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Okay so…I’m not sure what’s going on, but its been a few days with… very poisonous stuff going around it seems.

And its starting to affect my blog too as in I’m getting quite a few uncomfortable anons and questions and just… well I’m very sorry, I need to set stuff over on off for anon for a few days I think because this is giving me anxieties I really don’t need rolling around into Christmas people. Maybe it has to do with the newest SW movie that came out, I’ve heard a few rumors from other blogs that apparently the fandom is blowing up in toxic ways because of it?

But not sure why that would spill over to me.

Anyhow, anon off for… I guess however long it needs to be.

I’m sorry about that for those who are shy or don’t have blogs but its really not fun to go into your inbox and find… well the stuff I’ve been finding lately.

Anyhow, Moddy out, enjoy the day people.


Violet came out to find Thalia she looked annoyed. 

Oh there you are T, we gotta go now” she frowned.

“ Oh? Why?” 

“ Levi wants to go now… he’s been really weird lately but he says he wants to go home… but he can’t go home without me, we promised we’d be back together. I’m sorry T..” 

“ Oh no um, it’s fine…” 

Rhys jumped up off the wall putting his arm around Thalia he said, I can get her home… “ That is if you want to stay?” 

Violet pondered for a moment. Unsure about leaving her friend “ Umm..i dont know. Promise me you’ll get her home?” 

“ Of course i will!” Rhys winked. 

Er.. okay, are you sure you’re okay with staying T?” 

“ Um, yeah sure.  Its fine! really!” 

Violet left to go find Levi and Thalia and Rhys were left alone, Rhys looked her directly in the eyes bringing his face closer to hers… “ So princess, do you want to go to a real party?” 

“ A real party? I thought we were at one…” Thalia said confused

“ This is a school party… I mean a real party, a house party with alcohol and other fun things… some of the seniors and other older people are throwing a house party, and i was gonna go, I can drop you at home if you have a curfew though..” His eyes glinted with challenge as if he knew she would say no. 

Thalia pondered for a moment, she did have a curfew but she was determined to show Rhys that she could have fun and be wild so she said yeah. “ No, no its fine i’ll come with you to your party!” 

Rhys raised his eyebrows suprised at her decision. 

“ There maybe hope for you yet princess.” he grinned as he helped her down off the wall. 

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Hey I don't know if you guys take recommendations but I've been reading Michelle Cliff's work and I think she'd be a lovely addition to the page! She was a mixed raced, lesbian author who just died last year. Her work is really powerful

We do take suggestions, and we did take this one!

Sorry for the late response, but we hadn’t heard this name before so as soon as we got this message we went into a flurry of research and recently came out with a two-part article about her!

Michelle Cliff, Rejecting Speechlessness, Part 2
Michelle Cliff, Rejecting Speechlessness, Part 1

Thank you so much for your suggestion, it was truly appreciated and we got to read about an incredible person who wasn’t on our radar before!

Thank you

I know my chats have been lacking lately and I haven’t been updating a lot and I’m really sorry for that. At first I thought university just was stressing me out to much to get some creative and fun ideas, but even now during holidays I can’t come up with something remotely funny. I just post bc I have the feeling I have to put out something. Too much work went into this blog, to let it be ruined by mediocre content, so I came to a conclusion to end it here. There still unfulfilled requests and I’m very sorry that I couldn’t finish them all ㅠㅠ

Thank you very much for all the support, when we started this I never expected this. ^-^ 💕

Admin Saria

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Any headcannons of V being ticklish?

AAAA I’m so sorry this is really late…and also really short. I couldn’t think of much when it came to being ticklish. I hope you enjoy it regardless! ~Kennedy

  • V is extremely ticklish
  • but MC didn’t figure it out until a couple months after they started dating
  • he was cooking in the kitchen when MC came in and started lovingly teasing him
  • so she poked his side in the process and he jumped and started giggling
  • thus the tickling session began
  • MC tickled him while he tried in vain to tickle her back
  • since then they had tickle wars where every day they’d sneak up on one another and surprise tickle them
  • they both did it for the same reason: they both loved hearing the other person laugh
  • they would tickle each other so much that they’d get sore and have to stop for a while
  • if MC didn’t wanna get out of bed that morning, he’d tickle her until she’d roll out of bed, and then he’d catch her
  • if V would go to stretch, she’d seize the opportunity to tickle under his arms

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Sorry if this question troubles you, but do you think the official artworks (not the trio) show differences between zeki and yume in general? Perhaps the gesture and use of background

No trouble at all, though I’m sorry for the late response, things have been a little crazy for me lately IRL with the holidays and then the spoilers for the new chapter came out so I’ve been working on my post for that. ^^ 

I definitely think that the official artwork for Zeki vs. the official artwork for Yume shows a stark contrast between the two pairings, though I’ll admit that analyzing it isn’t really my forte anymore so I’ll apologize in advance if my answer isn’t as thorough and invite anyone else who’d like to take a shot at it to do so. 

