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If Lapis is the most powerful of the three, why isn't she the leader? (Love your art btw)

Lapis is under the impression that she’d be a terrible leader and really doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. Peridot thinks she’d be a fantastic leader and is already doing a lot of the mission coordination, but she wasn’t around for the war and is still kinda defaulting to that Homeworld ranking system. Jasper low key thinks being put in charge is some kind of huge joke, but she’ll take what she can get. (they’re a mess, can you tell?)

I REALLY hope Jon Favreau’s latest movie “ The jungle book” gets an Oscar nomination.  It’s a beautiful movie and I think I have seen it like 5 times since it was released in our itunes.

AND i can’t get Christopher Walken song out of my head LOL

I Wan'na Be Like You" - Christopher Walken


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things about the trinity album:
  • leonhart giving mariam medical aid instead of killing her after she fell
  • elluka saying ‘maybe that’s so, at least i think so’ about the bridge connecting peoples hearts too
  • tiny babu germaine randomly appearing at leonhart’s house one day going 'hi dad’
  • leonhart deciding he would protect germaine and become her shield
  • elluka’s constant hesitance and use of noncommittal words(maybe/probably)
  • abyss NOT stealing mariam back after she crossed to lucifenia, even tho mariam was prolly a hugely valuable test subject
  • elluka calling leonhart clumsy even tho hes stated to be a prodigy
  • leonhart swearing an oath to arth and anne, not even being mad about anne being married and only wanting to help them
  • nine year old mariam kicking gast’s grown ass in battle
  • 9 yr old mariam in charge of an elite force of probable straight grown ups, who all prolly respected her hugely
  • anne joining arth on the battle field
  • elluka knowing arth and anne love each other a LOT
  • gast and elluka teaming up to fight a bunch of lucifenian soldiers
  • did elluka hire gast? or did he have to report to beelzenia that she crossed sides?
  • elluka paying gast and telling him 'go away, i like the enemy so i dont need u’ 'WOW ELLUKA RUDE’
  • elluka literally having to go talk to held bc what the heck is this king, why is HE fighting shouldnt HE be in a palace safe
  • she needs Advice
  • elluka probably asking arth to go alone to the bridge somehow, but anne mariam and leonhart join and she is probably very embarrassed when she asks to join lucifenia
  • the fact that arth may just be some peasant kid who looked like the real arth and just wants peace
  • leonhart facing ABYSS IR to save germaine

Two kinds of people.

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Thank you guys for being so sweet. My anxiety really is kicking my ass today. Thanks for the advice! Though there are no other lonely people around and I’m far to afraid of rejection to approach a group, I’ll remember that tomorrow haha. This year is definitely going to be one of my rockiest though for sure.