really really fuzzy

The bar feels different without Kara.

The waitress delivers her drink silently, sets it on the coaster with a quiet thunk, disappears. Her name is Micha, she has two children, and she came to Earth from a planet whose name Lena cannot pronounce. Her children are seven and nine, and Liam plays soccer and Cole is good at math, and Lena knows all of this because Micha told Kara while Lena sat beside her.

Kara radiates a heat that draws Lena in against her will; she thinks she sat opposite Kara in a booth the first time Kara brought her here, but if she did it was the only time.

She’s never been here without Kara before, and the bar feels different tonight.

Halfway through her drink, an alien beer that is blue and tastes like cinnamon, her seat dips, and she expects to see Kara when she looks up, but instead it is Alex, dressed all in black and dripping with rain.

“You’re not a very difficult person to track down.”

“I wasn’t trying to be difficult.”

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After the war when Garrus and his father reunite, his father is the proudest he’s ever been of him. They both put the past behind them, forgive and forget, and move forward. His father does the same with Shepard - in fact, he’s thankful to her for who Garrus has become, and he apologizes for how he originally saw spectres, but she doesn’t blame him.

Then when he finds out about their relationship, he’s skeptical at first, but he soon grows to approve of it because at the end of the day, could there possibly be a better person for Garrus than the woman that’s saved the galaxy time and time again?

And then their wedding day comes - a mix of turian and human traditions - and when Garrus’ proud father is walking Garrus’ proud wife-to-be down the isle, it is quite the sight for Garrus. It couldn’t possibly be any better for any of them.

I heard that hundreds of years ago this place belonged to a queen, and her daughter was drowned in the ocean. They say her vengeful spirit was trapped in a mirror, but no one has ever found it.

Well I don’t know who told you that, but it sounds like a load of nonsense to me.

a ghost AU??


“I’ve got a bonafide leopard hide jacket baby
I’ll let you wear it all day if you say that you’ll be mine”

Cameron Avery
Watch Me Take It Away
Baby’s All Right NYC

the one time i tried to confess to a friend that i had obsessive-compulsive disorder, they said, “no you don’t, your room is way too messy, haha”

a human being literally said that to me