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Regulus: *keeps James company ‘till sirius comes* l’ll make us some tea. What kind do you like?
James: black.
Regulus: yes, potter?
James: Are. You. Serious.
Regulus: *smiles*
James: oh no
Regulus: no-
James: please don’t
Regulus: -I’m Regulus.
James: *is dead. So done. Fuck this. DONE.*

Someone: You can’t ship them. *My NOTP* is better than *My OTP* and *NOTP* is canon. It’s not-


Someone:  It’s crackship!!!! Everyone will hate you! You must-


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I am done.

This blog has really been stressing me out. I’m done with it. I’ve overwhelmed myself (my fault) and certain die-hard fans have me finally worn me down. Well fine. You got it. I don’t have the energy or motivation to continue this anyway.

So, everyone else who actually enjoyed this blog, thank you for sticking around, being interested, and all the great support. I’m sorry I couldn’t do better or get as far as I wanted to. I’m sorry I couldn’t show you more. I’m sorry for finally giving in. I’ll leave this blog up this time in case anyone wants to review old content or what was suppose to be.

(I may do more chocoboys au art on my main art blog from time to time @sunxiii ☆ so feel free to check it out sometime)

Thank you.

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I am a huge fan of ALL your writing but "Backlogged Messages" is one of my absolute favorites. It's my go-to when I need high-quality, tear-jerking angst (and you know how much I love angst). I also really love "Inter-species Cooperation" and can't wait to read it after actually playing Javik's DLC...

Man, I’m really glad you like Backlogged Messages! It’s an angsty one, in an angsty series. Well, I have a proper sequel for it in the works (but first I need to catch up on the Shepard-Didn’t-Die counterpart to it) so stayed tuned. But meanwhile, I guess consider this a little add-on?


“Commander. My name is Tanya Beltram, my wife was at Arcturus when the Reapers destroyed the station. We used to joke about you, about how the pressure of being the first human Spectre must have gotten to your head: how else could someone make up such a ridiculous story about ‘Reapers?’

I’ve already begged god for forgiveness for not believing you. Now I have your forgiveness to ask. The last thing I said to my wife was ‘I’m not going to fight with you anymore, Amy. You can cool it and call me when you’re ready to be reasonable.’ I don’t remember what we were fighting about. I didn’t remember she was aboard Arcturus until three hours after I heard about the Reapers destroying it.

I thought Amy and I would be together forever. I thought the Reapers were a myth. I was wrong about a lot of things, I don’t think I’m wrong about you this time, Commander.

Forgive me. Please save us.”

What would Kaidan say, if he met Tanya Beltram today? If she were still alive, if he met her on the train on his way downtown, what would he say?

Nothing. Probably nothing.

He had read her message, the one meant only for Shepard’s eyes. One of thousands of messages Diana Allers had received aboard the Normandy in the Battlespace mailbag during the war. They were all Kaidan’s now… except they weren’t. They would always be Shepard’s letters. They sat on his omni-tool like a specter waiting in a cupboard.

Each time he read one, it felt… ‘voyeuristic’ wasn’t quite the right word. Reading Tanya’s letter had been like calling up the thinnest wisps of two departed spirits, and what could you say to a woman after performing a séance to reach her dead wife?

He couldn’t read the letters every day, the way certain music can only be paired with the right weather, or the way gin only tasted right in a certain bar. Some evenings he would just feel the weight of them watching him through his console across his apartment while he mended a shirt or hemmed a pair of trousers. Some mornings he woke up knowing—not today, but soon—he would be able to read another batch. The way you feel an anniversary coming.

Someday, would he forget? The way anniversaries begin to sneak up on you over the years?

Dear Miss Allers,

Please watch yourself around Commander Shepard. I dare not risk exposing myself, but I am deeply concerned for your safety aboard the Normandy. It has come to my attention that Commander Shepard is a scoundrel and a womanizer and is not above risking civilians to achieve his dark purposes.

-A Concerned Watcher

So many opinions, so many memories of John. So many Shepards. Kaidan wondered sometimes how long he could keep this feeling of Shepard alive: this mix of missing and loving and the noble ache that came from agreeing not to mourn any longer. How long till reading these letters made him feel like the voyeur of his own waning grief?

Diana Allers would you please pass this note on to Commander Shephard?

Commander. I salute you! You’re out there showing that humanity is the best this galaxy has to offer. Let’s bring those aliens in line and kick ass!

Kaidan would watch the sky grow dark from his balcony, he would watch more and more lights turn on and stay on as the city recovered from the war. Night after night he would stand there with Shepard’s hoodie on, with the ghost of all these thousands of letters haunting his apartment. He would change, and they would stay the same. Kaidan would grow old and there would still be a hundred thousand opinions on the man Shepard had been.

When he had held Shepard in his arms, when they had watched the stars together from Shepard’s bed, Kaidan had said “I will always love you.”

Shepard had said: “I know.”

It was an invitation. Kaidan had come into Shepard’s life and made a life of his own. There was no peeking through the keyhole, anymore. Shepard was in the rains and the darkness and the days drenched in sun. Shepard was a truth in Kaidan’s heart that would feel like an ache where his stomach should be, somedays, and Shepard was the truth in Kaidan’s heart that let him laugh when he spilled a pot of coffee on the sleeve of that hoodie.

Commander Shepard,

If you have time when the war is over will you please visit my dad in the hospital? He is very sick and can’t fight. I am to young to fight. Thank you for fighting for us. My dad admyres you very much. Please be careful. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

Come visit my dad and I will give you a hug to say thank you
Trixie Randall

Breathe in, breathe out. Every day he would learn more about Shepard, every day he would love him more.


The Lost Bladesman (2011)

The movie that Wen and Donnie first worked together. It’s about this character 关羽 (Donnie) was captured during a battle and since he’s such an honourable hero 曹操 (Wen) the…sort of General wanted to recruit him so bad, anyway 关羽 refuse to betray his lord but 曹操 still treated him so well and let him go freely even though everyone spoke against that decision. 

I’m sorry this is a terrible intro I tried I really tried

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Awwww!! I loved your ficlet about Fingon's fanfiction! ^.^ made me feel all warm and giddy inside.

“Are you serious? All you did was complain.”

“I’m sorry,” Maedhros said and kissed him contritely. “I did like it, I promise. Tell me another. Please, I’ll be good this time. No criticism, constructive or otherwise.”

Fingon was about as good at holding grudges as Maedhros was at holding his tongue and so said, “What kind of story?”

“One about the battle.” Tall as he was, it took a fair amount of shuffling and rearrangement before Maedhros was able to tuck his head beneath Fingon’s chin. “Tell me how we win it.”

“As you wish,” Fingon murmured, running one hand through his hair. “‘At length, having gathered all the strength we could of Elves and Men and Dwarves-’”

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Do you have any BonRin hcs for an AU without demons and exorcists? Like, maybe Bon is in college and meets Rin thanks to Yukio or something like that?

I personally don’t know any off the top of my head but I know there are many on wattpad and ao3. Sorry about that. -admin assblaster mcfuckerson


Twenty One Pilots Handshake