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Some oooold stuff from Same Old World. This was my first time drawing Lapis, so it was pretty daunting. I ended up liking how the episode came out, though, thanks to everyone else’s amazing work down the line. 

In this first shot of Lapis I really wanted to capture how Steven’s presence takes her out of her misery, so I got into posing out that mental transition, also drawing her wings and hair *_* I love Steven’s moments with the Homeworld gems… I think there is something very fragile, exciting and sweet about his relationships with these characters that very recently turned a new leaf.



The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack 

“Your Sims will soon be able to take to the lanes and level up their new bowling skill with the all new Bowling Lane object! Accompanied with a slew of retro vibe objects, including new seating, lighting, and even bowling ball racks, builders out there will be able to really deck out their venues. Whether customizing your local bar to include a nice bowling space, or turning your nightclub into a sweet local hangout spot where your Sims can dance the night away, Sims can also enjoy a bit of Moonlight Bowling to really set the vibe.

And objects aren’t the only new addition to this pack, we’ve got a slew of new clothing items that will make your Sim the envy of their friends with some swanky retro hairstyles and clothes to match! Now you can have your Sims bowling team dress up in matching outfits (with corresponding bowling shoes!) so the locals know that you mean busy.”

We all know that I hate bowling (there was a childhood incident, don’t ask) but I just watched the trailer like three times and I’m suddenly obsessed. Especially with the new CAS stuff. I’m such a fan.

a sportarobbie consider the following

sport is so polite and sweet that he asks before initiating a n y t h i n g
he wants to smooch? ask robbie first
hold hands? permission must be had
stroke hair? make a wild guess
but one day he just goes for it without thinking and while robbie’s surprised he’s also really excited that his boy is comfortable enough to know it’s okay to do that stuff

Happy birthday Guang Hong!

Just friendly reminder that our sweet flower Guang Hong Ji, the cutest and purest of them all is turning 18 today and he’s probably spending this time with his family being excited about presents and eating a lot of sweets and replying to his friends and fans on Instagram but he just can’t wait for his daily chat with Leo and he doesn’t really know why until Leo smiles to him and says that now he’s an adult he totally could fly to the USA by himself and they could do some cool stuff together “like you can drink now and umm, kiss people and-d go to clubs of course, I know where they play the best music and…” he stops because Guang Hong is laughing and blushing a bit and goes “that kissing part was really specific, are you asking me on a date or sth?” and Leo just smirks and says “well, not really but if you are then I would say yes” and they just sit there smiling like two idiots for a while before Guang Hong whispers “I hope I will spend my next birthday with you” and Leo’s heart just stops beating for a second.

I know I’ve been posting a shit ton of gifs and stuff, but I only made this blog two weeks ago. I’m kind of a new infant baby here. I’m just rounding up on 300 followers which is so exciting and way more than I expected to have already. But I would like to be following some more people and have some more mutuals since I don’t really know many people here. So if you post any of the following shows, especially if you make your own stuff, give this a reblog and I’ll check your blog out? Or just reblog it anyway even if I already follow you so I can find some more people? Idunno. Thanks! 

The Magicians, Sweet Vicious, Supergirl, One Tree Hill, Quantico, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Greys Anatomy, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, Wynonna Earp, Riverdale, Teen Wolf

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I feel like I get as excited about you releasing cc as I do for actual sim packs😭👌 In your last cc release, you mentioned adding more because of your not so berry challenge. I was just wondering if you were willing to share what those were gonna be cause I'm kinda really excited😅 you obviously don't have to, hope I haven't bothered or upset you as I know you don't seem to really like talking about cc. Big fan! -Eli x

Hahahaha that’s so sweet of you to say! I don’t really have much to share other that there will be more toddler stuff. I haven’t decided ahead of time what I’m going to recolour, just that I need recolours for toddlers lol

i love following bastille’s lead singer dan smith because, well, even this lesbian can admit that he’s extremely attractive

he’s also hilarious on twitter?? like most times he reminds me of a tiny cute alien who’s come down here to earth to bless us with his beauty — who has no idea about american pop culture after the age of david lynch (to be fair, i don’t think most americans even understand current pop culture. it’s entirely perplexing..)

but on top of that he’s just adorable??? and really cute when he gets excited about stuff?? like what the heck, who gave him the right

and he talks to his fans on such a regular basis just to ask how they’re doing –and to ask about the media they’re consuming

he’s so sweet and charming and i love it. his presence lights up my twitter feed and it’s gr8, thx dan

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My crush is my boyfriend of 3 days and he's so sweet and kind. He calls me his little tomato cause he always makes me blush. We're always telling the other how lucky we are to have found each other and he's one of the best things to happen to me. We like a bunch of the same stuff and he told his LA teacher about us that's how excited and happy he was. He's my little dork and I really like him.

