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George Bush trying to put on a rain mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching


Merlin + Arthurian quotes

“Have you really been locked in a cave for eleven hundred years?
"Thereabouts, yes.”
She whistled. “You must be the horniest bastard on the face of the earth.”
The expression on his face did not change, but he said, “Gwen, would you mind waiting here a moment?”
Arthur stepped back and went into another room. She pricked up her ears and heard the sound of pages turning. She heard him mumble “Horn…horned…hornet,” like someone skimming through a dictionary to find a word he did not comprehend. She stifled a desperate urge to giggle. There was a momentary pause in the page turning, and then she heard the book close. She fought to keep a straight face but felt the sides of her mouth turning up involuntarily.
Arthur came back into the room and faced her, looking deadly serious. “Gwen,” he said with great solemnity.
“Yes, Arthur?”
“You’re right.”
They both dissolved into laughter.
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Got this silly idea after having a short conversation with accidentlyfairy , i couldn’t resist so i grabbed my sketchbook and drew these things ~

i know , my stupidity sometimes can be an inspiration …
anyway , sorry for my terrible hand writing Ụ _ Ụ …

Can you imagine how awesome and hilarious of a wingman Jay would be. I mean seriously. Imagine Cole trying to get with a girl/guy and he doesn’t know what to do. And Jay takes it on himself to get his bro a mate.

The problem is that with every good piece of advice he gives five other pieces of absolutely terrible advice. And Cole is constantly questioning him, and Jay assures him he’s saying the right choices when in reality he has no idea what he’s doing but doesn’t want to tell Cole that and make him more nervous.

Kind of a stupid thought. But honestly that would be really hilarious.

Midnight, Texas  - Ep. 7 “Angel, Heart”

Can I just say, yet again, how this show has definitely improved over the last 6 weeks! It’s not perfect, but it’s improving at a much faster clip than I anticipated. It’d be a shame to see it canceled and left to just 1 season, but NBC being NBC, I’m prepared to say goodbye at the end. 

With that in mind, here’s my review/rambling reactions for last night’s episode. And as usual, spoilers ahead…

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  • OK. That dying hand hitting the glass outside of Manfred’s house was in the trailer for this week’s episode, and I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t actually a part of the story for this week. Shame on you for misleading me, writers! Or shall I say, film editors. Shame!
  • Again, I’m back with wanting to give Fiji a hug. 
  • Damn it, Chuy! Do you want your man said and stay away so you can be safe! You are so hard-headed. … Oh, I can’t stay mad at you. You’re much too adorable. 
  • I genuinely feel sorry for Creek, but I also feel sorry for Manny. He’s really trying to help her. He didn’t do anything wrong in their relationship, and yet she has all this misplaced anger toward him. 
  • I don’t know how heavy the average pulpit lectern may be, but I suspect it’s far too heavy for most people to pick up with one hand and throw. With that said, when the Rev did just that, I thought it looked a little weird. Like it was both easy and awkward for him. Does that make sense?
  • When Bowie kicked in the door of Joe’s studio and yelled, I almost laughed and thought, “That was unnecessary!” But Bowie does tend to lean on the melodramatic side.
  • Best line of sass this episode– 
    Joe, to Lem sitting in his silk pajamas: “How you doing, Lem?”
    Lem: “I’m up during the day. That’s how I’m doing.”
  • When Fiji looked shocked that Bobo was also invited to Olivia and Lem’s place for the meeting and said, “You’re here too?” I was like, “Bitch, he can go places too! Stop being petty.” #StillLoveFijiButComeOnGirlBeReasonable
  • I have no idea what to make of that scene where Xylda enters Manny’s body so Bowie can’t read his mind. Other than that when Bowie slammed Manny’s head against the RV’s ceiling, I burst out laughing. The rest I’m just going to ignore.
  • I wanted to say “Awww” over Joe and Chuy’s “meet-cute,” but the bit about the sandals made me laugh because all I could think of was what century was this?! 
  • How much do I love that Chuy was a Mama’s boy?! LOL! Now I need a Chuy-fanfic backstory. Preferably one involving the relationship with his mother. Did she ever meet Joe? How do you raise a child who’s half demon/half human? If she was human and Chuy’s been alive for centuries, she must be dead by now, but how did she die? So many questions that even a second season probably won’t answer. Need. Fanfic.
  • Thank you, Olivia! I agree with her. Joe and Chuy are telling you now. There was literally no reason to tell you before. Stop being angry like someone did you wrong, Fiji. Joe and Chuy aren’t Bobo.
  • Bobo in that scene with Fiji where they talk about secrets, he looks like such a sad sack I can’t help but feel sorry for him. I get Fiji is upset and she’s 100% allowed to take her time with this, but man, did he look pitiful right there. 
  • Bobo: “And I love you”
    Fiji: … “OK”

