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mini psa.           things are a little delayed on my end regarding drafts / starters / IMs / discord etc. because i’m not doing so hot irl.  don’t really know what the deal is but i’m not getting much sleep and have pretty much 0% appetite,  so i’m not exaggerating when i say i’m a zombie lately.  i’m being more selective regarding new interactions and existing ones too.  pennywise is and has been my only muse for this long bc it’s quite literally an all-consuming muse for me,  and i probably take writing a little too seriously sometimes.  partly bc i’ve been considering doing some writing on the side.  i’m not feeling muse for everything and with how little sleep i’m getting my attention span’s pretty fuckin’ shaky right now.  i’d appreciate it if you guys keep that in mind if i’m not responding right away whether it be here or discord,  or taking a while getting to our interaction as frequently as i used to.  pls n’ thank.   -  jay

ok so i was gonna fic this but it’s been sitting in my drafts half-written for months, so take this bullet point fic instead:

  • the foxes try to have a reunion of sorts every year or so
  • they don’t always make it but everyone puts in some type of effort to come
  • they all get together for real after the US Court announcements go out bc goddamn we need to celebrate this right??
  • everyone is just catching up, sharing news
  • dan and matt are married
  • nicky and eric are married
  • aaron and katelyn are married and expecting a kid
  • dan starts joking around bc ‘looks like everyone’s married except neil and andrew’
  • except it’s not really a joke bc to be honest, no one is quite sure if they are still, in fact dating. bc no paparazzi has caught them together yet which is like. unheard of in the exy world. if two professional players are fucking everyone knows like, instantly
  • and it’s been literally years
  • so there’s no way theyre still dating right?
  • (only Renee knows the truth bc they needed a witness)
  • (she’s the only one who gets a christmas card from them
    • (it’s a phone picture of andrew holding Sir and neil holding King. the cats are trying to escape. no one is smiling. it’s the background on her phone.)
  • anyway, neil when dan says that neil gets a Look in his eye
  • “hey andrew” he says. 
  • “what”
  • “want to get married?”
  • “nah”
  • everyone else: wait, you’re actually still dating?
  • neil internally: oh now we can Really fuck with them now
  • neil externally: no we’re not dating. haven’t been for years
  • nicky freaks out bc “I KNEW IT, IT WAS HATE SEX EVERYONE HERE OWES ME $200″
  • things calm down eventually and the topic moves on
  • that’s when neil goes in for the kill
  • “andrew, sweetheart, get me a beer?”
  • andrew, who knows exactly what’s going on: “sure thing babe” and kisses him on the way out
  • it’s mass chaos
  • as the rest of the foxes are screaming, nicky manages to say “wait you said you weren’t dating!”
  • “we aren’t”
  • andrew returns, handing neil his beer and planting a kiss on his head
  • “we’re married”
  • fin
  • epilogue: rip in peace to nicky who had to give back all that money and live on forever Renee who took all that money + $700 more
How SU used Mario to foreshadow a plot twist

When Padparadscha first appeared a lot of people noticed she had a very similar design to Princess Daisy of Mario fame. Yellow dress, poofy sleeves, long white gloves, spunky hair and even tiny crown-ey things. It didn’t exactly take an eagle eye to notice (though I somehow missed it at first anyway), but if anything Sugar’s early draft of her was even more obvious. Look! She even has a gem on her chest like Daisy does

The similarities are adorable, but believe it or not there may be more going on here than a simple design quirk. However, in order to understand the full body of evidence here we’re going to need to dig into something I never really expected to post about here: Early 2000′s gamer folklore

Ah the year 2001. I remember it like it was yesterday. Shrek had just been unleashed on an unsuspecting populace, Yu-gi-oh was all the rage, and JayJay the Jet Plane had just died in the deadliest drunk driving accident in recorded history [citation needed], but in that year a small japanese business unveiled the greatest invention humanity has witnessed since the lighting of the first fire: Super Smash Bros. Melee

This game had everything: crossovers, ass-kicking, even an evil floating hand with cerebral palsy. it was the game on every kid’s shelves, so it’s no surprise that urban legends evolved around it, and not all of them were bullshit. One legend in particular revolved around the statues the player could collect, specifically it referred to the statue of Princess daisy

Looks pretty normal right? Well, not quite. The SSBM statue gallery allowed players to see that the statue from any angle or distance, even if it meant clipping through the textures. Most would use this for looking up character’s dressed, but rumor spread that Princess Daisy had a bizzarre feature in a place horny young gamers would never have thought to look. According to legend, anyone who dared zoom in on the back of Daisy’s head until they clipped through her hair would be treated to this: An eyeball on the back of her head!

Do you see where I’m going with this now?

This is Padparadscha we’re talking about now: A Sapphire who can only see behind her in time. Given her defect, what do you think the odds are that her mop of bangs is really covering her eye?

Don’t buy it? I don’t blame you if you don’t, but I’m not done talking just yet. Notice how Sugar moved Padparadscha’s gem from her chest to her hand? It’s now in almost the exact same place as Sapphire’s gem, but while Sapphire’s gem is on the front of her hand, Padparadscha’s is on the back.

So what do we have? Design parallels and 90′s nostalgia; hidden easter eggs and a backwards gem. Is Padparadscha’s eye on the back of her head?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

1. Know your stance: Make sure you know exactly where you stand on the issue! Which side will you take? What are your biases? The importance of a persuasive essay is to be able to assert your point while simultaneously acknowledging the opposition. State your claims and back them up.

2. Understand your topic: One of the most important aspects of a persuasive essay is the evidence that you use to back your assertions, and disprove your opposition’s argument. This can only be done if you have a very clear and thorough understanding of the topic at hand. This means doing research, research, and more research!

3. Audience: It’s important, especially in a persuasive essay, that you know your audience. While you may stand strongly on one side of the argument, keep in mind that there will always be others who don’t see the situation through the same lens as you do. It’s important in a persuasive essay to not only assert your opinions, but to also consider and address the opposing side. Whether it’s to disprove an argument, or to concede to some valid points, it’s essential to acknowledge the other side.

