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CS little moments appreciation [11/?]

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Before I begin to talk about this moment, I have to say something about the editing here, because sometimes it seems like the people creating the show don’t really get what they have in their hands with Colin or Jen. The music added to that moment was totally unnecessary and even ruined a bit the master piece of Colin’s acting at that moment.

And that acting was indeed master piece because you can see the process of what I’m gonna talk about below evolving in each single frame.

That look can only be described as the finale battle between good and evil, between love and hate, between heroism and cruelness that went through Killian’s body. If you want, the battle between Killian and the Dark One, to the end, with no survivors (not even him, sadly…). 

You can see how it starts, with Killian evoking from the ashes to see the woman that he loves suffers. He doesn’t want to look at it at first because it is too painful, seeing her hurting while he is so deep within the DO. But then his presence is growing little by little, you can actually see the moment in the third gif where both Killian and the DO are equals, if you want, the moment where Killian was getting up and raising the sward to challenge the DO. Then in the last gif you can spot the moment he overcame it, the moment he was wining the sword fight. The man winning over the possession that was able to control him before.

Killian here chose the man he is (not becoming the man he wants to be, he was already that person) over the power that the darkness gave him. Many haters criticized the fact that he only resist when Emma was in pain, and not when the others were about to be sent to hell (including Henry), well it would have been ideal for him to resist before, but seeing Emma in pain provoked her heart’s protector to raise from the ashes. 

That season’s motive was about using love as a weapon. Killian was weak to fight the darkness when he felt the woman that he loves didn’t believe in him or trust him to resist it. He regain himself when true love brought his real self back to the surface to a final battle between the man he is, and the man he despises most, and it was his weapon to push it away from within himself and defeat the darkness once and for all. Because I don’t agree with Killian’s words, he doesn’t risk his life for love, revenge, or himself. He’s doing it only for love.

The  CS little moments appreciation project

Can u do an imagine where you’re a teenager actress in ouat. You’re playing cold hearted and cool character but in real you’re really crazy and friendly. So when Robbie meets you for know better the cast he likes you!

OF COURSE I CAN//sorry I have so much energy rn but I also wanna sleep. You feel?

“Trust me I will ruin your life.” I said fiercely at Jen. “AND CUT!” I made a funny face and jumped up causing everyone to laugh. “Oh Y/N this is Robbie Kay, he’s going to be playing Peter Pan.” Lana said showing me the super cute boy next to her. “Why hello there, Y/N’s the name and actings the game.” I joked shaking his hand. Lana let out a small laugh. “You get used to her.” She said. “Y/N WE NEED YOU BACK.” “I am needed, I’ll be back.” I ran over to my scene where I would we taking out hooks heart. “AND SCENE!”

“Listen Hook I don’t know what you want but trust me if you cross my path I will not hesitate to give your heart to Cora and watch you die slowly in pain.” I said squeezing the prop causing him to give out a sound of pain. “Fine!” He breathed.
I let out and he took a breath. “Let’s go.” I said angrily turning around.
“Where to?” “Storybrook.” You said gazing over at him. “AND CUT. THATS ALL FOR TODAY GUYS SAME TIME TOMORROW!” I gave everyone a hug and went to change out of my costume and let my hair loose. When I was done that I grabbed my bag and walked out straight into Robbie. “Oh Robbie I’m so sorry I didn’t even see you there.”
“It’s fine uh I was just getting some coffee would you like to join me?”
“Would I ever.” I laughed and he joined in. We talked a little bit about the show before sitting down with our coffee in the little cafe. “I don’t get it how are you so different from your character but play her so well?” “I’m not sure, I guess I just slip into that mindset in a way.” “Do you have any advice for being a villain?” “Well whoever you where before is gone, once you step on that set you are a completely different person, and even just finding small things in common with your character can draw you closer to them.” “Wow thanks.” “Anything dude, oh it sucks you die off your so cool!” He blushed a little. “Thanks.”

