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The Batkids on Tim's birthday

Dick: Wakes up at 3am to sneak into Tim’s apartment and wake him up by screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMMY!!” at the top of his lungs and gets knocked out when Tim reflexively punches him in the face

Barbara: Bakes his favorite cake and calls up everyone in the batfam and orders them to wish Tim a happy birthday or she’ll kill them

Jason: Calls at some point to wish Tim a happy birthday and also to inform him that he hid a confetti bomb somewhere in Tim’s apartment but doesn’t remember where, so if it blows up at some point and it rains birthday confetti everywhere then just know that that was from Jason

Tim: Forgets until somebody has to remind him

Cass: Won’t stop hugging him the whole day and gets him really sweet gifts because she’s a literal angel

Steph: Is as excited as Dick and insists on taking Tim out to do fun birthday stuff all day, and when they go to dinner she tells the waitress that it’s Tim’s birthday so the staff all sing happy birthday to him because she knows how embarrassed he gets

Damian: “I got you a rock” “What, why?” “How dare you! I’ll have you know I picked this out specifically for you. God, you’re so ungrateful”


Some oooold stuff from Same Old World. This was my first time drawing Lapis, so it was pretty daunting. I ended up liking how the episode came out, though, thanks to everyone else’s amazing work down the line. 

In this first shot of Lapis I really wanted to capture how Steven’s presence takes her out of her misery, so I got into posing out that mental transition, also drawing her wings and hair *_* I love Steven’s moments with the Homeworld gems… I think there is something very fragile, exciting and sweet about his relationships with these characters that very recently turned a new leaf.

I just have to take a moment and thank everyone involved in @fannibalfest-toronto - all the organizers, the guests, the volunteers, the panelists, the vendors, the attendees, the hotel staff… everyone. This was an amazing weekend full of delicious food and gentle people from all over the world talking about what they love dearly. And that creates a sort of fantastic energy that you don’t often get to experience in day to day life.

I’ve been to a fair handful of conventions, some long established and some in their first year or so, and FannibalFest was by far my favorite. All the panels were so polite and overflowing with questions and anecdotes that nobody wanted them to end. There were none of those embarrassing “What was it like to work with [some more famous actor]?” questions, although all the guests voluntarily devoted at least 10% of their time talking about how dreamy Mads is. And it was so cool that they all came back to do an extra panel on Sunday.

Janice (seen here adoring art by @flyingrottenhannistag) was as hilarious as she was talented in the kitchen, which is to say: supremely. Her dark sense of humor with a self-admitted “evil” streak was for me unexpected and absolutely delightful.

I think we were all overjoyed to see Martha, and grateful that she wanted to stay for autographs and selfies. It was interesting to hear from the business side of Hannibal, learning its history and hearing which puzzle pieces need to fall into place before the series could without question return. (also, I look forward to supporting Artic when it comes out)

Then there was Vlad, a man whose infectious excitement washes over any room he’s in. This is someone so clearly devoted to not only his character and the fans, but to the very concept of making people happy.

Scott and Aaron (seen here with their helpless moderator) are as inseparable from each other as Price and Zeller. Even during the meet and greet, when there was only one guest to a table, they kept throwing stuff across the room to get each other’s attention. It is a sweet and rare chemistry that you only really see between two friends.

And finally there was Demore, lovely Demore who I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about. He was subtle and subdued compared to the other guests, but had just as wonderful a sense of humor and was always ruminating on something. By the end of the convention the other guests knew to give him the last word because he was certain to find something beautiful and wise. He sees the best in us and ended the convention hoping that we carry forward this love and excitement we shared.

And I have so many more wonderful things to say about the fan-led panels (which were some of the most engaging academic lecture-style panels I have ever attended), but that will have to wait. I am quite tired. Again, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who made this possible and hope to see you all again for the next FannibalFest. ❤️🍽️❤️


I talked to the Hageman bros who were so sweet and so excited to see more older female fans and talked a lot about their loyal fans (and also told me seliel was not associated with their show so QQ)

then i talked to tommy and got a little excited to hear him talk. Then I took the chance and was like “oh haha can i show you some of my art? i love making fanart for the show.” and he’s like “oh yeah, sure :D” then i showed him my screen and he was like “:0000 ohhh!!!! it’s you! i know your art! you make some really cool stuff and i check them on other websites all the time! ” and I. cried. and while i was trying not to get too excited, he was like “I have something to give you! “ he reached into his backpack and gave me this picture of nya like “ah sorry it’s crumpled, but here you go!”

and i seriously could not breATHE cuz like BRO its an original drawing from him that he gave me and he knows of me im overwhelmed i just wanted to show yall because i cant stop cry i ng ok b ye

my aesthetic: adam and ronan both being Smug AF because everyone thinks they have the Hottest, Most Amazing Boyfriend

adam’s college friends being utterly dumbfounded when ronan shows up one weekend all tattooed and muscley in a pair of expensive, ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket, looking like he stepped out of a damn punk fashion magazine or something. “you said he was a farmer.” “you said he had a kid.” “you said he nearly got kicked out of high school.” “you didn’t say he was so hot. i mean, he’s scary-hot, but still hot.” “damn, you’re one lucky guy, parrish.” adam’s just enjoying all the reactions, because he’s kind of been looking forward to this exact moment all semester long. ronan’s kind of a dick at first, of course, but he warms up to them and pretty soon they’re all laughing hysterically because ronan is fucking hilarious, and he has the wildest stories, seriously, parrish, where did you find this guy. and eventually when he starts drunkenly reciting latin poetry, everyone just groans, because, like, of course he’s a secret genius too. and so adam’s boyfriend is granted instant legend status. adam just smiles at him proudly all night and ronan just says appreciatively “your friends are assholes. i like them.”

ronan’s farmer friends take one look at adam and they’re like “you didn’t say your ivy league boyfriend was a model.” “he sure is pretty.” “you could cut glass with them cheekbones.” they ask about him all the time when he’s away at college and ronan can’t help but brag a little about his achievements so they tell him how proud they are of how well he’s doing while adam looks simultaneously touched and bemused. they jokingly ask ronan what a grump like him did to snag such a nice, sweet, well-mannered boy and he just rolls his eyes but murmurs “i ask myself that every day.” adam just says “he’s not all bad” with a wry smile. most of their kids (opal’s friends) are basically in love with him; they think he’s so handsome and smart and cool. he tells him about all the exciting stuff he’s working on at school and talks to them about science and space and robots and all the stuff he was interested in when he was a kid and ronan is Melting into a puddle of goo. “you’re really great with them” he tells him later. and adam blushes and says “stop.” and ronan’s like “no, you’re fucking amazing. i really do wonder how i got so lucky every single day.” and adam just looks at him for a moment and quietly says “me too. this is all i’ve ever wanted.” and ronan says “i’m happy.” and adam says “me too.”

Historical Figures...high school au

This is really stupid but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Please indulge me.

George Washington: That one teacher whom everyone respects and no one really wants to get on his bad side because holy hell he’s scary. Hamilton tries his hardest to be the teachers’ pet, but everyone knows that Lafayette is his favorite. He just wants to retire.

