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I feel like maybe they had a lot going on today and that's why Phil was so vague. Like, maybe work stuff that they can't talk about and that was what kept running through his mind. Because every time someone would ask about their week, Phil would take long pauses to think about what to say. He just seemed super distracted, then suddenly said he had to go soon. I may be totally off, but that's just how it seemed...

ya i think thats a reasonable explanation for why he was a little off!!!! although i don’t think the decision to cut the ls short was a sudden one, i think he came in knowing it wouldn’t be very long. but ya,  in general he just seemed reluctant or unable to share much of what they’ve been up to in the last week, whether that’s bc of work things that he can’t give away yet or other  .. life things … lmao (i joke) (mostly) (not really) (who knows)  

I sacrificed my sleep time for this. @amazingphil @danielhowell, take responsibility!xD #NoRegrets #DeleteLater Finally the alien saw the earth light. Take care of him and Dab, Dil! Show them the dreamy world~

♦ Happy B-day, DALIEN! ♦
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P.S. I also wanted to add ‘have two lil D’s’ as a feature, but I’m not that kind of person xD