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Randall’s mom: “Bud, I’m sorry more people didn’t come to your birthday party. I bet they probably wanted to come, but they had other things going on they couldn’t get out of.”

Randall: “No they didn’t. They’re just not my friends. But I don’t care. I have three really good friends. That’s a lot. And they all came to my party.”

I know I’m way late to this show but YES RANDALL TELL IT LIKE IT IS

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Hi! I was wondering if it wouldn't be too personal could someone explain to me how they figured out they were genderfluid? I've been questioning my gender for a while and I feel genderfluid might fit me but I'm not 100% sure as I've thought about it in the past and it didn't fit back then but I think it might now but I'm also not sure if I really even know what being genderfluid means! Thank you so much in advance! Have a lovely day! 🙂❤️

Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply.

Figuring out your gender is honestly such a weird journey. I started figuring out I was genderfluid when I was around 15. It was after I had figured out that I was bisexual… and somehow that struggle turned into me struggling to figure out my gender. 

I don’t know how I really came to the conclusion that I was genderfluid, all I really remember is spending a lot of time just crying in front of a mirror and experiencing a lot of body dysphoria. I also found myself trying to make myself more masculine a lot of the time as I am afab, I found myself gravitating towards the mens section when I went shopping, and doing a lot of other things physically to look more masculine. I also found myself getting uncomfortable when I was called a girl or grouped into a category of being a “woman”. 

I ended up watching a lot of youtube videos about gender, and about people who are trans. And then I ended up on a lot of different tumblr blogs and eventually finding the gender identity genderfluid. Which is something I had no idea about previously, and then one day it just clicked and I said, “Fuck it! This is who I am.”  And ever since then I’ve just rolled with it. Really it was just this weird gut feeling that I wasn’t cis and I went from there.

Hope that helped.

If anyone wants to share their story with this anon please leave it in a reply!

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i definitely agree with you on most things but im fairly certain that after that article came out Lili did say that she was sorry and that the article wasn't worded in a way she intended it to be. a full formal apology just came really late because officials probably tried to side track it but it repeatedly kept coming up by the fans (for right reasons)

I disagree with a “formal” apology. That wasn’t formal or professional by any means

Sisters From The Same Mister. (Part Five)


Characters: Emily Prentiss x OC

(Previous Parts)

A/N: Finally got part 5 up and ready! So sorry for the long wait on a new posting. Been really busy lately with work and family stuff. ENJOY! (oh.. and still not sorry for another mention of a baby, lol)

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“When did you find out?” Edmund questioned.

“Seems like getting pregnant out of wedlock runs in the family.” Elizabeth scoffed rolling her eyes.

“Mother, shut up.” Emily snapped shooting a glare at Elizabeth. “Go ahead Lillian.” Emily calmly said to Lillian.

“I found out six weeks ago..” Lillian says. “I haven’t told anyone because I was afraid. I didn’t even tell mom when she came to see at the hospital.”

“She has to know, Lillian.” Edmund said.

“And I will tell her, I just don’t know how to.” Lillian took in a deep breath. “Mom isn’t the type to always be understanding. She was clear when she said she wanted Dylan and I to be married before we had kids. She didn’t want to make the same mistake she did.”

“I’m sure she’ll understand.” Edmund said grabbing hold of Lillian’s hand. “I can talk to her after you tell her. Get to her understand your side of the story.”

“Oh joy..” Elizabeth muttered.

“That’s it.” Lillian said standing up. “You know you should never anger a pregnant woman. You would understand that, right?”

“Lillian, just ignore her.” Emily said.

“And what are you going to do?” Elizabeth said folding her arms across her chest.

“Lillian..” Emily warned. Emily stood up from the couch and grabbed hold of your shoulders. “Go on outside and get some air. Cool off, okay? I’ll handle my mother.”

“You got lucky this time.” Lillian huffed before leaving the room. Pushing open the patio doors, she sat down on the steps and leaned on her knees. She felt a presence beside her and she turned her head to see Edmund. “I get that she’s not my number one fan but can she be just a little nicer?”