Alexander Hamilton: President of the debate club and the oratory club. Was a member of the chess club until James Madison kept beating him. Constantly doing menial tasks for Mr. Washington. Hates Thomas Jefferson with a passion, but only because everyone thinks Jefferson is a better writer than he is (which may or may not be true.) Everyone wants to date him until they realize how insufferable he is. Voted most attractive 4 years in a row.

Aaron Burr: Hamilton’s friend, but only outside of the debate club. In debate club they are bitter enemies. Takes women’s history as an elective. Mr. Washington utterly despises him. Jefferson utterly despises him. Madison is..indifferent to him. He tries his best. Constantly dealing with the consequences of Hamilton being unable to  shut his damn mouth.

Ben Franklin: Wins the science fair every damn year. Has about 7 different girlfriends at once and is always skipping classes to…do…things…with them. Not the most attractive but hot damn he’s always somehow getting laid. Really close with all of the foreign exchange students. Too close. Really wanted the school mascot to be the turkey.

The Marquis de Lafayette: The French Foreign exchange student who everybody LOVES. Seriously, they all think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only one who can make Mr. Washington smile. He isn’t very fluent in English so he really doesn’t understand why everyone is so close to him all the time but he really enjoys having so many friends.

John Adams: Eternally pissed off at something or someone. Student body President although no one really understands how he won the election. Constantly arguing with Hamilton over how the student government should be run, even though they basically have the same ideas. Manic-depressive and spends all his free time in the library getting yelled at by the librarian for being too loud. People make fun of him behind his back but he pretends not to notice. Jefferson’s boyfriend.

Thomas Jefferson: That one weird kid that no one really hates but no one really talks to either. Spends all his time in the library, pretending to pay attention to Adams’ ranting. He’s an incredible writer but tends to have panic attacks when he needs to speak out loud. Is reading all the time. Reads in class. Reads during gym. Reads in the bathroom. Has no fashion sense at all. Brings macaroni and cheese for lunch every damn day. Sometimes brings his pet mockingbird to school. Never leaves his best friend, James Madison’s side.

James Madison: Best friends with Thomas Jefferson. Is out sick all the time, but is somehow still at the top of all of his classes. Very very small, but never bullied because he spends most of his time camping out in the library with Jefferson and Adams. He and Adams don’t really like each other much, but put up with each other out of their mutual care for Jefferson. Used to be friends with Hamilton but they don’t really talk anymore. Spends all of his lunch money on ice cream. Literally the smartest kid in school, which really pisses Hamilton off.

Richard Henry Lee: That one kid who’s always late or running in the halls but none of the teachers can really get mad at him because he’s so damn sweet. Excited about literally everything. Isn’t very smart, but he tries his best. He’s on every single sports team and is constantly doing parkour to get to classes. Very depressed but very good at hiding it. Everyone’s friend, no one’s best friend. Once ate everything in the vending machine on a dare.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko: The other foreign exchange student that no one remembers. No one can pronounce his name. Always building complicated stuff in shop class.

jennycny  asked:

Ok so it's the same girl that told you about meeting Mike Faist on my school trip hi. So all we asked him about was how he got on broadway and stuff. Just innocent questions from about 45 teens and about 5 teachers all of us crammed into a dance studio. All I remember was how nice and humble he was and how he would giggle and clam up when we told him how excited we were to see the show. And then we saw the show and saw how Connor Murphy screamed FUCK a thousand times. Drastic difference. LuvHim

He’s a pretty cool guy! I remember he was really sweet at stage door when I saw it. I’m glad you got the chance to do the Q&A with him

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Hehe we’ll take this all with a pinch of salt as dates can change but this insider has come through with reliable facts so * they’ll be a Japanese release either next month or December * jjong is part of the new sm unit it’s either a new improved version of sm the ballad with new members or a whole new unit named the winter he is filming the mv next month * jjong is releasing a mini album and the concerts are possible teasers * sub unit’s have been discussed and so has a key solo


I knew about Jjong’s upcoming concerts and album, but another SM the Ballad? YES! YES YES!It’s about damn time, it’s been so long since he did one, it’s way overdue. And I was only wishing for a pretty Japanese winter release. AM SO HAPPY to hear the may be a distinct possibility! And SUB UNITS?  and omg omg ommmg! A KEY SOLO??? Is this heaven?

So glad to hear that there are plans for some of the guys enlisting together. That will make it all go faster, and perhaps they can be together so,  it’s not so lonely  .:(  I’m guessing you meant Key and Minho would go together, and Taemin would continue solo activities.

And what is this. POSSIBLY… FINALLY..a solo from Jinki. Please god, let it be true!

I can see 2018 being a HUGE year for SHINee. SM would be stupid to let their 10th year go by without TONS of awesome events and celebrations, so yes, I can see all of this being true.


Thank you sweet anon…you have made my day, my month, heck, you have salvaged this crappy year. Thank you!

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hc's for lotor with a really sweet and kind s/o who is just, super smitten with him, like they never get past the "honeymoon stage" of the relationship. they're just always swooning when he does stuff and getting excited!!!!! when they see him even if it's only been like an hour since they last saw each other. just SO in love all the time. <3

  • okay bye he loves this about you
  • like really he loves you so much okay 
  • at first he was like????bro??????
  • i have work you know
  • but then it really grows on him and whenever you come and sit by his chair on the ship he gets a lot happier
  • like he’s smiling whenever he looks at you okay, soft cute smiles.
  • and you know what this means??? cuddles!!!!!!!!!11
  • like every night okay you’ll even stay up to cuddle with him
  • the first time you did this he was kind of upset and he was like but you’re supposed to sleep but you’re like but not with you and he’s like wow,,,you’re cute
  • so you guys cuddle a lot and he holds you close
  • you’re his no.1 hype man ok like when he gets happy about mundane stuff you’re like ‘yes!!!!!!!!!!’ 
  • the fact that you’re kind and sweet kind of balances out how sinister he can be
  • like you stop him sometimes and ur like but lotor do we need to banish what’s his face :((((
  • and he’s like but their bAD 
  • you become really good friends with the other girls because they’re always around him
  • and you start to really like them too!!! okay ezor gets really excited when she sees you too
  • okay but imagine if you’re always so cute and sweet with him all the time and then all of a sudden one day instead of sitting next to him you just kinda hug him and then go and start talking to axca and ezor 
  • jealous lotor okay
  • all in all he loves that you love him??? he doesn’t experience that really so the fact that you do really makes him happy and you guys have a cute relationship
a sportarobbie consider the following

sport is so polite and sweet that he asks before initiating a n y t h i n g
he wants to smooch? ask robbie first
hold hands? permission must be had
stroke hair? make a wild guess
but one day he just goes for it without thinking and while robbie’s surprised he’s also really excited that his boy is comfortable enough to know it’s okay to do that stuff

hello again

She knocks him flat on the ground and then, as if that isn’t bad enough, she lands squarely on top of him.

She has just enough time, in the fraction of the second before she crashes painfully onto him, to register the identity of her victim. It’s James fucking Potter.

She hasn’t seen him in person in years.

And now his long legs are all tangled up with hers. And she is pressing against his very solid chest. And her hair is in his mouth, which is five centimetres away from her mouth. It’s James fucking Potter.  

