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I took my father to see Rogue One today. I’ve wanted to take him for a while. I wanted my Mexican father, with his thick Mexican accent, to experience what it was like to see a hero in a blockbuster film, speak the way he does. And although I wasn’t sure if it was going to resonate with him, I took him anyway. When Diego Luna’s character came on screen and started speaking, my dad nudged me and said, “he has a heavy accent.” I was like, “Yup.” When the film was over and we were walking to the car, he turns to me and says, “did you notice that he had an accent?” And I said, “Yeah dad, just like yours.” Then my dad asked me if the film had made a lot of money. I told him it was the second highest grossing film of 2016 despite it only being out for 18 days in 2016 (since new year just came around). He then asked me if people liked the film, I told him that it had a huge following online and great reviews. He then asked me why Diego Luna hadn’t changed his accent and I told him that Diego has openly talked about keeping his accent and how proud he is of it. And my dad was silent for a while and then he said, “And he was a main character.” And I said, “He was.” And my dad was so happy. As we drove home he started telling me about other Mexican actors that he thinks should be in movies in America. Representation matters.

I like it how members of the PJO fandom would go on their way to unite the fandom as much as possible and just create really cool stuff that everyone can enjoy and take part of and it’s just amazing!!!! Like seriously, if you haven’t checked these ones yet, you should now.

@pjocoloringbookproject - A coloring book collaboration project by some of the fandom’s fan artists. The book is entirely free to download and you can even post the ones you’ve colored just be sure to do proper crediting.

@pjohoobigbang - Collaborative project by fan artists, writers and beta readers. Works are currently in the process of being posted. Be sure to check them out.

@pjosecretsanta2016 -Secret Santa gift giving by the fans, for the fans. Applications are close now but we can all still enjoy the works on Christmas.

@pjopositivityproject -Go give your favorite bloggers a shout out! Tell them how cool and amazing they are.

@pjoawards2k16 - Currently taking suggestions for categories. If you have one, go drop by and send an ask. 

@pjoencyclopedia - This is a new one and the blog is currently looking for other bloggers to help. So if you’re a artist, a writer or designer and would like to help on the project then give the blog a message.

I just want to clarify

Yes I ship ryden
No I don’t think its okay to harass them about it
In fact its really NOT okay to harass them about it. Its not okay to harass any IRL people who you ship. It’s an invasion of privacy and probably makes them feel awful.

some thoughts

Honestly, Green Day is such an amazing band for teenagers to listen to. Billie Joe has a way with words that somehow captures all the various emotions that teenagers go through, because he was a neurotic teenager just like us. He writes about his panic disorder, love and heartbreak, world issues, rage, being bisexual, etc.

Not only are the music and lyrics awesome, the boys themselves are great. Green Day has crossed gender and sexuality lines, whether it’s their song about crossdressing (King for a Day), or coming out of the closet (Coming Clean), or even straight up making out on stage, they just don’t really care much for typical sexual/gender roles. 

Mike Dirnt, the bassist, also has a wife that suffers from breast cancer. Mike often donates to charities that support funds for research, and he goes on runs and walks and bike rides for charity! While I’m on that note- the boys all have beautiful, healthy relationships with their wives and children!!! 

Billie Joe Armstrong often speaks up about social justice issues, he puts his rage to good use! He supports the Black Lives Matter movement and he isn’t afraid to use his fame as a mouth piece. A great example of this is the 2016 AMAs. 

Let’s back up a little bit, the band goes back far. For over 30 years, this band has been together. Billie, Mike, and Tre have been best friends and they went through hell and back together. Billie Joe recently went through rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction. He came back a better person, and that’s something to be proud of. 

If you want some more history about the band, please come talk to me about it!!! 

The music is good, strong and punk. Listening to each album from earliest to latest is like growing up with them. Please encourage people to listen to this band! If you’re feeling lost, hopeless, angry, passionate, happy, in love, etc, I guarantee there’s a song for it. 

Overall, Green Day is an amazing band and all of you should listen to them.


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sinkingships74  asked:

Hey so you said you liked prompts and I saw a post that said "tis the season to violently fire mistletoe out of a cannon at your otp" I was thinking Delgado would maybe enjoy that

Delgado violently fires mistletoe at Graves every year in an attempt to catch Graves in it. He even spells them with contact-activated freezing charms to give people a chance, because Graves is a slippery bugger and is likely to apparate away before anyone gets a chance to plant one on him.

It’s yet to work. He’s tried silencing charms on the cannon, releasing the mistletoe from a neighbouring room with tracking charms to hone in on Graves, he’s even tried weaving the mistletoe into a net and releasing it over the whole damn room and oh look, Graves has performed a spontaneous shrinking charm on himself and managed to escape through the holes. Bastard.

So this year, Delgado tries something different. He fires the mistletoe at Graves at the office Christmas party as usual, because to do otherwise would be suspicious, but the real kicker comes just over a week later on New Year’s eve.

Specifically, on New Year’s eve at approximately two minutes to midnight.

He enlists Tina’s help to get Graves, and he swears, he honestly swears it was her idea to put the portkey on a timer, shrink it down to microscopic sizes and slip it into Graves’ drink because holy shit that’s terrifying. Slipping portkeys into someone’s drink? Goldstein what the fuck. Delgado will never eat anything she brings in ever again just in case it transports him to the Himalayas or somewhere equally far away. Drinks are for spiking with alcohol not with potential death, good god Tina.

