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More doodling for @linesporadic … older Sho, and his crush on Fubuki persisting!

He sometimes wanted to join the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki decides to disband them after a few years.  She still drops by to bug Saitama anyway.  Saitama decides not to comment on how much Sho blushes and stutters around her.
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“Come on,” he insisted, eyes sparkling with desperation and excitement and the kind of surety that came with knowing he was doing what was right.

Marco questioned him with silent eyes, staring at the truck and the blanket covered tank as Jean regaled him with tales of the open road—of the ocean waiting at the end of it. “I’ll take you home. The Gulf of Mexico—it’ll be sunny when we get there, and I’ll set you free. You’ll never have to perform again. I’ll take good care of you.”

Marco popped his head out of the water.

“Come on, Marco. Let’s run away.”