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One problem with Yahoo is that they put all their focus on $$$ and none of it on users and it shows. It’s shortsighted to money grab instead of building brand loyalty. Xkit’s anti-capitalism extension blocks these awful autoplay ads. But it takes it a second to kick in and so I’m getting 2-3 second of men yelling at me about shit I don’t care about.

I don’t think this is the end of tumblr, but we are probably approaching a tipping point as frustrated users. From 2005-2010 fandom wanted to leave LJ. People set up Dreamwidth accounts and cross-posted, but never actually left. Until people ended up here. We’ll end up somewhere else at some point–when there’s a new platform exciting enough to attract new users and existing ones. Then we have to hope Yahoo doesn’t buy it.

Anyway. Probably not a bad idea to backup your tumblr:

A quick guide to wordpress backups.

tumblripper will back up images

frostbox but they charge a fee

If you know how to run Python scripts here’s stuff at github to back up a local copy and create feeds.


Season 1: Episode 20 – Innocents of Ryloth

Obi Wan handing Numa to Waxer

A silent but understanding exchange. 

It’s these kinds of details that kill me.

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ok so i have been thinking about what eiffel would do after he got back from space and i like to think he opens a flower shop? 

  1. flowers are way more colorful than space
  2. they need a lot of natural light to live, in contrast to the harsh lights and darkness of the station 
  3. he can grow them himself and take care of them and surround himself with living things instead of the dead emptiness / ghosts of space
  4. they make people happy, usually, and eiffel is tired of seeing people sad 
  5. communication through flowers!!!! 
  6. in loving memory of the plant monster

+ bonus: lovelace sues goddard industries and wins and the reporters ask what she plans on doing next and she ALMOST SMILES!!!!! but then she glares at all of them and says “i’m not going to tell you that” and a week later she shows up at eiffel’s flowershop and asks if he’d like an extra pair of hands

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Katara's abandonment issues when it came to Aang REALLY should have been focused on at some point in time in their relationship. Just re-watching The Winter Solstice and the scene where Aang sees Katara and watching her look so forlorn and defeated at he and Sokka's disappearance REALLY set that in. We know, and she probably knew, they were going to come back, but simply the fact of them being in a place where they couldn't reach each other disheartened her to the core. Dammit Aang.

I cannot emphasize enough how a girl with severe abandonment issues does not belong in a relationship with a character who has “abandoned the world” as his fatal character flaw.

Katara’s sensitivity to family members’ abandonment of her is well documented. Look at how distraught Katara is when Aαng is leaving her behind to go on Zuko’s ship, even though she just met him: 

Aαng’s comforting words don’t help at all, considering her mom’s last words to her of false reassurance: “Go and find your dad, Sweetie. I’ll handle this.”

Then there’s her difficulty accepting the reality that her father had to leave her to join the war:

Katara: (crying) I understand why you left. I really do, and I know that you had to go, so why do I still feel this way? I was so sad and angry, and hurt. 

So if that forced separation in Episode 2, which was not in any way Aαng’s fault, deeply affected Katara, just imagine what it feels like when he actually does walk away from her.

Aαng abandoning people who need him is an ongoing problem that he has to struggle with throughout the show. And that’s fine from an individual character standpoint; it gives him three-dimensionality and room to develop. But there’s no denying that this character flaw hurts Katara, not once, but on several occasions. From Aαng literally leaving Katara holding the bag to go after the shiniest new friends on Kyoshi:

Katara: Oh, good! Can you help me carry this back to the room? It’s a little heavy.
Aαng: Actually, I can’t right now.
Katara: What do you mean you can’t?
Aαng: I promised the girls that I’d give them a ride on Appa. Why don’t
you come with us? It’ll be fun!
Katara: Watching you show off for a bunch of girls does not sound like fun.
Aαng: Well, neither does carrying your basket.
Katara: It’s not my basket. These supplies are for our trip. I told you, we have to leave Kyoshi soon.
Aαng: I don’t want to leave Kyoshi yet. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something I really like about this place. 

To proving Katara wrong after she’d tried to defend him:

Katara: Aαng is the bravest person I know! He has done nothing but help people and save lives since I met him. It’s not his fault he disappeared, right Aαng? Aαng? What’s wrong?
(Aαng has been backing up while Katara has been telling off the old man. When she is finished, he flees, opening his glider and taking off towards the mountains.)

To leaving the GAαng stranded in the desert, forcing Katara to shoulder the burden of everyone else’s survival:

Aαng: That’s all any of you guys care about: yourselves! You don’t care whether Appa is okay or not! (Aαng stalks off, sulking angrily.)
Katara: We’re all concerned, but we can’t afford to be fighting now.
Aαng: I’m going after Appa.
(Aαng flies off. Katara calls after him, running towards the spot from which he took off.)
Katara: Aαng, wait!