A recurring theme in Zeki’s artwork has always been that of “forbidden love” or star-crossed lovers, though ultimately they did not fit the true definition of star-crossed lovers specifically because they were together and lived a happy life. Still, Hino often focused on that theme for their artwork, going as far as creating artwork reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. Zero was pointing a dagger at Yuuki, but it was more symbolic than literal, and Yuuki wasn’t drawn looking troubled or hurt. The next “dark” artwork for them is when they’re pointing their weapons at each other, but even in this piece, there’s a feeling that they’re equals. Neither of them has the upper hand on the other. It seems more reminiscent of their goals being at odds with each other than any actual violence, given what was going on in the story at the time and the lack of violence they displayed toward one another. Overall, their artwork was mostly light, with a few exceptions. 

A recurring theme in Yume’s artwork, on the other hand, has often been that of dominance or control, with Yuuki as the passive party in the images. Sometimes the artwork would have protective undertones, primarily in arc one - there’s a lot of imagery of Kaname with a sleeping Yuuki, likely symbolic of her sleeping memories at the time and him looking out for her. There are some lighter pieces as well, like the cherry blossom image of them together. But I would say the ratio of light to dark imagery is in favor of dark, mostly due to the expression Yuuki has in them. Eyes half-lidded, expression somber or distressed. A lot of these happen near the end of arc one and into arc two, for example the image of Yuuki as a pureblood with an angry, determined expression, breaking the chains and Kaname in the background behind her. I always took that as being symbolic of the conflict she has with Kaname when he wants her to run away and abandon Cross Academy, and she wants to stay and defend it. She was breaking the chains he tried to put on her to do what she thought was right. That’s not necessarily to pass judgement on Kaname for that, Yuuki has no actual experience fighting so I understand why he’d be reluctant to allow for that, but it was the first time Yuuki felt like she didn’t know him, because the image of him she had in her head was that he would stand and fight with her, as Zero did. (I’m referring to the scene where Kaname embraces her and Yuuki thinks his arms are that of a stranger, cracking the resin rose he gave to her.) 

Hino also sexualized Yuuki a bit in some of the early arc two Yume artwork, which would be fine for romantic imagery except it contradicted how Yuuki actually acted in canon at the time (she was canonically uncomfortable with anything sexual with Kaname in early arc two when this artwork was released), and as the artwork was generally was symbolic of what was going on at the time I would say it was more reflective of Kaname’s perception of Yuuki and Kaname’s desires at the time, given Yuuki’s passive role in those images. And while it might seem presumptuous and speculative to say that it was Kaname’s perception of Yuuki, we see that there is a disconnect between the Yuuki he’s actually shown in reality and the Yuuki he is shown when he thinks about her throughout arc two, and so I think this is what Hino may have intended with her artwork for Yume. Of course, a lot of this is dependent on my interpretation of their relationship during the Kuran Manor arc, and understandably fans of the pairing will feel differently. As analyzing imagery is really an “eye of the beholder” kind of thing, I can’t really say my view of it is more or less likely than anyone else’s, but anyway, this is how I’ve always viewed the artwork myself. 

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Hi. I’m probably really late to this assumption, but I assumed you were female, brown haired and ruddy from the outdoors. That you had lived by a barn, and were somewhere in middle America. Doesn’t matter, as it’s always interesting to read your comments, and I learn a lot. I really wish I could learn more than the shallow end. It’s a fumbling. Anyway, back to lurking. Cheers.

No, you’re not late. 

It’s interesting to read. I can’t really comment on it. 

I didn’t live in the middle states, though. The culture can be a bit similar, but it’s not exactly it. 

I’m glad to hear that you learn a lot. I’m sorry that I can’t dive any deeper than that, but who knows, maybe one day you’ll meet a witch (or circle), who is willing to show you the depths. 

Glad you came out of the woodwork, though. Cheers!

Well… I should be choosing what career I want to study right now I only got a few hours at least to decide and I am very nervous, but I ended up doing this at least it help me to relax.
I normally don’t do next gen characters but she came out while I was drawing other stuff and I really like how she looks, I love her <3.
She is the daughter of Mordecai and Benson sorry I been doing a lot of Mordeson things lately
I named her Clarice she doesn’t have a story yet but maybe I will made it later


“You don’t say … There does seem to be something off as of late, huh?” Setsuka paid no mind to her surroundings, simply striking a chat with a nearby spirit. They had told her that someone is here that shouldn’t be here, leading her to believe dark magic was at the end of it. Of course, it wasn’t bad, but it wouldn’t really be anything … to make a fuss about.

