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Someone: You can’t ship them. *My NOTP* is better than *My OTP* and *NOTP* is canon. It’s not-


Someone:  It’s crackship!!!! Everyone will hate you! You must-


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The Lost Bladesman (2011)

The movie that Wen and Donnie first worked together. It’s about this character 关羽 (Donnie) was captured during a battle and since he’s such an honourable hero 曹操 (Wen) the…sort of General wanted to recruit him so bad, anyway 关羽 refuse to betray his lord but 曹操 still treated him so well and let him go freely even though everyone spoke against that decision. 

I’m sorry this is a terrible intro I tried I really tried


Hi guys! We had an assignment in class: overlaping turnip’s clothes in the wind, so i decided to take the subject a little bit further… We also have a jump to do, i might be a little bit too ambitious for this one but hey i’ll try anyway.

Have a nice day everybody!

PS: Howl’s moving castle is one of my favorite movies of all time so i was glad to have this character in our assignment, he kept me company in my darkest moments, cheering me up!


Twenty One Pilots Handshake 


Imagine someone on the Normandy (preferably before Shep has started romancing Garrus) planning with Shepard to mess with Garrus (probably Tali) by adding a program to the crew’s translators. Anytime he growls, huffs, sighs, or makes any noise the translator proclaims them to be *turian noises*. Even his subvocals are picked up.

The first time the program is tested out he is in the mess and eating with Shep and various crew members. He sighs unhappily at his dextro food because it’s not as good as stuff back home or even on the Citadel. Then a couple people are coughing including the Commander whose face is turning bright red. Garrus asks if she is alright but she just waves him off and the red fades. He doesn’t think anything about it until he is done eating and walks out of the mess. That’s when he hears what sounds like the Commander whispering “It worked.”

The next day he still doesn’t know what the hell “worked” but he is starting to feel annoyed. People keep looking at him weird or coughing when he is talking and sometimes he is sure that they are giggling at him. He knows he can be funny (really a smartass) when he tries but he has been pretty serious lately. He has no idea what’s up. He even asks a few people what’s so funny but all they do is shake there heads and say “Nothing Vakarian.”

This goes on for a couple more days and Garrus still has no idea that every few minutes people hear *turian noises* when he’s around. The Commander has of course ordered everyone not to tell him. Not until they tweak the program a little. They find another Turian language program that they add and now it further translates the noises he makes. The most common translation now is *frustrated turian noises*. Followed by *annoyed turian noises*. And Shep and the crew are on the verge of cracking up but they are still managing to keep the laughter in around him.

It’s especially hard when he is eating and the translator says *hungry turian noises* or when he first wakes up or right before he heads to his bunk it says *sleepy turian noises*. The majority of the girls and some of the guys usually let slip a awwww at that and when that happens it’s usually followed by *confused turian noises* and a wide eyed Garrus.

He kinda has an idea of what’s going on but no one will talk to him about it.

Shep isn’t the first one to crack. Though it was close. Her, Garrus, and Tali were surveying a planet and Shep was driving. And by driving I mean launching them over cliffs and trying to maneuver up mountains at impossible angles. Shep hears Garrus whine like he usually does when this happens but now the translator cuts in with *nauseated turian noises* and Tali loses her shit. She starts giggling uncontrollably with her hands covering her face plate and Garrus would love to ask what the hell she is laughing about when they are fixing to crash but he is afraid to open his mouth lest he hurl everywhere. He focuses on his Commander instead of the laughing quarian and he notices that her face is red again and her knuckles are white while she is steering. Now he knows that she herself is trying not to laugh. As soon as they are on level ground for the moment he jumps up from his seat and grabs Shepard’s armoured shoulder.

“Do you mind filling me in on whatever inside joke you have with everyone except me, Shepard?” It comes out sounding growly and the translator unnecessarily adds *angry turian noises*

The Commander stops driving and now it’s her turn to put her face in her hands and choke out laughter. Her laughing makes Tali start laughing again from where she is curled up in her seat gripping her sides.

“Turian noises!” Shepard manages to say between giggles. And Tali parrots it back. “Turian noises!”

