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My very first Prompt Meme (Request in an Ask)


Fandoms: Please list your fandom your couple comes from. I usually do Sonic, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Sly Cooper, Etc. (It may be wise to ask me or give me details to how to locate your OTP’s information so I can study a bit to write something I may be unfamiliar with.)

Only Canon couples please. (Nothing inappropriate or crack.) If by special request, such as Metal Sonic x Metal Amy or something along those lines, please check with me first.

To check if something’s alright, feel free to message me on my chat. I don’t usual turn down requests, so feel free to inquire. I may change your request if I feel it could enhance overall quality or if I’m uncomfortable with something listed.

Other than those few things, I should be able to do your couple and fandom of choice :)

(WARNING: please don’t take this in a bad way, but I do not do anything but straight couples. It’s just not my forte. Thank you. ;) )


1. I just want to cry. Is it okay to cry in front of you?

2. They must be mine. But how?

3. Can I kiss you? That’s the vibe I’m getting, just saying.

4. YOU ARE THE WORST PIECE OF TRASH I’VE EVER-… aww… do you mean that?~<3

5. I’m so angry at you that I just want to furiously make out with you. You cool with that?

6. Gently… gently… omg, I just touched their hair!!! Bucket list complete! W-wait.. what’s happening now… OH MY GOSH! THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN I’VE EVER DREAMED IT TO BE~<3 <3 <3

7. Need a ride? B)

8. I will hold you hand forever. Just stay close to me, okay? I won’t let anything bad happen to you!!!

9. Stop it. Stop that look. You know what happens when you give me that look.

10. I think you mean, ‘Charmingly irresistible’, sweetheart.

11. I’m so awkward. Nothing’s going to plan! Wait.. did they just..?


13. If you don’t love me, then I’ll find ways to make sure you can’t love anyone…

14. What if I told you I loved you? 

15. GASP. Was not expecting that!… C-can you do that again?

16. What if… we just… like this… and… um… continue steps 1 and 2 again? in repeat? Yes? No? Don’t fight me on this now~

17. I… I don’t want to ask for much… Just… some of your time.. if… if that’s alright…

18. I love you. I love you more than sun, air, and sky. I can’t tell you enough. Just let me love you!!!

Please give me your couple(OTP)’s ship name and wherever they are featured (game, t.v show, anime, cartoon, etc.) so that I can research a bit before writing them. Thank you!

Have fun choosing ;)

For now, you can only choose one at a time, please!


                                                   Can’t wait!

*Open always.

Sonic Forces has me hyped up on the name alone.

I’m tuning in tomorrow to watch the gameplay and I’m seriously hoping we can play as other characters too. I’d like to see polished gameplay for Silver.

-Shura’s wife

|;;ʘ‿ʘ)╯!! Oh hello again here’s some more trashy ship fanart for a cute lil ship I recently fell in love with!! I’m still getting the hang of drawing Vector~ Here’s the boyfriends cuddling together sleeping ♥ (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)


noyasun  asked:

For years, Eggman has had his plans thwarted by Sonic. His only success? His SA2 theme having more hits on YouTube. That being said, I'm so so SO excited for this! It's like the old cartoons what with the Doctor controlling the world! Maybe this new character is inspired by his siblings from Underground? Perhaps one of the Freedom Fighters? That'd be awesome! ^_^


Yeah, Mania and Forces are going to be fantastic games. I just know it! SEGA is really trying their best to cater to all Sonic fans and are really taking their time. I really appreciate that. 

I am also glad that Forces is going to be an anniversary game with a darker story. The last time we saw that was with 06, and it is great that the company feels confident enough to give that a go again. 

~Mod Nerd


Yes, fans indeed made this

thewriterfromtherustyruins  asked:

As a fellow artist (a writer of fanfiction) I'm so glad that fans like Christian Whitehead, Ian Flynn, Tee Lopes, and (some artists at Archie whose names escape me at the moment, could anyone remind me? Thank you.) are hired by SEGA/Archie, not just because it's always good to have a source of income or that it's great to have a job that you like, but because it flies in the face of the offensive stereotype that "HURR-DURR! Sonic fans are uncreative losers!"

It’s really inspiring to see fans of the series become content creators FOR the series that they love, really.

When you’re a kid, you always dream of being a part of the thing you love most, and…with SEGA, they really seem like a company that wants to help that dream come true for their fans, yknow?

They encourage our fandom more than any franchise I’ve ever seen! They’re really cool to their fans. I mean, heck, Aaron Webber(the person who runs the official twitter) started out as a volunteer moderator on a Phantasy Star forum, and now look where he is!

idk it’s just…really cool, yknow?

-Mod Red

lucar3213  asked:

I know Mania is going to be a must by for you, but for Forces are you going to wait for a while for other people's opinions first then a price drop before you end up buying it?

Really depends on what Sega shows.

I’d love to have a new Sonic game to play on my 4K TV taking full advantage of it, but I dunno.

Still a bit too early to dismiss it for me.

Sega is really gonna put shitty ass Flying Battery zone in Sonic Mania when they could have added a slew of other WAY BETTER zones like Sky Sanctuary Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Starlight Zone, Mushroom Hill Zone, Hill Top Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Launch Base Zone……I don’t get it