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hello, sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere but where do you usually watch/download sailor moon?

Hi!  It, of course, depends on which version you’re referring to.  ♥

Sailor Moon - the ‘90s anime: - Hulu has 142 episodes of the series up subtitled and they add two more every Monday (I think that’s the day?) and will eventually get through all 200 episodes.  They also have the first season of the new dub (not the DiC dub) up as well! - Sea of Serenity has the movies up as well!

Sailor Moon Crystal: - CrunchyRoll has all 26 episodes up!  They do have some ads, but they’re not terrible and I don’t believe you need an account to watch them.  (I only sign in with Facebook because I keep a queue.) - Hulu also has SMC up, but I generally prefer CR.

Sailor Moon manga:
- The Kodansha manga is gorgeous (you can get the first boxset on Amazon or anywhere else you buy your manga–OR check with your local library, they may have the manga or let you request it!) and I really, really encourage this version!  It’s gorgeous and the translations are excellent.
- Or you can check out the MissDream site for their manga scanlations!  This is the version that most people have read and I will be forever INCREDIBLY THANKFUL to them for putting out the manga when it had languished so long, seriously, the group has done so much for the fandom!  (Though, be wary, some of their translations differ from the professionally done ones, so just keep that in mind!)

Sailor Moon live action (aka PGSM):
- - Sea of Serenity has been subbing the live action show and I’ve really liked what I’ve seen of their work so far!  They’re only up to episode 18 right now, but I’m looking forward to more of theirs!
- Google for the “TV-Nihon” versions!  I watched them when the show was originally being subbed and they’ve done solid work.  (I’ve enjoyed their Kamen Rider and Sentai subs, so I like them in general.) - MissDream has the entire series up but their translations tend to differ from others, so feel free to keep that in mind.

Sailor Moon Musicals: - Sea of Serenity has also done the two most recent musicals of La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere, both of which are absolutely fantastic. *__*
- - Sea of Serenity also has up a ton of the earlier musicals that are a joy to watch, too! - MissDream also has several of the musicals subbed that weren’t done by any other group!

If any of these don’t work for you, just Google for them (like “Sailor Moon streaming” or what have you), because these are pretty much the sites I stick to/know of.  And I like to encourage using official sites as much as I can, because I really want to encourage showing how popular Sailor Moon can still be, even if it’s not as popular as it once was.  Hopefully this will help!

When the urge to break your book buying ban becomes too much.
  • This past weekend has been a really hard one for my family. As a result, I almost ended up breaking my book buying ban twice, since retail therapy helps me deal with life's crap (I've been on a book buying ban for 6 weeks.) Here are some tips that helped me and might help you when you get that sudden, uncontrollable urge:
  • 1: Stop and think--Can you really afford to splurge right now?
  • 2: Do you have any room?
  • 3: How long is your TBR and can you read a few more books before you give in?
  • 4: I like to go onto the popular book websites and see their sales because it kind of builds up my endurance to them. Whenever I go on those websites, I learn to tell myself, "No, you can't afford this. No, you don't need this." And if there's a sale, just remember that there will ALWAYS be sales. Companies thrive on a customer's "Sale High".
  • 5: Go through the motions online and add books to your virtual cart, but leave them in there. Sometimes the act of putting the books into a shopping cart helps feed that craving you're suffering from.
  • 6: If you're worried that you're going to forget a particular book unless you buy it, then write it down (or take a pic--create a pinterest)! Making a list of books to buy for when you can buy them helps you feel less stressed over forgetting the books, and will also help you go a little less wild when you finally have a taste of book buying freedom.
  • 7: Keep your mind occupied. Stay off the web and away from bookstores if you absolutely can't go to either without buying something.
  • 8: Find out what is stressing you out or urging you to buy books and find a different way to deal with it: Try writing, drawing, hanging out, or even going for a walk.
  • 9: Do you REALLY need that new book or boxset? Will you REALLY read it? Ask yourself if you will actually read a certain book. If you will, then add it to your to-buy list for the future, if not, then why do you want to buy it?
  • 10: Think about WHY you went on the book buying ban in the first place. Sometimes reminded ourselves of why we are trying to put a pause on our shopping is a cold shower to our heated need to buy books.
  • Do you have any more tips? Please feel free to add!