really proud of this coloring tbh


I’ve recently hit 200 followers (more like 212 now oops) and i couldn’t be more grateful for every single one of you. I haven’t felt so welcome in a community in a long time; all of you are so supportive and helpful and I really have no words for how much I love all of you.

So I made you a gift!

It’s not much, and it’s not the best tbh but I’ve been teaching myself to recolor for awhile and even though I’m still a little shaky, I’m really proud of how these turned out. It’s a simple recolor of one of my favorite shoes in the game, the high top sneakers. I hope y’all like them, and thank you so much for sticking around and being amazing. 

Okay enough of me being a sap, let’s get to the good part lol.

  • 14 swatches (8 solid colors, 6 patterns)
  • Base game compatible
  • Please don’t reupload or claim as your own.
  • Tag me if you use them maybe?
  • Credit to EA for the mesh, and I found the patterns on Google

Download: SFS (no adfly)


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–


Some fanart for my own fanfiction!!
God I’ve reached such a low point that I make fanart for my own stuff… oh well this took me 3+ hours and I’m proud of it so y'all will have to deal with it
And yes it’s supposed to be Dan
Based off the song Wine Red by The Hush Sound


No food, drinks, or any other intoxicants are allowed in the library at any time. That includes emotion bottles.

Lol Yongjoon said in his live stream today that he looks up to Giriboy as his role model. No wonder their speech pattern is really similar, even their voices lmao

I hope Swings can give him a chance as well, he is a good rapper and he fits in JM, although I understand why Hamin was chosen, as I can see in him the next Giriboy, a rapper and a producer with different colors. This boy is gonna grow a lot, in the next 3 years at most he’s gonna get big, I’m calling it now. Him becoming part of JM didn’t come as a surprise tbh, especially since I’ve seen Vasco’s insta video a couple weeks ago and Swings was really protective of him during SR.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to their music and I can’t wait for some kickass collabs👌

I’m so proud of my boys 👏🔥🔥🔥


Some more recent art of my ocs!
The first two are both Shae Tabris (smol gay rogue who has a service fox because what is the point of fantasy if you can’t have a fox service animal. He’s nonverbal, biracial and my son and I love him.
The second character is Sihion, a character from my own stories. He is gay, blind, poc, and otherwise physically disabled.
Faravel Lavellan (I haven’t finished coloring but I’m really proud of this pic, tbh). Surprise! He’s gay. And autistic and has that 👍👌 real good depression and anxiety.
The last is Nia Cousland who is my trans lesbian daughter and she so tol. I love my daughter.
These are my children and I love them.

fixed up that sketch and improved it like a million percent… so have some sloppily-colored eremins

anonymous asked:

I planned to get my eyebrows and eyelashes coloured, but I am trying very hard to accept my body as it is and stop doing things (and spending money) to look good in the eyes of other people. I don't wear make-up anymore, but now I am afraid that it is only because I am pale and have defined eyebrows (and that is the idealised beauty look right now). If I colour my eyebrows and eyelashes it would be for the sake of how I look, but how do I know if I am looking good for myself or for others?

I don’t think you can ever truly know the answer to that question tbh? Proud of you for not wearing makeup though! I personally always postpone wanting to buy a particular makeup article I don’t need (I have to wear makeup at work, don’t really have a choice) and almost always end up deciding it isn’t worth the money. How would you color your eyelashes though, is that safe?

Here it is

it me

anyways um yeah
obv im not this cute + i literally like dont have eyebrows or eyelashes irl tbh but!!
im??? so proud of this drawing?????
i actually got my hair color pretty accurate i think???
aaaaaaaaaaa god im really proud of this holy heck