4. Structure is key: The foundation of a good essay (of any kind) is in its organization. The introduction to your essay should grab the audience’s attention, state your thesis, as well as provide some background information on the subject at hand. The body is where the bulk of the argument comes in. Remember that each paragraph should assert a certain point (a clear topic sentence is key), and that each of your points should be backed with strong evidence. Evidence can include research, quotes, data, or real life examples etc. And finally, include a strong and succinct conclusion to round off your essay!

Tips: Remember that the flow of your essay needs to be logical, so that your reader can clearly see the point of the argument instead of getting lost in the midst of a scramble of ideas.


Outline and Draft!
Forming an outline really helps when writing any essay. If you have written a structured and detailed outline, then writing the draft will be much easier. Flesh out the outline that you have prepared and just let your ideas flow. Don’t worry too much about wording or grammar the first time around, just try to get your ideas out onto the paper.

Congrats! You’re almost done! Now, go over and edit your draft. Really pay attention to the flow, coherence, and organization of your ideas. This is also the time to look for any grammatical errors. 

Take a step back!
If you have the extra time, it helps to leave your essay for a while (a day or two), before coming back to it. Sometimes taking a step back can really go a long way!


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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Struggling to Start a Novel

Anonymous asked: “I really want to start writing a book that I’ve had ideas for rolling around in my mind for a while now. The only problem is I can’t find the motivation to start writing and I’m struggling with getting started. It feels like my imagination is dying!”

Starting a novel can sometimes be intimidating. It’s not physically difficult, but mentally you might face some unexpected roadblocks. I can’t say this is something I’ve ever particularly worried about, but it happens. You get in your head and psych yourself out. You love the idea you’ve been working on and feel there’s a lot riding on it when it comes to putting it on the page. 

The secret to getting over this feeling: take a deep breath and remind yourself that this isn’t the first chapter, this is the first draft. No one will know what you’re writing or if you’re writing anything great. In fact, you can even tell yourself, your idea’s not perfect. It needs work still. Even say, this is just for fun. We’ll see where this goes

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the-sixth-month  asked:

I know I already told you (but that doesnt matter because Im sure you dont remember me) that I love how you draw Stan. And... basically everything else. I figured you draw everything in special shapes! I for myself try to draw more in shapes for drawing pracitce and not with these skeletons. You are really good at this! Maybe if you have time and if you want to, could you give me/us a small toturial? And maybe you dont even draw with shapes and its just me haha... Thank! :3

Thank you! But oh gosh, I really am the last person you should ask for a tutorial. I don’t think I have any conscious technique to it, I just sort of wing it. But I’m gonna try my best to explain my thoughts on different body types and how I draw them! I don’t draw shapes in the way I think you mean. At least I’m guessing you’re referring to something like this:

While I think this could actually be a pretty good way to go about it, this isn’t how I work. What I do is, I draw a rough outline of the character using a thick brush. Let’s take the sketch and line art of this drawing of Stan as an example:

So as you can see, there’s no real shapes or help lines or anything like that. But what I can tell you is this: when I draw bodies I always try to make them as dynamic as possible! My tip for drawing bodies is EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE! Exaggerate the body types of different characters to add variety! Exaggerate different parts of the same character to make them more dynamic!

Since we’re on the topic of Stan, let’s talk about Stan and Ford. Identical twins with different body shapes? You can bet your sweet ass I’m gonna exaggerate those two in completely different directions! Identical twins are like the holy grail of character design practice - take two characters with the same face and see just how different you can make them! Let’s draw a quick doodle of the Stan twins:

Even in the rough outline you can clearly tell who’s who just from their body shapes. If you want to practice drawing different body types, I highly recommend trying to make the characters distinct from each other at the earliest possible stage of your drawing. Try to make it so that even from a rough sketch with no facial features or clothes you’ll still be able to tell which character is which!

Why am I going on about this? Because body shapes should not be treated as an afterthought! They need to be there, right from the beginning, right from the very first draft! I quite often see people draw fat characters that just look… odd. And you know why they look odd? Because it looks like the artist just sketched an average person and then added some chub during the line art process. Human bodies don’t really work like that! Unless we’re talking like a beer belly here, then the fat will be more evenly distributed across at least part of the body. This affects things like breadth of shoulders and hips, in other words the very frame of the body. If you’re a cartoonist, just adding some chub to a sketch of an average frame will never get a result that is as good and dynamic as a character than was drawn as fat from the very first draft (and this is why I think working from shapes can be very beneficial!).

Okay, so drawing different body types requires both planning and variety. But how do I go about designing a body? Well, personally, I work a lot with contrast, not only between different characters, but also within a single character. Since we’re on the subject of the Stan twins, let’s talk about Ford a bit. Ever wondered why I draw him with the same skinny legs as Stan, even though they’re thicker than his in canon? Well, part of it is because I draw them as identical and thus their fat distribution would work in the same way. But more importantly, it’s because my art style relies heavily on contrast in order to make characters appear as dynamic as possible!

I often draw characters like this – where one half of the body is broad/thick and the other narrow/thin. Let’s refer to it as ‘horizontal exaggeration’.

But what if I want to draw a character that is thin or thick all over? Can I still make them exaggerated and dynamic? Heck yeah, I can! Let’s talk about, uh, let’s call it ‘vertical exaggeration’! On the average human being, the midpoint of the body is at crotch level. Playing around with this midpoint helps a lot with making cartoony body types more dynamic!

Want to draw an overall thin character? Putting their crotch line higher up than usual will help emphasize how gangly they are. Meanwhile, a fat or stocky character is often drawn with a lower crotch line to help emphasize their girth.

In summary… I don’t really have any special techniques to teach anyone, but I really want to encourage people not to be afraid to exaggerate when it comes to body shapes! Exaggerate horizontally! Exaggerate vertically! Make those bodies weird and dynamic! I realize this is more of a rambling mess then a tutorial, but, uh…  I hope someone might have found this helpful?

And last but not least… Don’t worry if you can’t draw different body types just yet – just keep drawing and practicing and you’ll get the hang of it eventually! I think a lot of us have been at that stage where we were only able to draw skinny characters. Let’s take a look at how I drew bodies 8 and a half years ago and end this with a laugh!

If I can move past this stage, then so can all of you! Just keep drawing, keep practicing, and most of all, keep having fun doing it! Good luck!