“This has never been something she’s been able to get used to.”

Lillian rolled her eyes before standing up from the steps. “Well I better go tell mom now… Maybe I can figure out what to say during this drive.”

“Would like me to go?”

Lillian shook her head. “No.. I should go alone.” She runs a hand through her hair and climbs the steps back to the patio doors. Sliding them open she steps inside the house and goes back to the living room to gather her things when she feels her stomach churning. Dropping her bag, she rushes up to the downstairs bathroom and begins to heave her stomach contents into the toilet bowl. She feels a pair of hands pull her hair back into a ponytail.

“Emily, go get a cup of water and cold, wet rag.” Lillian hears Elizabeth speak.

“Of course.” Emily says. Once Lillian finished, she sat back against the bathtub and pulled her knees up to her chest. Elizabeth flushed the toilet and lowered the bowl.

“How do you feel?” She asked.

“Why do you care?”

“Because..” Elizabeth said as she sat down on the floor in front of Lillian. “Even though we don’t like each other, you’re gonna need some help.”

“But you hate me..”

“Yeah but you make my husband and daughter happy. And when you told him that he was pregnant I haven’t seen him smile that big since the day I found out that I was pregnant was with Emily. He’s been wishing for a grandchild.”

“Well today’s his lucky day.”

“Here’s some water.” Emily said walking into the bathroom carrying a full glass of water. She sat down beside Elizabeth and handed the glass to Lillian. “Dad called your mother.”

Lillian spit out the water back into the cup. “He did what?!” She exclaims. “Did he tell her?”


“Thank gosh..”

“He told her to come here. Said it was important.”

“But I haven’t thought about how to tell her.. Or my stepdad! Gosh my stepdad is going to kill me!” Lillian got up off the floor and left the bathroom. “Dad!”

“Don’t get mad… I had to..” He said walking out of the kitchen holding his hands out in front of him.

“Had to?! You invited my potential killer to the house!”

“I told her to keep an open mind when she hears what you have to say.”

“What did you tell her?”

“All I told her was that it was something to do with you and it was important. I told her that when she hears what has to be said she must keep an open mind. I know your mother.”

“Bullshit..” Lillian said. “You don’t know anything about but her name and that she’s the mother of your one of your daughters! You don’t know how short fused she is! How could you tell her to come here?!”

“I thought it would help, Lillian.”

“Well think thoroughly! Your thinking tends to get you in trouble! Remember thinking one more drink couldn’t hurt?”

“That is enough, Lillian.” Edmund sternly spoke. “Go to your room.”

“I don’t have a damn room here!”

“Than go to Emily’s room!”

“I’m not a little kid!”

“Well you’re my kid! Don’t fight with me, Lillian Lynn!”

“We haven’t even known each other for a week yet and I already hate you!” Lillian screamed as she stormed off to the staircase.

“Sounds like you.” Elizabeth said raising an eyebrow. The sound of the bedroom door slamming could be heard from the second floor. “Yeah.. Definitely sounds like you.”

“I’ll go talk to her.” Emily said as she ascended the stairs to her old bedroom. Knocking on the door, she could hear Lillian sniffling.

“Go away..” She called.

“It’s just me, Emily.”

“I don’t care.. Just leave me alone..”

Emily sighed and leaned on the doorframe. Lifting her head to look at the top of the frame she reached her hand up and felt around for the key. Finding in it’s usual spot she grabbed it and unlocked the door. “Gosh, Emily I said to go away..”

“You do remember that he said go to my room?” Emily said closing the bedroom door. She looked around the room. “I haven’t been up here since I was eighteen. Every time I come here I always avoid this room because it just reminds me of who I used to be.” She walked over to her dresser and pulled off a photo off of the mirror. It was photo of herself, Matthew and John. She remembered that day being her birthday. She just turned sixteen and they were hanging out in her bedroom when John had pulled out a polaroid camera.

“Oh gosh here we go…” Matthew groaned making Emily laugh.

