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the best parts about my new job at nick universe

  • free unlimited ride wristband for myself EVERYDAY all the time and 4 wristbands per quarter for friends and family +30% off when those 4 are used and 50% off at sea life aquarium wooooo
  • 30% OFF NICKELODEON MERCH!!!! (and 50% of around the holidays) first paycheck is going toward the avatar mug and pabu plushies (bc they dont sell the appa one anymore and thats crap)
  • 50% off caribou coffee *heart eyes emoji*
  • when i leave in august to go back to florida for college i can take “educational leave” and i will have a job again when i come back next summer!!!! and after ive worked there for a few months they do tuition help where they give us $1000 per semester

sleepcomesdown asked:

i could have sworn i heard the shrimp brain line on a guy fieri show but idk. a lot of people who like cajun food, crawfish, etc. make a big deal about "pinching the tails and sucking the heads," but i'm just grossed out bc i learned how many GLANDS and things are in there...

the only paula deen reference i’ll ever make on this blog is to the time she said ‘you know that if you serve me shrimp with the head on, i’ll be SUCKIN THAT HEAD’ and everyone carried on like that was a reasonable thing to say and i guess i learned i don’t belong in the south

babychicksandkitties asked:

Hello, I love your blog so much! Could you tell me who is your least favourite character in KH series and why? I love almost everyone in the series except for Xehanort and Braig I guess.

Wow thank you!! :D Okay, to be honest this question is hard for me because over all, theres not a single KH character I dont like! But even so, I think my least favorite is Larxene. I know a lot of people like her and thats FAB, but I’ve never really been one for straight out rude characters. But to me its also a shame that it just so happens to be the only girl in the entire organization that I dont like Dx However, it HAS been sometime since I last watched the cutscenes to CoM, so idk maybe if I rewatch it, I’ll end up liking her more! :)

And tbh while xehanort is like a super creepy villain that i feel pretty neutral about as a villain, I actually really like braig! Idk, while I’m not into rudeness, i think sass is something a little different, and I like his sass haha. I’m also really curious and psyched to see what he’ll do in KH3. He definitely has his own plans, and I hope it’s not something basic like money or control, idk. But I know nomura will have something cool cooked up for him! 

So whoooooo’s the neeeeeew alternate Christine for the World Tooooour? 

It’s been the triangle Claire Lyon - Emilie Lynn - Kristi Holden all since the relaunch after South Africa in 2012. Now Emilie Lynn is the principal, Kristi Holden announced her departure as it was her last, and Claire Lyon is busy elsewhere. Which means they surely need a new alternate? And I don’t think Mona Botha is an obvious candidate, as she is a valued ensemble member and understudy. So… who?

Anna O’Byrne? Marni Raab? Katie Hall? Ana Marina? Someone brand new?

Does anyone else remember when they first got in to the Beatles, and you thought they all looked the same and that you’d never be able to tell them apart? Now we see a picture of a leg hair and it’s like: yep, definitely John, probably taken around August of 1965 on a Tuesday at approximately 8:15 am.