After that day me and Robbie where always together. Apparently the fans shipped it. The third season had just started and a romance was supposed to happen between me and Pan.

“Don’t be daft Pan, give me Henry or I will kill you.” “Oh love but I know how you feel about me.” “Feelings are a mindset, now where is Henry.” “Maybe I’ll give Emma a map, for a kiss that is.” “Do you promise to give her a map to Henry.” His hand came up and stroked my hair causing butterflies in my stomach. “I promise.” I leaned forward and so did he, our lips connecting. His hands where on my waist and my fingers in his hair. If I’m honest I enjoyed it. I leaned back. “So Pan, will you give her the map?” “She’ll have it tonight.” I walked off with a girly smile on my face like the scrip instructed but I knew it wasn’t fake. “AND CUT! GREAT JOB GUYS LETS TAKE FIVE.” I grabbed a water bottle and checked my phone. “Hey.” I heard Robbie’s familiar British voice.
I looked up and smiled, turning off my phone. “Hey.” He sat down. “Well uh I’ve wanted to ask this before but, would you like to go for a date with me on Friday.” I smiled slightly. Leaning forward I placed my lips on his. “Of course I will.”

A End marks a Beginning

I didn’t write any speculation post till now because I wanted to watch the end of the season to actually share my thoughts on it.

Now that I saw the whole picture of the season 5, I’m actually really optimistic for Swan Queen than ever before. Season 5 was Emma’s journey or at least, it’s beginning, to accept who she truly is. To do so, Hook was a major part. Careful, I am not saying I enjoy C$. Hook is an element in Emma’s journey end.

Episode 4x23, Emma chose to take the darkness to save Regina. It was a sacrifice. Also, she discovers that her parents take away her darkness because they were afraid she succumbs to it later. So yes, Emma was afraid for Regina and wanted to save her, but she also did it as an act of rebellion against her parents. And not just that but to prove them she can balance herself and not completely surrender. So this end of season 4 was Emma wanted to prove herself to everyone. To show them that she’s a good person without taking her darkness away. When Regina was surrender by the darkness, Emma says:

“You worked to hard to have your happiness destroyed”

At first, I didn’t really care about this sentence, but now I found it interested. I noticed the voice Jen used to say this. It’s determination. Emma wants to save Regina but then why not just saying that?! Emma actually acknowledge Regina battle with the darkness, thing she didn’t have to experience because of her parents. So in Emma’s words: you can have happiness if you have fight to deserve it. Except, Emma was all light, a hero, and fate gives everything to her without fighting. That’s what Emma think. That’s what fairytale are! Regina said it multiple times.

“I’m a villain. Villains don’t get happy ending.”

Snow and Charming taking Emma’s darkness away, is Emma not becoming a villain. So in Emma’s mind, that not fair to Regina. Because she fights against the darkness every days. I actually think Emma admired Regina in ways that she look up to her. So Emma not having experience the darkness is Emma not knowing Regina fully. So by taking the darkness, Emma is defending Regina and accepted her past, her fate. She was supposed to have great potential for darkness, why not making it official? Emma’s going to prove her parents and Regina that she can free herself alone.

Having all this write out, Season 5A is finally understanding. In 5x01, we saw Regina being mad at Emma’s choice, because she accepted her fate when she agreed to beat fate. Regina in 4x19 fought beside Emma against the darkness and she lost her to the darkness, because of her Regina clearly feel responsible for Emma. She was the one who introduces her to magic in Neverland. Regina’s not only mad at Emma but she’s also mad at herself because she always protects Emma against the darkness.

“It’s Emma’s heart we’re trying to protect NOT MINE.”