He recovers remarkably quickly.

“First my heart then my head, Evans?” he says as he helps her up.

“Neither are worth much,” she shoots back.

He grins his lopsided grin.

“D’ you know you’re blushing? Redder than a tomato.”

Redhead genes. It’s a curse.

“Well, we did just get to second base, Potter. Got to compose myself.”

He turns pink, and he doesn’t have any genes to blame it on.  

“Eh, been worse. I play rugby – ”

“Yes, I remember, you re-enacted every game a million times back in school.” She doesn’t mean it abrasively or anything, but she thinks she sees him almost wince.

“Anyway, how come you’re here?” he asks, at the same time she says repentantly, “So you still play?”

She laughs awkwardly, and he laughs – something-ly. She could never really read James Potter. You’d think some gangly rich kid with a tackling-people fetish wouldn’t be that mysterious, but…

It’s possible that she’s just bad at reading people generally. I mean, her best friend did turn out to have some troubling ideas about women.

“Yeah, I’m still really into it,” he says with a swagger.

She definitely imagined the wince.

“Your turn.”

“I was going to surprise Mary,” she explains. “she studies here, I don’t know if you knew…? I’m really close by, I study at – ”

“Yeah, I know.” He hastens to explain. “From Instagram. Privacy is dead, yada yada.”

Beat. Another beat. Another…

“Well um, I’ll let you go…” he hesitates. “And listen, I don’t know – I mean, you remember that night in the pub?”

“When my best friend shoved his tongue halfway down my throat?” Lily asks drily. “Yeah. Hard to forget.”

“He was an effing wanker, but I set him off and you got involved. I’m sorry about that.”

Lily shrugs. “It’s not your fault Snivellus thought he owned me.”

Her family had moved away a few months after the Pub incident. She’d had to finish high school somewhere else. She’d been a little relieved really, at the chance to put it all behind her. To bid a permanent goodbye to her ex-best friend. And to her complicated feelings for James Potter.

Yeah, I know.

She knows it’s a bad idea, but she adds: “I s’ppose…I s’ppose he knew I fancied you a bit. Salt in the wound and all when you asked me out. No excuse for grabbing me obviously–ah, well. I gave him a black eye.”

She can’t quite meet his eye. I s’ppose he knew I fancied you a bit. Who is he – her priest? Why’s she confessing all her deep dark sins?

“You called me a toerag! I asked you out and you called me a toerag! That was you fancying me?”

His laughter is ready as always.

She’s kind of pissed off that her declaration didn’t affect him more. Her heart is in her damn mouth. Not that she still likes him – it’s been two years! – but still, you know?

“You asked me out in the middle of harassing my mate. Ex-mate. Whatever. What was I going to say?”

“Bit stupid, that,” he admits. “I was a bit thick.”

She smiles grudgingly.

He smiles widely.

“It’s good to see you again, Evans,” he says.  

“You too, Potter.”

He smiles wider.

James to Lily Evans: hi I got ur number frm Mary

James: this is Potter

James: James Potter

James: u can call me James

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily: hi!

James: wuz wrong w u evans

Lily: u can call me Lily I sppose

James: good stuff

James: got to ask u a q

Lily: yea sure

James: do redheads really need more anaesthesia

Lily: wtf

Lily: it’s 3 AM Potter


To no-one’s surprise, James Potter turns out to be absolutely militant about keeping up with snap streaks. “That fire emoji next to the person’s name,” he says, too earnestly, “gets me going.”

Sometimes he makes mocking him so easy, it’s impossible to mock him.


Lily Evans to James Potter: I have a picture of u in green tights

James Potter: I’m going to fucking kill Sirius

Lily: it was remus who told me the whole saga of the Peter Pan play tho

James: I’m only 75% embarrassed  

James: because Peter Pan is fuckin brilliant™

Lily: there’s just one thing about him that ruins it for me

Lily: and that’s mostly me being unreasonable

Lily: but doesn’t it KILL that he forgets about tinkerbell

James: yea I mean

James: u already have blackmail material

James: so don’t want to be a sap

James: but who tf wants to forget their friends y know

James: growing up w ur friends is like

James: the whole point of life

Lily: getting real™

Lily: but yeah that’s like

Lily: a beautiful sentiment or something

Lily: and ur really right all jokes aside

James: I mean it includes u

James: I’m like excited to make memories w u in the future and stuff now we’re friends

James: so like?? Yeah?? I know Peter Pan forgetting tinkerbell was a poignant statement about

Lily: the callousness of childhood or whatever

James: but it sucked

Lily: that’s really sweet James

James: getting real™

She meets up with James Potter and his merry men the next time she comes to visit Mary. The boys have an apartment and James rashly offers to fix dinner.

As it turns out, you can’t trust them an inch.

Remus is laughing, Lily is starving, Peter is feverishly trying to decipher a cookbook.

Black is talking about some fancy French chef his mother used to hire. It’s the only worthwhile thing she ever did, apparently.

Lily had always thought James was more country-blood rich than blueblood rich, but it turns out the distinction isn’t really that marked.

“We used to call him out to our place on weekends sometimes,” he tells Lily in an aside, before continuing to argue about the merits of a particular dish with Sirius.

“They don’t know they sound like absolute tits,” Remus tells Lily cheerfully. “You can’t hold it against them, poor sods. Oy, Potter!”

“Yeah mate.”

“We offered our guests dinner. I feel we ought to provide it.”

“We don’t even have bread,” Peter offers helpfully. “Well. We do, technically, but it’s a bit moldy.”  

“Girls are fussy about that kind of thing,” Lily deadpans.

“Nothing I don’t know about girls, Evans,” James says, leering.

“James, you wanker.” Remus seems to spend much of his time abusing them. “Take us to bleeding McDonald’s.”

“I’ve got your keys,” Black says. He writes shotgun in James’ very nice car (rich arsehole) and they keep up a steady, lazy banter the whole way there.

Lily is fascinated by their rhythm. She hasn’t had that kind of friendship in a long, long time.

“How does he ever pull?” she wonders in an undertone to Mary and the others. “Can he stop chatting Sirius up long enough to have a snog?”

“I’ve wondered for years,” Peter says surprisingly. He does say it very quietly though, for fear of incurring James’ wrath.

McDonald’s is quiet for the first time in the history of mankind, and Sirius and James finally stop their very interesting discussion to talk to everybody else. The conversation wanders to eye colours, which is actually Lily Evans’ least favourite topic of conversation ever.

She confesses that she really prefers hazel eyes. Or grey, she adds. Or really dark brown. (Safely covering her bases.) Green’s just too limpid, she says as they yell abuse at her.

They order masses of chicken nuggets and build an elaborate castle that they, after much brainstorming, christen Hogwarts.

“Stroke of bloody genius, Evans,” shouts James, leaning over the table to grin at her.

“It just came to me,” she says modestly.

Everything is very warm and friendly, so it makes perfect contextual sense when James flings a warm and friendly arm around her.

Mary MacDonald to Lily Evans: hazel eyes?

Mary: pucker up jimmy boy

Lily: I didn’t even notice his eye colour

Lily: u got something u want to tell me Mary?