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  • I’m happy that everyone got a little bit of character development this episode even if they weren’t the focus of the story – Olivia doesn’t want to be turned by Lem and now he must come to terms with her decision; Madonna got the money for the restaurant through some nefarious means that we better learn about sooner or later dammit!; and the Rev’s transformation into a weretiger actual heals him from any broken bones and possibly more ailments in general.
  • Favorite dialogue of the episode:
    Joe: “When the veil starts to tear, a hero will rise. He will lead an army to fight the evil that emerges and seal the veil forever.”
    Manfred: “Wow, we should call this person.”
    You ass! You know he’s talking about you. LOL!
  • Say what you want about Manny, he is definitely ride or die for the woman he loves.
  • I love how Joe is so unfazed by the idea of Manny turning him over to Bowie to save Creek. This is certainly not a man angel that is easily jarred.
  • Did the writers really have to make Manny look so stupid with his Uncle’s finger? Not once. But twice!? That was just mean.
  • You know, I’m really sick of Creek (and her family) calling Manny a con artist or scam artist. She’s literally never seen him hurt anyone who wasn’t trying to hurt someone in the town. Ever since she’s met him, he’s done nothing but try to help people. Sure, he’s hurt people before he came to town, but he was trying to make it right well before he met Creek. It’s easy to be perfect when you never go anywhere or do anything. I get that she’s hurting, but she stood in judgment of him well before she found out her father & brother were a coalition of crazy.
  • It’s interesting that Chuy didn’t start to turn into his demon-self until Joe got involved and started fighting Bowie. It’s like he could control his demon side fine until he saw that his man was in danger. 
  • Jason Lewis’ stunt double has a really bad wig. Just saying.
  • I felt like that “Chuy, no!” wasn’t very emphatic there, Joe. As a matter of fact, it was pretty weak. Like you really didn’t mean it, and perhaps indeed wanted Chuy to rip her throat open. … Just saying. ;-)
  • Wow! When an angel dies, it really is spectacular!
  • What did Demon!Chuy do to Lem? Did the attempt to leech him somehow poison Lem? Does this mean the only person who can defeat Demon!Chuy is Joe?
  • OK. The bit where Manny was trying to hide from Demon!Chuy was both stupid and hilarious. They really do have a way of making Manny look silly at times. 
  • In 7 episodes so far, we’ve only seen Joe lose his typical even-keeled, cool-as-a-cucumber self three times, and twice was in this episode. 1) Last week, when he and the Rev argued about Joe telling everyone that the veil was fraying and Joe insisted he needed to keep everyone in the dark to keep Chuy safe. I think that’s the first time we hear him raise his voice. 2) This episode, when Joe sees Bowie from the upstairs’ window of their shop/studio/apartment. For the first time, he honestly looked like he was on the verge of panic. And 3) when he tells Demon!Chuy that he will kill him if he has to, but it will destroy him inside too. His voice was shaking in that moment, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen Joe Strong look so … anything-but-Strong.
  • Awww, Fiji. She really is a bundle of nerves. I really hope she lets Bobo have a second chance. I have a feeling with the veil fraying, she’s going to need her wits about her more than most.
  • So did Joe leave with Chuy this time? Or did he send him away like he did last time? Chuy said, “We got to go.” Not “I got to go.” But I really don’t see Joe abandoning Midnight with the veil tearing apart. Or maybe he would. He did almost lose Chuy. Who knows?
  • I completely understand Creek’s perspective, but again, Manny didn’t do anything wrong in their relationship the entire time they were together. He’s not perfect, and the worst thing he ever did, he tried to make right well before Creek asked him to stay. Creek does need time and space to heal, but it sucks that Manny was all-in on her, and it never really felt reciprocated. He was a good boyfriend, and it’s a shame things didn’t work out.
  • My take: I’m not worried about Manny leaving town. He’ll be back. Whether he knows it or not.

