your breath away.

“I…I,” you stammered unattractively. At this point, you counted yourself lucky you weren’t drooling. Somehow, after a few foolish seconds, you found your sanity again. You held out the shirt to his face. “I wanted to see if this would fit you,” you explained.

He looked at the shirt, then back at you, the corners of his lips barely dancing upward, hinting at a smile. “You were going to buy me a shirt?”

You blinked a few times. You were pretty sure those words never left your mouth, but when you replayed what you said in your head, you realized where he was coming from. Delayed, you shook your head. You wouldn’t be surprised if he thought you were slow. “No, I’m buying a shirt for my friend. It’s his birthday and I forgot to get him a present.”

His smile turned into a cute, confused frown. “I still don’t see how I fit into this,” he replied, looking at the shirt again.

You could feel the heat radiating off your face as your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. Your explanation wasn’t going well. “I mean, you look like you might be the same size and I really want it to fit…”

“Ahhh…” he said, nodding now that he understood. He took the shirt from you and held it up to his chest. “It looks a little small,” mused, holding the sleeves along the length of his arm. He was right; if he tried that on it would be pretty tight.

You toyed with the idea of asking him, since that wouldn’t be an unpleasant sight, but he was already hanging the shirt back up and going through a different rack. You walked over next to him, trying to get a peek at what he was rifling through, but unable to get a glance. He made a noise of disapproval before walking around to the other side of the rack. His leg jostled a table of hats as he brushed by, knocking a shelf off and sending snapbacks flying across the floor.

You tried to bend down to help pick them up, but the same employee was waving you away. You quickly joined your new friend, introducing yourself as he snicked his way through the hangers. After he told you how pretty your name was, you discovered his name was Jimin. He was thoroughly engrossed in trying to find you the perfect shirt to give to your friend.

After a few more moments of chatting and searching, he pulled out a white sweatshirt with the word SWEATSHIRT embroidered in large pink letters across the front. Ironic, hilarious, and it had pink. Perfect. Jimin held it up to himself and it seemed like it would fit perfectly. He laughed and gave a little twirl…which landed him near two sunglass racks.

He tried. He really did. It was a valiant effort that even a knight of the round table would have appreciated. But there was no stopping the fact that he had two left feet and his balance was, for the moment, extinct. He tripped. He staggered. He knocked over both racks.

The crash was deafening. Every person in the store, and probably some outside the store, turned to look at the two of you. Mr. Judge-y face was scowling, and the employee that was still picking up the hats off the floor dropped his head into his hands in disbelief. Sunglasses were still scattering across the floor as you stared down at the disaster in horror.

“Oops,” Jimin said, meeting your eyes with a panicked look. You both looked over to see someone very managerial-like coming toward you. Jimin dropped the sweatshirt on the ground and grabbed your hand as the two of you bolted from the store. He pulled you, running up the pathway, trying to put as much space between you, and the chaos the two of you had just created, as possible. After a few minutes, when you were safe, you both collapsed against a wall, chuckling hysterically.

You wiped tears from your eyes, clutching at your stomach with your other hand. “Oops,” you scoffed. “All that, and all you could say was ‘oops.’“ A giggling fit took over you again, leaving you unable to say anything more.

“I’m not usually that clumsy,” he said when you had both finally calmed down. “I think I’m just nervous.”

“Nervous?” you asked, finding that a funny word for him to be using.

“Yeah,” he said, and even though he was looking down at his sneakers, you could see the tops of his ears turn red. “You make me a little nervous.”

It was your turn to blush. Again. “I do?”

“Can we not talk about it?” he asked, still not meeting your eyes.

You were unable to contain the grin that spread on your face at his words. “Talk about what?”

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, but stood up from the wall, straightening his shirt. “About how I have to help you find a present for your friend. You’re running out of time, right?”

“Oh!” you looked at your watch, horrified that you had completely forgotten your friend’s birthday. “I have to be there in less than two hours.” And you still didn’t have a present.

“That’s why I’m going to help you,” he repeated, taking you by the shoulders and steering your down the sidewalk. “Tell me about this friend so I can help you pick out the perfect gift.”