Mary: not I

Lily Evans to James Potter: omg redheads really do need more ANAESTHESIA


Lily: I’m googling this shit while I’ve got an assignment tom help me Potter

James: FT me and I’ll talk to u while u do ur assignment

James: moral support

James: We’ll get u thru it tog

It is normal for your stomach to clench before video-chatting a good-looking (Lily has never denied that) boy.

The FaceTiming becomes a tradition,  and so does the stomach-clenching.

She visits the boys on Saturday night, just to hang out. James isn’t there, and they claim to have no idea where he is.

“We just thank God when he fucks off,” Sirius explains kindly. “Gift horse, mouth, all that,” Remus corroborates.

Sirius brings out some board games.

“That’s…that’s Snakes and Ladders,” Lily points out, her voice strangely choked. “You own a motorbike and a guitar…why do you have Snakes and Ladders?”

“That’s my guitar,” Remus says.  

“Mrs. Potter got them for us. She says they’re wholesome,” Sirius says disconsolately.

“Oh – James’ mom. Maybe he’s visiting her or something?”

“No – what, for the weekend? I always go with him.” Sirius’ tone is suddenly a little sharp. He always was a bit moody.

Peter is the only one of any use. “Maybe he’s gone to the dentist or something?”

“Yeah, maybe. Hopefully. Remember when he spread Nutella on broccoli?”

“You told him to. You said it was a pro tip.”  

“That’s because broccoli is fucking disgusting, Pete.”

“It’s probably the dentist,” he says. “He was wearing nice-ish clothes. You dress up for the dentist, don’t you?”

“Shut up, why don’t you, Pete? Everybody come and play this bloody board game,” Sirius interrupts, maybe because he thinks he saw her face fall, which it didn’t. Remus hovers his hand sympathetically over her back for a second, before offering some of James’ most expensive whisky.

She says yes most empathetically to that, and they proceed to have a very enjoyable night. So she can’t be that far gone.

Peter Pettigrew to Lily Evans: James wasn’t out on a date on Saturday

Peter: just to clarify

Peter: I mean idk where he was but not like on a date

Peter: James always tells us about birds

Peter: did that sound sleazy

Mary: what’s the deal w u and potter

Lily: there’s no deal

Mary: u guys flirt quite a bit

Lily: yeah I guess sometimes

Lily: but just u know friendly flirting

Lily: I’m going to go out w that guy from my chemistry class next week

Lily: the one w channing tatum shoulders

Mary: “channing tatum is vastly overrated”

Mary: just like

Mary: u get on really well w James

Mary: and I know u used to think he was pretty fit

Lily: and I used to think he was a dick

Mary: the dick part has changed hasn’t it

Mary: not to imply that he doesn’t have one

Lily: yeah he definitely seems not-dickish but who can tell w blokes

Lily: and anyway there’s just……too much groundwork

Lily: I used to have quite a big crush on him u know and it just feels like even though a lot has changed liking him is still charted waters

Lily: so if I like him it’ll just be too intense and go too fast…on my end. He’s a sweet and affectionate bloke but there’s a big possibility that he doesn’t see me in that way but even worse would be if he’s just be sweet and affectionate and superficially romantic while…I fall in love with him.

Lily:  Getting rejected by my high school crush?????? painful in a unique way

Lily: but if he dates me and I fall in love and he just … likes me as a girlfriend and a good snog… like if I’m not part of the inner circle of his life like Sirius is while he’s a huge part of mine – that would be even worse.

Mary: whoa whoa FALLING IN LOVE?

Lily: I don’t love him OBVIOUSLY

Lily: I just have this gut feeling that I could

Lily: like we really click and uni is so fucking big and I can always talk to him about anything stupid

Lily: so I could fall in love with him very quickly just because I want something permanent

Lily: and look at how Sirius is with him or even remus and peter they really kind of depend on him

Lily: james is really really really good at being people’s somebody’s permanent  

Lily: I don’t fancy him yet so I’m just not going to go there. We’re really good as just friends

Mary: I don’t know what to say

Mary: this seems intense and you’ve obviously thought about it a lot and you’re a smart girl

Mary: but isn’t it false reasoning to like shut something down because you think it could be too good? Like it’s okay if you like somebody a lot and if they make you feel safe or at home or whatever

Mary: that’s a good thing. And the fact that his friends really depend on him means he’s dependable

Lily: I could fall in love with him

Lily: and I know this after like barely a month of friendship

Mary: maybe you’re already a little in love? Is that possible  

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily: I hope not

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Tinkerbell could only feel one emotion at a time because she was so small. But she felt things very, very strongly.

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: James went to the eye doctors on Saturday

Remus: he’s a fucking idiot

Lily: ???????????

Lily: what’s going on

Lily Evans to James Potter: Why are ur eyes so red in ur snaps

Lily: ur okay right???

James: never better babe

James: bit of a flu

James: worried about me are u?

Lily: I thought u’d been crying

Lily: got excited for a second

James: sure u don’t want to nurse me back to health??

Lily: I do have a sexy nurse costume back from my rebellious phase

James: ur killing me Evans

They talk about her sister a lot. Especially when they’re both lying in their respective beds and FaceTiming during the quiet hours of their respective universities. It feels so private, and intimate, and she tells him.

He started it, really. He told her about Remus, and how he always underestimates himself. About how Sirius is all sharp edges but always ends up getting cut. About how Peter is really, really good at history.

About how he used to wake up in the middle of the night to check whether his mother was still breathing. “Miracle baby problems.”

So she told him too. How close she and Tuney had been, before they grew too big for their little bubble. How her sister started hating her for getting all the attention.

“Everybody always noticed me. I just talk more, and I liked doing well in school, and I just always take up so much space. I felt shitty when I realized – but by then she was already so angry. And there were some things I couldn’t change.

“Like, if anything she’s prettier – seriously, she is – and if people stopped to look closely they’d see. But they don’t look closely, because my hair is red, you know, and that’s unusual – and my eyes are very green. It’s so storybook. They would always just talk about that instead of her. People get distracted.”

James smiles and his voice drops an octave. “Yes,” he says, laughing through his teeth. “It is very distracting.”

And – it’s like clockwork now – her stomach clenches.

“Oh, hi, Sirius,” Lily says, distracted by how her own voice sounds on the phone. “All right there?”

“Do me a favour,” Sirius says drily. “Tell James you find glasses incredibly hot?”

She hears Remus laughing in the background and somebody loudly swearing.

Her stomach clenches automatically.

“Why’s James yelling?” she fights to keep her voice steady.

“Peter and Remus are sitting on him,” Sirius says maliciously. “They took him down in one really superb tackle.”  

“So much for his rugby prowess,” Lily says.

“Don’t kick a man when he’s down, Evans.”

Increased noise from the background.

“All right, all right, getting down to business. The thing is, Lil, this pillock is wearing contacts that he’s deathly allergic to because you said you liked hazel eyes. We need his eyes working for rugby games, and also because we suspect the Potters will stop paying for this apartment if they have to start paying for robot eyes…”

Her stomach is twisting itself into knots.

“Please tell James he’s beautiful just the way he is.”

And then there is roaring, and somebody shouting, “I’LL KILL YOU!” and the call is cut abruptly short.