It takes Garrus a second to put the pieces together but when he does he exclaims, “You two messed with the translators! That’s what’s been wrong with everyone. I knew it had something to do with my voice.” The translator adds *surprised turian noises* when he is done talking.

Shepard pats him on the three fingered hand still gripping her shoulder when she has managed to gain some composure. “We just wanted to understand you better, Garrus. Make sure nothing was getting lost in translation.”

“Riiiiight. It’s totally necessary that you understand my every sigh.” He rolled his blue eyes as the translator said *exasperated turian noises*.

They fill him in before they head back to the Normandy what the translator has been telling everyone. Occasionally it adds *amused turian noises* or *embarrassed turian noises* They promise to remove the added program since he knows and it was starting to become a distraction anyway. This makes *relieved turian noises*.

Once they are on board again Garrus informs everyone they encounter that he is now in on the joke and everyone is relieved. Especially Joker because he swears he almost broke a few ribs trying not to laugh. Some people start saying *turian noises* when he walks by and he laughs.

When he has a second alone with the Commander she stares at him with a large smile on her face. “You took that well, Garrus.” She leans into his personal space before she adds. “But are ya gonna be able to handle the crew telling you what kinda turian noise you just made, big guy?”

He hums and opens up his mouth to answer but the translator is already working. Shepard hears *aroused turian noises* and she makes *surprised human noises*. Garrus clicks his mouth plates shut on whatever he was going to say and tilts his head at her.

“What did it say?” His eyes are narrowed and give nothing away but the thin skin of his neck is flushing blue like he has some idea.

Shepard leans in again. “Why don’t you tell me what you think it said, big guy.” She might have grinned evilly at *aroused turian noises*.

Garrus just looked down at her with wide eyes and flared mandibles before growling. “Fuck.”

*sexually frustrated turian noises*

(Later Shepard managed to send a message to Tali before she fixed everyone’s translators. The Commander’s was to stay exactly like it was.)

anonymous asked:

Hi, your art hit my heart so hard that i now want to try digital art XD! my problem is that I'm not sure how to get started. Will i be starting all over again? like, will i have to relearn everything in order to reach my level in traditional art? are there any books, tutorials, that you would recommend? also, what tablet should i get? is Wacom really better than cheaper brands? or have you not tried other brands? Sorry for all the questions :3, and thank you so much!! :D

Thank you, it’s great to hear I can inspire you :D
Now, don’t get me wrong but… “how to get started” is a pretty weird question because seriously, how do you start doing anything? You just do it. How did you start with traditional art? How did you learn how to use a computer or a phone? It’s not as scary as it seems, really :)
And drawing is drawing, you don’t lose your skills all of a sudden, you just need to adjust to a little bit different circumstances, that’s all. If you can ride a bike, it doesn’t really matter what bike you ride, even if they’re completely unlike.
What I saw in digital art were new possibilities, like keeping lineart and colours on different layers, painting without dealing with water accidents, having a chance to undo mistakes, resizing or moving some part of the drawing without having to erase and draw everything again. Possibilities, possibilities, possibilities! :D (*cough* some of them were false expectations but whatever *cough*)
And of course, there are things you need to get familiar with, you need to get used to the tablet and how to use it but it’s just a matter of time. Some people learn quicker, some slower.
When I started to draw digitally I started to improve not because I changed the medium but because I drew more often. And I think my skills are on the same level - traditionally and digitally.
I don’t have any tutorials to recommend, browse deviantart, youtube and generally the internet. If you have some specific questions, for example, how to achieve a particular effect you see in any of my drawings, ask and I’ll try to explain it. But I’m not going to take your hand and tell you to do this or do that or whatever. I don’t think you have to equip yourself in the whole existing theory first. Do people really do that? If yes, I really admire you! I usually learn step by step, a little bit of theory, a little bit of practice and a lot of experimenting xD
As for the tablet, no recommendations from me because I have’t used any other brand. Compare, find info about what they offer, check the functions, opinions. I like my tablet but now I would maybe chose one with rotation/tilt sensitivity.
Anyway, (wow, it’s long) have fun, don’t get your life too seriously, draw, be creative, drink water, and juice if you like ;) What am I even writing here omg… xD Good luck!