The next hour was spent with the two of you in and out of stores, laughing at shirts, trying hats on Jimin’s head, getting distracted by shoe stores, and trying very hard not to knock anything over. At one point, he bought sparkly star stickers and you each had two on your face. There was a cute panda keychain that you kept coming back to, but you didn’t buy because you reminded yourself you were here for your friend. Though you did end up with a new pair of sandals, but they were justified because they were for work.

You finally found the perfect shirt and hat combo for your friend, spotted by Jimin’s keen eye. The pink t-shirt had Mickey Mouse on it, and said Prince Charming. The hat matched, with Supreme splashed across the front in white letters. You knew he would love it, but it actually all looked really good on Jimin. You were tempted to buy it for him to elicit one of his sunshine-like smiles, but he was still basically a stranger, so that might seem weird.

With just enough time to get to your friend’s party, Jimin walked you to the bus stop nearby. You faced him, unable to keep the grin from your face as he smirked at you. “Thanks for your help,” you said, daring to gently poke the star sticker under his left eye.

“Let me know the next time you need to go shopping,” he said. “I actually had a lot of fun today.”

You saw the bus coming, but you weren’t ready to leave Jimin just yet. Yet, if you missed this bus, you would miss the party. “How-“ You wanted to know how to get in touch with him, but you weren’t confident enough to ask for his number.

He was one step ahead of you. He held up his fist between the two of you; you were already in love with the crinkles around his eyes when he grinned. He opened his fist and the panda keychain you had been eyeing dangled from his fingers. “Don’t worry,” he said, putting the keychain in your hand. “We’ll keep in touch.”

The bus was stopping and you had to get on. With one last reluctant look at Jimin, you hopped on the bus, swiped your card, and plopped into a seat by the window. Jimin waved at you as the bus left, his eyes never leaving your face.

You looked down at the panda keychain in your hand. It was cool and metal, the enamel paint in white and black with a cute blue flower on the panda’s ear. You flipped it over and gasped, covering your mouth with your free hand. He had been right. You would be keeping in touch. His phone number was written on the back of the keychain.

You weren’t sure when he bought the panda, when or how he wrote on it, but it was a super sweet gesture. You couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across your face as you pulled out your phone, already dialing his number.

You guyssssss I need a new laptop and I need help figuring out what to buy.

On the one hand, I know a mac is a solid choice for running adobe creative suite, which is gonna be important for video editing, photoshop, after effects, etc.

On the other hand, I don’t luuuuurrrve macs I’m also really tempted to get a gaming laptop and start pc gaming? Is there a laptop thats good at performing adobe programs and games that isn’t like over 2 grand?

Pietro Maximoff birthday one shot for Sarah! 

Summary: Pietro is in love with a girl named Sarah and tries to throw her a surprise party. 

The one thing Pietro absolutely knew for certain was that he was in love with Sarah. He adored her but had no clue as to how he was meant to express these feelings for her – or if she even felt anything back for him, but he knew that if a man loved a woman, you were meant to do ‘extravagant’ things for them. That’s what he learned from American movies, anyway.

“And you are sure that it’s her birthday tomorrow?” Pietro asked Tony Stark for the fifth time, still feeling uncertain. Tony held the bridge of his nose, focusing on more important things but gave a bleak smile.

“Yes, I am certain. I’ve already sent out the invitations and you have to get her here by 6:30pm. Are you still sure you want to be the one to make a cake for her?”

“Yes. You said that no one will want to eat cake but Sarah likes cake so I will make it for her.”

Tony paused, looking up from his robotic items that were sitting on the lab table and raising an eyebrow at Pietro.

“Do you even know how to make a cake?”

The Sokovian boy shrugged, “it can’t be that hard.”

“Right, well… try not to blow up your oven.”

Pietro gave a small laugh, beginning to walk away but not before saying, “you need an oven to bake a cake?”

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i know it might seem really tempting to clear out your lair but let them work and buy dragons they really want! dragons aren’t that all expensive anymore they don’t need us giving them ones~

Things that are helpful are:

+Food - to feeed the dragons

+ a little bit of tr - to expand or buy the dragons

+ apparel - to dress the dragon

+familiars - to bond with

+ battle stones - for the coli

the last thing they honestly need is dragons there’s so much thats a lot better! If you are gonna give them dragons, give them exalting dragons and teach them the good way of exalting stuff.

