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Some oooold stuff from Same Old World. This was my first time drawing Lapis, so it was pretty daunting. I ended up liking how the episode came out, though, thanks to everyone else’s amazing work down the line. 

In this first shot of Lapis I really wanted to capture how Steven’s presence takes her out of her misery, so I got into posing out that mental transition, also drawing her wings and hair *_* I love Steven’s moments with the Homeworld gems… I think there is something very fragile, exciting and sweet about his relationships with these characters that very recently turned a new leaf.

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Ok so it's the same girl that told you about meeting Mike Faist on my school trip hi. So all we asked him about was how he got on broadway and stuff. Just innocent questions from about 45 teens and about 5 teachers all of us crammed into a dance studio. All I remember was how nice and humble he was and how he would giggle and clam up when we told him how excited we were to see the show. And then we saw the show and saw how Connor Murphy screamed FUCK a thousand times. Drastic difference. LuvHim

He’s a pretty cool guy! I remember he was really sweet at stage door when I saw it. I’m glad you got the chance to do the Q&A with him

Historical Figures...high school au

This is really stupid but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Please indulge me.

George Washington: That one teacher whom everyone respects and no one really wants to get on his bad side because holy hell he’s scary. Hamilton tries his hardest to be the teachers’ pet, but everyone knows that Lafayette is his favorite. He just wants to retire.

Alexander Hamilton: President of the debate club and the oratory club. Was a member of the chess club until James Madison kept beating him. Constantly doing menial tasks for Mr. Washington. Hates Thomas Jefferson with a passion, but only because everyone thinks Jefferson is a better writer than he is (which may or may not be true.) Everyone wants to date him until they realize how insufferable he is. Voted most attractive 4 years in a row.

Aaron Burr: Hamilton’s friend, but only outside of the debate club. In debate club they are bitter enemies. Takes women’s history as an elective. Mr. Washington utterly despises him. Jefferson utterly despises him. Madison is..indifferent to him. He tries his best. Constantly dealing with the consequences of Hamilton being unable to  shut his damn mouth.

Ben Franklin: Wins the science fair every damn year. Has about 7 different girlfriends at once and is always skipping classes to…do…things…with them. Not the most attractive but hot damn he’s always somehow getting laid. Really close with all of the foreign exchange students. Too close. Really wanted the school mascot to be the turkey.

The Marquis de Lafayette: The French Foreign exchange student who everybody LOVES. Seriously, they all think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only one who can make Mr. Washington smile. He isn’t very fluent in English so he really doesn’t understand why everyone is so close to him all the time but he really enjoys having so many friends.

John Adams: Eternally pissed off at something or someone. Student body President although no one really understands how he won the election. Constantly arguing with Hamilton over how the student government should be run, even though they basically have the same ideas. Manic-depressive and spends all his free time in the library getting yelled at by the librarian for being too loud. People make fun of him behind his back but he pretends not to notice. Jefferson’s boyfriend.

Thomas Jefferson: That one weird kid that no one really hates but no one really talks to either. Spends all his time in the library, pretending to pay attention to Adams’ ranting. He’s an incredible writer but tends to have panic attacks when he needs to speak out loud. Is reading all the time. Reads in class. Reads during gym. Reads in the bathroom. Has no fashion sense at all. Brings macaroni and cheese for lunch every damn day. Sometimes brings his pet mockingbird to school. Never leaves his best friend, James Madison’s side.

James Madison: Best friends with Thomas Jefferson. Is out sick all the time, but is somehow still at the top of all of his classes. Very very small, but never bullied because he spends most of his time camping out in the library with Jefferson and Adams. He and Adams don’t really like each other much, but put up with each other out of their mutual care for Jefferson. Used to be friends with Hamilton but they don’t really talk anymore. Spends all of his lunch money on ice cream. Literally the smartest kid in school, which really pisses Hamilton off.