Radio silence from James.

“Text him,” Mary urges.

And Lily thinks about pixellated hazel eyes, and miracle baby problems, and Sirius playing Snakes and Ladders to distract her. James telling her he’s looking forward to making memories with her. Mary telling her not to be scared of a good thing.

She tells him glasses make him look like a sexy librarian, and she misses him, and she wouldn’t say no if he wanted to ask her anything.  

He doesn’t reply. And he doesn’t reply. And he keeps not replying, till he shows up at her dorm in his rugby jacket and his sexy librarian glasses with a boombox that has been turned off (it’s the quiet hours) and the boys in tow (they had insisted).

“I wanted this to be special but I didn’t know how,” James says breathlessly. His glasses are sliding off his face.

Her stomach is full of butterflies.

“Go out with me, Evans,” he says, “go on. You see, I’m already half in love with you.”

They stop talking for a while after that. Wolf-whistling audience be damned.

for @pretentiouspredicament , this is inexcusably late and I can only offer “personal problems” as a pitiful excuse. I hope this is what you had in mind! Enjoy! 

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dom!Joshua smut, could you do something really kinky ? :)

you came to the right place asking for something kinky hh i hope it’s not too much or too little

Disclaimer: includes bondage, spanking and slight choking

“Hey honey.”

Joshua wrapped his arms around you while you were picking up some of the trash left in the living room.

“Hey,” you answered softly and slightly leaned into his hug. It was nice having him back home, just the two of you now.

“I’ve heard a little rumour about my girl,” Joshua murmured, his smile audible from his voice. He pulled you as close as possible and rested his chin on your shoulder, pressing his lips against your skin lightly.

“What is it?” You asked, liking the tone of his voice and growing more excited by the second. You put the stuff you had in your hands back down and put your hands on top of his.

“That you broke your promise,” he said sternly. Anyone else would have probably sounded really mad if they would’ve said anything like that but Joshua’s voice was still so sweet.

But although his voice was sweet, your eyes widened out of shock. You had fucked up big time.

“I can explain,” you started to babble, knowing exactly what he was on about but Joshua didn’t want to hear your explanations. “So, you admit that you talked about our sex life to your friends last night?” He asked, although he didn’t exactly present it as a question. As he well knew you had.

One of your friends was having an on and off relationship with Jeonghan and apparently they were very close with one another, so the word of mouth spread fast. You hadn’t told your friends they shouldn’t tell anyone about this because firstly, they knew it already and secondly, you didn’t really mind getting punished by Joshua.

Now, your sex life with Joshua was something you both usually liked to keep behind the bedroom door and between just the two of you. But you couldn’t contain your excitement when your friends started asking you things and bragging with their experiences. And besides, your sex life wasn’t the most ordinary out there.

Joshua seemed like an innocent, all round sweet guy; and he was, that was no lie. But he did have his more rough side in the bedroom that no one could’ve imagined.

He was kinky and dominant, which was quite the opposite of his usual funny and charming image and you couldn’t just keep your mouth shut when you met up with your best friends for a sleepover. And now apparently, the word had gone around through Jeonghan, who had of course told about it to Joshua.

You didn’t necessarily take the kinky stuff past the bedroom either but you knew that if you disobeyed the “rules” you had set up together, there would be consequences. However, these consequences were the ones you enjoyed and not the ones where you two would actually find yourself in an argument with Joshua - he didn’t mind that much.

You nodded slowly to answer Joshua’s indirect question, closing your eyes and letting him hold you close.

“What have I told you?” Joshua said, hands releasing from around you and climbing up to hold your arms glued to your sides. He yanked you a little closer, causing you to gasp. “Answer me sweetheart. What have I told you?” he demanded, his voice still soft and gentle, the complete opposite of his touch.

You tried to move a little but Joshua didn’t let you, his hands holding you tightly. “That I shouldn’t brag about us,” you said quietly.

“Yes. So why did you do it? Don’t you know what it leads to?” Joshua asked with a calm voice, his thumbs rubbing circles on your skin. He would do small gestures like that to make sure neither of you took the situation seriously.

You shook your head as an immediate response.

“No? Are you sure?” Joshua murmured in your ear, lips hovering over your ear. His lips were basically touching you already, causing you to shiver involuntarily. He definitely felt you jolt up ever so slightly which caused him to laugh quietly. “I’m sure,” you whispered, gasping when Joshua let go of you.

“Your body is telling me otherwise, look at you - you were basically pressing yourself against me,” Joshua said, taking a few steps away from you and eyeing you up and down. “Go undress yourself for me sweetie and wait for me on the bed,” he commanded, heading towards your wardrobe. “Yes,” you obeyed and walked to the bedroom. “Yes what?” Joshua asked before you could close the door behind you. You stopped at the entrance and bit your lip, this was turning you on faster than you thought it would.

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s my girl. I’ll be right back.”

It didn’t take you long to throw off your clothes and get ready on the bed and neither did it take long for him to come into the room with rope and a paddle. He didn’t waste time in getting his own clothes off either, throwing everything on the floor except his boxers which he left on.

He climbed on the bed next to you and motioned you to sit up. You two didn’t talk - you just looked at him rolling the rope around his hands and straightening it. He asked you to lift your hands up and you expected him to tie the rope just around your wrists but oh no, that wasn’t good enough.

He wrapped the rope around your torso, right under your breasts and then from the back, he lifted the rope up so that it would come from above your breasts. He continued playing around with the rope for a few minutes and basically framed your breasts with the rope and tying the end to a strong knot.

Your breasts were now perkier than ever, the rope really accentuating them and bringing them forward. He pulled back from you slightly and dipped his head down. Joshua licked your left nipple and then took it in his mouth, sucking hard. You groaned, your back arching and your hands flying behind his neck immediately.

He bit lightly, then increased the pressure, pulling back slightly. Every muscle in your body tightened, the feeling being so overwhelming. He repeated the same on the other side, making you whimper as the cool air of the room touched your wet nipple.

“No touching dear,” he mumbled when you played with his hair as he sucked on your nipples. You were quick to drop your hands to your sides, not wanting him to stop paying attention to your breasts just yet. He would’ve stopped if you didn’t obey - you knew that from experience.

You were undeniably getting a little impatient and very wet as he continued licking your breasts and slowly moving up to your collarbone. “Are you getting impatient?” Joshua asked, noticing from your fidgeting that you wanted to do something else, especially with the burning in your core. “Be honest with me now,” he added at the right moment, since you wouldn’t have dared to tell him otherwise. “Yes, sir.”

“That’s not how you’re supposed to say it,” Joshua said with that strict tone again, biting on your collarbone.

“I’m getting impatient, sir.”

“That’s better.” Joshua smiled, pushing you down on the bed. He let his fingers graze over the ropes around your breasts before placing his hand securely but carefully on your throat. He then leaned closer and kissed your neck, biting it gently once or twice. “You’re such a good girl, but what you did…was against our agreement. What should I do to a girl like you?” Joshua spoke between kissing your neck.

“Punish me, sir,” you moaned, closing your eyes when Joshua nibbled on your skin a little harder and as his other hand circled close to your heat. Also, the way he held his hand on your throat made you want to go absolutely wild, he didn’t even have an idea. So, you decided to control yourself by closing your eyes.

