really only took 45

This might be more fever dream talking, but I’m making my way through the various SDCC interviews (which I’ve honestly not done before, but I feel like I should do my homework) and here’s something interesting:

Dabb is talking about alternate worlds. Plural. 

On the surface that doesn’t seem all that exciting, but then I’m just thinking about what this show is and how it tends to tell stories… and there’s no way we visit an AU without purpose. Dabb confirms that SPN is a character driven show (“Sam, Dean, and Castiel”), so, really: the only reason to visit an AU is to show the characters something about themselves. Think of the AUs we’ve encountered so far, like The End or The French Mistake.

And after comparing the years of SPN to making a pizza in the most bizarre way possible, Jared talks about the “meta episode where we play ourselves,” and how the fans loved it, and how they could do more of that, and then came to the conclusion that the show has now figured out “who it is.”

Anyone else thinking we could be staring down the barrel of the most meta season ever?