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I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..



It’s been a while.

I felt like I needed to make a post just confirming that I’m alive and to clear up a few things, mostly the reasons why I left and why I don’t know if I’m coming back.

1. I was dragged moved my belongings from Hetalia hell to Yuri!!! On Ice hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to stay in this fandom but YOI quickly took over my life and I kind of lost interest because of my new obsession.

2. My art has improved A LOT recently.

Seriously. When I started this ask blog last October, this is what my art looked like:

And this is the kind of stuff I’m doing now:

I tried drawing some stuff for an ask the other day and I was like “hOLY SHIT HOW DID I DRAW LIKE THIS????”

Also, a lot of other things have happened since I started this ask blog, mostly to do with final exams taking up a lot of my time, but as well as that I’ve started longer illustration and animation projects and I’m also in a relationship now so this blog has kind of been pushed down to the bottom of my list of priorities.

So anyway, I’m not entirely sure what to do with this blog now, I just wanted some sort of closure, you know? Maybe I’ll be back one day, I’m not sure yet. But for now it would be great for you to follow my art blog @alexadooodle because there I post drawings that I actually spend time on (despite most of them being shitty sketches drawn at midnight).

- Alex

Things are going to change, and for once I can’t freaking wait.

anonymous asked:

Post the pic of Liam and zedd pleeease! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Hahahaha, it’s really not that interesting, but here you have it, low quality and all :P.

After doing a lot of unfollowing people that have been posting nothing but hate and discourse, my dash is a bit empty. So if any of you are mostly Riordanverse you should let me know so i can check out your blog! 


@goatkibble me, and I thought I’d quickly fill this one in before I go to bed, and while there is actually stuff in my queue ;P

1) First person you messaged on Tumblr: Probably @histrionicsandtea ? Almost certain it was. My first friend on here <3 

2) Last person you messaged on Tumblr: @goatkibble . She sent me a lovely real life look alike of Joseph Christensen from DDAADDS! All the DDADDS posts and memes XD <3

3) Original blog name/first blog: My blog is called Hold Your Colour, which I always forget XD but I guess this probably means my url, which is AmuHav, as it always has been and probably always will be. It’s a handle I use for quite a lot of things, tbh.

4) # of posts in your queue: 19! The next BC challenge is all queued up! ;P

5) Who are you going to tag? Ummmm, no one. I have no idea who has or hasn’t done this yet. Do it, if you want to though XP

honestly all these adults can knock the internet and how shitty it can be, but one of my most treasured memories in my life so far is watching Star Wars - A New Hope on an online server with about 50 other people to commemorate the night Carrie Fischer passed, and no one can ever take that experience away from me 


Totality Part 1

“There was an Eclipse today, Nightlight.”

“I’m aware.”

The coatl hummed a little at the quiet answer. Hiwarau was never sure how the blind seer knew these things, but didn’t question it. It wasn’t really worth questioning. The pearlcatcher kept secrets, there was nothing wrong with that.

She shifted her feathered wings a little. “I assume you are also aware of the hatchling Aenor brought back with her?”

“I am.”

“And you heard what was said about it?”

“Parts. Her egg was found alone, nearly hatched. She struggled to hatch for a while as Aenor watch. It broke open only once the totality of the Eclipse began.”

She looked back at the other mage. “Do you refer to that?”

Hiwarau huffed a little bit, running one toe through the dirt. “Yes.” It was amazing how the other seer, despite being blind, knew as much as she did. Hiwarau herself was much better at interpreting omens and fortunes, not seeing the way the other did.

“Were there parents nearby?” The hooded coatl looked over in surprise at the question. “Or even a nest? A lair? Anything?”

“No.” Hiwarau answered slowly, shuffling her wings uncomfortably. “Nothing.” Finding abandoned eggs was nothing new for the clan, they were often found on scouting missions or during skirmishes with the beastclans on explorations. “So far from arcane territories too.” She hummed, curling her tail a little. And that was the troubling part.

The seer nodded, adjusting the pearl in her grip. 

A long silence stretched between them. Nightlight broke it, surprisingly. “Hiwarau?”


“Will you read your cards for me?”

The coatl blinked a few times at that, then dipped her head. “As you wish.” She straightened a little, settling onto her back legs so she could grab the deck of cards from a pocket in her cloak.

Nightlight only heard some shuffling, and the sound of papers being spread and folded again. Counted, and separated.

Then silence.

The seer took a deep breath, one forefoot gripping the staff she used to get around tightly. “Silence is never a good omen, Hiwarau, but that is not my specialty.”

The coatl hummed a little nervously. “No…No it’s not…”

The seer sighed again. “Omens are your specialty, but I suppose you’ll agree with me when I say that someone between life and death finding an egg hatching under an eclipse, somewhere between night and day, is a poor omen for us?”

“Yes…Yes I would agree…”