“And just how should I punish you,  Y/N?” Joshua whispered against your ear before raising his head up so that he was able to look you in the eyes which to his surprise, were shut. He thought he might’ve bit you a little too hard but you both knew you had a safe word if anything uncomfortable were to happen and you didn’t use it. You opened your eyes when you couldn’t feel his lips on your skin anymore and faced his piercing gaze.

Your bodies were even closer now that you were laying on the bed, which meant that you could feel Joshua’s erection pressing against your upper thigh. Honestly, you wanted to scream at him to fuck you already but you knew that was not how any of this worked.

You looked around and remembered he had brought a paddle with him to the room and he didn’t bring it if there was no use for it. No matter what you requested he wanted to spank you - he had made up his mind and as the submissive one, you had to comply to his wishes.

“Spank me, sir. Please,” You said then, smiling to yourself when you felt him jolt a little. “Good choice,” he murmured and got up on his knees and requested for you to turn around.

“You’ve got such a pretty ass baby girl,” Joshua said and reached for the soft velour paddle he had brought with him and ran it across the skin on your bottom. Then, with a quick movement of his wrist, he spanked you with the paddle. You bit your lip, not making a noise, much to his displeasure - he loved when you whined for him.

“I’ll spank you five times. One, for not keeping your promise -” Another harsh spank came in contact with your already slightly reddened ass but you still kept silent, although you couldn’t help but to jerk every time he spanked you. “- two, for the same reason.” And again, the paddle hit your ass, this time a small whimper leaving your lips. “Three, for lying to me and saying you didn’t want to get punished”. Two more spanks came in contact with your skin, each coming with a reasoning.

You were mewling when he spanked you the final time, rubbing the paddle on your sensitive skin after. “You did well,” he acknowledged how well you lasted through that. He knew you loved to be spanked but that you also sometimes didn’t know your own limits and ended up with bruises you didn’t like the next day.

When you were ready to turn back to your back, Joshua grabbed ahold of your hips and pulled you roughly towards him. He clicked his tongue scoldingly and ran his cold finger along your wet slit, causing you to gasp loudly. “I tell you what to do,” he said, not losing the sweetness in his voice for a second.

He slipped his finger inside with ease and you cry out when you feel his warm lips on the spots on your ass that were left tingling from the spanking. He was leaving a trail of wet kisses all over your red skin, his finger slowly pumping in and out of you.

Then he pulls his finger out slowly and leaves a sloppy kiss on your ass. You thought he’d continue fingering you since he made you wait in silence, your small pants filling up the room before you felt his hard length pushing into you, and despite how often you did this, the action was still heavenly.

“You’re so desperate, aren’t you, my good little girl?”

You nod, your tongue practically hanging from your mouth in exhaustion - you knew you couldn’t last much longer like this. All the frustration that he had deliberately built up was about to explode inside of you and you’d come undone fast. He thrusted into you powerfully, fingers digging into your hips.

You were both moaning constantly, Joshua’s other hand even finding its way to your hair, pulling it back.

“Fuck me hard, sir,” you mewled as he was focused on rolling his hips. He began thrusting into you with all he had, pouring the rest of his energy into those minutes.

He gave one last thrust before coming undone inside you, pulling out when you moaned his name over and over again. You felt your knees get weak and you fell onto the bed, Joshua joining you soon after.

He pushed your hair away from your face and tucked it behind your ears and looked at you with pure adoration. You were both catching your breaths and without a word, you snuggled close to him and kissed his chest.

“Should we get the rope off of you?” Joshua asked, hands fiddling with the rope behind your back.

“Soon,” you answered and pulled his hands away from behind your back and instead put them on your waist. You heard him chuckle at you but he didn’t say anything, he just held you like you wanted.

And this was the beauty of your relationship - the balance between your wilder sex life and the affection you gave each other.

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Oh boy, here we go! What a finale! I’m so so excited for next season (looks like we’re finally gonna see Homeworld! And learn a bunch of stuff!) Let’s go bit by bit so I don’t miss anything (or, well, to reduce the amount of stuff I forget I wanted to mention, haha), so this’ll be a little long

It’s funny that Steven is eagerly awaiting new pants when he always wears the same pants. And also it’s really sweet of Amethyst to offer to hang out by the mailbox for the delivery so Steven can go do something else to take his mind off it.

Also also, it’s just. Way Too Cute how Garnet and Pearl are making a sandcastle for crabs. Like, not for Steven’s benefit, since he wasn’t there, but just for their own enjoyment. They’re so enthused about it and Pearl excitedly shows it off to Steven and Amethyst and it’s just. I can’t help thinking about how these are ancient alien warriors just getting so much joy from building a tiny castle for crabs. It’s so cute. I love them so much.

I like to think Onion had brought Sour Cream to meet his seasonal friends and that’s why Sour Cream already knows about that spot in the woods.
Also, like, we already knew Sadie was an adult but I don’t think the show has really stated it plainly, just implied (specifically in “Sadie’s Song” when they were talking about her birthdays), so that’s cool.

I liked the bit where they all attempt to draw Aquamarine based on Steven’s description. I love knowing how characters would draw, I think it says a lot about their personality. 

Connie - Anime-style, ‘cause of course, with guidelines and asymmetrical eye sizes (just, totally how I drew at that age)
Amethyst - “going for a feeling” impression not really accurate but still with all the important details (wings, eye gem), also it appears to be a dog
Pearl - Says she can’t draw but drew a very detailed drawing that is also way overdramatic and fancy. Also she’s the only one who signed her drawing
Garnet - Drew herself, because she loves herself. Can’t argue with that and also it’s an adorable self-portrait.

I quite like Aquamarine and Topaz, I was thinking we’d probably see a small Gem like Aquamarine soon, since they kinda teased that in “Adventures in Light Distortion”. I’m curious what the specific role of an Aquamarine is, since Pearl is very freaked out by the mention of one and comments that she and Topaz must’ve been specifically sent by the Diamonds. Plus, that wand of hers is really powerful. Also she makes mention that she has perfect memory, which is potentially significant. Topaz is interesting, the way she sticks the humans in her fusion is mildly horrifying. I like her ‘headphone’ style gems, which also kinda look like the warp pads?

I think calling back to “Marble Madness” when Steven made the list of humans was really clever and I gotta give props to the crew for that! Also I loved seeing Alexandrite again, even if it was just for a little bit

Anyways, yea, super super excited for the next episodes! I reckon we’re gonna learn a whole lot from this adventure, about Gems, about Homeworld, and about Rose Quartz. Can’t wait!


We’re 3 months away from this glitter-bomb and they gave us some stuff to scream about. I think I’ll do just that. I took my sweet time putting this together, I know, but there’s a fair bit to unpack and a lot to be excited about so, let’s go through it all!


Okay, so first things first: people are calling this a 2D movie and that’s not really that accurate.

It certainly has some 2D elements, like the backgrounds, but the style of animation only makes the characters look 2D, when in fact they’re 3D models.

You can tell in how they move. If I were to give you a still screen shot, you might guess that it was from a 2D animation, but in motion, you can tell what it actually is: cel-shading.