Sixteen Years

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Words: 2820

Summary: You’ve known Lin for sixteen years, and been in love with him the whole time.

Warnings: swearing, awful proofreading because I finished this at like, one a.m. and I think that’s it :)

A/N: This is the first fanfic I’ve ever really written. I really don’t know if it’s any good but I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it – Skye x

March 19th 2016

“That’s a really stupid idea, man.” you smirked, throwing yourself down on the seat across from him.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Lin asked without turning to look at you. He’d become immune to your smartass comments and your intruding – you lived in the same house but somehow, he considered it intruding.  

“I live here, Lin. I don’t knock.”

“Clearly.” he replied, eyes still glued to his work.  

“Look who’s being the smartass now, Miranda.”

“Oh, bringing out the last name? I’m hurt.”

You laughed, leaving him to get back to his work. The only reason you hadn’t left his office was because you loved watching him work: he got so immersed in his work, almost like he was in a different world. He hadn’t bothered to question what you thought was a stupid idea. He probably didn’t care, you weren’t exactly great at lying to him. Though, Jasmine would probably argue that you were great at lying to Lin.  

Nearly everyone knew about the crush you had on him. Everyone except him. For years you had been enduring the jokes about it, and for a long time you’d been subtly kicking people under the table, but mostly Anthony. Anthony found the fact that you’d lived with Lin for years, been in love with him for most of those years and he still didn’t know was hilarious. He made a point of making a least one joke about it every time he saw you. Slowly, you’d realised that boys really don’t make any sense.  

Lin held everything in your life together. From bringing you coffee during finals week in college to proofreading every stupid draft you’d ever written, he was there. From you making him sleep after two days without any to you dragging the founding fathers with him, you’d been there. Through everything the two of you had been there. There in the place you called home. Despite how messy your apartment was – piles of paper drafts, pens scattered everywhere and the vastly ignored chore chart – it was home. Over the years you’d known Lin, you’d come to realise that home was wherever he was.  

February 23rd 2000

“Hey, uh, are you okay?”  

For hours you’d been sitting in the library, scribbling in a notebook, attempting to draft papers that you had due. You’d been skipping between two of them. By this point your handwriting was so smudged and rushed that even you could barely read it, after years of having to translate the mess to other people. It had been a while since you stopped counting how many people told you that you really needed to sort your handwriting out. You could read it, that was enough. But tonight, you were just too tired.

The guy across from you was looking at you now. He must’ve thought you were deranged; eye bags that were almost black rather than purple, hands in your hair and crumpled up balls of paper surrounding you. Looking up from your drafts you took in his appearance. He looked almost as stressed as you did. You smiled.

“Yeah. Sorry if I look a bit weird, I have papers I need to write and, honestly, it’s not going so well,” you replied. He laughed, getting a glare from the librarian. You almost resented her for the glare. His laugh was brilliant, almost like a child’s. It was happy and made everything feel a little less stressful.  

“I feel you. I’ve been in here all day, I even fell asleep earlier.” you laughed as he continued, “I’m really shocked Ms G hasn’t kicked me out yet. Oh, I’m Lin, by the way. Not that you needed to know, but I thought maybe knowing my name would make me seem like less of some random weirdo annoying you while you’re trying to study-”

“Do you always talk this much or is it a weird stage of sleep deprived?” you joked, smirking as he caught onto his rambling. “I’m Y/N.”  

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” he smiled.

March 9th 2008

“You did it!” you grinned, throwing your arms around Lin as he came backstage. He laughed, picking you up and spinning you.  

“Ugh, get a room.” Karen moaned, watching as he set you back down. You knew she was joking, just one of the many to catch on to your crush on Lin and poke fun at it. As you hugged her you could see Lin making faces behind her. You tried not to laugh, Karen noticed and whipped her head around.  

“Something funny, Miranda?”  

He was still making a face when she spoke to him. You watched as his face dropped, realising the situation he’d just landed himself in. Karen and Lin were like siblings, and Karen was definitely the stone cold big sister, even though she had a heart of gold.  

“No?” he answered, though it sounded more like a question. Karen smirked.  

“The shit I put up with,” she mumbled, walking off and leaving you and Lin alone.

The two of you laughed.  

You were so proud of Lin. In The Heights was on Broadway; his show was on Broadway, the show he’d been working on for years had finally taken off. Looking at him, you realised that he was no longer the kid across the table from you in the library. The kid that had taken the time to check if you were okay, then rambled for what felt like forever. He was different now, but he was still Lin, still your best friend.  

He wrapped his arms around you again. You pressed your head to his chest, listening to his steady heart as you hoped that he couldn’t hear yours racing.  

In those few minutes you spent in his arms you began to wonder if this was the end of an era. Was this the end of three a.m. coffee runs? Was this the end of pissing off the neighbours with playing the piano at ridiculous times of the night? Was this the end of the life you’d become accustomed to? But you kept listening to the beat of his heart and little by little, you realised it wasn’t the end of anything. Lin was still Lin, and that meant coffee at three a.m. and playing the piano ridiculously late at night.

“I did it, Y/N,” he whispered.

“You did it, Lin-Manuel Miranda. You did it.”

June 29th 2013

“Burr always held back, he never pushed forward with his ambition.”

“Are you psychoanalyzing Aaron Burr?”

Lin grinned sheepishly, turning around to look at you. He was sat at his piano, attempting to meet Hamilton deadlines and mumbling about the founding fathers to himself.


When Lin had decided his next project was going to be a musical about Alexander Hamilton you hadn’t been surprised. You had said: ‘Stupid ideas are usually your best ones, run with it’. Four years later, you had been proved right. Hamilton was one of the best ideas he’d ever had. He frantically tried to meet deadlines and you brought home coffee and books about U.S. history.

“Why am I not surprised,” you mumbled. “You have a point though, dude was pretty messed up. I mean, he ran for president and had like, zero campaign.”  

Lin laughed, picking up his notebook. Usually he’d scribble down the sessions in which the two of you would bitch about the founding fathers. Once, you’d asked him why and his only response was a shrug and an incoherent mumble. Sometimes he’d play drafts for you and you’d hear some of lyrics, that really just sounded like five year olds arguing, and you just knew that those were the ones derived from the two of you moaning about how stupid Alexander was sometimes.