To exacerbating Katara’s parental abandonment:

Hakoda: What’s wrong Katara?
Katara: He left. 
Hakoda: What?
Katara: Aαng. He just took his glider and disappeared. He has this ridiculous notion that he has to save the world alone. That it’s all his responsibility. 
Hakoda: Maybe that’s his way of being brave.
Katara: It’s not brave. It’s selfish and stupid. We could be helping him. And I know the world needs him, but doesn’t he know how much that we need him too? How could he just leave us behind? 

To failing to support his friends when they were desperate to salvage the war effort after the Day of Black Sun:

Katara: Aαng, can we talk about you learning firebending now? 
Aαng: (Cut to a close up of Aαng as he feigns deaf) What? The wind is too loud in my ears. Check out this loop. 
(Cut to an overhead shot of the mist as Aαng maneuvers his glider into a loop and Momo mimics his actions in perfect sync.) 
Sokka: Aαng, I think we should be making some plans about our future.
Aαng: Ok, we can do that while I show you the giant Pai Sho table.  Oh, you’re gonna love the all-day echo chamber. 

To worrying her on the day of Sozin’s Comet, when she had quite enough on her plate:

Aαng: Then when you figure out a way for me to beat the Fire Lord without taking his life, I love to hear it! (storms off)
Katara: Aαng, don’t walk away from this. 

Katara: Zuko, don’t worry, we can take Azula.
Zuko: I’m not worried about her, I’m worried about Aαng. What if he doesn’t have the guts to take out my Father? What if he loses?
Katara: Aαng won’t lose. He’s gonna come back. He has to. 

[Keep in mind, although Aαng swam to the lion turtle in a trance, once he was lucid, it never even occurred to him that people might be worrying about him, or that he should try and let his friends know where he was.]

This is worse for a relationship than something like Zuko’s betrayal, where Zuko never committed to being on Katara’s side to begin with, and once he was committed, he never looked back. It was also a weakness that Zuko eradicated through a desire to change himself. But this flaw of Aαng’s never resolves itself in a way that keeps Katara safe from a fear of abandonment. Even after Aαng has gone through his entire development arc, Katara feeling abandoned by him is still a problem:

And worse, it extends to how he treated her children:

Tenzin: Yes, he has. It’s so nice to get to spend more time with my family. Isn’t that right, my little Rohan? (Rohan smiles and coos) And I’ve really enjoyed having you two around. Reminds me of all those great vacations we took as kids with Dad.
Kya: Uh, I think your memory is a little foggy. Bumi and I weren’t on those great vacations. It was always just you and Dad.
Tenzin: No, that can’t be right. What about the time he took us to Kyoshi Island to ride the elephant-koi?
Kya: Nope. We weren’t there.
Tenzin: Hmm. Oh, remember Ember Island? Those amazing sand palaces we built on the beach?
Bumi: You mean you built. We never saw the place.

If Katara were a solitary type who enjoyed being alone and wouldn’t take Aαng’s disappearances so much to heart, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. But Katara, while she is independent, is also very community-oriented and depends on her family to be there for her. When they aren’t, as Bato says of all Water Tribe, the pain of separation is worse than a battle wound. How many wounds did this flaw of Aαng’s give Katara over the course of a lifetime of marriage? He already couldn’t be there for her all the time due to his responsibilities as Avatar, and to add to that a tendency to take off at a moment’s notice without telling people when he’ll return…let’s just say it does not bode well for Kαtααng and their marital bliss. It makes me wonder why this is the so-called fluff pairing of A:TLA while Zutara is supposedly “all about the angst.” It also leads me to postulate that Katara’s gentle, non-confrontational approach with Aαng (as opposed to her bossy mom attitude toward Sokka and Toph) is due to her faith in Aαng as a symbol of hope mixed with her fear of abandonment—and a deep-seated worry that if she ever gave Aαng more than a gentle nudge, he might just nudge himself out of her life forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Erza is an awesome character and all but her final fight against Kyoka was some Mary-Sue type stuff. She lost all five senses and was still able to figure out where she was and where to hit? All because of “light” and friendship"?! I’m sorry but that just annoyed me to death. I could deal with the other stuff but losing your senses really should have been impossible for Erza to make a comeback and they just explain it by, “because she’s Erza!”.
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Girl Meets Screen Time -Pilot

So I am doing a re-watch of the whole series, but I wanted to make it more interesting. Instead of doing what many people have already done, and pick apart symbols, and analysis the show in a meta fashion, I decided to record the screen times of the core four to see who has the most by the end of each episode, then season, then overall. Is Riley going to be the clear winner by the end? Is the show really putting too much of a spotlight on Maya? Should Farkle have been in the opening credits all along?