Richard Henry Lee: That one kid who’s always late or running in the halls but none of the teachers can really get mad at him because he’s so damn sweet. Excited about literally everything. Isn’t very smart, but he tries his best. He’s on every single sports team and is constantly doing parkour to get to classes. Very depressed but very good at hiding it. Everyone’s friend, no one’s best friend. Once ate everything in the vending machine on a dare.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko: The other foreign exchange student that no one remembers. No one can pronounce his name. Always building complicated stuff in shop class.

a sportarobbie consider the following

sport is so polite and sweet that he asks before initiating a n y t h i n g
he wants to smooch? ask robbie first
hold hands? permission must be had
stroke hair? make a wild guess
but one day he just goes for it without thinking and while robbie’s surprised he’s also really excited that his boy is comfortable enough to know it’s okay to do that stuff

Oh boy, here we go! What a finale! I’m so so excited for next season (looks like we’re finally gonna see Homeworld! And learn a bunch of stuff!) Let’s go bit by bit so I don’t miss anything (or, well, to reduce the amount of stuff I forget I wanted to mention, haha), so this’ll be a little long

It’s funny that Steven is eagerly awaiting new pants when he always wears the same pants. And also it’s really sweet of Amethyst to offer to hang out by the mailbox for the delivery so Steven can go do something else to take his mind off it.

Also also, it’s just. Way Too Cute how Garnet and Pearl are making a sandcastle for crabs. Like, not for Steven’s benefit, since he wasn’t there, but just for their own enjoyment. They’re so enthused about it and Pearl excitedly shows it off to Steven and Amethyst and it’s just. I can’t help thinking about how these are ancient alien warriors just getting so much joy from building a tiny castle for crabs. It’s so cute. I love them so much.

I like to think Onion had brought Sour Cream to meet his seasonal friends and that’s why Sour Cream already knows about that spot in the woods.
Also, like, we already knew Sadie was an adult but I don’t think the show has really stated it plainly, just implied (specifically in “Sadie’s Song” when they were talking about her birthdays), so that’s cool.

I liked the bit where they all attempt to draw Aquamarine based on Steven’s description. I love knowing how characters would draw, I think it says a lot about their personality. 

Connie - Anime-style, ‘cause of course, with guidelines and asymmetrical eye sizes (just, totally how I drew at that age)
Amethyst - “going for a feeling” impression not really accurate but still with all the important details (wings, eye gem), also it appears to be a dog
Pearl - Says she can’t draw but drew a very detailed drawing that is also way overdramatic and fancy. Also she’s the only one who signed her drawing
Garnet - Drew herself, because she loves herself. Can’t argue with that and also it’s an adorable self-portrait.

I quite like Aquamarine and Topaz, I was thinking we’d probably see a small Gem like Aquamarine soon, since they kinda teased that in “Adventures in Light Distortion”. I’m curious what the specific role of an Aquamarine is, since Pearl is very freaked out by the mention of one and comments that she and Topaz must’ve been specifically sent by the Diamonds. Plus, that wand of hers is really powerful. Also she makes mention that she has perfect memory, which is potentially significant. Topaz is interesting, the way she sticks the humans in her fusion is mildly horrifying. I like her ‘headphone’ style gems, which also kinda look like the warp pads?

I think calling back to “Marble Madness” when Steven made the list of humans was really clever and I gotta give props to the crew for that! Also I loved seeing Alexandrite again, even if it was just for a little bit

Anyways, yea, super super excited for the next episodes! I reckon we’re gonna learn a whole lot from this adventure, about Gems, about Homeworld, and about Rose Quartz. Can’t wait!

Along for the Ride – Prompto x Fem!Reader // Chapter 1: Photoshoot

Word Count: 3666 
Adult Themed but SFW (Later chapters will be entirely NSFW. We’re building to it. I’m a sucker for sexual tension, ok?)
Reader specifics: She has some sort of fashion color in her hair. It can be any color(s), in any amount, but it’s there. 2. She has a small tattoo on her right bicep. That is all. :D

Author’s Note: This little chapter was what started my journey into Prompto hell. It has since taken over my entire damn life and it’s all thanks to someone else’s photoshoot one shot. It was fine, but it left me un satisfied. I’ve tried my hand at modeling before, so the flow just felt inorganic. I also just couldn’t wrap my head around (the canon version of) Prompto just banging a chick he just met during a photoshoot. So I was like…I’m an ok writer…I could write it…then I needed it…and before I knew it, I was neck deep into 9 chapters and I now have an overarching plan to fix the end of the damn game. (Facepalm) I’ve been consumed.