ADORABLE! I am gonna make a little tomato date a cutie for you guys!! That is the cutest thing i have ever heard!!!💖

@radiofishface Can I just say that your akafuri is giving me life! I definitely stumbled upon this pairing late (just got into KNB like two weeks ago…^^;) and with the lack of fanart, I ventured into fan fiction; and this is by far one of my favorites! (Whoops! Run on sentence!) I read the first part and loved it! So thank you so much for this! <3.

Awww thank you so much! This is such a sweet message. 💕 I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my fic, and to meet a brand-new KnB and AkaFuri fan! Welcome to the fandom. :D I’ve been doing fandom stuff for a loooong time, but I think KnB is probably my all-time favorite. 🏀🌈 (I was inactive over the last month due to some mental health stuff, but I’m really excited to jump back into KnB now that the Last Game movie is about to come out! //bounces)

And oh gosh yes, I relate to being thirsty for more AkaFuri. I’m a multi-shipper but there’s just something about the two of them together? I could write about the pairing forever, seriously. //laughs (Which is good since I’ve committed to doing a whole series about them. XD) Anyway, thank you again for your really nice message! I’m so glad that people are still joining this fandom and finding pairings they love. ❤️

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY HIMEDERE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Hisoka also said "Happy Birthday". XD


Ayano: “Mun-chan and Yuki-chan seem really excited~ So cute!” ^////^ “Ooh~ Thank you for telling me! Please tell Hisoka-chan that I say thank you and I hope I can see her soon~!” c:

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Then just leave amino

Eh I would, and actually never wanted to really make it in the beginning, but really the only reason I’m there is 1, to keep track of my stolen art. 2, make sure no one impersonates me there (since that’s an apparent common thing), 3, just keeping track of Omni stuff. 4, I have seen some sweet things from people as well as had people be really excited to see me there because they can’t talk to me here. So really I’m just sticking around for those reasons. Amino does make me frustrated and annoyed at times, but eh. Most the time I just take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes you just need to show others just how bad this cringy shit is. XD I’m fine just was frustrated since that’s pretty much the norm on how I’m treated.

underage little looking for a daddy or mommy!

Name: cassie     
Little Names: anything cute!
     Role: little girl

Age: 13
     Little Range: 2-6
     Location: virginia 

About Yourself: im dumb sometimes and get excited over little things
Big Hobbies/Interest: running, drawing, reading
Little Hobbies /Interest: coloring, watching doc mcstuffins, building pillow forts

♡fav color: blue!

♡activities: lots of stuff

♡fav tv shows/movies: lost, supernatural, the 100, doc mcstuffins, the walking dead, shameless


♡snacks/candy: dark chocolate & starbursts 

♡little gear: idk
Partner Preference: 

Partner Preference Age: 13-16 i guess 

Partner Preference Role: mommy / daddy 

What do you look for in a Partner: loving, really sweet, kinda strict

I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: idk
I like when my caregiver: gives me lots of affection and love! 

I don’t like: being ignored or not treated like i’m little
Best way to get in touch with you is: tumblr, u can message to ask for other social media :-)

Okay guys. Can I just mention how sweet Mob is? I mean, he got that incredibly shady “love letter” in episode four. Dimple tried to assure him that the letter was a trap, which it was. But Mob still went to go meet the “girl” who wrote the letter, giving the bad handwriting and spelling mistakes the benefit of a doubt. He didn’t want to keep the girl waiting, in case the letter was real. He really is a gentleman, I just–

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Purple, Cinnamon, Mauve, Indigo, Fuchsia, Lavender, Razzmatazz, Saffron, Plum, Tangerine, Burgundy

> What do you think of me - the colourful edition! - ( not accepting )

PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
MAUVE = You are really talented
INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
LAVENDER = You inspire me
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
SAFFRON = I love your ideas
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

[[ Ah- wow this is so many? I’m so flattered and shocked but so, so glad you’d think of all this stuff pertaining me/Viktor/my blog! Honestly this is all so, so sweet, and I really highly encourage you to talk to me one day if you would like! I can be fairly quiet at first, but I don’t mind chatting ;v;. But again, thank you so much! This is all so sweet ;v; and I’m so flattered <3 ]]


Jellybeans release teaser for main rapper and visual , faith. Jellybeans’ drops their last teaser of today before the comeback which is set in a few days. It reveals non other than former soloist, visual and main rapper faith. Here she styles her innocent charm as she poses for the camera capturing a what netizens reveal to be a sweet lady blossoming her way to adulthood.