She puts Emma first and yet she lost her. She felt connected to Emma in ways she never felt with Robin. Magic is about emotion. First instinct to Regina is using Robin as bait for Zelena to use the wand. She doesn’t panic when Zelena uses magic on him, because really she has to find Emma. Emma is in her mind in the entire arc. She used Emma’s baby blanket to find her. And then in Camelot they find her holding a heart. Regina’s face is full of guilt.
Losing her words, Hook takes the lead. Emma did say “I love” to him. Regina feeling guilty, is standing back. Letting Hook handle it. Letting Hook doing his useless speech. But then, Emma holds her dagger and give it to the only person she fully trusts, she knows would do what necessary to help her because magic is their connection. Regina’s face is surprise, determination and mission. Then in all 5A, we saw Regina trying to help Emma fight her darkness. Except that something didn’t go as plan.
Remember Emma takes the darkness to prove she can fights it alone. By giving Regina her dagger, she asked her to let her do it alone and if she can’t, to destroy her. in the shot, we don’t see Snow, Charming and Hook, the people who tried to stop her before taking the darkness by not believing in her because she’s a hero, not a villain. Regina just says “No! There has to be another way”. She just wanted to protect Emma, not because she doesn’t believe in her, but because Emma never experience the darkness. She knows Emma has trauma, and darkness used them.

“You made me a monster but I won’t let you do the same to Emma!”

That’s Regina fear here. Emma becoming like the Evil Queen: a monster. Having live it, Regina doesn’t want Emma to become another Evil Queen. She shows she believes Emma with the darkness, when they reach her in Camelot saying:

“To stop the darkness, you’re going to let it consume you.”

She shares with her, her experience and not ask her to not kill. She leaves her a choice here. She doesn’t grab her, like Hook did to try to prevent her to do it, interposing. No she stays on the side, letting her motion, free will.
Snow goes for the dagger. Charming’s and Hook doesn’t believe Emma can do this on her own. Regina does, but stay close if she needs help. She knows Emma. That what we saw all 5A.
Till 5x08, we saw Regina trying to help Emma, keeping the dagger somewhere, but letting Emma do her things. She even helps Emma free Merlin in 5x05 at her side not stopping her. Hook keeps reminded her that she’s the Savior, a hero. He kept bringing the past, not the future. He’s blocking her.
The scene with the flame is important because we saw the difference between Regina and Hook. The two shots start the same: Emma alone looking at the flame, searching. Then Regina enters with: “Need a light?” She’s simply asking if Emma needs help. Like if you want me, I am here. If you want to hold my hand, I will give it to you. But when she senses that she’s losing Emma, she reach for the dagger. I’m certain she didn’t really used it on Emma, at least not fully.  She was still letting her free will, otherwise, Emma would have spill and she was ready to before Hook stop her from do so.

Regina in Red / Hook in dark

Emma is again alone with the flame, then Hook came “Here you are. Have been looking everywhere for you.” And he just sat with her. He keeps going after her, not asking if she needs time alone. Then goes the talk about the future. See how Hook is reluctant, putting words in Emma’s mouth, because deep down he knows.

“You don’t want a future with me.”

Actually, Hook doesn’t want a future with a Dark One, he despites them. He doesn’t believe Emma can defeat the darkness alone. So he steps in every time. He takes things from her. Regina accompanies her. Sense the difference.
Emma admitted that Regina helped her see why she was holding on to the darkness. We saw Regina’s role here. Regina is helping her. Regina is her guide, her partner. Emma admitted she’s afraid of the future because she want one with Hook, but she’s not stupid, and she senses that won’t work. As much as she love him, sometime it’s not enough. Hook is not what she really want and she’s scared to admit it. Hook wants to be with the Savoir, not Emma. He calls her Swan because a swan is majestic, purity and white. Now that she faced the darkness, she’s balanced. A human with flaws, and anger, temped by wrong. She’s Emma Swan.