I ALMOST didn’t post this. I’ve been reeling, trying to make it perfect. Then my dumb ass muse was like, “PREQUEL!” 

Then it was like, “ONE SHOTS!” and I started like 4 that are currently incomplete because I keep going back to this damn chapter and fixing it. If I don’t just post this, I’m going to find a reason not to. 

So here you go my lovely Prompto fans. I hope you enjoy it.


(If I tagged you, it’s because I’m pretty sure you appreciate Prompto. I hope that’s ok!!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾)

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Saeran x Yoosung

Fuck yeah how’d you know

Right before Valentines Day💓:


  • Poor Baby
  • He can’t hide anything from Saeran
  • Especially not those chocolates obviously hiding on top of the fridge
  • He’s literally shaking every time he sees Saeran
  • He needs to keep the secret of everything he got him until Valentines Day oh boy


  • He’s pretty nervous himself 
  • He REALLY does not want to ruin everything 
  • He found a good hiding place for everything 
  • And accidentally found Yoosung’s hidey hole lolol 
  • He just pretended like he didn’t see any of it so he wouldn’t hurt his feelings 
  • A nervous wreck February 13th

Valentines Day 💓-

  • They were both so nervous it was actually adorable
  • Saeran had gotten a large bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a hand written note for Yoosung.
  • Yoosung got an extra large box of chocolates for Saeran, a little stuffed bear, and a card.
  • Now don’t get too excited about the note or card lol
  • Saeran’s said in literally the worst possible handwriting ‘I love you a lot and I didn’t know I had to show it by buying you shit valuable things in February. But here you go.’ At least he tried
  • Yoosung’s was one of those really sweet pre-made ones and he just signed his name as neat as he could at the bottom
  • They were both blushing when Yoosung went over to Saeran’s house to give him his stuff
  • “So… Um… Here.”
  • “Thanks?? What the hell is this?”
  • Saeran held up the stuffed bear.
  • “Oh. I won it at an amusement park for uh you…”
  • “Oh.” He loves it but he’ll never admit it. It’s still in his room on his bed.
  • He read the card without saying anything and put it with the bear to keep forever.
  • Also, you couldn’t even stop him from eating right then. He ate his chocolates as Yoosung got his stuff lol
  • “Uh… Here’s the things I got you.”
  • “Thanks.”
  • Yoosung read the note first and thought it was sweet so he kept it. 
  • And he loved the flowers so he put them in his room
  • “Thanks Saeran~”
  • He smiled and hugged him
  • Saeran hugged back
  • “Yeah… Thank you too.”
  • “Did you just thank me for something???”
  • “…No.”
  • They didn’t actually go anywhere, they just hung out in Saeran’s bedroom eating chocolate for the rest of the day.

my aesthetic: adam and ronan both being Smug AF because everyone thinks they have the Hottest, Most Amazing Boyfriend

adam’s college friends being utterly dumbfounded when ronan shows up one weekend all tattooed and muscley in a pair of expensive, ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket, looking like he stepped out of a damn punk fashion magazine or something. “you said he was a farmer.” “you said he had a kid.” “you said he nearly got kicked out of high school.” “you didn’t say he was so hot. i mean, he’s scary-hot, but still hot.” “damn, you’re one lucky guy, parrish.” adam’s just enjoying all the reactions, because he’s kind of been looking forward to this exact moment all semester long. ronan’s kind of a dick at first, of course, but he warms up to them and pretty soon they’re all laughing hysterically because ronan is fucking hilarious, and he has the wildest stories, seriously, parrish, where did you find this guy. and eventually when he starts drunkenly reciting latin poetry, everyone just groans, because, like, of course he’s a secret genius too. and so adam’s boyfriend is granted instant legend status. adam just smiles at him proudly all night and ronan just says appreciatively “your friends are assholes. i like them.”

