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Someday you’ll kiss me awake with coffee breath, gently running your fingers through my hair until I look at you and grin. You’ll lean down and whisper, “I love you” in my ear and only after I whisper, “I love you more” back will you say, “I made you French toast and coffee and you better get your lazy butt out of bed before they get cold.” You’ll smack my butt before running to the kitchen and wait for me there. After dragging myself out of bed and trudging into the kitchen only to find you sitting at the table grinning from ear to ear will I see “I love you most” written in whipped cream on top of the French toast.


Satine Kryze in 3.05


The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

i raised you from perdition
to be god’s ammunition
and now you need some rest
so i will do what’s best

Was that ending fanservice and bullshit? Yes. But klamille is still an an epic beautifully well written developed love story. Klaus writing Caroline a letter does not change that. It doesnt erase klamille’s connection or sterolines marriage. Ofc they are going to celebrate and think they “won”. Thats what its about “winning”. If they cared about good writing they wouldnt ship kc.

  • Dorian: *leans over second story banister* Did you turn her DOWN?!?!
  • Solas: *looking up from the atrium below* I... I was only... I didn't want you to feel I was taking advantage.
  • Dorian: *slams fist on banister* I am more offended you did NOT take advantage of her! March your ancient elven ass after her, or so help me, I will come down there and set fire to every hobo apostate outfit you own!

First of all, Kira, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Van in his phone lol I thought Nagi would be the one stick to his phone
Yamato, please just calm yourself, you’re supposed to be resting

I just love that they show us things like this I think is important to see how are they like a team, they don’t see like Starish that would talk and play like the kids they are. I think it’s important to see this because even if Heavens it’s not like Starish, they are together, and that’s very cute if you ask me.

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What I associate with you as an author - ""I think Professor Snape is handsomer than that Lockhart ponce," Millicent said. Daphne accidentally put her elbow in her jar of green goop. Tracey actually looked up from her book. Even Pansy turned fully around on her stool so she could stare, forgetting to keep brushing her hair." Forever and always.

and with that line, millicent became a fave, known for her good nature and excellent taste

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tell me the one thing you remember me for as a writer

Am I not cute enough?

Nothing says happy birthday like a badly written, not actually funny and generally bad sort of drabble together with me publicly embarrassing myself with my lack of writing skills. But hey! I get points for trying! So this time, @eldochflamma, in honour of your birthday and as a grateful offering to the universe for your existence (I thought of thanking your parents but that might be awkward), I bring you our favourite Death Eater dealing with another Death Eater who is rather upset. Don’t hate me, bro.

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