really really bad weekend

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood

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Whats the weather there? Are you enjoying it?

It is actually really warm outside which is crazy because last weekend it snowed really bad. So the weather is pretty bipolar lol

Fanfic Friday #44

The Cactus by @progmanx
Legend of Korra - Korrasami - Rated: General Audiences

On her journey through the Earth Kingdom, Korra finds herself lost in the desert without any water. At some point, Katara had told her something about water being found in the cacti of the Si Wong. The specifics elude her, so she just decides to boil away anything that might be poisonous before drinking it. Everything was going pretty well until Asami appeared out of thin air.


I’m thinking of doing some Gorillaz drawing requests for a bit. I dunno how long for but I’ll see how I go!

They’d probably just be sketchy things kinda like this Murdoc here:

So send some things through if you like, just nothing too NSFW tho please. Thanks!

Preview of Ultra Violet, a modern AU Dramione one-shot:

They’re fourteen when Pansy makes her newest stepdad buy her a neon pink grand piano for no other reason than ‘I bet Kylie Jenner doesn’t have one yet’ and they’re fifteen when Vince’s parents finally let him permanently move into the guest house on the opposite side of the saltwater infinity pool and they’re sixteen when Daphne almost gets a spot on The Voice but misses out because her weird Swedish cousin is apparently a low-level producer on Dateline and they’re seventeen when they smoke most of Blaise’s pot and Greg levels a glassy-eyed stare at Draco’s dusty fifth-grade drum kit and says—

‘We should totally start a band.’