[+130 , 194 -] oh, she’s so pretty what the heck—
[ +183 , 84 -] man, I wish I could be her she’s flawless looking.
[+149 , 89 -] ew, she should stick to her soloist stuff she doesn’t fit jellybeans, Imo?
[+640 , 19 -] damn, can we just bless her for her eyes it’s so nice to look at.
[+ 94, 194 -] I’m really excited to see her on stage again, #fightingjellybeans! #fightingfaith #wehavefaithinyou.

Request: Could you do a one shot please where you’re best friends with Hermione and she lets you stay at hers over the summer because she knows you have nowhere to go, and then she tells you she loves you and you do cute stuff together and it’s really sweet :) thank you! Love your blog


You walked through the door and into Hermione’s bedroom. You were smiling like an idiot and you knew it. Hermione had made up the sofa bed so much that it actually looked really comfy, even compared next to her double bed. You took in all the bright colours of her room, making you feel right at home, even though you had never been there before.

“This is amazing. Thanks again for letting me stay with you” you exclaimed, buzzing with excitement.

“I know you didn’t have anywhere else to go, besides, it will be fun” she replied cheerily. Your parents were on a vacation and weren’t going to be back until school started again, so Hermione offered to let you stay with her, which you instantly took her up on. You were excited to stay with Hermione, as silly as it sounds since you literally live with each other during the rest of the year.

Hermione’s parents would be back in the morning but said they trusted you both not to completely burn down the house. You put your trunk on the floor next to Hermione’s and sat down on her bed. She sat beside you, unusually close compared to how she would usually at Hogwarts.

“What do you want for dinner?” She asked innocently. You were a half blood but had spent your whole life in the Wizarding world and had no idea what type of food muggles ate.

“Whatever you’re having” you said, trying not to sound clueless. Hermione laughed at you slightly, clearly you weren’t as convincing as you thought, and you giggled in return. You and Hermione started staring at one another, just smirking while gazing into each others eyes. Until, Hermione quickly darted her eyes away from yours.

“Listen (y/n)…..” She trailed off and looked back at you.

“Yeah” you answered softly. She didn’t say anything, simply grabbed you by your neck and pulled your lips towards hers. You were shocked but quickly started kissing her back. It was total bliss. Your fist kiss and you were glad you could share it with Hermione. Her lips were softer than silk and felt amazing against yours. All too soon though, she pulled away.

“Im sorry, i shouldn’t have done that” she stated sadly. She opened her mouth to speak again but you pressed your mouth to hers. You never wanted that moment to end, neither did Hermione. After around 5 minutes of complete heaven , you both pulled away, smiling into each others gaze.

“I really like you (y/n), like…. really, really like you. I just never knew how to tell you since Ron and Harry are always around and I’m pretty sure Harry has a crush on you and i didn’t know if you would ever like me back”. She said in one breath

“Hey, listen, take a breath and calm down okay.” You said, concern evident in your voice, “i like you too, really like you too”

She smiled widely and pulled you in for a huge hug. You didn’t hesitate to hug her back just as, if not more, tightly. You both just sat there for a few moments, comfortable in each others arms.

“Come on!” She excitedly grabbed your hand and pulled you down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” You laughed at her eagerness and how adorable it seemed to you.

“We’re going to cook” she smiled at you. You were worried sure, the house elves usually cooked everything for you and you had no idea what to do, but since Hermione was so happy to try it with you, you complied.

Two hours, a huge mess, and three burnt attempts later, you were finally able to make a decently cooked omelette for each of you. You were quite proud of your work until you sat down to eat it. The food had barely touched your tongue but you already wanted to hurl. It was horrible, the definition of the word vile. How could three eggs and a few vegetables taste so awful. Your face was contouring in all different manors at the food while Hermione nearly fell from her chair from laughing so much.