I had a hunch that’s what it was so I asked a storyboarder who worked on the MLP movie (and the show) if I was right and she said: 

The program they’re using is ToonBoom, which does rigs with 2D toon shaders, among other things!

You know, I don’t often call things, but I fucking called it. Let me have this. Just to give you a quick definition from Wikipedia:

“Cel shading or toon shading is a type of non-photorealistic rendering designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades.”

3-dimensional figure with cel shading, has the effect of making it  look 2D. Typically seen with thick outlines on the outside and little to no outlines on the inside:

(Team Fortress 2 itself isn’t normally cel shaded, but that’s a great example a fan made of what cel shading usually looked like when I was growing up)

Cel shading without outlines, as seen in Wind Waker. 

  • Like I said, just seeing this still image, it looks 2D, but watching it move, you can tell there’s a 3rd dimension to the character with the features and lineart mapped out onto the models to make it look 2D
  • Which by the way, is really unique for a major release! I don’t know about anyone else, but I was excited that MLP: The Movie seemed to be 2-D since there hasn’t been a domestic 2-D animated movie since Winnie the Pooh in 2011. 6 damn years! While I maybe would’ve ideally liked a completely 2-D animated movie, the backgrounds and the cel shading works in really neat ways, and it will definitely make the movie stand out 
  • The purely 3-D objects seem unfinished at the moment (but that’s not out of the ordinary, CGI seems to be one of the last processes). It needs texture or shading or something, and I can tell because most of the ship looks too soft (too much like a model) to be metal. I really think this will be fixed for the final product, but that’s probably the most jarring part of the style at the moment
  • Not all of the 3-D looks unfinished, but the best looking parts are still the painterly, 2-D stuff (look at those towers; they’re really stylized, but you can tell they’re 3D in a more 2D environment)
  • The light effects are definitely 3-D in the fireworks and rainboom
  • Oh, and speaking lighting, so much of it looks so pretty! There are one or two times when the colours are slightly off, but the majority of the time it looks freaking gorgeous
  • You can kinda see by looking at Rarity that the shading is juuust slightly off here (kinda like they were for the teaser trailer), but then you look in the background and see this BEAUTIFUL background and Twilight all upset and worried about this invasion, and it feels like such a nitpick to worry about what will probably still be cleaned up before it hits theaters
  • We also get some really great expressions, so they’re not really limited by the 3D models underneath (if I’m right about that)
  • Also, just as one last little note here, the style is detailed enough to see little things about the characters we didn’t know up until now, like the fact that the spines on the side of Spike’s head are translucent, or that the colours of RD’s mane aren’t 100% perfectly separated
  • Overall with the animation, I’m so impressed not only by how gorgeous it is,but by how willing they were to take a risk and incorporate a 3D element in the form of  (I think) cel-shading. This only really matches the creative spirit of the MLP team, though. Whether or not you agree on how well they always execute everything, they always try to step up their game with every new season and push themselves to be and do better.
  • And while I will say that if some of the more 3D parts (yeah, I’m talking about the zeppelin/airships mostly) aren’t fixed for the final release, I would have a bone to pick with them, but I have faith that we’ll be seeing a much smoother integration of that 3D on the big screen.

Story and Character Details

I really appreciate that they didn’t outright spoil anything too big. It’s definitely a well-cut trailer! We basically only know about the same information we did before, with just a hint or two as to things like who the true villain is.

  • Just based on the focus given to these characters in the trailer (and what I know of the Storm King’s characterization in the first Movie Prequel comic that was just released), seems like he’s not as big of a threat as the commander of his fleet, Tempest. 
  • It’s a kind of villain we haven’t seen on the show or even in EQG, and not only that, but 
  • She’s got a fantastic voice actress behind her, so she can pull off the deliciously evil vibe well without, say, reminding us too much of Chrysalis or other powerful animated villains from Disney classics
  • Plus her design with the broken horn and her magic sparking up out of it is instantly intriguing to me: for such a powerful presence, it’s awesome to see her weakness (and most likely shady past) is always on display—especially for a commander character, that’s just really cool
  • Grubber seems to be pretty standard so far, nothing he’s done has really impressed me quite yet, but I’m hoping his best stuff is saved for the movie itself
  • The sky pirates (or skyrates) look like a lot of fun, and in context I can see how well the bipedal birb pirate blends with the universe (the bipedal designs were the ones I had the most trouble with)
  • On top of that, we have sea ponies at last! And they’re far more adorable than I ever could’ve hoped
  • The original sea pony designs from G1 looked a lot more like sea horses, with curling tails and fins on either side, but I think the meraid-ish look is both more marketable for Hasbro and more appealing to look at (the original sea ponies always seemed like a joke in the fandom to me, I admittedly never understood why people would actually want it in G4)
  • And a-ha! Good queens do exist! Poor Celestia and Luna. Always a princess, never a queen.
  • Oh, and Seaquestria? It’s freakin’ beautiful. I LOVE the rich blues and purples here. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the 360 image of the underwater palace complete with an excellent piece of background music, treat yourself.
  • The Mane 6′s sea pony designs are pretty dang adorable. I don’t have anything interesting to say, I just like the cute water horses, okay?

Minor Details and Incidentals

I’ll start out by saying Twilight’s narration in the trailer is pretty standard, but still heartwarming (mostly because I already know and love these characters though). It sort of reminds me of the bits of narration from the How to Train Your Dragon movies, although those had a bit more character to them. 

The what could possible go wrong? line, though. It just makes me laugh thinking of all the flashbacks we could have to the series. 

Originally posted by fisherpon

I guess she’s talking about that festival specifically that she’s organizing, and in that way it’s a show of character development (in a similar way to the character development on display in A Flurry of Emotions, where Twilight is told she’s late and doesn’t have a panic attack or worry about what could go wrong… too much), but it’s still hilarious to contrast the idea that nothing could go wrong in Equestria to… literally all of the show. 

  • AJ and RD protecting their friends even before the others have gotten over the shock of whatever they’re seeing tho
  • Starlight and Trixie get a bit of screen-time together and it’s adorable. Starlight might be stuck in Canterlot for the duration of the adventure, but I’m glad to see her included. Characters like Discord who might be too hard to explain to new audiences are understandable losses, but even if Starlight’s cameo is brief, it’s good to see her role acknowledged
  • In terms of music, Sia’s looking adorable so far, and Lukas Graham’s as of yet unreleased Off to See the World sounds pretty catchy (it’s the song at the end of the trailer), so they’ve got talent behind the vocals!
  • Jumping back to little details, it’s neat how sea pony magic has a very distinct look from unicorn/alicorn magic. Also, the bubbles are really cute
  • And, okay, I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate how serious this ponk is. Can we all just stop and take a look, because in this scene Twilight’s saying how she’s the one Tempest is after, and she should probably face this alone, which seems to be our Princess of Friendship’s big dilemma in this movie, and Pinkie’s clearly trying to tell her she’s crazy
  • Gotta love that they didn’t just go for hyperactive comic relief Pinkie Pie; they don’t seem to be boiling down these characters to just one trait (which is partially why I loved the moment where RD and AJ defend the girls; RD’s ego will no doubt be on display throughout the movie, but you’ll also see she’s ready to lay down her life for her friends)
  • And hey, lookie here! Canterlot got a make-over… and a contractor. There’s more pink than there typically is and it doesn’t necessarily match what we’ve seen of it in the show. Especially places like the throne room:
  • And you know, I’m a little torn on this detail? It’s beautiful, and I’m digging the starry night mosiac they’ve got going on back there, but it would’ve been nice to see the throne room we know and love rendered in this new style, you know? I’m gonna miss the deep magentas and the stain glass windows of the Mane 6′s accomplishments. I know that’s mostly the fangirl in me, but I like seeing continuity nods back to the show (like hey look: Cadence gets a cameo!)
  • Unless Canterlot gets destroyed and subsequently rebuilt in the season 7 finale, in which case I’ll shut my mouth
  • Speaking of which, I still have to wonder exactly when this will take place in the series, or if it exists slightly to the left of canon like the Equestria Girls movies (which, I mean, I consider canon, but still). I know there’s ties into the comics, but I wonder if/when the show will acknowledge the events of the movie… I guess only time will tell