*Please Note: I am human so the numbers might be off by a few seconds, but I tried my best to be as accurate as possible. If you would like me to add anyone to my statistics along the way, such as Cory or Smackle, or would like to know how much of an episode is filler shots, please let me know.*

Here are my parameters for the experiment:

  • Time is based on when a character is in frame, regardless of whether or not they have dialogue. They have to be recognizable enough that the audience knows who they are.
  • The only exception to the first parameter is if a character has dialogue over the shot and they are not in it.
  • Obviously the theme song appearances DO NOT count towards the total.

The statistics and random observations of the first episode, Girl Meets World, will be below the cut.

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Anyone who actually expected Melania Trump to write her entire speech herself clearly has no idea how national campaign speeches work

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I notice that Another Metroid 2 Remake is dropping its final build next month, for Metroid's 30th anniversary. :3


You Are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of The Dark Lord’s and his Dearly Betrothed~

Be here to welcoming the newly wedded couple as they venture forth on their journey ‘till death does the mortal one part;

He-who-shall-not-be-named & Mr. @fenrirthesavage , Date as yet to be announced

The Dark Lord & Mr. @riddlemostfeared , Date as yet to be announced

The Heir of Slytherin & Miss. @she–knows-it-all , Date as yet to be announced

Lord Voldemort & Miss @madchildlestrange , Date yet to be announced

You-Know-Who & Mr @hissingaspinthegrass , Fair and Square

The Master & Miss @mugglcbcrn , The Contract of Marriage

The Darkest Wizard in History & Miss @roxanazabini , Date as yet to be announced

Please send your R.S.V.P’S by owl no later then then eighteenth of this month.

George Harrison, photo © unknown.

“George once said to me, ‘I’m in the wrong job. I should have been a gardener really. It took me five years to become famous and 45 years trying to become a nobody.’” - Joe Brown on George Harrison [x]

“I’m not really a career person. I’m a gardener, basically.” - George Harrison, USA Today, 26 January 2001 [x]


GORILLA PROPAGANDA (or, “I really need to clear out my ready to upload folder sometime soon)

Hey, remember when they shot Harambe the Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo? Well, the Express wrote about it, and managed to rail against the corrosive, pro-animal propaganda we’re apparently all victims to.

No, really. Propaganda.

Drabble #27

Request: Draco saying 43 & 11, reader says 30 pretty please. I adore your writing by the way.

Thanks love, this one was super fun to write, enjoy!

Y/N should have been paying better attention, really. But she had been distracted, watching Draco fly around after the snitch, his blonde hair and green robes flapping around in the wind. They had been secretly dating for quite a while now, and Y/N was finding it harder and harder to keep it a secret.

 They had too, because Y/N was a Gryffindor. Draco comes to a stop, losing the snitch for a split second and his gray blue eyes light up when they spot her. He shoots her a quick wink, his trademark smirk hinting on his lips. God, he was so attractive. Y/N bites her lip, hovering on her broom. 

“Y/N! Heads up!” One of the Weasleys calls, but it’s far too late. Y/N feels the bludger knock her right in the side, sending her flying off her broom and plummeting to the ground. 

“Y/N!! She hears Draco’s clear panicked voice cut through the whooshing air like glass. She waits for the impact of the fall, but it never comes.

 “Y/N? Y/N! Open your eyes, love, please. Please.” Draco’s warm voice hums, his panting breath fanning Y/N’s face.

 Y/N opens her Y/E/C eyes, blinking and looking up, Draco’s concerned face is peering into hers. She looks down a little, and see’s that he’s kneeling, her upper body in his lap. 

“Are you okay?” Draco asks, bringing her attention back and pushing Y/N’s hair out of her face with his gloved hands. The snitch flies up, right next to Dracco, but he pays no attention to it, his eyes completely focused on Y/N. 

“D-draco, the snitch!’ Y/N chokes out, her hand reaching up to grab it, but she lets out a yelp when a blinding shock of pain through her right side. She grits her teeth, turning into Draco’s chest. 

Don’t move baby, it’ll be okay.” He mutters, reaching down and peppering kisses along the side of her head. Y/N whimpers, clutching to Draco’s shirt as the pain starts throbbing. 

“We need the hospital wing!” Draco cries, as Y/N eyes flutter shut.

Y/N wakes up, blinking and sore. She panics, not recognizing the dark room. “Easy love, you’re okay. I’m right here.” Draco says, reaching over and holding her in place. 

“Draco?” Y/N asks, sensing the wavering tone of his voice.

 “You broke a rib.” Draco mutters, pressing his lips to the back of Y/N’s hand. 

“Oh. Are you okay?” She asks. Draco chuckles, Y/N was the type of person to be laying in a hospital bed and asking if he was okay. 

“I can’t lose you.. You’re all I got.” Draco mumbles, moving closer and laying his head on her bed. Y/N chuckles, reaching over a hand and scratching Draco’s head. 

You’re cute when you’re all worried.” She mutters. Draco looks up, glaring at her before standing up. 

“Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He scolds, leaning down and kissing her forehead.

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