Swan -> Hook / Emma -> Regina

5x08, Hook wanted to step in, got hurt and then died. Emma is feeling responsible for his stupidity, falls to the darkness to save him, when she was finally freeing herself. She was having a future, but Hook hold her back again. By forcing Emma in her action, her choice to keep her on the good path by not believing in her, he died and drag her into the darkness. Acting selfishly, Hook became a Dark One!
Her plan corrupted, Emma saved him. But, she still try to do it alone, pushing Regina away this time, not wanting to lose her to. Keeping Regina at her side would have arm her. When Hook learned the truth, he automatically blamed Emma for her actions. Insulted her, threated her, trapping her, seeking revenge. Regina grounded her.
Thinking she can save him, Emma thinks that linking all the dark ones in her can, would. Again she tell her plan to Regina, who is by her side to help her. We have again:

Regina -> Light / Hook-> Dark

By killing Hook, Emma is free of the darkness. That’s not a coincidence. And again, Hook asks her to let him go. Hook knows he’s not Emma’s future. Hook was constricting Emma and now, she’s free. You understand that a lot of explanation, reasons can be found to explain this scene, but the purpose is the same: Emma is free without Hook.
Even after her transformation, I’m still perfectly convince that the Dark Swan curse wasn’t broken entirely after Hook death. To break a curse, we saw that a true love kiss was in order, but we didn’t get one. The curse touched Emma, she didn’t get a TLK. Instead, she get a death. Funny isn’t it?! C$ TLK to break the curse was in fact Hook’s death in Emma’s hand. Prove that C$ is the anti TLK couple. You can say I love you a billion times, it doesn’t mean you’re in love with someone. I’m convince Emma loves Hook. YES. But, she’s not in love with him.
Beside, Emma wanted to fight the darkness alone and again, Hook took Emma’s fight from her hands by sacrificing himself. He doesn’t believe in her. He never did. The now free, Emma was going to let him go, but then, she heard the dagger and it’s a clue that Emma is still tether to it! Hook’s death wasn’t fair, exactly like in Camelot! She goes to the Underworld. Regina by her side.

At this point, I’m going to analyze everything. I already talk about the beginning of 5B. I’m going to take back where I left before: 5x20. I don’t talk about 5x19 because Emma and Regina didn’t have scenes together and the episode doesn’t hold that much speculation. So leave it behind. I’m focusing on the last four episodes of the season.
When I analyze the heart split that takes place in 5x14 I said, if I remember correctly, that I didn’t think it was going to be reconduct. Well it was. Again to prove a point. Ok Hook was dead for a while now, but really, true love isn’t supposed to be the most powerful magic of all?! It should have worked! What funny to this is the fact that Hook says

“A man can’t change that quickly.”

Really Hook?! You’re talking for yourself instead of Hades. One day a villain and BOUM, the other a hero. That was fast!
Now the heart slip. This time, Regina succeeded to pull Emma heart out. But what’s interesting is that she do it with the right hand. So Regina is right handed, Ok. But not using the hand of the heart is a symbol too. It’s like she doesn’t give her consent on this. Again, when she gives Emma half her heart, she gives the right one and linger a second too long, showing reluctance and she holds carefully the left part. Noted that the part Regina gives have darkness in it, the bottom is black. So Regina gives Hook what he deserves and keep the good part for Emma.
Emma takes the heart, open palm because she trust Regina, so see Regina holding the other half with both hands then, to keep it safe. Protecting it. Like a bird in your hand. Then Emma pushed it to Hook. Fails. It hurts her, like a heart attack. Regina’s face is first concern, surprise then relief. Emma is brought to her knees and look, she’s holding her heart in Regina’s direction. In a rush, she grabs it, put it back while holding Emma. Supporting her. Having her back. She didn’t have to be so close, but she was. The explanation doesn’t stand. First, it was because of the tombstone, now Hook’s here for too long. Pff, I don’t buy it one second! The true love test confirms that in fact, Hook and Emma aren’t True Love.
All season, their relationship faces tests after tests and each time, they solve them with words, not actions. Never a TLK. That’s supposed to keep C$ watching, to make us doubt and wonder why, but we know why. Hades to trick them, led them to this test.

