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Girls’ night out ♥
with Serena, Feya and Tilana

Go girls, we’re gonna mash it up, get crazy, let’s go!

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Where are the doctors or nurses, is there anyone that can at least tell them something?!

“My name is Dr. Patricia Pig, and I will be keeping Mute under my care.

“Now, if you would kindly follow me…”

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Time being around 1931, after Roy Mustang reaches the position of Fuhrer in 1928, Ed’s SSDAS is moved to governmental installations next to the headquarters in Central. It was hard to find them a space of their own but after a whole bureaucratic process it was finally achieved. Moving everything -read researches, machinery, books and experiments- while maintaining their productiveness up was probably the hardest part.

During this year too, the SSDAS is declared officially a governmental institution and its members are given proper statues as such (in equivalents to military ranks).

  The New Fake AH Crew

         ❝ We’re a gang of misfits and psychopaths. Some lost. Some
              broken. But we have order. We have control. And we will take
              this city and make it our own. Or fucking die trying. 

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Some times i remember i don’t post everything i draw…….. BUT The first 4 were recent drawings ?! the inkay was actually a really old oc of mine that i redesigned into a gijinka LMAO She Is Edgy, jk tho shes like 16 or something??
And the shiny goomy/sliggoo/goodra/whatevs is based off the one i worked for forever to get in one of my games……. idk how old she is or what i want for her tho
AND THE last is just an older pic of my galvantula from my black team

Every so often I like to redesign really old OCs, just to prove to myself that I am actually improving artistically. Not normally this old, but for some reason I suddenly remembered her and got nostalgic!

Meet Sailor Angel Neko Star (alias Kira Lily Tenshi), who is…prooobably my first OC? The first one I ever put real effort into, anyway! She’s the most hilariously awful, self-indulgent Mary Sue of a character, of course, but that’s okay because she was my first real try at it and we all have to start somewhere! I’m older and wiser and better at making characters now, but I’m not even going to pretend like I’m embarrassed – I still have a ton of love for her, because she was so much fun for me and represents a lot of good memories of that part of my childhood. You’ll be my friend forever, Sailor Angel Neko Star. ♥

(Disclaimer: this is 100% unexaggerated and I was completely serious about it when I made her. Even the name. Especially the name.)

I wanted to stay true to the spirit of Sailor Angel Neko Star, so I tried to incorporate everything I remembered about her: she’s a part-elf, part-angel, part-lightning dragon who is the last of her race, and her special power is shapeshifting into a talking cat. She was best friends with Princess Serena and Princess Jupiter in the Silver Millennium (for some reason I didn’t make her anyone’s twin sister, an opportunity lost!) and she was accidentally reincarnated into an alternate dimension, where she learned how to dimension-hop and became a pokemon trainer too!! She carries her faithful Mew, Feather, with her everywhere. She has her own wand and crystal, which is rainbow-colored and more powerful than the Silver Crystal, but only when used for good, like when she saved her boyfriend, Tuxedo Cat, who is a Digidestined! Also she can shoot magic lightning bolts out of her eyes when she winks.

There’s probably more that I’ve forgotten (could she also be...a cardcaptor??) but I figured I’d quit while I was ahead! Concessions I did make were to take off the cat ears, mostly because it made her look a bit too Sailor Luna, and to make her colors a little less eye-bleeding. Overall I feel it is a fitting homage to Sailor Angel Neko Star!

tl;dr ten-year-old me was awesome at making OCs and I won’t heard a word otherwise