“That he did.” Lin laughed, still writing in the tattered old notebook.  

“Need more coffee?” you asked. It had been hours since either of you had brought some home. For the past week whenever coffee was needed someone, usually you, had to go out and buy some. All because Lin was too lazy to buy more after he had finished the coffee in the house.  

“Yeah, please. Do you think you could get it? I kinda got something going,” he motioned towards his notebook and piano. You nodded, grabbing your bag and you shoes. He waved as you left, locking the door behind you.  

Stepping into the cold air you sighed. Maybe you should’ve listened to Karen all those years ago, back when In The Heights was still in rehearsals and she had asked you what was really the worst that could happen if you told him. But here you were, thirteen years into a friendship with him and still hopelessly in love with the guy.

April 7th 2015

“Y/N, your eyes literally turn into hearts every time you see him. Cartoon style.” Daveed laughed. Renee and Pippa smiling as they warmed up.  

“Fuck all of you guys.” you groaned.  

“Who are we fucking?” Anthony interjected, suddenly appearing in the room.  

“At this rate, not you.” you shot at him. As he placed a hand on his heart, faking hurt you couldn’t help but dissolve into laughter.

Ever since you’d actually admitted to the Hamilton cast that you were ridiculously head over heels for Lin, you hadn’t heard the end of it. They’d all known for ages that you liked him, and had been cracking jokes about it since you met them, but now that you were no longer denying it; it was even worse.  

Daveed was still looking at you with 'heart eyes’ and his tongue out. You rolled your eyes and turned away from him, still hearing the laughter behind you. Leaving the room, you went to find Lin.  

After looking for a while and being unable to find him, you sent him a text letting him know that you were leaving – as much as you loved the cast and everyone else, you had your own job to attend to. Plus, hanging around the Public all day made you bored. Whenever Lin wasn’t there you just felt like there wasn’t a point in being there.  

Arriving at your work, you hung up your jacket and started up a conversation with Ella, the girl you worked with most days.

“For April, it is surprisingly hot out there,” you spoke.

“And yet you were still wearing your jacket.” Ella replied smoothly, as though she’d been waiting to say it to you. You smiled at her.  

“It’s me, Ella. Did you expect anything less?” She laughed, handing you her jacket.

“Could you hang that up for me please? So that your coat isn’t lonely.”

“I swear, this is bullying,” you mumbled.

Your day went by quickly, the small bookstore you worked in was fairly busy and even after a seven hour shift it still felt like you had more hours left.  

Walking home in the dark wasn’t so bad. You’d grown used to it, even learning to enjoy the solitude and the freedom to think by yourself for a while. Eventually, your thoughts led you back to Lin. You hadn’t seen him all day and the effect was setting in. You weren’t smiley or chatty. You just wanted to be home, to be in the same room as him for a little while. Just the two of you; no castmates joking about your impending doom and no stress of acting like the feelings weren’t there.  

Just you and Lin. That was all you needed.

August 6th 2015

“You did it! Again!” you grinned as Lin came backstage. It had been just over seven years since the last time you’d done this. Since the last time he’d picked you up and spun you around. The two of you spent a few minutes in the embrace, unwilling to let each other go.  

“It’s been seven years since I last heard you say that,” he smiled.

“I can tell you right now that that’s a lie, but, I’ve been waiting all this time to say it like that again.” you laughed, finally tearing yourself from his arms.  

“God, get a room,” Daveed groaned. You and Lin looked at each other and burst out laughing. Everyone except Chris was staring at the two of you, unable to understand the laughter. When you stopped laughing you figured you owed Daveed an explanation, but didn’t bother. Instead, Chris filled everyone in.  

“Karen said that exact same thing on Heights opening night.”  

“Wow, even in 2008 you guys were all over each other,” Anthony smirked.  

Eventually everyone retreated back to their dressing rooms. You and Lin walked to his in silence. Once inside, he pulled you into another hug. This time, his heart was racing and you could hear it. You had hoped not to cry again that night but you were.  

Everything Lin did amazed you. His talent and his ambition and his ability to make your heart jump with one look. It had been seven long years of stress and tears and crumpled up drafts but here the two of you were again. At the Broadway opening of Hamilton. You smiled into his chest as you made an attempt to dry your tears.  

“Sometimes, I swear you’re the only reason I ever get anything done.” he whispered, just loud enough for you to hear.  

The tears started again.

March 19th 2016

“Hey, Lin?”

“Yeah, Y/N?”  

This was it. This was sixteen long years of friendship about to be changed, no matter his reaction. You looked at him before speaking. There was the rambling kid from college who sat across from you in the library, there was the man who has held you close on the biggest night of his life, there was the guy who made fun of historical U.S. politicians with you, there was the best friend who somehow disappeared into the Public, there was the Lin who had cried with you in his dressing room, there was the person you were in love with.  

Admittedly, the years hadn’t been all smiles. But regardless, they’d been the best sixteen years of your life. You had become someone so amazing that fourteen year old you would’ve been shocked. Lin had become someone so brilliant that twenty year old you wouldn’t have been able to understand. The two of you had become so astounding.  

“I’m in love with you.” you blurted, surprising yourself. Before Lin could reply you kept going.  

“I’ve been in love with you since you proofread my paper and all you could say was: 'You’re gonna be even more amazing someday’. I’ve spent sixteen years watching girls come and go, scaring them off when you couldn’t get rid of them yourself. Spent those sixteen years wishing it was me. I loved you when you hugged me backstage after Heights’ opening and all I could hear was your heart beating and wondering how you were so calm. I loved you when you were analysing Aaron Burr at four in the morning. I loved you when you spent an hour in my bookshop pretending to be looking at things just to spend your break with me. I loved you when you held me tight and told me I was the only reason you ever get anything done. And I love you right now, looking at you and wondering where the clumsy college kid went but knowing he turned into you and I couldn’t be more proud. I love you Lin-Manuel Miranda and for the first time in sixteen years I can’t bite my tongue about it anymore.”

Before you knew it, Lin’s lips were on yours. The kiss was short, but in the short amount of time sixteen years had spilled onto your lips.  

“I have loved you since you looked at me with the brightest eyes and asked if I really meant it when I said you were brilliant, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Suddenly, sixteen years seemed like just the beginning.