ronan’s farmer friends take one look at adam and they’re like “you didn’t say your ivy league boyfriend was a model.” “he sure is pretty.” “you could cut glass with them cheekbones.” they ask about him all the time when he’s away at college and ronan can’t help but brag a little about his achievements so they tell him how proud they are of how well he’s doing while adam looks simultaneously touched and bemused. they jokingly ask ronan what a grump like him did to snag such a nice, sweet, well-mannered boy and he just rolls his eyes but murmurs “i ask myself that every day.” adam just says “he’s not all bad” with a wry smile. most of their kids (opal’s friends) are basically in love with him; they think he’s so handsome and smart and cool. he tells him about all the exciting stuff he’s working on at school and talks to them about science and space and robots and all the stuff he was interested in when he was a kid and ronan is Melting into a puddle of goo. “you’re really great with them” he tells him later. and adam blushes and says “stop.” and ronan’s like “no, you’re fucking amazing. i really do wonder how i got so lucky every single day.” and adam just looks at him for a moment and quietly says “me too. this is all i’ve ever wanted.” and ronan says “i’m happy.” and adam says “me too.”

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I need more phandom tumblrs to follow. Got any suggestions??

oml,,,, i’m actually really excited for this question bc i have so many good blogs that i follow and everyone is wholesome, makes great content, and have super funny meme posts and textposts (phan related ofc) (consider this a mini ff?)

my favorite gif makers: @huphilpuffs @fallinghowell @lstcr @dnpsb @pseudophan @theylikeboys @theanomex @asteroidphil @danisnotoffice @arcticlester 

my favorite story tellers: @cafephan @wavydanrises @elliesfics @ineverhadmyinternetphase 

super-sweet people (who also make lovely stuff): @glowinghowell @princephil @singaporeditl @phillybeans @wispyphil @rebranddaniel @writerdan @akilahthegreat @dangoghs @oops-phan 

favorite artists: @cringe-attacks @huilens @creamphilled @palephantom @dawniel @backin2009 @phantheraglama @beeken @gryphll

faves who make my dash poppin’: @amazedhowell @sleeplessphilip @philester @phillesterdaily @dimplydan @dailyphan @danisnotonfires @boncasphan @dansucc @lcssamazingphil @phanwhom 

(ik i’m missing people but all these blogs are gr9) 💕

Happy WEEK SIX of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! I have the biggest list thus far for you guys this week - 20 fics are on it!! I’m going to have to use a cut for this one, hahaha. I’m calling this my ‘hunting week’ because I searched around a lot for these fics - please, writers make my life a little easier and tag me in your stories please!! If you care for my sanity, that is.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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Regarding College AU questions:

I get super stoked to answer questions for it, please ask anything any time! I love to talk about this ‘verse with people! :)

BUT sometimes I don’t answer for 2 reasons: 

1. I’ve already answered the question multiple times (ex. What’s the endgame ship? It’s Mc/Hanzo. )

2. The answer is coming up in future updates and I don’t want to completely spoil it. 

Usually if the asker is off anon I can let them know there’s more info in the future, but when it’s on anon I don’t want to keep clogging people’s dashboards up with a million posts saying “check back later” since there’s no private answering there. So if you’ve asked me something and I never got back to you, I’m really sorry! I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t have a means of telling you I’m working on something similar to what you’re asking. All I can say for now is thanks for being patient with me!

Also, thank you to everyone who’s sent me such sweet and kind messages, they make me so happy and get me excited to work on stuff. I really appreciate them so much, and I hope everyone who’s sent them has a really good day!

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I love you blog and your art, it's so sweet and good. I was super excited to see you reblogged the giant gender thing I submitted to WADTT, and I'm really really sorry that you're getting anon hate over the fact that I used the word queer in it (to self-identify! pls calm down, internet). I hope your day is otherwise excellent, thank you for blogging about your lovely animals. <3

OH please don’t worry about that! I really enjoyed your post - it touched on a lot of stuff that should seem obvious, but that I’d never thought of before.

the anon hate stopped being a big deal after I grew some muscles in my blocking finger, & everything seems to have died down today. thanks for sending this! 

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Hello ! The scenario for Hanamiya was so great, I read it like ten times during my finals week 😂 It made me feel better ! Anyway, can I request a scenario where Bokuto crush is very shy and quiet. Like, how he make his crush open up to him and basically how they end up together ? Thank you in advance ♡

Hi luv! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Hanamiya scenario and that it helped you feel better during such a stressful time. Hope you did well on those finals! So, so sorry this took me so long to get done! I hope it’s worth the wait and that you enjoy it. I do so love this sweet, hyper active owl boy!

