really stupid but hilarious


just turn on the audio

Naruto is just getting stupid now...

Every time I see a post of sasusaku or someone defending them as a couple I laugh a little inside

I can’t even entertain the idea of them together as “lovers”

Im sorry people, there’s no love to be found between them, and there never will be. XD

their paring is like fanfiction to me.

the idea of sakura “loving” a clone of sasuke is ridiculous… in a really stupid hilarious way.

One time I was trying to type in ‘fuck’ but I think i was talking about Bucky and I ended up typing “Fucky” and then my mind immediately thought of “I wanna fucky bucky,” and I ended up laughing for a solid 5 minutes afterwards

The whole B.o.B vs Neil deGrasse Tyson thing was pretty amusing for a little while until I noticed on Twitter the amount of people coming out saying that it’s actually a cover up and that the Earth is actually flat, and then try to use science to prove it. Quite frankly, this is now getting a little concerning.

People need to stop forcing themselves to like their biases music. Not every song they release is gonna be good. Having to listen to a song 50000 times for it to “grow on you” does NOT make it a good song. A shitty song is a shitty song. Yes people can listen to whatever they want, but I just find it really stupid and hilarious that people brainwash themselves into liking shitty songs just because the singers are cute/hot/pretty.

  • me on a date: so what do you think of claptrap
  • them: yeah he's really stupid and annoying it's hilarious that everyone hates him
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but i have to go home right now immediately
Odd Things That Make the Signs Happy
  • Air signs: Coloring in coloring books anarchically | Probably still horses, just like when they were five | Aliens meme in places that there really shouldn't be an aliens meme
  • Fire signs: Being a dork with something like finger paints even if they know what they're doing | Running jokes that are really stupid and hilarious | Temporary tattoos or sharpie tattoos
  • Earth signs: Little hand sanitizers that they can do the super-villain hand rub with | When candy is individually wrapped | TINY VERSIONS OF NOT-TINY THINGS
  • Water signs: That ultra fine white glitter that is somehow green and purple at the same time | Putting really childish band-aids all over themselves or someone else | Being able to mess with a musical instrument that they've never played before