Not Again. - Zootopia Fan Comic.

Pages: 1, 2 - Next: 3, 4, 5 & 6

So here it is, I was hesitant to draw this because of the IWS comic, it has a similar setting but the topic is completely different. And you encouraged me to do it, thank you.

This is not coming up as I thought at all, i thought it was gonna be about 4 to 6 pages long, but  it will be about 30 pages long, the sketch draft is complete so the story is finished just need to finish drawing and inking. The shading is killing me! I was stuck between pencil shading, diluted ink shading or digital shading. I really prefered pencil but digital won… I’m just going to add a very convenient “light switch” to avoid to much work XD

I will upload 3 to 4 pages each time, only 2 this time because I messed up the order and skipped page 3 completely and inked page 4 haha. I hope this story will be of your liking and I’m sure you probably will tear up … I sure did even sketching it.

Thanks again. Cheers :D

50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?

acelaevateins  asked:

Sorry if this was already answered; I didn't see it on the blog so I figured I'd ask. I can make fully-fledged characters almost on the fly. Sometimes it's helpful but most of the time, I wind up with more characters than I can handle and eventually give up on the story they're in. How can I maintain a small main cast?

My first recommendation is that age-old hated writing advice: Kill Your Darlings. You just came up with a beautiful new character! She has 6 toes! She likes salsa (the sauce), salsa (the dance), Circe (the mythical Greek figure), and Cersei (the Game of Thrones character)! She wrinkles her nose when she’s embarrassed and has a penchant for thinking she’s right about everything! Great! I want to pinch her cheeks and make her nachos. The problem is, she’s the 8th in a cast that’s already falling apart.

Kill her. (Probably.)

I don’t mean narratively. I mean straight-up set her aside and tell her “sorry, this table’s full”. She’s great, and you love her, but it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t serve the story. Every single character you create MUST have a place in the story. They must serve the narrative. No matter how beautiful, funny, or cool they are, if they are making your story fall apart, they don’t deserve a place in it.

Now, a caveat. You’ve created Jane Darling who loves salsa and Circe, and you realize she TOTALLY has a place in this plot – in fact, she’s the answer to the problem in your current story that you’ve been worrying about all this time! In that case, obviously, keep her. Just make sure she actually is doing the work for you – and that all of your current characters are, too. If you read Tolkien’s drafts for Lord of the Rings, you’ll find he’s replacing or significantly changing characters left and right. Even an author with as huge a cast as Tolkien’s has to cut or switch out characters sometimes in order to keep the story tight enough to track (and there are lots of readers who will tell you he didn’t do it enough).

All that said, you’re the only one who can really decide which characters need to stay and which should go. If you get a good reader (and I recommend you do at some point in your journey – though many writers prefer not to utilize a reader until a first draft is done), they may be able to point you in the right direction. But it sounds to me like you are suffering from another, very common problem, which is novel fatigue. It’s so easy to drop a novel. There are too many new ideas waiting. You don’t know for sure where it’s going. Things feel out of control. You don’t have enough time. And on. And on.

If you are serious about finishing a story, you’ll have to take another piece of hated age-old advice, which is: just do it. Just sit, every day, until you’ve written SOMETHING, even if you know you’re going to end up deleting what you came up with. Or just sit, every day, and think about your story for one full hour, whether anything gets written or not. There are lots of strategies, but the bottom line is that you have to interact with your story daily until it is done, however long that takes. You have to set aside newer ideas who’s newness is appealing (because you’ve thought about the old ideas for a YEAR and there’s no way they are going to sound exciting and new to you even if they sound awesome to every potential reader). You have to say no to friends and activities. You have to actively say, “I want to and am going to finish this.” Over time, sometimes a long long time, the other problems, like cast size, will become smaller, until they are relatively insignificant.

Some practical helps along the way, however: 

Consider a novel-writing software, like Scrivener. These are created to help you keep track of characters and plot points.

A wall covered in sticky notes goes a long way.

A folder for new ideas (in your case new characters) that aren’t presently useful goes a long way, too. Kill Your Darlings, but give them a chance to rise from the dead some other day.

I hope this helps. I know novel writing can easily become unwieldy and overwhelming, but I believe in you!

I always had this headcanon that Sango and Miroku found out they were pregnant because InuYasha slapped Sango’s cup of sake out of her hand when she went to drink it. When probed about why he had done such a thing, he muttered something about how Kagome once told him that alcohol was bad for babies in the womb.


here it is, my piano arrangement of “mcqueen and sally” from the cars ost!! painstakingly written out by yours truly

seventeen camping in the ~wild~


  • gets the fire started
  • will try to catch fish in the nearby river
  • cooks the meals and makes sure everyone eats
  • gets annoyed with mingyu for forgetting utensils


  • prefers the term ‘glamping’
  • will sleep in the car if he can
  • does not pack proper attire
  • gets his socks wet accidentally stepping in a puddle


  • really excited
  • knows a lot on survival
  • he was prolly a boy scout
  • or maybe he just spend a lot of time on youtube watching wilderness survival videos
  • excited for campfire songs bc he can play with his beloved guitar


  • tediously makes spoons out of tinfoil
  • asks minghao if everything is edible
  • also believes that there are bears nearby
  • will fight said bear


  • has the first aid kit
  • sets up the tents
  • turns into tarzan hoshi
  • complains because he can’t find the ice cooler so he can get water


  • stays in the tent most of the time
  • probaby reading
  • complains a lot about how hot he is
  • doesnt do shit to help


  • sets up the tents
  • gets angry at wonwoo for not helping
  • sprays insect repellant all over himself
  • also hogs the cold water


  • sings campfire songs
  • the first to sing campfire songs
  • he’ll start singing even before there is even a fire is started
  • has to be sent away to collect sticks


  • cooks the food with coups
  • brought spices with him
  • brought tin foil also
  • forgets to bring utensils
  • constantly has to remind chan that this is only a camping trip and that they are not actually lost in the wilderness


  • only came for the smores
  • gets lost trying to collect sticks for the fire
  • manages to find his way back smelling the food
  • also is in charge of early morning zumba


  • also prefers the term ‘glamping’
  • will fight to sleep in the car
  • gets annoyed bc mosquitos
  • has mosquito repellent with him at all times


  • also only came for the smores
  • tries to scare everyone
  • “did u hear something?”
  • “guys i think i really heard something”
  • ends up scaring himself


  • forreal gives me boy scout vibes
  • why does he remind of russell from up (((and seungcheol/woozi is mr fredricksen)))
  • helps coups with the fire and keeps the fire going for most of the night
  • is in charge or collecting trash and washing plates/utensils
  • “we need to be near a body of water if we want to survive”

dragonbloodn7  asked:

So I wrote my first fic in about 8 years, but now I'm completely demoralized and feeling blue over how I can't set a proper tone and can't write without cliche-ing at every corner. I'm at a loss over here, and don't kmow how to even start fixing this 😧😦

You are writing a first draft. I don’t care if you are a Pulitzer novelist, James Patterson, a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop or me … when you first start attacking that paper or computer screen, you are writing a first draft.