Kotaro Bokuto – Will You Be My Manga-tine?

While sitting in your homeroom waiting for class to begin you quietly read the latest manga of your favorite series. It’s just getting to a really intense part when a loud voice says near your ear, “Hey! Hey! Hey! You like ______ too? It’s my favorite!”

Turning your head, you start violently when you find intense gold eyes peering into yours; Bokuto.

Smiling weakly, you nod, turning your head back to continue reading. Thankfully he doesn’t say anything else, just takes his seat as the bell rings which prompts you to put your book away. Focusing on the teacher, you fail to notice Bokuto’s eyes remaining on you.

From his seat, he has a perfect vantage point of you, the girl he’s had a crush on since the beginning of the year. Akaashi can’t understand his fascination with you.

“She’s the complete opposite of you in every way, Bokuto, what could possibly draw your interest to her?” the setter asked as they walked home from school and the ace finally confessed he wanted to ask you out but didn’t know how.

“I know! That’s what’s so crazy but I can’t help it! I really, really like her Akaashi!”

That was a week ago and he still hasn’t gone through with asking you on a date. For all his brazen, outgoing persona, the thought of confessing to you makes his jaw lock up and words get jumbled in his throat. Sighing, he rests his head in his hand, racking his brain on what to do.

Needing to run an errand that day for his mom, he deviates from his normal route into the shopping district. Coming upon the shop where he buys his own mangas, he sees an advertisement that the creator and author of the series you and he both like will be coming to the store on Saturday to meet fans and sign autographs.

“That’s perfect!” he shouts to no one rushing home and completely forgetting the reason he came to this area at all. His mom is not pleased, but he promises to make it up to her because he’s going back on Saturday.

The next morning at school, he bounds across the courtyard, his eyes shining even brighter than usual.

“What’s got you so excited?” Akaashi asks.

For answer, Bokuto flashes up a flyer of the shop event. “I’m going to ask ______-chan to go with me to this! It’s perfect because she likes the same manga as me so we’ll have something to talk about!”

“If you can get her to talk, if you haven’t noticed, she’s pretty shy and mostly quiet Bokuto. I suggest not getting your hopes up too high.”

Momentarily deterred, Bokuto’s expression drops slightly but it’s back the next second when he decides he isn’t going to give up. “I really like her, Akaashi so I’m going to try.”

This morning is a repeat of yesterday; you reading and Bokuto startling you out of the story but this time it’s because he thrusts the flyer between the pages of your book and your face. When your eyes come into focus, they widen slightly.

As you turn your gaze to his face, Bokuto can see you’re wearing a small smile. “I’m planning on going, do you want to come with me?” he asks simply and you nod. He holds in his hoot of jubilation, remembering Akaashi’s advice to simmer down a bit around you but his smile is wide and beaming. “Great! Um, here, let me get your number so we can figure out details,” he goes on taking out his phone. You hesitate for a moment but then figure there’s no harm; Bokuto may be loud and obnoxious sometimes but he’s actually quite nice. He just makes you nervous because he’s so…so Bokuto. That and he’s rather attractive which just adds to your feeling of inadequacy.

The end of the week cannot come fast enough for Bokuto and when Saturday morning dawns he’s already up, running to the train station to meet you. You both decided it best to get there before the doors open in case there’s a long line. As he rushes around the corner, he sees you standing on the platform.

“______-chan! Good morning!” he shouts.

You wince, still waking up and drinking your tea but send a shy wave to him. As you wait for the train, Bokuto bounces on the balls of his feet. How does he have so much energy? And this early in the morning? Finally, your train pulls in and you board but before you can grab hold of a handle it starts with a jerk, sending you flying forward. However, your downward trajectory is halted by a strong arm around your waist. With a firm tug, Bokuto sets you upright, though now your back is pressed to his chest.

Behind you, Bokuto hopes and prays you can’t feel his heart racing. You’re in his arms…you’re in his arms and he’s internally screaming! Never mind it’s because he was helping to make sure you don’t get hurt, never mind the fact you have no clue he likes you as much as he does; you’re in his arms and he knows more than ever now how much he wants to keep you there.

