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hello im sure you get lots of thank you messages because your blog is really good but, im sending you in another one. im only 14 and am aware i have a lot to learn but, i try hard not to let my age be an excuse. your posts and posts from other radfems you reblog are really helpful to me because, i have never been good at arguing my points even, tho i KNOW bullshit (the gender stuff) when i see it. so thank you very much for your input and 'gatekeeping' lol. wishing you only had nice asks.

Aw thanks peanut! But your age is totally an excuse, you’re so young! You should be proud of yourself for even daring to think critically and for questioning the mainstream liberal narrative at a time when most are terrified of being ostracized and desperate to fit in. I’m so happy my blog has helped you out, and please feel free to message me whenever you like!


Guys, I gotta say, when i found out that Forever got cancelled, I was so devasted. Even my 3 other siblings (who I convinced to watch it and they love it) were devastated. I mean, the story is interesting, the cast is amazing, and guys, ugh, gotta love the soundtrack. But to know that everyone is trying their best to save the show is absolutely amazing. Petitions going around, people calling in for requests at Netflix, it’s really overwheming and makes me so happy.

If Forever doesn’t get picked up, hey, that’s okay. lol no jks. I will probably be eternally upset. Nah but seriously, if it gets picked up, i just want to thank EVERYONE who was apart of this! It doesn’t matter if you just reblogged a post or signed one petition, every single one of you is important! And when Forever does get saved, EVERYONE should be extremely proud of themselves for making it happen! Remember every sign/call/message counts!