“You try making it then, if your so clever” you said with mock sarcasm.

Less than ten minutes later, on her first attempt, she had two perfectly formed omelettes sitting on the two plates. You pretended to glare at her as she sat down. You took one bite and the flavours overwhelmed your mouth. You looked at Hermione, now able to add cooking to the list of things she was a master at.

You soon finished your meal and both went to sit on the couch in the living room. You wrapped your arms around each other and she turned on the television. You weren’t paying attention though, you were gazing up at your Hermione, your eyes full of admiration. She noticed quickly and leaned down slightly to kiss you one more time that night. You quickly fell asleep in each others arms, perfectly content with your lives, and never wanting that moment to end.

Three Important Things (Part 4)

Authors Note: I rewrote this chapter a couple of times and I’m not all too satisfied with it, it’s fluffy but I felt like it was necessary for further development. But i have something planned in I think the installment after the next one which I’m really excited to write! All the same, I hope you guys like it. 

Word Count: 1,416

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    Part1  Part2  Part3

    As hard as you tried you couldn’t focus on what the professor was saying. Something about eukaryotes vs prokaryotes, basic review stuff. Your mind could only focus on one thing; Jongin. You had only felt like this, about one other person, and that didn’t end so well. Jongin was sweet, smart, and kind the thought of him made your heart race a little, as much as you didn’t want to admit it. You couldn’t let yourself get attached, you promised yourself; never again.       

   Surprisingly, the hour and a half lecture passed really quick. You distracted yourself throughout the lecture by talking to people around you. You had already gotten four new contacts. You exited the lecture hall looking down at your phone. Your best friend since middle school had texted you talking about all the hot guys at her college. Sadly you went your path and she went hers, but you two promised to still meet up and text each other. “Sorry I was at my first bio lecture. But I met a guy… and he took me out for coffee. He’s really cute and we like the same stuff. But idk man its nothing he’s just cute, his names Jongin.” you texted back.               

           "…you know when everything started with him you said the same thing ‘hes just cute’“ she replied within seconds.      

"w.e im telling you its nothing, you know I don’t want attachments. But back to you whos this James guy?” you switched the subjects in hopes your friend would let it slide for now, because you didn’t feel like talking about Jongin.                  "Just be careful and I wanna see this guy when I visit you, James is….AMAZING. He’s in my architecture class and he’s tall and muscular and really nice and from what I gathered he’s on the track team.“ you smiled at the text, your friend was one for attachments and her usually worked out. If things ended its because she wanted them too.     

     You pushed open the door to the outside world. As you looked ahead you saw Jongin leaning against the tree  close to the door of the hall looking at his phone. He must have heard the door screech open, because he looked up and smiled as he started walking towards you. Had he waited for you?           

          "hello again.” he said with a smile.                  

“Kim Jongin are you stalking me?” you teased with a playful smile.            

        “well you ran out from that cafe pretty quickly, didn’t even give me a chance to ask for your number.”         

  You took his phone from his hand with a smile and added you contact. “Here now you can contact me next time I run away from you.” you said handing his phone back.                    

         " thank you. Whats next on your schedule for today?“ he asked walking by your side.          

"First a chemistry lecture, and then history lecture, and that would be it for todayt.” you answered.                      

         "History?“ he asked a bit confused.            

"I was forced to minor in something might as well pick something that I like.” you answered back.                      

       "How about I pick you up after your history lecture and we can grab the best bubble tea on campus?“ he asked with his usual angelic smile.          

"I don’t know I’m a pretty busy person.” you said in an exaggerated tone.                  "Come on, I’ll buy you your favorite. Passion fruit with tapioca was it? In the biggest size.“ he answered.          

"Deal, but if you don’t keep your promise I will never speak to you again.” you smiled at him.                     

       "I will see you then, and you better no run away again. Speaking of running I’m already 35 minutes late to my business lecture.“ he said, his smile never leaving him. He kissed your cheek quickly and before you could say anything he ran off. 

    You practically skipped into your history lecture, because you knew after it you would get to see Jongin. You took a seat comfortably in the middle of the vast lecture room. Slowly people started to trickle in, but you were too busy focused on your phone, Jonging had been sending you silly selfies from his lectures talking about how boring they were and how time was passing way too slowly. You were about to send one back but someone sat down in the seat next to you. It was like that one person who chooses the seat next to you in an empty movie theatre, just this was a lecture hall. You wanted to see who this person was and looked up from your phone, you were met with the cocky smirk of non other then Sehun.               