All first drafts suck. Every single one of them. 

The good news is that you are aware of the need to control these things. Just don’t let it derail your writing. 

Say what you need to say, even if it’s a cliche. When you go to revise, use a highlighter for all of those cliches and fix them then. Cliches aren’t inherently bad: Boring prose and bad characterization are bad. But they’re not always tasty, either. So just hold that spot until the tasty words and/or plot points come to you.

Same goes for tone. You’ll see it much more clearly once you’re done. Or, you’ll start to get into the rhythm more as you write, and the latter parts of your first draft will require less fixing. 

Also, since this is just your first draft, if you can’t create the tone by your descriptions or dialogue, just make a note that RIGHT HERE MY MC IS GONNA BE REALLY PISSED. Then, again, when you’re revising (or if it comes to you later – I’m perfectly ok with going back to add stuff to a first draft now and then, but not with cutting or re-writing large sections … too tempting for your Inner Critic to step in), you’ll be better able to find the words you need to set the right tone.

Some help for avoiding cliches

Tips for setting the right tone. These will help you with cliche-busting, too.

When you’re not writing, read. Take notes about how tone is being set by the words being used, especially words that you wouldn’t normally associate with that subject. 

For example: We love to think of trees as gorgeous, noble or natural. But if an author describes an oak tree as gaudy or sinister, take note. Tone is happening. 

Hope that helps. 

– mod Aliya

Just Ask - Part 8

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: TWO PARTS LEFT! Aaaah, will Steeb get his head out of his ass? LET’S FIND OUT. 

Part 7

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You know what I’m not gonna pretend that Joss Whedon is a perfect writer, I think it’d be unfair to say that about any writer but that’s not the point, for now Joss Whedon is not a perfect writer. There are certainly issues in his scripts, the occasional racism being a big one (although one thing I think we should all bear in mind: don’t think it’s ever been intentional. Not an excuse by any means, but there’s a big difference between being a racist writer and being a flawed writer who fucks up every so often because they don’t get the intricacies of the issue).

However I do not understand the sudden hatred of him on this site. Like actually stop and think it through for a second here. Go back to buffy, actually think it through. Again, not perfect writing, and some stuff in the early seasons could potentially be interpreted as slut-shaming (although I genuinely believe if you go and watch it again without a closed mind, that was absolutely not the intention). But can we just not forget how fucking important that show was? How much that show paved the way for better representation in tv and movies. It was one of the earliest shows to have an openly lesbian relationship within the main cast (and especially in a main stream show), which honestly I think was handled really well for the time (late 90s, early 2000s, really not a good time for this stuff on tv). It was never sexualised, like even remotely, it was just shown as a normal relationship. The one time it was slightly sexualised was in a dream sequence in Zanders mind which was intended to show the grossness of straight cis dudes. And also to the people complaining that almost no lesbian kisses were shown and the characters were always referred to as “gay” without a mention of the possibility of being bi, REMEMBER WHEN THIS SHOW CAME OUT. Honestly it’s astounding that they got away with showing what they did. Seriously shows we’re being pulled around that time for being less explicit than that.

In terms of buffy as a female character, again there are certainly flaws but AGAIN think about when this came out. Think about other shows around then. Buffy was as good as it got then for feminism. And sure, it could have been better for that stuff but if it wasn’t for buffy we would not be at the point we are at now. We’d be several years behind. She gave young girls a role model, who was tough and a badass but also vulnerable and could be very feminine. She was a well rounded, well written character. A female character who was given an opportunity to be flawed.

Buffy is the reason for so much of the the advancements we’ve had in tv representation and how these characters are written and developed. Yes it would’ve been nice if a non straight white dude was given the opportunity to pave that path, but again at that point in time that was simply not going to happen. That isn’t Joss Whedons fault, and you know what he did a damn good job as a replacement. I mean what do you want him to do? Not write parts for women and lgbtq characters? Sure he’s not the most qualified but speaking as part of the latter community I’d much rather he tried than just didn’t bother, and so far he’s done a good job by me.

Touching on firefly for a second, here’s a mainstream sci-fi show with an ensemble cast with a 50/50 split between male and female characters. Again, that was not common back then. All the female characters are well written, well rounded, interesting and diverse characters. Each one was distinctly different from each other and never once blended together, arguably even more so than the male characters. A point I forgot to mention with buffy was that these were characters who were able to enjoy their sexuality and were never put down for that, except to make a point about a male character being gross. Mal makes comments about Inara’s occupation as a companion but this is always shown as kinda gross and as a representation of a certain way of thinking about things that was separated from what was expected from the audience (mal was frequently shown to be NOT a representative of the audience, hence why he was able to be a very flawed character). Also, while less obvious and less talked about, Inara is a canonically bi character (Kaylee may also be, although that’s a bit more implication than with Inara). I say it again, all of this was a fucking big and frankly brave move when these shows came out and helped a whole fucking lot with improving writing quality and representation.

On top of all of this, both of these shows were just really fucking good. All of this was handled brilliantly, because they just got on with their stories and character development. The lesbian relationship in buffy was a big plot line but the plot line was never “look willows gay now”, it was 100% of the time “willows in a happy relationship, isn’t that nice” and the fact that it was with a girl was talked about exactly as much as it should be which means, if we are talking about true representation here, not very often. Like, a realistic amount. When willow comes out to buffy she’s surprised for like 10 seconds and then the show moves on, which is how it fucking should be. It wasn’t a lazily thrown together “coming out and dealing with my lesbianism” plot line, it just got on with things because that how real relationships work. Even today, how many mainstream shows can you think of which handle this subject that well?

