really really miss that smile

The wonderfully coloured sea,
looked desperately into my teary eyes.
A beam of enchanting morning light 
touched my face gently.
As the shore of sand turned white,
I drowned in the blue ocean of memories.
Staring at some photographs,
I drenched myself in the shower of nostalgia.
The sun shone brighter, hugged me and said.
“Smile and move on!.”
—  Fathima Almas | @thestarlightuniverse

April 15th 2016;
One year since NCT U’s debut stage

Hey guys!! Wanted to share something different with you and a little gift that my sweet Minji-chan @vvictor asked me to do hehe :D Little drawing of Victuuri! :D I’m still beguining in the coloring, once I finish I post on here. Hope you enjoy the little surprise~