               "hi.” he said with a smile.  

“hi, fancy seeing you here.” you said for the sake of being polite. Sehun hadn’t necessarily done anything bad to you, so there wasn’t any reason to be rude.               “The college needed me to take another class, it was either this or architecture. I thought I would choose something I actually enjoy.” he replied.   “Funny, same thing happened to me, it was this or introduction to engineering. Let me tell you I hate anything having to do with engineering with a passion.” you told him.                   

          “what has engineering ever done to you?” he asked with a small laugh.   “I went to a high school where they forced you to take robotics, CAD, and architecture. It was horrible.” you said with a smile, thinking about all the horrible experiences that now just seem funny.                    

          “tell me about them, what was so horrible?” he asked curiously his amused smile never leaving his lips.  

“If you get me started on this topic theres no going back, you have been warned.” you laughed.                  

          “Go.” Sehun simply said.    

    That was how you and your former one night stand talked right through the hour. Even when the professor came in both of you continued sharing stories from high school, all the terrible classes, the terrible teachers, and all the annoying people who never knew when to lose their mouths. You two laughed to the point where you were almost crying, and the professor asked you kindly to shut up. At that point you two started sending each other memes, and lip syncing to rap songs you two simultaneously listened to. The two of you walked out together talking to an actual history related topic, because toward the end of the lecture your professor actually got you two to listen. He was talking about your curriculum and said you would go all the way up to the cold war, which means you were actually gonna learn about World War II.  It was your favorite topic as well as Sehuns. You two were currently in a heated debate as to who actually won the war, America or the Soviet Union. Jongin saw you and smiled but immediately locked eyes with Sehun. Sehun and Jongin greeted each other with the typical bro greeting that guys did where they would slap hands and go in for a half hug.        

      “What are you doing here? I thought you would be back at the apartment.” said Sehun to Jongin.                         

              “Y/N and I were actually actually gonna go grab some bubble tea.” Jongin answered.         

     "Oh you two are acquainted.“ Sehun said a bit of irritation in his voice.                 

"Yeah I kind of, lost my bracelet at your apartment and Jongin helped me find it.” you spoke up.           

     "I see, well bring me back one I have an obsession with bubble tea.“ Sehun said with a smile.                 

"Come with us, I still have to prove you wrong from our debate earlier.” you sad the words without thinking. What had gotten into you lately? Did you just seriously ask Sehun to come with you and Jongin? You mentally face palmed.           “You’re gonna loose the argument.” said Sehun with a smirk. 


      Jongin was silently raging as you and Sehun were talking non stop. This was supposed to be just you and him. Jongin constantly kept looking at Sehun signaling for Sehun to go home. Sehun noticed a couple of times but he wasn’t backing down, he specifically told Jongin you were his. The three of you knew one thing each. Jongin knew he wasn’t going to let Sehun have you. Sehun knew he wasn’t going to let Jongin have you. And you, well you knew things were going to change for you, and you were scared to get attached again, and the real question was; Get attached to who, Jongin or Sehun? 

Illu doing a meme or saying something like ‘Deez Nuts’ to Hisoka and Hisoka being so put off and fucking uncomfortable about Illumi saying something like that, that he grabs Illumi, drags him to Killua (the suspected source of Illumi’s new vocab) and then demands, “Stop teaching him slang.”
Hisoka trying to protect Illu from cursed memes is sweet.

Okay but despite that If Illumi ever did do the Deez Nuts meme with Hisoka, I’m really certain it would actually go like:
“Hey Hisoka, how about Deez?”
 And Hisoka would get really excited cause omg Illu is about to meme this is great and magical and then he’d say happily and really excitedly, "Deez what?!!”
But then Illumi would realize he can’t finish it. He can’t make himself say 'nuts’. It’s just too crude and vulgar and immature and unlike him.  He really can’t do it.
So he’d just stand there with his lips pursed and his face slowly turning red– not out of embarrassment but the fact that he just physically, mentally, and verbally cannot say the phrase. He’d think it’s stupid that he can’t do it so he’d try to force himself to but it wouldn’t work. He is not a memer.

Hisoka learns watching Illumi struggle to meme is better than him actually memeing.

okay now I’m done with the meme posts