And very quickly on avengers, DOES EVERYBODY REMEMBER HOW FUCKING WELL WRITTEN AVENGERS 1 IS? And then sure, he made some bad choices in AOU, but that was around the time that marvel was cracking down on its writers and directors to make sure that the films fitted into the wider mcu. Marvel had full creative control over AOU, and completely crushed whedons creativity. That’s why he left marvel if you remember, because he wasn’t able to make his film, he made a film put together by money people. I 100% believe that’s where the concerning choice about Natasha’s character came from. Not him.

Ive only seen bits and pieces of whedons scrapped Wonder Woman script. I’m not going to deny that it sucks because it does. It really does. I’m a whedon fan, but it sucks. But what we really need to hear in mind is:

A) It was written 10 years ago. Yes firefly and buffy were before that but in the course of 10 years chances are he’s improved.
B) it was a first draft. Pretty much every script ever sucks in its first draft, because it hasn’t been refined but also because writers have to include the shit that keeps the producers happy in their first draft, and then they can figure out how to improve it once it’s green light.
C) This is one bad script. 1. Writers fuck up sometimes. Are we really gonna throw a writer under the bus based on 1 dodgy script? Honestly that’s a fucked up way of judging art and a scary precedent to set. “Awh ya fucked up once? Awh well, fuck you forever.” Like seriously? Get a grip.

We don’t know what the justice league scenes he’s doing are going to be like yet (and let’s be fucking real here, they’re going to be a hell of a lot better than whatever awful, steaming pile of shit a puke that Snyder has come up with), and we know nothing about his batgirl movie yet. How about we all climb down of the high horse for a second and just wait and see instead of pre-judging him like a bunch of whiny entitled babies.

Yes I’m a fan. Yes I’m biased. But I also recognise the concern. I get it. But can we please calm the fuck down and just wait and see for once? That’d be nice.

In fact can we just marathon buffy and firefly?

Holy fuck that’s a long post

Enzo Amore - Territorial

Prompt: “I’m not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you want something that’s not yours. Territorial is protecting what’s already yours”
Requested: No 
Warnings: None
Words: 2000+

The draft was the worst thing ever. Okay, not literally but at the time it had felt like it. Everyone was stressing over the fact that they potentially were going to be split from their partners. You were worried too. You and Enzo had been dating for 10 months when the brand split happened. Enzo and Cass were drafted to Raw and then you were the next pick for smackdown. You and Enzo were the only couple split up except for Cass and Carmella (ironic yeah?). You still remember the draft day as if it was yesterday. 

Everyone was sitting around this one monitor waiting to be picked. The energy was high with this being the first ever smackdown live and everyone unsure of where they were going. You didn’t care where you went, you just wanted to be with Enzo. 

“I hope I’m not left till last” you mumbled leaning aginst Enzo’s arm

“You won’t be, love” He reassured you, taking your hand and massaging it. He always did this, even back when you started in NXT and you were just friends. You smiled up at him as Smackdown came to air. 

“You’ll be in at top 5 rounds easy” Cass said sitting on the other side of Enzo. “do you have a preferred brand?”

“I’d love to be on raw and work under Mick. To be able to pick his brain on everything would be amazing” you said “unless you guys go to Smackdown”  

“y/n” Naomi said leaning over your shoulder. You and Naomi had been talking all week leading up to tonight, you were both really worried. “Renee said she overheard some higher ups say that most couples are staying together on the same brand. Something about getting a better performance from us” 

“Let’s pray that that’s true” You said looking up at the roof to talk to Naomi. Round 4 came to a close and Enzo and Cass hadn’t been chosen yet and neither had you. 

“Right so what couples have been chosen?” Naomi asked biting her lip. 

“Dean and Renee, Miz and Maryse and Rusev and Lana” you said “And they are all still together” 

“So we’ll be fine yeah?” Naomi asked 

“Ladies your going to be fine” Enzo said “Clearly they are keeping couples together, otherwise Renee would be on raw” 

“I guess he’s right” you sighed 

“I’m always right” Enzo smirked leaning towards you to kiss you

“Get over yourself babe” you smiled rolling your eyes and pushing Enzo’s face away from you. 

“Alright next round of draft picks coming up!” A producer yelled “Once you are picked come grab your brand’s t-shirt for media posts!”

“Raw’s next pick is….” Mick began “Enzo Amore and Big Cass!” 

“That’s right!” Enzo jumped up and did his little dance, I laughed as Cass pushed him out the way to get his red t-shirt. They had gotten a good reaction from the crowd too which was nice. I turned around to talk to Naomi. 

“Smackdown’s next pick is….” Daniel started a drum roll 

“Y/n!” Shane cheered. 

“What?!” You turned around. You hadn’t been paying attention to the monitor because it was a smackdown pick, and with Cass and Enzo going to raw so were you because every other couple were together. 

“You just got drafted to smackdown” Naomi was a shocked as you were. You looked over to Enzo. He was fuming, you swear his face was bright red. 

“This is bullshit!” Enzo yelled as you were handed your smackdown shirt. You sighed and slid it over your head. 

“Enzo you gotta calm down” Cass said as Enzo walked down the hallway throwing things around. You quickly ran after Enzo to calm him down. You really didn’t need Enzo getting in trouble backstage. 

“Enzo!” You called after him getting closer to Enzo.

“What!?” Enzo yelled at you, face red with rage. You jumped back, it was the first time Enzo raised his voice at you. Enzo face changed when he saw it was you. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face to try and calm himself down.”I’m sorry mama” Enzo pulled you into him. 

You wrapped your arms around his torso, “I didn’t think you cared this much” you mumbled 

“Of course I care, I just never thought they’d actually split us up” he picked you up and placed you on a nearby case so you were face to face with Enzo. 

“So you have raw on Monday, I have smackdown on Tuesday-” you put your arms around his neck 

“I get back to Florida on Tuesday, you’ll get back Wednesday and then I’ll have to leave Friday… maybe Thursday night” Enzo said rubbing his hands on your legs. 