“Not other photo!” Emily laughed. “You’ve taken enough!”

“But this is for your birthday so that when you look at this you’ll remember this day.”

“Come oooon John!” Emily said still laughing. “Stop with the photos!”

“Just one and I promise no more.” John said. Matthew and Emily look at each other.

“Just one more.” Matthew said.

“Friends?” Lillian asked pulling Emily off of memory lane.

“Uh yeah.. Two of my best friends.. Matthew Benton and John Cooley.”

“John is too cute.”

“And too old for you.” Emily said putting the photo back. “We were all sixteen in that photo.”

“Can I meet them?”

“John might still be the DC area but ummm.. Matthew passed away in 2009.”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry Emily. I can understand the loss of a friend. A good one at that. It isn’t easy.” Lillian said as she sat down next to Emily on the bed. “My best friend, Anna, she died when we were sixteen. We had been on our way home from the mall. It was late so it was pretty dark out. We were just about to get off the highway when a car slammed into us. it had hit her side so she got the most damage. But by the time help had come she was already dead. I watched her take her last breath.”

“Drunk driver?” Emily asked.

Lillian nodded her head. “The friend of the driver claimed her couldn’t get the keys when they left the bar. His friend stayed sober so he could drive them both home. His friend was wasted. The passenger kept trying to get his friend to pull over so they could switch places. He did pullover but onto the wrong highway. The passenger had said he grabbed the wheel to turn them the other direction but he was too late. Both cars collided together.”

“Gosh, Lillian. That’s worse than mine. You actually witnessed it and everything.” Emily pulled her legs up onto the bed so she was sitting criss-cross apple sauce across from Lillian. “But enough with sad memories. Let’s think about the good things that are yet to come. If the baby is a boy, what would name him?”

“Definitely Alexander.”

“And for a girl?”

“Anna, after my best friend. When we were little, we fantasied about what we would name our kids. She dead set on naming her daughter after me so I thought I’d do the same. It was so stupid because we were so little. But that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I found out I was pregnant.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Emily said. “Anna’s a pretty name for a girl. Oh I can’t wait to be an aunt! This is so exciting!” She exclaimed making Lillian giggle. “You know Garcia is gonna want to be the godmother.”

“Well she has some hefty competition with you then..” Lillian said shrugging her shoulders. “Who will win? Only time will tell..”

“Tune in in six months to find out who the winner is.” Emily added. Both girls burst into laughter.

“We’re so stupid.” Lillian cried laughing.

“We’re Prentiss’. We’re made to be stupid.” Emily laughed.

A knock came on the door and Elizabeth peered her head. “Lillian, your mother is here. She’s waiting for you in the living room.”

“That was fast.” Emily commented as both girls followed Elizabeth back downstairs.

“Did you fly here or something?” Lillian asked Marie as she entered the living room.

“Actually I was visiting your brother. So when I got Edmund’s call I came as soon as I could. Your brother misses you by the way. He wanted me to tell you that he loves you.” Marie said as Lillian and Emily took seats on the couch. “So what’s so important I had to come here?”

“Mom… I’m pregnant…” The words just came right out without her having to think about what or how she would tell her mother. Her mother only stared at her. “Mom?”

“Marie?” Edmund spoke. “Marie, words would be nice.”

Her mouth opened and Lillian braced herself for the worst yet to come from her lips. Would she mad? Would she be excited? Or simply not care? Either way, Lillian was afraid to hear what words would come out of her mouth.

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Hi, I want to apologize for taking so long. Life got in the way one again.

But Mama Rhodes now knows of Lillian’s pregnancy. What do you think she’ll say?

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Ahh I’m so sorry this came in so late T-T I’m your pinch server and was kinda busy the past few days :’) You had so many ships to choose from and I just recently liked YakuLev a lot so I had fun drawing these two!

I actually planned a few more drawings based on the snapchat au prompt you provided but time contraints >_> (I’ll probably still draw them out but much later!)

I really hope you’ll like it! and Happy belated Valentines ahah 8′)


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