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Watch The Bold Type tonight (Tuesday, August 22th) at 9PM EST on Freeform. DVR (and watch/rewatch), Watch the next day on Hulu and Freeform’s site and phone app. This show needs a viewer boost and all this helps if we hope for a season 2 renewal.

Help trend #TheBoldType and tweet with the cast using #TheBoldTypeChat during the episode as well, if you are able. There are only episodes left in the season and it would be great to show Freeform and this hard working cast our continued social media support as well.

          ✧🌙 UPDATE !

yo. i am now going under the alias taichi, and have settled on a preference for male pronouns. i’m in no regard a stickler for this, and won’t be offended if you forget / prefer to stick to my actual name; it’s chill —— i would just appreciate the effort to make the switch is all, so thanks! (ゝ。∂) —☆


I really want to meet you but it seems impossible. People always tell me if it’s meant to be we will meet. What people don’t know is that I almost met you a lot of times, but I have the worst luck. All I wish is for one day to have my head on your shoulder and your arms around my body. All I want is to be in your warm embrace.