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Fallout Week Day 1 - Favourite Protagonist: Courier Six

Dating Yoongi

Dating Yoongi would include:

• When he realized he liked you in more than a friendly way he freaked out
• He would start observing you
• Trying to find something (anything) that could tell him that you liked him back
• He would stay nights awake figuring out how to tell you
• In the process he’ll start treating you differently
• Hell do it smoohtly tho
• He would casually bring you coffee
• He would text you everyday good morning and goodnight
• He would sit next to you everytime you and the boys had dinner together
• He would even buy you chocolates
• And you noticed
• When he finally reaunited enough courage to confess he almost fainted when you answered kissing him
• “I thought youd never ask, Min Yoongi”
• Soft smiles while eating dinner
• He would just look at you and smile
• He can’t help it
• You have that effect on him
• And damn you are his girlfriend now
• SHIT. You are his girlfriend
• “Yoongi are you okay?”
• “Huh? Oh yeah, sorry I was just… uh, thinking
• The boys would cringe but deep inside they are proud their hyung found someone
• You play with his fingers when you two watch TV together and he finds himself smiling a lot
• Since you go to his dorm regularly, he feels weird when you are not there
•  Like something’s missing
• “Hello?”
• “Hi, Y/n”
• “Hi, Yoongi”
• “Are you coming today?”
• “I have a lot of homework to get done tonight. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll make it”
• “Oh, okay”
• Ten minutes later he’s at your door with takeout
• “You are always coming to see me, so I thought that maybe it’s my turn now?”
• “Get inside, you dork”
• He’ll wait patiently for you to finish your homework so you two can eat dinner together
• “I want college to be over already”
• “It will be over in less than what you expect”
• “Yeah, I kind of have that feeling now”
• What do you mean?”
• “Well I have someone by my side now”
• “…”
• “No way. You are blushing”
• “'I’m not”
• “Yes, you are”
• “No. I am not”
• “Awww you are so cute when you blush”
• You give him a kiss on the cheek and he can’t help but smile and blush even more.
• So you give him another kiss on the cheek
• He’s smiling even wider now
• You cover his face with kisses and now he’s a freaking tomato and a ball of giggles
• You just discovered his weakness
• Cheek kisses
• He most likely won’t admit it but he loves it.
• You beg him to play the piano for you
• “No”
• “But baaaaaaabe”
• “Nope”
• He tries to act cool, but actually he doesn’t want to do it because he gets really nervous when you are around
• He’s afraid he’ll fuck up
• He doesn’t want to look like a fool in front of you
• But you keep begging him
• “Please Yoongi”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “Do it for me?”
•*kiss on the cheek*
• “Please?”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “For me?”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “Oh fuck it. I’ll do it for you”
• One particular day you had a lot of homework he was sitting on your couch scrolling through his phone
• When you are done you go to see him
• “Yoongi?”
• But he’s sound asleep
• You cover him up with blankets
• You debate between going to your room or just sleep with him on the couch
• You don’t want to leave him there but you don’t want to wake him up either so you grab a pillow and lay next to him wich turns into you laying literally on top of him because there’s no much space in that couch
•  He hugs you in his sleep
• When he wakes up he doesn’t know what to do
• His beautiful (asleep) girlfriend is laying on top of him on the couch
What the heck happened
• He waits until you wake up
• Pretending he’s asleep to hear you reaction
• You just give him a kiss on the forehead
• And he can’t help but smile instantly
• “Were you awake?”
• “No?”
• You give him a suspicious look
• “Alright then”
• “Wait give me a kiss”
• Loves it when you kiss his head
• Always buying coffee every time you two walk past a café 
• Tries to hide the fact that he memorized your order 
• Sice the day you slept on the couch, napping is now a habit
• Loves to watch you sleep
• When he doesn’t want to wake up, you cover his face with kisses as always
• Sometimes he fakes he’s asleep so you give him kisses
• Because that’s his favourite way to wake up
• Random 3am texts 
• “I miss you”
• “Yoongi, it’s 3am go to sleep”
• Never uses emojis 
• 110% sure he will say I love you first
•  When you two get hype boy oh boy when you two get hype
• Literally theres a song one of you like and instantly you both are dancing
• And you guys sing too
• The boys think you both are insane
• Like that day you were both in your respective cellphones when “View” by SHINee came through the radio
• Since it’s your favourite song at the moment
• You two got HYPED
• Tries to cook ramen for you in your anniversary 
• Always making sure you sleep well
• But he still sents you texts at 3am
• He would never say it out loud but he loves it when you play with his hair while kissing 
• He writes you poetry
• But he will never let you read it
• Almost screamed when you gave him your apartment key 
• “'Im tired of opening the door for you. You can totally do it yourself”
• Going home to find him on your couch watching Netflix 
• Buys you groceries without telling you
• Always trying to convince you to take a nap 
• “I have to cook and I need to finish my assignment”
• “Please nap”
• Follows you around the house repeating “nap”
• Sits next to you while you’re doing your assignment 
• *stares at you because he knows it will distract you*
• “Yoongi stop”
• *doesn’t says anything* 
• “Yoongi”
• *starts playing with your hair*
• “Min Yoongi”
• *gently sits in your lap*
• “Nap?”
• Napping a lot during the day
• Staying up during the night 
• Talking a lot or not talking at all
• If you guys feel like talking the room will be filled with whispers and kisses
• If you dont feel like it then
• Comfortable silence 
•  “Yoongi I really like your smile”
•  “Why do you say such a thing when we are about to sleep?”
• Watches you from afar when you play around with his hyungs 
• Eventually gets sick of it 
• Probably makes you sit on his lap in front of everyone and acts as if nothing is happening 
• Or he casually sits in your lap
•  “Hyung is really smiley when he’s around y/n”
•  *glares at taehyung*
• “Y/n there’s someone you need to meet so this relationship can grow”
•  You meet Holly the next day
• Lets you and nobody else touch his phone 
• Takes secret pictures of you all the time without you noticing it
• y/n eating cereal
• y/n sleeping
• y/n studying 
• y/n drinking coffee 
• y/n eating Oreos
• y/n dancing
• y/n watching TV
• Literally takes pictures of you all the time
• Watches your pictures all the time when he is on tour 
• Loves waking up to your texts 
• Apologizes first when you guys fight 
• Plays the piano for you so you can forgive him faster 
• Sings to you in your birthday 
• “I wrote this song thinking about you”
• Whispers that he loves you when you start crying 
• “Shit Yoongi, I love you”
• Finds you extra sexy when you swear
•  *you watching old pictures of him*
•  “Woah I really like you with green hair”
• He asks if he can dye his hair green again
•  *goes to your home with his hair green*
•  “Woah you looked really hot with black hair”
•  *glares at you*
•  Always giving you plushies he wins at those stupid plushie machine games
•  Your room is full of plushies
•  Sometimes when you two are just laying in bed doing nothing he feels the need to open his heart to you
•  “Y/n I really do have deep feelings for you”
•  “I feel the same Yoongi”
•  “Y/n I wrote you poetry”
•  *You suddenly sit*
•  “Can I read it?”
•  “No”
•  “Please? For me?”
•  “Shit”