“OH! OH! What if it’s an actual demon that came out of the TV world! …. You’re right, I promised to play normal …” Though normal was possibly thrown out the window the moment she continued to speak to spirits.

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Hey, Aero! First, I REALLY LOVED THE LATEST CHAPTER OF STRINGS!! Hijikata being super concerned about Gintoki made me sooo happy! Second, I know it's for plot purposes, but the first thought that came to my mind when the colar snapped on to Gintokis neck was that, he could have just put his forearm in front of his neck and that could have prevented a lot of angsting? Third, I just really love your writing and can't wait to find out what your yet to be revealed project is!

First, I’m sooo happy you’re enjoying Strings and the updates it has been getting lately! I’m thrilled to hear it!! <3

Second, I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I can’t picture a way his forearm would be able to do anything for him. Not only would he not be able to put the collar on with one hand, but the collar itself is made of metal and it’s meant to be a near specific size. It’s not elastic or anything like that. So I’m really sorry, I don’t understand what you mean about using his forearm. This arc is all about angst, I wouldn’t put such a simple solution in there LOL YOU CAN’T ESCAPE MY ANGST I FORBID IT //gently shakes fist at the sky

Third, I actually announced the project last week! It’s this GinHiji / HijiGin zine that I’m putting together! The official list of participants will go out this week and this zine is really something to look forward to! 

Thanks so much for your message! =u=

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whats your opinion about people who make content and are antis who also say "shaladins/piladins dont interact?" sometimes I see things that are really cute like hance but they say that and im just?? Guess ill die then??

As much as I hate when antis say that shit, I just listen to them (even though I didn’t at first)… When I first saw the words: “Don’t interact if Shaladin/Piladin” I reblogged their art out of spite, but then I stopped because it’s pointless since they always came after me. I realized it only created more unnecessary discourse. However, it honestly is ridiculous when they tell us to not interact because it makes them “uncomfortable knowing a Shaladin/Piladin reblogs my art”. Sorry for appreciating your gorgeous art that attracts even us Shaladin/Piladin shippers. But that’s fine. I don’t want to support hateful people anyway.

I know seeing that shit is aggravating as hell, but we should definitely respect their choice for us to back off. I know it’s upsetting to see beautiful content being created by ugly antis, but there’s plenty of other artists who are more welcoming (“Discourse-free”, “Pro-Shaladin/Piladin”, “All ships are welcome”, etc.) and these are the ones who we should definitely go to support. And it honestly is rude to interact even when they tell us not to. Don’t do it, no matter how rude you think they sound because they don’t want us to reblog their content. I know it’s stupid, but be the better person. Trust me, it really helps to prevent discourse. My point is, anon, don’t die. Don’t worry about it. Just go about your day! 😎👌

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your oldest character you still do anything with. i don't know your OCs but I want you to talk about them, GO


tumblr mobile doesnt really show asks so i didn’t see this LUL, or if it does I dont know where to see them.

also im typing from a german keyboard so expect Ys and Zs to be swapped.

My oldest OC would be Indigo who is my Guild Wars 2 character. My good D&D and Shadowrun characters came after that (the ones that came earlier never were that fleshed out as the ones I have now)


  • full name: Indigo Ironglare
  • gender: Male
  • sexuality: Het
  • pronouns: He, Him


  • family: Blood family is not alive, probably died when he was still in the Fahrar. Charr kids are sent to these schools called Fahrars in which they’re separated from their parents until they join a Legion and then they come back. They probably died re-killing Ascalonian ghosts.

    He still has his warband, though. It’s any Charr’s second family. And besides his warband, his guildmates are pretty much an extension of it (I’m not sure warbands admit non-charr?)
  • birthplace: The Black Citadel, of course.
  • job: As an Iron Legion member he used to be a weaponsmith, but has sort of put that aside as a hobby. He mostly does indoor decoration for the guild hall now.
  • phobias: fucking HATE SKELKS
  • guilty pleasures: Planting sneaky net turrets as a prank


  • morality alignment?: Generally good and willing to dialogue, but has no chill when it comes to actually fight.
  • sins - lust/greed/gluttony/sloth/pride/envy/wrath
  • virtues - chastity/charity/diligence/humility/kindness/patience/justice

