really old

30 something year old Jess Mariano and Rory Gilmore being friends and casually talking about their life and problems over glasses of whiskey is not something I thought i’d ever see outside of a fanfic and yet

It’s mahhhh birthday! :D And Google remembered! <3 
After a ridiculously long and complicated month, I’m super excited to celebrate my birthday! I got so many gifts that it makes me want to cry tears of gratitude just thinking about it ;__; I’m now 23 but I feel super ancient omg

I’ll be on more now that most things have blown over, but it might still be a while before I get back to more regular original content. Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support, sent me gifts, or just listened to me complain these past few weeks! Without everyone on here who supported me, I probably would’ve completely fallen apart. THANK YOUUUUU



“This nothing but filthy slander.” growled a clearly shocked Nipsy Ashton today, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “Me good boy. Me best boy in whole world. Me been told. You have cheese? Me smell cheese! Me want cheese!”


Guess what I just freaking found, buried in the basement??? I made this back in 2003, back when I made my Ring. I thought grandmother had thrown it out after the wing broke!


| April —“Digimon OC” |

— These are from 2015, I think? I shared them on my old deviantart account (Nejos) but I took them down because some of the poses on the second one were referenced (I was a bit self conscious about anatomy at that time 😅) & people went so mad about it?? 😶

Things like ‘you cannot use references in any way!’ and art thiefs were the main reasons why I left the site. 💧

Anyway! April is a character from an old fanfic of mine. Her digipartner is Guilmon & her crest is ‘gratitude’ ❤

“Sparrow, what’s your method for writing a lot in one sitting?”

Well, you either need to just relax and put on some music and just let the words flow, or go out into the wilderness with only a knife, a notebook, and an ATV and aggressively ride around while deciding what you’re going to write. Then conquer your fear of that constant feeling of being watched by sitting at the top of the ridge and forcing the words to come out. After about an hour or two, you’ll have a decent chunk of writing done. Don’t mind the bees or the sounds of unseen things moving through the trees. They’re probably friendly.

Professor: Don’t make that monster so ugly
Me: … it’s supposed to be an ugly monster, that’s the point
Professor: Okay but what if he was ugly mentally
Me (internally): WHAT THE FUCK
Me: Uh … it’s a comic. I think we need something visual here


i was messing with adobe lightroom and i kinda enjoyed the results.