“Th…thanks, Bokuto-san,” you stammer out. You can feel his breath on the back of your neck, the warmth of his body entirely too inviting. If you don’t move now he’s going to think you’re a freak! But when you make a move to extract yourself he tightens his grip ever so slightly.

Just as you’re about to question him, he lets go, saying, “Sorry, just wanted to make sure you had your footing.” Of course, why else would he have hung on? Because he wanted to? Ridiculous.

As you slip free of his grasp Bokuto already misses the feel of your body next to his. You’re soft and feminine and pretty and gosh darn it he wants to hold you again but properly this time! Should he…should he confess now? But no, he just said something incredibly stupid; you probably think…well, he actually has no clue what you think.

When you arrive to your stop, both of you are rather quiet, retreated into your own thoughts. It’s a new side to Bokuto you’ve never seen before and all your self-doubt crops up again; does he regret bringing you because your clumsiness made things awkward? Should you make an excuse to leave so he can enjoy the signing?

Before you decide one way or the other, Bokuto does it for you. “Come on, ______-chan, let’s hurry!” Unthinkingly, he grabs your hand, tugging you along at a hurried pace. When you round the corner and see the shop you find there is already a rather long line. Stepping into it, you stand side by side, the silence from before returning.

It’s doesn’t last long, however, when Bokuto looks at you and asks, “So, what did you think of that last chapter?”

The next three hours fly by in a whirl of conversation, you and Bokuto talking about your favorite characters, story lines, how much you wish the next season of the anime would come out!

“We should watch it together,” he says enthusiastically making you almost stop breathing. He…he wants to spend more time with you?

“Yeah, that would be fun,” you respond taking another step forward as the line moves.

Eventually, you reach the signing table, meeting the creator (who is very nice) and getting your books autographed. After a quick picture, you thank them and peruse the shop, Bokuto sneaking away to buy you a keychain he saw you eyeing. When you went back to get it, you were disappointed it was gone and he had to stifle his laughter. He wasn’t ready to give it to you yet.

“Do you mind if we make a quick stop a couple blocks over?” he asks as you walk out of a café having just finished lunch. “I promised my mom I’d pick up some stuff for her.”

You smile; it’s sweet that he’s so helpful. “That’s really nice of you Bokuto-san,” you say falling into stride with him. You’re much more comfortable with him now, surprised he was able to get you to open up so much. Usually you stay mum about your passion for manga and anime but with Bokuto it just felt natural to talk; he actually seems interested in what you have to say.

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, since I was so excited about asking you to go to this today I kinda forgot to get the stuff for her earlier in the week.”

His words make you stop in your tracks and when he realizes what he just said Bokuto’s eyes widen even more. Turning around, he decides now is as good a time as any to tell you how he feels. Stepping closer to you, he reaches out and takes your hand. When you don’t pull away, he sighs inwardly in relief.

“______-chan, I…I’ve been trying to think of a way to tell you…but…I…I really like you…a lot and I would love it, if you’d go out with me,” he confesses.

You’re stunned to silence, mouth hanging open slightly.

“______-chan?” he asks and you blink.

“Yes?” you reply.

“Yes?! You mean you’ll go out with me?” he asks excitedly squeezing both your hands.

You’d meant it as an indication for him to continue speaking but then realize he’s been silent waiting for your answer. And though you’re a nervous (but excited) wreck about the prospect of dating him, you actually appreciate his enthusiasm.

“Yes,” you say more confidently, “I’ll go out with you.”

Throughout the rest of the day filled with errands, an impromptu movie date (“Two dates in one day! This is awesome!” Bokuto shouts making you laugh) and an early dinner, he doesn’t let go of your hand. At the end of the day, he insists on walking you home. When you arrive, he hugs you tightly. “See you on Monday,” he says, kissing your hand then turning it over to place in your palm the keychain you’d wanted.

You surprise him and yourself when you fling your arms back around his neck, hugging him tightly. “Thanks for the great day,” you whisper before pulling back and heading in your house. Outside, Bokuto is on cloud nine, running the entire way back to the station to try to expend some of his energy.

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In FE:A after Grima is defeated and all the awakening kids are born, how do you think their personalities would differ from the kids in the "bad future" timeline? (since their personalities were shaped from the war/ death of their parents)

Ooh, this is interesting. I haven’t read a lot of the characters’ supports with their unchanging parent for a while so I apologize if some details are off. 