“We’re barely going to see each other when we’re back in Florida”  you say leaning back against the wall 

“We’ll catch red-eye flights then. I’m not letting you being on smackdown ruin this” Enzo said. This was probably the most serious your relationship has been in the 10 months you’ve been dating. “Move in with me” 

“What?” You frowned in confusion 

“Move in with me. If we’re barely going to see each other I want to spend every moment I can with you. So… move in with me?” 

“Of course” you grinned hugging him.

At least one good thing came out of the draft. The first few weeks after the draft were hard to get used to. You went from seeing and travelling with Enzo to being lucky to get a phone call in. It got better over time and you and Enzo worked out a plan for you to go to raw’s and him to come to smackdown with you most of the time. The longest you and Enzo had to go without seeing each other in the flesh was a month and it was so hard. You were lucky that you had Carmella with you because she was going through the exact same thing with Cass - it definitely helped.  

Not being with Enzo and Cass all the time also means having to find more friends to hang out with during shows. Naomi made you branch out from just hanging out with Carmella and move to the rest of the roster. You quickly reunited with Tyler Breeze and Fandango who had been your friends back in NXT. You had even tagged with them a couple of time and being on Smackdown with them made you remember how much fun they were. Shane and Daniel put you in mixed tag matches all the time now. 

Time flew by and it quickly became time for Wrestlemania 33. Which meant a week with Enzo. Everyone was coming to the stadium for an entire roster meeting. Everyone from raw got to the stadium first and found their seats. 

“Geez smackdown take your time!” Hunter called as you all walked down the ramp to the ring. You were all jumping around on top of each other, on a high from the WrestleMania high. You and Alexa were currently having a piggy back ride race against Tyler and Fandango. 

“And your winners y/n and Alexa!” Carmella yelled as you and Alexa celebrated. You did a stupid dance and jumped about to shove it up Tyler and Fandango. 

“Cheat!” Fandango yelled sliding off Tyler’s back 

“Naomi pushed Jimmy and Jey in front of us that is a clear violation of the rules!” Tyler whined 

“What rules?” You smirked “That was a no disqualification race so suck it up pretty boys!” everyone laughed as you took your seats. Smackdown sat opposite the raw roster on the other side of the ring. You managed to sit directly opposite Enzo. You spent the entire time staring at Enzo doing little hand signs to each other. Stephanie, Hunter, Vince and Shane spent half an hour talking about the week. 

“Here’s your schedules for the week” Hunter said handing out papers to everyone as some legends came down to the ring.

“I suggest you don’t drink at all this week as well!” Shawn Michaels called 

“Oooh! we have 3 signings together!” Tyler cheered 

“You, me and Fandango are actually together a lot…. I HAVE A PANEL WITH ENZO AND CASS!” you cheered 

“That’s right” Enzo winked at you 

“That’s only one we are together like all week” Tyler said “You should be more excited for that” 

“I’m pretty excited to see my boyfriend after two weeks away so if you excuse me…” you trailed off and running to hug Enzo. He quickly grabbed you and smashed his lips down on yours. It was rough and passionate not like your other kisses when you were reunited. Your normal kisses when were reunited were soft and gentle and he showed you all his love. 

“I’ve missed this” he mumbled against your lips 

“Get a room!” Tyler called over your shoulder.

“Enzo I have to get up” You groaned trying to roll out of your bed but Enzo grabbed your waist and pulled you back “Enzoooo I have a signing” 

“And I have a free morning so” He mumbled into your back 

“Stop. No. Bad Enzo” you managed to wriggle your way out of the bed and get dressed in record time. “Are you gonna come get me from the signing to go to our panel or will I just meet you there?” 

“Uhhhh… I’ll meet you there Cass and I have an interview right before the panel” Enzo said sitting up, the blanket pooling at his waist. 

“Kay” You said leaning over to kiss Enzo. It was meant to be a quick kiss but Enzo pulled you back onto the bed. “Nope, I’m going now” 

You met Alexa, Tyler and Fandango at the signing just in time before it started. The signing went quick and was really fun. Not only did you get to meet the fans but you got to banter off of the others with the fans. The kids were cute and the guys were hilarious. It made you feel good about what you do. 

“Alright ladies I am out, I have a panel” You said standing up to stretch 

“Here I’ll walk you, can’t have you be attacked by some crazy fans” Tyler said getting up and grabbing your hand. You swung your arms and skipped all the way to the panel. Tyler sang stupid little songs to you, picking you up and swinging you around every so often. By the time you got to the panel, you were in fits of giggles. 

“Who else is on the panel?” Tyler asked 

“Enzo, Cass, Sasha, Finn and AJ” you said 

“How are you going to spend a few hours without me?” Tyler began to be over dramatic. He pretended to fall all over you, acting as if he was fainting. 

“Tyler stand up your too heavy” You said trying to hold me up 

“Are you calling me fat?” he asked, fake hurt on his face. 

“If the shoe fits!” You smirked 

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of you!” Tyler picked you up and threw you over his shoulder and began spinning around. 

“Tyler stop!” You laughed 

“Yes stop” Enzo’s gruff voice said. Tyler quickly dropped you 

“I’ll-uh-I’ll see you later y/n” Tyler said awkwardly scooting away. 

“Bye Ty” you smiled before turning to Enzo “What was that about?” 

“What Love?” Enzo shrugged walking over and putting his hands on your waist. 

“That! With Ty?” You squinted your eyes up at him “Are you jealous?” 

“Me? Jealous? Pft” Enzo scoffed tightening his grip on you making you smirk

“You are!” 

“I’m not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you want something that’s not yours. Territorial is protecting what’s already yours” Enzo mumbled in your hair “Mine” 

“You’re an idiot” You laughed at him 

“So can you stop being territorial and come do the panel?” Hunter called from the stage

“Let’s go idiot” You laughed pulling Enzo to the stage. The entire panel Enzo had his arm either behind your back or on your leg. You weren’t meant to even be sitting next to Enzo but he got Finn to switch places before the panel started. You rolled your eyes as Enzo made you sit in between him and Cass. 

“He won’t do anything to you, he’s a brother” Enzo whispered pulling your chair closer to him. 

Send in any requests you have!
I loved writing Tyler and Fandango in this