“Only a heart fills with true love can pass.”

First of all, A HEART, ONE heart, if really it was to establish C$ true love, it should have been, two hearts. But no. second of all, Emma is the product of True Love. Her magic comes from here, so does her heart.
However, the test is there to see if a heart, a selfless person can pass this door. With Emma’s heart already fill with True Love, and the fact that she’s a hero, the Savior, of course, she was going to succeed. But what I find interesting is the whole conversation before the test.
Hook read her the words, and then wonder what that could mean. Look of deep thoughts, Emma then concludes that she has to weight her heart to see (or know) if her love for him is true. Interesting isn’t it?!
Since season 2, Emma lives in the fairytale world with her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, the True Love couple. For 3 seasons, she saw people finding love, their true love too. Rumple and Belle, Ariel and Eric, Zelena and Hades, Regina and Robin, even Henry and Violet. She saw each couple being form and she was there wondering if one day, she can have the same thing as her parents. A pure True Love. Emma actually wants to find it. Loving Hook, she hopes it’s him, that’s why she wanted to do all that, just like her parents have done as true love: kiss, heart split and “I will always find you”. She’s trying to reproduce what her parents have, for herself. Except it never works. So now is her real chance to know and she’s taking it. That explain the rest of the discussion and the “we’re about to find out.”

“True Love is the rarest magic of all.”

Hook knows they don’t share it and he voices it. He uses magic in it as a reminder of Rumple words:

“True Love is the most powerful magic of the world.”

When did it said it? Episode 1x22: “A Land without magic”. The beginning of Emma’s journey. The day she learn about her parents. So Emma wants to find what her parents share: True Love. Quick note that “A Land without magic” is exactly where Emma and Regina found themselves in the final.
Back to the test. “I’m not sure, but who could be?!” All this conversation was to make C$ believe it’s about true love for Hook and Emma, when really it wasn’t. Emma follows with: “We have to try.”
Snow and Charming, Rumple and Belle, Zelena and Hades, Ruby and Dorothy never have to try to share True Love. They knew instantly and it happen in their first kiss. No I love you. No sex.
Emma here voices her doubts because deep down, she feels Hook is not her True Love. So why not make the test shows what they are?! To have a proof. And then they talk about Emma’s armor. Her walls. Why talking about it now? Simple really. Snow and Charming starts by bickering. Snow even heat him with a rock. Snow has her walls up when she meets Charming. Working with him, she kept them up. They always find and lost each other. Emma may have putt her walls down with Hook, but they’re still up with one person: Regina. She’s always tense around her, and nervous. They find each other, by talking, and lost each other because of Marian, then darkness, Hook and Robin. And they’re always bickering.
Emma weights her heart and nothing happen. She doesn’t seem sad or desperate really. She looks bump: like he’s not my True Love. It’s not him. I knew. Admitting this, the real test stars! That’s why it was Hook going with Emma! It couldn’t have been her parents or Henry, because she loves them too much. She shares true love with them. Hades didn’t say, true love have to go. So this test is to see if Emma is selfless. So using her True Love wouldn’t work. So that’s the reason the test and the conversation was shown. Regina wasn’t choose otherwise she might be Emma’s True Love. That why the parallel with 1x08 is used here. Hook is in fire, exactly like Regina was trapped by the fire in the town hall. Emma saved them both. An act of selfless behavior.

“That’s what good people do!”

So I was laughing out loud when Hook said it was True Love! Because Emma’s face clearly shows that she doesn’t believe it one second. The only thing this test proves, is that Emma is a good person, selfless. A hero.
We saw their goodbye, and Emma’s hope to have one day what her parents have being crushed, because Regina is with Robin. For once, she lets go because now she knows they’re not True Love. What we are shown, when she got back? Her and Regina making magic together! A curse created by a God and that they break TOGETHER. Back to the quote again! A scene after she let go of Hook, who she believed was her True Love…

“True Love can break any cruse.”

