really nonsense stuff

me: oh wow i can’t wait to read this fic about my favorite star wars character, finn

y’all: what if finn, a grown ass man who successfully threw off years of brainwashing in a literal day, was completely unsure of how to act around close friends and can’t even figure out the simplest things 

I wanted to take some preview pictures for the recolor I did on the weekend but created a cute vampire instead because I don’t even know. No energy. I spent the afternoon at the library with my classmates. We had a small project with ten years old kids and there were like, I don’t know, twenty of them? It was fun, I love doing such things. Next week we’re in fact having a sleepover at the library and the librarian said it’s gonna be the same group. So yeah, cool, however when these things are over I always realize how exhausted it actually makes me feel :D I guess I ignore it when I’m around those kids and then they leave and it just hits me.

Anyways, then I came home, turned on the TV and saw the first news about what happened in London. I’m still shocked and just…the older I get the more I can’t understand what’s going on in the world. I hope you are alright, guys. Stay safe.

People who don’t like hamburgers don’t exist. Some people like them plain, some people like them with cheese, and some people even like them with five thousand toppings, but people who don’t like them don’t exist.

If someone says they don’t like hamburgers, they are either lying, or something is wrong with them. Eating hamburgers is essential to life. We all know humans as a race cannot survive if they do not eat hamburgers. There’s no substitute for it. It’s science, it’s fact, don’t even try to argue with it.

So seriously stop this nonsense about how there are some people who “don’t like” hamburgers, or who “don’t eat” hamburgers. It just. It doesn’t happen.

Oh also you can’t say “that hamburger LOOKS good but I wouldn’t eat it because I don’t like the taste.” Like, if you think it looks good, you would eat it. Stop being ridiculous.

Just. Everyone likes hamburgers and everyone eats hamburgers. You need to accept this fact and shut up.

  • Person: I dislike this thing you love.
  • Me: Yo, it's cool. It's not for everyone.
  • Person: I dislike this thing you love and through careful examination found some things it did wrong.
  • Me: Yup, it's cool. Not everything's perfect and it's good to look at things with a critical eye.
  • Person: I hate this thing you love and will proceed to criticize it for unjustified, poorly-thought-out reasons and also maybe flood the tags with my hate.
  • Me: *trying and failing not to froth at the mouth with rage*