And for now, I think that about wraps it up! All in all, I’m beyond excited to see this thing, as anyone could’ve guessed. 

It should also be noted that a lot of kids movie trailers focus on the fun, comedic portions of the movie, so while I do think it’s mostly going to feel like this, I’m also looking forward to the more character-driven feelsy parts. As we well know, you can never get the full scope of a movie from just the trailer, but it’s usually especially true for kids movies.

Even just from what we have seen, it looks like we’re in for a ride. Can’t wait to get on.

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Year of the Pony


I got really excited about @heartstoppercomic when I discovered it a few weeks ago and then I went a little wild after the last update. So here are some lock screens I made bc these boys are real sweet & I’m a tad obsessed.

(A lot of the flowers and stuff were found on Tumblr but I don’t remember who from, so if one is yours, let me know so I can give you proper credit!)

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hc's for lotor with a really sweet and kind s/o who is just, super smitten with him, like they never get past the "honeymoon stage" of the relationship. they're just always swooning when he does stuff and getting excited!!!!! when they see him even if it's only been like an hour since they last saw each other. just SO in love all the time. <3

before i received this request i had a similiar request like this queued. guess you can read both now! down by admin coran 💓

  • At first Lotor isn’t quite sure how to react
    • Why are you doing this? He gets suspicious of your reasons for acting so lovey dovey.
  • This would lead to Lotor sending Narti to watch for any clue of what your motives may be.
  • But Narti can find nothing.
  • Lotor continues to send general after general to find an ulterior motive while mirroring your affections with a sickly sweet grin
  • When all four of generals find nothing, he is shocked.
  • His own Father banished him, his subjects mock and jeer behind his back and his mother…? Essentially non-existent.
  • He goes to you now, seeking you out with a genuine smile gracing his face.
  • He loves when you wrap your arms around his neck after he gets back from mission after mission
  • The feeling Lotor gets when you sneak your hand into his as you walk throughout the ship makes him feel… giddy.
  • He loves you and loves to know he is wanted by you.
  • His generals have mixed feelings towards you but always go out of their way to protect you.
  • Please don’t do it in front of other Galra, he’s already the exile who has to fight to be treated with respect a prince deserves, so doing this in front of others only makes him seem valuable.

Being best friends with an idol is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Meeting new people and going to events is fun and all, but what really grabs your attention is the new way Juho acts when other idols look your way.

word count: 1099
request: Can you do one with Zuho? One where you have been friends with him since childhood so you are there for a lot of sf9 stuff and he gets protective and jealous but like in a sweet way where he doesn’t even really realize he’s doing it?

I do not allow reposting of my work under any circumstances. Thank you!

You had been looking forward to this event all year. You had squealed with excitement when Juho had asked you to be his plus one. You loved having a reason to dress nicely and do yourself up, and, even more, you loved finally being able to spend time with your best friend.

You were so immensely happy for him to be doing what he loved, so proud that his talent and hard work was being recognized by the world, but it was difficult to survive off of only videos and messages from him. Each time you hugged him was like he was recharging something inside of you, so missing him felt like you were running on empty.

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Jack Things That We Love

- often reminds us that he loves this community and cares about us

- he’s super sweet

- he’s so loud yet so soft at the same time

- beautiful green floof 

- accepting of everyone 

- funny and entertaining, never fails to make me laugh/smile

- not afraid to be silly sometimes but also mature

- no really, Jack is a 5 year old bean sometimes

- he’s a cinnamon roll

- he joins in the Anti stuff with us and excites the community

- makes an effort to share fanart/edits/gifs/etc, appreciates our creations

- did I mention he is a precious green bean

- unafraid to show affection for Signe

- heart of gold

- his laugh is beautiful

- sweet smile


Tim & Faith

Jul 10, 2007


SO.. Last night was my first night opening up for Tim and Faith on the Soul2Soul tour.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! On this tour, I play four songs acoustic before Tim and Faith go on. First of all, the stage is AMAZING. It’s this round platform (because the stage is in the middle of the arena). And after the show, I went back to my dressing room and found these two boxes in wrapping paper and a note from Tim and Faith! In one of the boxes was a candle that smells unbelievable, and in the other one was this Juicy Couture charm bracelet that I’m never taking off for the rest of my life. Haha. I can’t believe how sweet that was of them.. Faith is so nice. Like, think of it this way.. As beautiful as she is, she is THAT nice.

I’m in Detroit right now, playing with my new laptop. Notice all the weird pictures I’ve been putting up? Well, my laptop has a camera in it, and so I’ve been taking all these different pictures with different color treatments and stuff like that.. I love it. So lately, I’ve been in the studio on my days off recording a CHRISTMAS album! Haha. Not kidding. It’s a Target exclusive thing, and I’m really excited about it! There are two songs on it that I wrote. More on it later!

Oh well, just wanted to check in and let you guys know what I’ve been up to.. Thanks for everything!!


anonymous asked:

I need more phandom tumblrs to follow. Got any suggestions??

oml,,,, i’m actually really excited for this question bc i have so many good blogs that i follow and everyone is wholesome, makes great content, and have super funny meme posts and textposts (phan related ofc) (consider this a mini ff?)

my favorite gif makers: @huphilpuffs @fallinghowell @lstcr @dnpsb @pseudophan @theylikeboys @theanomex @asteroidphil @danisnotoffice @arcticlester 

my favorite story tellers: @cafephan @wavydanrises @elliesfics @ineverhadmyinternetphase 

super-sweet people (who also make lovely stuff): @glowinghowell @princephil @singaporeditl @phillybeans @wispyphil @rebranddaniel @writerdan @akilahthegreat @dangoghs @oops-phan 

favorite artists: @cringe-attacks @huilens @creamphilled @palephantom @dawniel @backin2009 @phantheraglama @beeken @gryphll

faves who make my dash poppin’: @amazedhowell @sleeplessphilip @philester @phillesterdaily @dimplydan @dailyphan @danisnotonfires @boncasphan @dansucc @lcssamazingphil @phanwhom 

(ik i’m missing people but all these blogs are gr9) 💕