At the portal, instead of moving on, Emma looks back at the Underworld. She looks back to Hook, and even tries to go, except David prevents her to. That the message that Hook is holding Emma back. Plus, we saw that she’s wearing her red leather jacket. Her mark of who she is. She remembers that it was supposed to protect her from getting hurt by the people she loved. But with Hook, I don’t recall her ever wearing it. The first time they met in season 2, Emma was indeed wearing a leather jacket, but it wasn’t red. It was brown. A deep brown.
Here my question: how do you make brown? The easy way to do it is to mix red and dark. By meeting Hook, Emma let enter the darkness. Before her jacket was red, now it’s brown. Starting to dark. She wears the same jacket when they first kiss, when she let him in for real. First he get into her life, then into her heart. Season 5, she loves him, she’s darkness. She’s wearing black, grey. She’s all black and drain from light. Symbol and wardrobe are everything!
She knows she’s going to lose him, her red leather jacket appears. She’s wearing it in the Underworld, the place where she says goodbye.

“To protect me from getting hurt by those I love.”

Hook’s gone. She never wear the jacket with him. So this quote does not include him. She’s talking about her parents, Henry and even Regina. But not Hook.

“I have to protect those I love.”

She lost Hook and she changed the role of her jacket. It’s not to protect herself, but to protect others. Those she loves! Hook was supposed to be one she loves right? So the symbol of the jacket should have been reversed! Before losing Hook: to protect those I love. After losing him: protect me from getting hurt. But that’s not the case. Simply because in 5x17, Emma said that coming to the Underworld was a mistake, and she won’t lose anyone again. She actually accepted Hook’s death in this episode, but she couldn’t say anything since everyone was here to help her save Hook. She knew he wasn’t coming back.
Hook is not a person she loves. He is not in the same bow as Snow, David, Henry and even Regina. She cleared it with the conversation she had with David in front of the portal. She’s talking as the Savior. “You did what’s best for Hook.” “I don’t know. Did I?” and she finish with:

“I can’t lose anyone else.”

Return on the meaning of the jacket. Hook tainted her light and she forget that protecting her family, her loved ones is the most important, and now, that he’s gone, she remembers that. The meaning of the jacket is important because when Hook came back from the dead (I still have a hard time believing it!) Emma is not wearing it! I know there was a funeral, so she was in black but really?! In the apartment in 5x22, she’s wearing a black pullover with white stripes on it! Don’t tell me the colors are not meaningful! Then Regina storms out to look for Henry, Emma takes her jacket!


She wears the jacket for the whole final episode where she spend all her time with Regina. The person that always stood by her side and helped her.

Now let’s talk about 5x21 and Emma without Hook. She’s wearing her jacket again! Hook’s not here! Honestly, she’s acting like a drug addict not having his dose for a while. She’s not coherent. She’s impulsive and angry. Normal, the darkness is not here anymore. It’s not consuming her so she feels the lack of it.
“I made so many mistake mom, I shouldn’t have gone there.” Yes Emma, you let Hook tainted your soul, that’s the result. Now, you have to face the consequences. That’s when she really let him go that she’s taking back her Savior role. She wants to fix all her bad choices she made when Hook was there. That’s why she wants to go inside the town hall to help Regina but thinking she’s acting out of loss, she benches her.
Actually, Robin and Regina are really interesting in this episode. Remember that I said they weren’t close anymore, well their scenes in the tunnel or in Regina’s office confirm that. First Robin is quick to blame her for his daughter abduction, when really Zelena is manipulated by Hades. What does Regina? She tries to make him see her point of view, but he dismissed her with disgust on his face. But then, knowing that he needs her to protect Peanut from two magical person, he apologies and try to reassure Regina that she see was fake.