Oh my damn! Next week has 2 episodes of Midnight, Texas. One on Monday night, and another Tuesday night.

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Man, I’m going to miss this show when it ends. ::looking at you, NBC::

Clean Time Dance

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: Requested by @capscanary:  And: (Reader-insert): Stiles and reader cleaning their house when one turns on music and starts dancing, leading to cleaning being a adorned in favor of a mini dance party

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What's the weirdest manga/anime you've ever read/watched?

As soon as I saw this ask, the first thing that popped into my head was Sekkou Boys.

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It’s an anime about four statues. Yep, that’s right. Statues. The show is mostly funny because the main voice actors are very well known and well liked, and they’re really stupid and hilarious! I was a little weary by ep 11 or 12, but overall I enjoyed the show! It’s a short, so the episodes were only like 7 minutes long. :)

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(1) Do you guys accept fandom stories? Because I've got one that's equal parts stupid, infuriating, and hilarious. So I really love a ship, my OTP like I've never had before. It's an interracial ship (black guy + white guy) and I knew the BBC fics with the black dude as a hypersexual animalistic dom were coming. And they did. I talked about it with some friends and we mocked the culprits, which we thought were white because of the fetishization

(2) but lol nope most of them were non-black poc and it shows just how bad non-black poc can be too. These people threw a hilarious hissy fit for being called out on their bullshit (even tho we never directly spoke about anyone or @ anyone) and tried to change the subject with the typical fandom shit. The funniest part of it all? After my friends and I kept talking about the thing for a little while before we moved on, they actually started fixing their shitty writing 

(3) and interpretation of the character lol without ever admitting it was because we called them on it. Their fics and headcanons are still shit, but now I can tell they’re at least trying and even if they never admit it’s because they felt ashamed after being called out by black people, I’m glad they saw how much they fucked up. Let this be the lesson, folks: Call out the bullshit you see, if you can, maybe you’ll change a mind or two.          

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just turn on the audio

Sentences [part2]

Series: Soul Eater
Main pairing: Soma
Genre: Romance, humor
Setting: AU: Soul Mates
Rating: T
Type: Multi-Chapter.
Read on:, Ao3
Read other chapters: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven

Synopsis: In which the first sentence your soul mate will speak to you appears tattooed on your skin once you turn 18, and Maka discovers that not every sentence is romantic. (based off of this post)

A/N: (Edited) 

This will be a decent amount of exposition. I figure a first date is a good way to get details out of the way.

Soul had already been at the café for fifteen minutes by the time Maka arrives. 

Why he’d gotten there so early, he probably couldn’t tell you. But he’d spent nearly half an hour getting ready for this – which was a good 25 minutes longer than he’d ever spent getting ready for anything in his life – and he wanted to make sure Maka wasn’t the first one there.

He stares at his wrist, reading his Sentence for the millionth time this week while twirling the paper cup full of coffee in his other hand. He’d thought it was a pretty cool sentence to have when he first got it. 

It was certainly better than Black-Star’s one word (“huh?”) which had disappointed the eccentric, blue-haired kid immensely.

He’d ranted about how boring his Sentence was for hours, Soul tuning him out after the first 15 minutes. The day he’d woken up to his Sentence, right there on his left wrist, he’d shown it to Black-Star almost immediately, a smug look on his face. The kid fumed for days about how much better Soul’s Sentence was than his, and how he really didn’t deserve it, and he certainly didn’t deserve a soulmate that seemed so cool.