T H I S - O R - T H A T

  • introvert/extrovert: Extrovert
  • organized/disorganized: Organized
  • close minded/open-minded: Open-minded but gives up on humans sort of quick. You gotta strike a good first impression.
  • calm/anxious: Calm
  • disagreeable/agreeable: Disagreeable at first. Doesn’t like conflicting trains of thought when devising a plan.
  • cautious/reckless: As cautious as a 7 feet tall beastman with a jetpack can be
  • patient/impatient: Seeing how he has to wait for his party members who do not, in fact, own a jetpack, i’d say patient.
  • outspoken/reserved: Outspoken.
  • leader/follower: Leader out of necessity.
  • empathetic/unemphatic: Unempathic. He’s sort of pragmatic.
  • optimistic/pessimistic: Optimistic when with Innis.
  • traditional/modern: Ooooo new tech gets him hard af. Modern all the way
  • hard-working/lazy: Hard-working


  • otp: He’s not really a romantic dude. He does feel unstoppable with Innis, so… (He’s a tank and she’s a healer)
  • ot3: Him, Healing Turret and Net Turret <3
  • brotp: Oh, Tybalt. I’ll never forget you.
  • notp: Probably Zojja LUL
Dark (Fan apprentice)

TW: Panic attack

Her breath came out in frantic, short puffs of air. She wheezed, clutching at her chest as it constricted like she was being crushed. Her eyes watered, her lips quivered, and only one thought was racing through her mind, ‘Alone, I need to be alone. I-I can’t, I can’t show anyone, I need to go somewhere alone. They can’t see how weak I am.’

She darted into the closet of her small shop, sliding down to the floor as the panic overtook her mind. She couldn’t do this, she couldn’t be all alone anymore. She was so scared, and yet no one was there to ease the pain. Her shop was still open, people wandering in occasionally and walking back out. She didn’t call out to them, tell them not to steal. Her chest hurt so much; water, she needed water. Everything felt dry, like a desert, and her heart pumped painfully in her chest.

Tears streamed down her face as her whole body shook with the force of her sobs, her ears crackling and her nasal passages swollen so badly she could barely breathe. She felt light-headed, the darkness she always saw doing nothing to alleviate how she felt; a word slipped past her lips, a name.

‘Asra,’ She choked out, “Asra I need you, why aren’t you here…. Why did you have to leave me again.” She shuddered, coughing violently against the phlegm in her throat; she couldn’t do it anymore. She couldn’t handle any of it. Everything was too dark and too loud in her shop, and the walls felt like they were closing all around her, consuming her. Her ears started ringing louder and louder, her heart beating faster and faster.All fell silent as she passed out, curled in the fetal position on the floor of her tiny closet.


When she awoke, her head was pounding and she felt frozen solid on the floor, goosebumps covering every part of her body, including her itchy face. Still, no one was there for her, but now the shop had gone dead silent. No one had saved her from herself, had alleviated the darkness swimming around in her mind, the darkness that was telling her she was unlovable and worthless. Of course not, no one ever came. Not anymore. Not since her parents died and her siblings had been taken away from her. Not even when Asra was there; her tears had always made him uncomfortable. She dropped her head against the cold floor, groaning in pain as the headache split into her skull. No one was here. She had to get up, but she didn’t want to ever again.

Her body was like lead, her legs creaking and protesting the first time she tried to stand, causing her to slip back to her knees on the hard wooden floor. Her summer-y dress was covered in tears at her bust, and dirt at the hem of her skirt. She didn’t try to stand up again that night, it wasn’t worth it. She’d be alone no matter what part of the shop she was in. So she curled her knees to her chest and stared blankly at nothing, as she always did. It was always dark and cold. It would never stop being dark and cold. No one would ever be able to save her.

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Princess Kitty! My boyfriend of three years and I are going on a skating adventure and I think I'm going to tell him that I'm a little! I'm hoping for the best cuz I really want him to be my daddy but I'm scared he's going to flip out. We've talked about sex and kinks and even lifestyles, but I don't know if he's willing to dive into one with me just yet. Wish me luck! Maybe I'll update you!

Omggg!! I am so sorry for the late reply!
How did it go??? Omgggg please tell me he loves the idea and that he’s your daddy?!
If you haven’t told him yet or came out to him I wish you the best of luck and I would love to be updated! Yayyyy I’m so excited for you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Ahh I’m so sorry this came in so late T-T I’m your pinch server and was kinda busy the past few days :’) You had so many ships to choose from and I just recently liked YakuLev a lot so I had fun drawing these two!

I actually planned a few more drawings based on the snapchat au prompt you provided but time contraints >_> (I’ll probably still draw them out but much later!)

I really hope you’ll like it! and Happy belated Valentines ahah 8′)


(pst click for captions)