Delgado gets Newt though and he goes down the traditional canon route because Delgado loves his traditional canon route. And Newt, poor little lost lamb, does not have Graves’ experience when it comes to (a) sensing a Delgado plot afoot and (b) dodging it, so he gets hit with a faceful of glitter and a portkey square to the chest.

And, maybe, Delgado doesn’t quite have Tina’s skill with portkeys, so Newt’s wasn’t timed and the wide eyed magizoologist is whisked away in a cloud of gold smoke. And, maybe, Delgado was a bit over excited and fired his canon early which means that Graves’ killer death drink portkey hasn’t yet activated and holy shit, Graves, please don’t kill him, oh god Tina retreat hide now.

In the sort of dramatic climax that really ought to be reserved for b horror movies, Graves has got as far as cornering the pair of them and has his wand drawn on Delgado with one hand while the other slams Delgado’s shield so far into oblivion that he doubts he’ll ever be able to cast a shield charm again.

He’s one syllable into god only knows what spell and Delgado has given up on all pretence and is cowering behind Tina when the timer finally kicks in and whisks Graves away.

Delgado gibbers a bit and starts clutching at the floor. Tina kicks and tries to pretend that she’d had everything under control and hadn’t been fearing for her life. Everyone else politely tries to pretend they don’t exist.

But where did the portkeys take Newt and Graves, you might ask? Well. It’s New Year’s eve. Two minutes - a minute and a half, now - to midnight. There’s only one place to be.

Newt and Graves are deposited on top of the Times Square Big Ball, overlooking a cheering throng of people in the square. It’s the best place for a midnight kiss, surely? Delgado’s even charmed a tiny piece of mistletoe to hover over Newt’s head. What could be more perfect?

(The weather, for one - it was fairly warm inside and Newt had only been wearing his shirt and waistcoat. He’s shivering by the time Graves appears, and Graves wastes no time in shrugging off his jacket to wrap around Newt’s shoulders.

Also the location, because, Delgado, the big ball drops and holy fucking shit do you have any idea how unromantic it is to be standing on top of it, desperately gripping with sticking charms on your shoes as you hurtle towards the ground?

Very. Very unromantic.

But the rush of adrenalin makes Newt giggle as he wobbles to his feet after the ball has landed, and he clutches at Graves’ arms for balance. Fireworks fill the sky with light and colour and the mistletoe glitters hopefully above them, and, well.

Graves’ hand is warm against Newt’s back and the flick of his eyes down to Newt’s lips is slow. His mouth opens, tongue darting out as though to lick, to taste, and Newt leans closer without even meaning to. They press their foreheads together and stay like that for a single moment on the cusp of eternity, gazes locked and an infinity of words filling the silence.

A firework goes off directly overhead, red and gold raining down above them, and Newt closes his eyes and tilts his head. Graves’ lips are soft beneath his, the kiss is slow and sweet and the playful wind presses them in closer. 

It is, in the end, a romantic first kiss.)

2016 Stormer Survey

Hello there stormers!

Wild World has been out and about for a while now and both old and new fans have been enjoying it. 2016 has been a big year for the guys and this fandom, so with the new year approaching, I thought it would be a fun idea to get to know a bit more about the Stormer fandom and the experiences we’ve had with this band.

Soooo, I’ve created a survey with around 20 questions about Bastille and this fandom.I don’t think it will take you that long to answer all of the questions, and it would mean so much to me if you took 5 minutes out of your day to answer them. You don’t have to registrate or anything like that, all you have to do is click the link below and answer the questions. It’s anonymous and I won’t know who’s answered what. It’s really easy, trust me.

Here’s the link:

I hope that many of you want to participate in this. Please share and spread this with all of the stormers you know so that we can get good results. Also, make sure to answer the questions honestly, in that way the reults will be as correct as possible. 

I’ll be announcing the results here a few days into January. (this won’t happen if the survey gets less than 20 answers though, so please make sure to participate)

Okay I think that’s everything for now. If you have any questions, please leave an ask or message me on here and I’ll do my best to answer. I hope everyone is having a good time over the holidays and happy new year to all of you!!


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey


you can have your own personal ships without wishing death upon characters who threaten your ship

you can ship one character with multiple different characters

you can recognize and appreciate moments between two characters that you don’t ship together

basically don’t be a dick

don’t shit on other people’s ships

Haikyuu!! Follow Spree!

Hello! My dash is dead most of the day so! I decided to do a follow spree!

If you are a Haikyuu!! blog, please reblog this post! Anything related to hq(edits, fanfic, art, whatever) is good! If you are multi-fandom that’s fine, I don’t mind, but if you could mention what fandoms you reblog for in the tags that’d be cool, and I’ll check your blog out! ^-^

You don’t have to follow me back either, I’m just looking for more active blogs so my dash isn’t as dead. But please don’t get upset if I don’t follow you!

Also, disclaimer: I’m under 16. I’m only saying this because I know some people are uncomfortable with someone so young following them. But know that I have no problem following people who are older than me or aren’t completely G rated. :D