Lucina: She’d be quite different. I very much see the best summation of Lucina’s personality as “child who grew up too fast.” Good timeline Lucina wouldn’t have this Lucina’s aloofness to the same degree (though she’s chrom’s child so maybe that’d still be there haha), and certainly would wear a smile around and be a lot more energetic/not serious. She’d still sort of have a hero-worship mentality around her dad though, haha. 

Owain: …I forget the canon explanation for his over-the-top hamminess. I think good-timeline owain would still have it, though, and I don’t think in the end his personality would be much different. He’d still want to be a legendary hero like his ancestors. 

Inigo: This depends on whether Olivia gives him the “talk to girls to get over your shyness” spark. If she did I think his personality would proceed similarly though he’d allow himself to be more vulnerable with people and allow his smile to drop if he’s not feeling happy, since people don’t rely on it the same way they did with bad timeline Inigo. If Olivia doesn’t give him this since she learned of it, he’d be very outwardly different, shy much like Olivia,  though I think his doofy core would be pretty much intact.

Brady: Oh he’d be even more of a Mama’s boy than bad timeline Brady is. It’s possible that since Maribelle has more time with him that she actually is able to iron out more of his, er, curtness. 

Kjelle: …Can’t see her being much different, she’s still Sully’s daughter and still gonna get ripped as hell for Severa to stare at. 

Severa: I think, after Cordelia’s exposure to bad timeline Severa, she’d be much more careful in how she raised her and the people/ideas she was exposed to. I think Severa would turn out with a much decreased set of insecurities and inferiority complex, and some of her tsundere-ness would probably be gone too. She’d allow people to see her genuinely happy, at least. She’d still be sweet and protective of Noire and people like her and I think she’d still get very shy at praise. 

Gerome: No more batman. He’d openly be his dorky, wyvern-loving self. 

Yarne: Well, he’d obviously be a bit less jittery and concerned about the last-of-his-species thing seeing as Ylisse is at peace, but it’s still something that’d cross his mind from time to time. Otherwise I think he’d be mostly unchanged.

Laurent: …I can see almost no possible differences. Maybe he’s a bit less emotionally distant. Though not likely considering his mom. Side Note I really like to HC that Laurent was super short, the shortest of the group whenever they traveled back but over the 5 years he spent in the good timeline before he’s found he sprouted up. 

Cynthia: Hmm… I seem to recall her harvest scramble convo with Severa saying that her hero stuff only started after Sumia’s death. So that’d probably be at least diminished, perhaps she’ll turn out just a bit more openly girlier. However she’d still be very excitable and clumsy and still want to be a pegasus knight like her moms and i think she’d still get along great with the Justice Cabal. 

Noire: Whew. This really all depends on Tharja. If bad timeline Noire’s support convo with and presence with her curbs a lot of her abusive tendencies, I think she’ll turn out fine. She’d still be a very sweet and timid kid but wouldn’t have the split personality. She might find her mother’s hexes and dark magic a little scary but nothing beyond that.  she’ll also fall in love with the good timeline severa who would have a very similar relationship to her as the bad timeline severa and noire do and itll be so cute

Nah: …Um. This is the character I know the least about unfortunately. She’d have less abandonment issues but I think overall she’d still largely act the same. 

You Owe Me - Part 4

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,712

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Oh, my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” You laugh hysterically.

“Be nice, Y/N!” Jensen pouts adorably.

He is finally making you watch the pilot of Supernatural and it’s so entertaining.

“Dude…you sound twelve years old! It’s funny!”

“Well, it was like eleven years ago!” He says dramatically.

“No shit. I can’t get over how young you and Jared look. It’s almost distracting.” You smirk.

You look back over at Jensen and he’s still pouting.

“Awww. Jay, you’re not old.” You say cupping his cheek with your hand.

“What?!” He exclaims.

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Not Just A Kid (David Rossi imagine)

Requested? Yes. What was the request? Answer: Reader had a huge crush on Ross and she’s newer to the BAU, but she’s quite a bit younger and feels he’d never her the same way. She has some self-esteem issues and the age gap makes her feel like he views her as a kid. Maybe he overhears her telling someone about her crush and somehow shows her he likes her back. I’m giving you full reign otherwise but I’d personally love some kisses at least lol. 