“Don’t say it to appease me.”

Indeed. This scene was so off, it actually hurt me. Just to clear the air, I’m not OK with the way they deal with Robin departure. It was clearly because without Regina, his character doesn’t exist. Bu I do like the fact that he sacrifices himself to protect her and his daughter. They weren’t close, but as a supposed soulmate, he did right. Again no, I love you, no TLK for them.
The message of this season was that True Love can be lost or hard to find.
Zelena shared True Love with Hades but he betrays her and she chose family over him and kill him. Rumple lost Belle because of power, manipulation. So really, True Love isn’t easy. That’s why C$ and OQ doesn’t share it. They may have face test, death, cheating etc. All their kisses and actions lead to bad choices. Hook and Robin are dead in 5x21, the same episode Hades died. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. There meaning behind it. Hades was portrayed betraying Zelena, just like Hook betrayed Emma when he was a Dark One, lying to her, or Robin when he chose Marian over Regina.
At Robin’s funeral, when everyone is gone, Emma stayed. When I saw it happen, I found it weird that she will stayed. It would have been logical if Regina stayed. But then Emma explains something to Snow that hit me.

“I just want to say goodbye alone.”

She actually wanted to say something to Robin. Something important to her that can’t be say in front of anyone. Zoom on her face, she feels guilty and she’s crying. I’m sure she was going to apologize to him and even share something. I couldn’t help put parallel it with Emma on Hook’s grave.
She puts his flask on it! Addiction to alcohol underlining sure. At this moment, she feels the lack of darkness and also guilty to have succumbed to it. That explain why she doesn’t say I love you but instead say: “I miss you.” Of course she misses him! Living with darkness around for so long and then it disappeared, that can only create loss. Notice the way she’s shaking while saying all of this. She lost her drug. When she was going to finally voice her apologies to Robin, Hook appears. She literally runs to him, holding on. This reaction is like a drug addict searching for his dose. Her drug is back, suddenly, she doesn’t care about Robin anymore and doesn’t say anything. She acts selfishly, letting darkness taking her again. She’s again clinging to him, it.
“Zeus send me back”. This strikes me. It remind me of something that we learn in the final. Hyde tells it to Regina but it can apply to everyone.

“Darkness isn’t easy to snuff out.”

When Hook died, a huge part of the darkness died with him. With the dark ones, Hook is a symbol of darkness. If he really changed, so did his wardrobe. He would be symbolize as redemption, just as Regina, but instead, he still wear dark leather. So Hyde comment applies to Emma. She let go of Hook, but he isn’t easy to snuff out because he came back. He’s darkness. Emma’s darkness. We saw how Emma looks better while being in New York with Regina and Henry, but she’s not quite like how she used to (season 1-3). And when Regina and Henry start to walk on the sidewalk in Storybrooke, she follows them, then when she sees Hook, she goes back to him. Remember that Emma is tether to the dagger, she heard it. She’s tether to the darkness, so to Hook.
This shot shows what I always says about Past and Future. Hook keeps Emma is the past, he holds her back literally and figural. Regina and Henry are ahead, they represent the future. Emma’s future.

Only You” and “An Untold Story” were actual Swan Queen episode. Just their titles are related to Emma and Regina via Henry. They go to New York to save him and ground him, except that we saw more scene between the two women than with their son and I think that was intentional.
This end of season marks a beginning. Till then, we saw the progression of Swan Mills Family but know, we focus more on Swan Queen. Sure they were there for Henry, but the talk they share in Neal’s apartment was to an entirely new level. It was intimate, emotional and closed. Regina shares her deepest fear to Emma. Regina believes in Emma and for the first time since season 2, Emma voices it to Regina, in front of her, alone. Emma never says to Hook: “I believe in you.” I would like to point out that’s the first profound conversation this two share after the one in 4x05 where Emma proclaimed them friends. Emma stated it but Regina didn’t do the same.