But Soul didn’t care too much about whether or not his soulmate was cool. Actually, he didn’t care too much about finding his soulmate, period. He just figured it’d happen when it happened. 

He never thought it would take 10 days, though. And he never thought that the first thing he would say to his soulmate would be so stupid.

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Hello :) Can i please have akashi reacting to a boy trying to flirt with s/o and Akashi becomes jealous? Thanks in advance.

Heeere you go :) I hope you like it. I always imagine Akashi as rather possessive, so I hope this meets your expectations. 

By the way, please feel free, to talk to me and criticize me. I’d really like to improve. Thank you guys, for everything. :D 

Sitting on a park bench, you were waiting for Akashi. Listening to music with your earphones, you closed your eyes to enjoy the sunshine in the early summer.

Suddenly someone tapped your shoulder. You opened your eyes and unplugged your earphones. A boy your age was standing in front of you and smiled. “Hey. May I sit here?” He looked like the-boy-next-door-type and you didn’t think much before nodding, motioning him to sit beside you. You guys started talking and the boy, who introduced himself as Yuki (random name) was really hilarious, you couldn’t help but laugh at his stupid, but funny jokes.

Akashi already saw you from very far away. A smile formed on his lips but it quickly turned to a scowl when he realized someone occupied the seat next to you on the park bench. And this someone was a male, who seemed to be making you laugh a lot, because Akashi could see you were holding your stomach and with the other hand you wiped away a tear from laughing too much. If Akashi could blush, his cheek would be on fire now from anger, but he stayed cool and composed, at least his poker face was showing that as he approached you and Yuki.

Seeing Seijuro walking towards you, you waved at him with a big smile. In return, your Sei-Chan gave you one of his sarcastic smirks you loved so much.

When Akashi reached you, he pulled you in a tight hug without a word and then kissed you, a wild and possessive kiss. When you broke away, you asked quietly and a little out of breath “What’s the matter, Seijuro?”

“It seemed like I needed to show that you already belong to someone.” He said rather loudly in a husky voice. You turned around, realizing Akashi meant Yuki, who just smiled awkwardly and got up from the bench. “I guess, I should take my leave now.” He smiled at you. “Yes, indeed, you should.” Akashi nodded with his poker face. “See you around, ____-Chan”.

When Yuki was gone, you looked up to Akashi in surprise. “What was that, Sei-Chan?”

“There was someone trying to flirt with MY girl. He’s already addressing you with ‘-Chan’” He answered with scowl. You blushed when he stressed the “my” in the sentence. Giving him a peck on his cheek you asked: “Are you jealous? You were really rude.” Once again, he gave you his well-known smirk. “Maybe.” Was all he answered, but to you it was enough.

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Let me just enlarge Rose Tico on that poster thank u. Let my daughter show off!! She is cute and ready to kick ass!! I still wanna know how her and Finn's infiltration into the First Order will go. Like. Will Hux just look at them and be like "the fuck." Hux is too tired for this shit. Please help him.

I’m SOOOO excited for Rose she’s so freaking cute I’m 😍 for her already! And yeah I’m :/ about her being so small on the poster. I hoped she’d be the same size as Hux….I’m really hoping Rose is gay too 👀💕 Idk how to feel about the infiltration scene bc it could either be really stupid OR if it’s done right it could be very hilarious or intense (or both) at least we know John & Kelly look Hot af in their First Order uniforms 👀❤️ so I’m at least excited for that part. I really hope they sneak right by Hux too and if Hux catches them that could be very interesting as well. I’m excited!!!!

The whole B.o.B vs Neil deGrasse Tyson thing was pretty amusing for a little while until I noticed on Twitter the amount of people coming out saying that it’s actually a cover up and that the Earth is actually flat, and then try to use science to prove it. Quite frankly, this is now getting a little concerning.