Okay, when I got this request, I got hella excited about it, because I love David Rossi. Just, the man is too damn sweet not to have fluff in this. 

Word Count:796 words

Warnings:um, cursing, fluff, age gap, nothing else really, except for *gasp* kisses!!!!!! 

Tag List: @neeadinghugs @flawlessglamazon (Tell me if you want to be tagged in my stuff and if so, just let me know what you would like to be tagged in

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Early-relationship Janto

So I wanted to write something short and sweet set in the beginning of season two, because why not? Early relationship days for Jack and Ianto must have been adorable.

They’re both probably pretty nervous about being serious: Jack now knows for a fact that he can’t die, and Ianto can’t be sure that his heart won’t be broken. Then there’s their history of betrayal and stuff. But at the same time, they’re both excited about it, because they’re not in love yet, but there’s definitely something there.

And they’re both happy, because they’re finally getting their act together. They’ve gone on several dates and have kind of a system going. It’s nice, it’s fun, and they’ve got no complaints.

So I’m thinking about what to write—short and sweet, like I said, because I don’t really feel like plot right now—and I realized that what I want kind of already exists.

The kiss in TTLM is exactly what I’m looking for! I mentioned it before, and I’m definitely going to mention it again, but it’s absolutely amazing.

I wish Jack and Ianto got more moments like that on screen and in canon.

Let’s talk about boRdErS.

I feel like this is song is so underappreciated. It’s chill but it goes so hard right from the moment Zayn starts singing: She is the life of the party
Don’t stick that knife in my body
It’s something she always wanted
It’s for a good cause
You’re doing a good job

The way he drags ‘job’ wow; and you can hear Zayn do something new. His voice hauntingly good. Then the bridge comes on and its unbelievable especially Zayn singing back up to himself because Zayn is well suited for himself. Anyone else singing this would have ruined it. Warning: here Zayn’s voice wraps you in a hug and you might feel a bit sad.

We’re off where the wind blows
I don’t care where we go
Just like the ocean
You change what I see

They don’t know what I know
How long I’ve had to hold
You’re like a commotion
All because of me

This songs just gives me sad vibes and maybe its just Zayn’s soulful voice. The chorus layered like that. I just love it. The more you hear it the more you marvel at the cleverness of it all. I also love how they made the beat laid back when he sings it for the second time so you can really hear Zayn.

So take it off
Let’s break down all of our walls
Right now I wanna see it all
I don’t wanna cool off
So let’s cross the lines we lost
Right now I wanna see it all
You were right on the border

He did a good job on the chorus. The way he is says border…just something about Zayn that makes him so unique is everything he sings is remarkably good and distinct.I dont know how to say it. Its like each word takes a new meaning.

Then comes my fave part.

Beautiful insanity
Live like a movie
Change the scene
Taste your sweet profanity
This is all for a good cause
Think you’re doing a good job

Just he way he sings this part, with dramatic pauses in between the pronunciations.  The first time I heard this part I thought he was chanelling the weeknd but this is so much better; so Zayn. It made me excited for his future stuff because such talent is so rare these days.

Then he wails (I really dont know how to say it)

Give me all of this
Give me all of you
No falling in
Don’t need no proof

And the anguish in his voice is enough to bring you to tears. And you just want to give him anything he wants.

Then the songs ends dramatically with that beat. If you pay close attention you can hear Zayn moan at the very end lol. I am shook every time. Thanks @zayn  for this masterpiece. Definitely one of the best songs out there.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why you ship masugaku and, if you know, how they got paired together by the fandom? I mean, they're not even in the same clubs! That being said, I love your blog; it's really great that a niche fandom has such a great blog in it.

hm idk, i started shipping it when i saw it in the fandom and i was like “oh thats cute!”

i think a lot of people like pairing together the upbeat, outgoing type with the reserved, loner type. at least thats part of why i like it~ budo is overzealous and excitable and shin is quiet and responsible. i think they would be really cute together ♥ 

it makes me really happy that you like my blog lol (its such a small fanbase, i figured i’d just be posting off by myself haha)

♥ here’s some budo whispering sweet nothings into shin’s ear~ ♥