“If I revert, I lose everyone one I love.”

Regina marks a pause. She looks at Emma, who’s uncomfortable and when Regina caught it she adds “my friends”. Emma reacts with a simple smile. I don’t think that was intentional. It shows us that Swan Queen are not lover, but not friends either. They’re in the middle of something they can’t understand for now. The moment when Regina walks to Emma, I really thought she was gonna hug her or something else. Nope, she grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her a little. Kind of like a wakes up call. Seen how Emma was uncomfortable with the word “love”, Regina voices her feeling a second time using another word.

“I rather suffer than see that pain on the people I care about.”

We know that when Regina uses “the people”, she’s actually talking about Emma (5x12). Here exactly the same. She’s touching her, wanting to make her see what’s in front of her. Tears in her eyes, look desperate, sadness. Emma doesn’t move, listen carefully but with her walls up. She’s obviously tense. She doesn’t show much. She acknowledge that Regina cares about her with a micro smile but that’s it. This is the behavior of someone in denial of what they’re seeing. That’s why I say that Emma always has her walls up with Regina.
“To protect me from getting hurt by the people I love”. Here the meaning of the jacket again. She’s wearing it. She has it on. With Regina the two meaning works. Emma doesn’t want to get hurt by losing her to the Evil Queen, and she wants to protect her from it. Henry tells in front of Emma and Regina by the fountain what he wish for.

“So I wish our family would be complete.”

Emma said something true. Hook appeared and brow them back to Storybrooke. Hook is the past to help Emma find her future, her family. But they all wish to have their family back. Regina however makes two wishes. We know what the second one is, but the first one?! What if, by wishing their family was back, Regina realized that she already had it?! That would explain why she looked over Emma when she goes to hug Hook. Sadness and jealousy fill her eyes. Emma is her family. The Charming’s are a part of her family.

“Just another useless wish.”

Another uh? The first one didn’t work then. So Zelena was not her wish. Indeed since Emma was. Then Snow talks again about family in New York, Emma and Regina are here.

“Let’s be the family we were always meant to be.”

When she’s saying this, she looks at Emma and then Regina, like she wanted to make a point somehow. Funny enough Emma hesitate before saying “I love you” to Hook in Storybrooke, and it even fells forced. That the first time she’s wearing her red leather jacket while he’s alive and say something like that to him. But the hesitation and her look of fear and uncertainty makes me believe the jacket was protecting her. She says it to convince herself that they may be true love after all, so she can’t dream about something else. Coming back to Storybrooke, while in New York, she grew closer to Regina, she goes back to her drug. The easy way.

To end this long Meta, I want to talk about what Regina says in Neal’s apartment. She explains to Emma what she feels about the Evil Queen being inside her. She is caught between knowing what’s good and what’s wrong. But she used a term that pic my interest and I think is determinant to the development in Season 6.

“Because now, I have a curse.”

It would have pass without me noticing it if she didn’t mark a pause after saying it. But now, with Regina and the Evil Queen being separated, I do believe Regina is under a curse and that it needs to be broken. She needs to learn that the Evil Queen is part of her, making her who she is now. She gave her Henry after all and strength to fight.
I do believe that the season 6 not being in two arc, but just like season 1, is meaningful. Season 5 marks the end of Swan Queen as friends. In season 6 we’re going to see Emma helps Regina realized that the Evil Queen, the darkness is not always bad. Emma will be the one to break Regina’s curse at the end of the season by an act of True Love. That’s why C$ didn’t share a TLK in season 5 and Hook came back. To help Emma moving to her future and defeated the Evil Queen by loving her and sharing True Love with her. Exactly like Snow defeated the Evil Queen by making her, her friend.
So Regina first wish, and Henry’s wish when he was with Emma in New York, will come true. All three becoming a family. By freeing Regina from her curse, Emma will free herself from her too.

End of Dark Swan – End of Evil Queen