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Tips for New Studyblrs

Make your dashboard educational: Try to just follow other studyblrs and educational blogs so that you don’t get sucked out of the studying mood by seeing theories for your favorite t.v. shows.

If it doesn’t help you study, don’t do it: This goes for note taking. If you don’t find it helpful to take visual notes or make mind maps, but you make them just to post on tumblr, you aren’t helping yourself. Studying is for you. Take pictures of what does help you study, and I’m sure someone will enjoy it!

If a certain studying method makes you feel miserable, switch it up. Studying can definitely be fun! Try different methods and give yourself enough time to really absorb the material before it’s test time.

Don’t spend more time planning or blogging, than you spend actually doing things: Productive people do things that they need to do. If you spend all day planning, then you’re just procrastinating. Do what you need to do today instead of planning how you’ll do it tomorrow.

The most effective to-do lists have 3-5 tasks on them. Try to stick to that number, especially if you’re easily overwhelmed by how many tasks you have to do: This is especially true if you have anxiety or depression. If you need to, use icons to indicate everyday tasks (like brushing your teeth or drinking water), and keep your list of written tasks short. Give your full attention to your tasks, and you should be able to finish them all in one day.

Planning is super-duper helpful for managing your time. It might take a while to figure out what type of planning works for you, so don’t be afraid to try modify your method (or change methods) if your current strategy doesn’t work: There are tons of masterposts that go over different planning methods. Personally, I love bullet journals with to-do lists, because I can easily adjust them to my needs. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies to be a studyblr: Are expensive supplies pretty? Yes. Do you need them? No. Buy what works for you. I will never take notes in class with a steadtler pen, because I hate taking notes in pen. I use cheap 0.5 mm BIC mechanical pencils.

Don’t forget to do things that aren’t studying. Your brain needs breaks to be healthy: Don’t drop your hobbies. Keeping reading or knitting or kick boxing, and plan a time to do the things you love everyday. You’ll be a lot happier. Trust me.

Pictures, quick tips, and masterposts are the most reblogged things in the community, especially if they’re aesthetically pleasing: If you’re interested in having posts reblogged, of course. Otherwise, carry on doing what you do. 

Hope this was helpful, and welcome to the studyblr community! :)