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a little warmup painting tonight! IT’S CLAIRE from 12x16 bc i thought that looked rad

normally i make things a lot more textured, but  i wanted to make something that explores gradients mixed with solids, and i like the result! hair is so fun to do ;o;


“Like, my mom kicked me out for selling drugs hanging out with guys who had guns, endangering my little brother.I’m on probabtion for another year, and I live in a group home.And I guess since I d o n ’ t have a family, I listen to my friends a little bit too much” 


So you know how we’re known as the fandom that has a gif for literally everything? Well sometimes, we actually don’t have a fitting gif. *GASP* But, thanks to the beautiful @mishacollins , we now can perform a paradox. If somebody states that we don’t have a gif for a certain topic, simply post this gif. Technically, we would, in fact, have a gif for that, despite it not being directly relative. 

:) You’re welcome.


Because Castiel is anything but weak. 


 Just thought I’d post this here because why not. *shrugs* My coloring and all that good stuff. Made with ae. 
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//Here you can see a stagnated process of drawing Cas complicated face and a semi ok stagnated progress with drawing Dean.

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I honestly cant find the words why zig and maya are perfect for each other but do you mind explaining why they complement each other so well as a couple? despite what's happened, ive always felt like theyre meant to be. They fit so well together, and idk why.

I cannot tell you how much I love this question. They are so many reasons why Zig and Maya have always complimented each other so well and have always seemed destined to be together.

1. They were friends first. For me the thing that always made Zaya click so well and seem so iconic is that before any of the romantic feelings they feel for each other they put their friendship above it. From the moment they met they immediately hit it off and it’s really meaningful that Zig was the first friend that Maya ever made at Degrassi. Though when she met him she did have a little crush, she ultimately decided to disregard her feelings for him and support his relationship with Tori because it made him happy and she valued his friendship. The same goes for when Zig tells her that he has feelings for her but he will wait for her because she isn’t over Cam. From the beginning it was very clear that whether or not they are together romantically, they still want to be together as friends. It’s also significant that seasons 13-14 really developed how strong and important their friendship is to each other before they even admitted that they were ready to become a couple. Also in DNC season 4 what is so great about  their endgame is that is was never explicitly stated that they were back together but it was 100% confirmed that they are close friends again which has always been the center of their relationship. 

2. Slow. Burn. The thing that the Degrassi writers did so so right with Zaya was not putting them together when everyone thought they would be together. This is what makes Zaya a truly epic couple and one of the greatest love stories Degrassi has ever told. No other couple has been built up over the seasons as much as Zig and Maya have. I remember when they had their first scene together in season 11 and I was immediately like “well obviously they are gonna be the New Couple™️” because from the moment they first met the chemistry between them was instant. Thankfully Degrassi made them wait it out and grow and mature before they actually got together. I like to think about what would have happened if Zig and Tori never got back together and he ended up dating Maya back in season 11 and I really think their love story might have ended right there. But unlike iconic couples like Semma and Eclare, Zaya took their time. Instead of jumping into a relationship they build a really strong connection based on how much they care for each other besides their romantic feelings. This made their romantic relationship so much stronger from the get go because they already knew each other so well that they didn’t have to get to know each other as they were dating. When Zaya first got together in season 14, I saw a lot of people complain that they were moving too fast and they were seriously rushed but in a way it makes a lot of sense that they were. They were already extremely close from the moment they began dating so they jumped head first into it. They acknowledge that they did rush into things a bit too fast but unlike other couples that would be in that situation they came out the other side of it stronger. Even in DNC where they break up, the way that they still are really important in each other’s lives prove how much they will keep finding their way back to each other. They were even a slow burn down to the very end of DNC season 4 by how they slowly but surely fell back together again. They didn’t rush into it this time. They just took their time just like they did back in seasons 11-14 and it was beautiful.

3. They are always there for each other. To me a huge reason why they compliment each other so well is because they are there for each other in some way through all of their big struggles in love. For Maya, she supported Zig through his relationship with Tori. She takes him to live in her home so he doesn’t have to be a squatter anymore and so he won’t have to go into a group home. She helps get him out of the gang - multiple times. She dumps Miles because he doesn’t get along with Zig and she will always stand by Zig. She supports him as he works to become a chef as a restaurant. She helps him as he gets involved in the school musical and supports him completely. She even gives him relationship advice with Esme because she wants him to be happy and she never discourages him from helping Esme and figuring out their relationship even though she is crushing on him again. For Zig, he is always there for Maya (it’s one of his defining features). He helps build up her self confidence when she enters the beauty pageant and tries to be there for her with her relationship struggles with Cam - even though he’s a bit misguided since he wants her for himself. He is there for her as she goes off the rails after Cam’s death and he reminds her of who she is and her love of music. He tries to get along with Miles to make her happy - even though he doesn’t to a spectacular job at that. He encourages her to seek help for her anxiety and calms her down after nightmares and her panic attack. He goes to the spa with her when Grace turned her down. He is incredibly supportive of her goals towards a music career. And even after they break up he visibly sees that she is going though something when she is depressed and he tries to cheer her up. Also he chooses to be her partner in art class after she comes back to school because he wants to be there for her and he helps her out after she gets really high on their camping trip. All these little things build up to show how important they are to each other.

The more I think about how Zig and Maya are “meant to be” the more I realize that their relationship is so much more than just that they seem destined to be together in some way. They compliment each other so well because of how much they care about each other. Their relationship goes far beyond the reaches of just romance. For them it has never mattered whether they were in a relationship or not because they were always there for each other because they have always had such a strong friendship first and foremost. But it’s important to note that just because they have seemed “meant to be” from the start that doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work for their relationship. From season 11 to DNC season 4 we have seen Zig and Maya grow together and make each other better. They challenge each other and push each other to be the best version of themselves. They truly make each other better people and that’s a huge reason for me why they compliment each other so well.

I really want to see fanart of some of the awesome Supernatural women participating in the Women’s Marches.

You can bet that Charlie would’ve been there holding a sign with a quote from Hermione and leading a chant.

You can bet that Sheriffs Jody and Donna would’ve been there and that Donna would have persuaded Jody into putting on one of those bright pink hats and that Jody would literally be flipping off every camera.

You can bet that Alex and Claire marched together despite their differences, and that they definitely punched a Nazi or two.

You can bet that Mary was there, wearing a Nasty Woman t-shirt and taking photos of everyone there to commemorate the event.

Idk, I just love the idea of them jumping at the chance to join in the movement and make some noise.