One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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Thanks for all the support lately guys. It’s been a rough week and I really appreciate it

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Jade Thirlwall + Style (insp.)

Jealous Part 2

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Bucky x reader
Warning: fluff (too much fluff)
(Y/D/N)= Your daughter name
Words count: 1533

“Moooommmy” I wake up as my daughter jumping in my bed. “Mommy wake up” I pretend I’m still sleeping and when she didn’t watch I quickly sit up and pick her up and started tickling her. Her beautiful laughing filed the room. A few minutes later we both lay back down still laughing.

I saw Bucky smiling at us.“You know what (Y/D/N)? If you make your bed I made you pancakes for breakfast.” I can’t even blink and she is out of the room. She just love pancakes way to much and I’m her mother and I want to give her everything what I can. And sometimes these little thing like pancake for breakfast means a lot.

“Good morning gorgeous” Bucky kissed me. “You know that you two are the everything to me and I love you.” “I love you too” I kissed him back. We almost fell back to sleep when I heard my little daughter saying that she is ready and waiting for pancakes. I smiled to  myself and try to get out of the bed, but Bucky pulled me back.

“No, Bucky” I laughed “(Y/D/N) need pancakes”

“Okay but after that we shower together”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I lousy found your blog and I'm obsessed already!~ What do you think Woozi's reaction would be if he saw an old picture of you when you used to be really heavy, and you tell him that you have some marks on your tummy and thighs and such that you are embarrassed about?

((before i start, i just want to say that if my answer for this post offends any of you guys, i sincerely apologize for it. i’m just giving my honest answer))

Personally, I don’t think Woozi would care, not in a bad way. He just don’t see your appearance and how different it is then and now to be so important because like I’ve mentioned before, he looks more into someone’s personality and character.

To him, as long as you are a good person who treats him ((and everyone around him)) well, he could care less about how you look, whether in the past, present or future.

With that being said, I think he’ll be proud of you for making the active decision to change your lifestyle and be more healthier because Woozi actually likes exercising so I think he’ll like it more if you’re healthier, but he still wouldn’t care about your size.

- Admin Leen

Me one day.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b>*Very old,seating at my chair and looking at the window*<p/><b>My little grandson running up to me :</b> Granny, tell me why do you have blue hair and taking pictures with an old instant camera and you really don't like selfies? <p/><b>Me:</b> seat down Nathan Junior and call Rachel. You gonna hear the best motherf**king story of love, friendship, forgiveness and pain. That you have ever heard in your short life.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Hello everyone!  I just finished this new piece to be sold as a future print in September and I had SO much fun working on it.  I wanted to draw something Naruto Shippuden inspired and I really wanted to see the original Team 7 back together for a picture just like old times.  I really hope you enjoy this drawing and if you would like a print for yourself this piece will be available for print at Nan Desu Kan in Denver, CO (September 4th-6th) and also on my online store.

Dyrus’ Fansign contest. (this picture is really old but you get the idea)

I will be taking submissions for fan signs. Depending on who is the most creative that person will receive a 1 hour and a half lesson with me on how to get better at league.

IF you don’t play league you can tell me what game or how you would like to use that time whether talking, watching anime together, w/e I don’t know what you guys want.


1. One submission per person

2. It has to be YOU. it’s kind of pointless if I don’t get to see what my fans look like nowadays. back then I learned that there were people that were super ripped that actually followed me and that blew my mind.

3. Have fun, please don’t take it to seriously, the whole goal is to see who you guys are and to share it with my rest of my tumblr of what dyrus viewers/fans/followers would look like.

Deadline is November 14

(because I know people have busy schedules this is just a for fun thing)