EDIT: Just to clarify i mean don’t pawn off your dragons on newbies, if they see a dragon they love in your lair thats for grabs and you want to give it to them great! but dont make a thread with all your exalt fodder to fling at the newbs

elixyrss  asked:

Hi bby 💖 I was wondering if you had any tips for getting a flat stomach, like toning it? I don't have any access to a gym so preferably something I could do at home. I have a little pouch I would love to get rid of. Thanks love!

Hey doll  💖  I do work outs from fitnessblender on youtube I like them they burn which is good my stomach is quite naturally flat though because I’m tall and have a long torso so I’m bony but no matter your size someone with the flattest stomach in the world would still have a belly in anything tight, skirts and dresses, it’s inevitable because your stomach naturally sticks out when your breath out and because of your organs, so there’s nothing naturally you can do, It’s a given I know but most people forget that because everybody has a flat stomach on pictures but it’s called shoulders, back, chest out and breath in that’s what we all do in photos, and spanx is what people to stick it in to like kim kardashian :) so remember don’t be distracted by the fact you have a belly in a dress because it’s just the way it supposed to be.

Also drinking your daily recommendation of water makes the biggest difference to your stomach it helps digest the food properly, constant dehydration causes bloating, that’s why they say drink loads of water or take water tablets during the time of the month. Most people don’t drink enough water for them (everybody needs a different amount of water, I think it’s to do with weight and body type) and know what your eating, like for me anything wheat, bread, pasta they make me bloated if I eat to much for me so I don’t eat it often, make sure you not having to much salt or sugar, I personally don’t like the taste of salt anyway so i don’t add it in food like most people because most food has natural salt in it anyway, but I have sweet tooth so sugar is my problem. So I made slight changes I don’t have coffee anymore instead green tea with one sugar, I just drink water now, then have fruit through out the day so I don’t crave sugar, Strawberries are a good replacement for anything sweet and red grapes oh and mango :) so stock up on fruit so you don’r run out and feel tempted to eat chocolate or anything…..but I’ll have like a desert, Ice cream or a chocolate eclair and cream on a sunday because my mum buys them for us, you don’t have to starve yourself of what you want but most people just eat out of boredom not really because they want it, so yeah I hope that helps :)  💖

anonymous asked:

I used to not eat that much but I started to eat 1200 calories a day.. Which is a lot more than what I usually ate, and honestly I'm pretty full and satisfied when I eat around that. Is that ok? Of course it's healthy foods and portion control :) and also do you have any tips on trying not to binge, how often can you treat yourself?

I think it’s good thing to gradually increase your food intake, yes. Keep pushing yourself, I don’t know your stats but the recommended amount for an average woman is around 2000 calories. I’m having a treat-day once a week and I think that’s good. Here’s some tips on how to avoid binge eating and I think number 14 is really important:

  1. Deep Breathing – Slow down and remain calm. Soon you’ll be able to think more clearly.

  2. Drink Water – Fill your stomach so there’s less/no room for food.

  3. Face Your Fear – Overeating to ease stress won’t help. Your problems will still be there!

  4. Exercise – You’ll feel so good that you won’t want to ruin your mood by overeating.

  5. Walk It Off – The fresh air and good weather will ease any stress.

  6. Ditch The Temptation – Throw out any tempting food. Next time, buy one piece of it or go without.

  7. Be Rewarded – Outline the rewards you’ll get for not overeating e.g. new shoes if you don’t binge for two weeks.

  8. Save Money – Binge eating is expensive. Remember your finances before you clear out the fridge!

  9. Motivate Yourself – Find out how success stories and collages will motivate you to success.

  10. Dear Binge Eater – Write an ‘I promise not to overeat‘ letter to yourself. Read it everyday.

  11. Feel Good Now, Feel Bad Later - Overeating feels good now, but you’ll regret it later.

  12. Dear Diary – Update your diary or journal. Venting your frustrations makes them easier to resolve.

  13. Support Groups – There’s always someone else who’s been there. Don’t be afraid to get help!

  14. Diet Break – Take a break from weight loss or weight gain until you’ve improved your relationship with food.