really need to be more inventive

Ideas for non-combat encounters/events

For when you want some variety for your tabletop RPG.  These events will also give your players a chance to use character skills they don’t often have opportunities for.

  • Natural Disaster - Have the town the PCs are in catch on fire and see what they do!  Do they cut their losses and run?  Do they heroically try to save trapped townspeople?  What do they do about the aftermath?  Natural disasters are an interesting challenge because there can be lots of danger and drama without necessarily having a villain.  It may also get your PCs to use skills they don’t commonly have a chance to.  You could also try floods, earthquakes, raging storms while at sea, etc.
  • Powerful Fortress - Put one of your party’s goals in a location where they won’t be able to prevail through combat alone (Example: a fortress where they are vastly outnumbered).  Your players will have to rely on either stealth or guile (or both) to accomplish their goal.  The pacing of such events can be frustrating to some players, but few sessions are as rewarding as a creatively executed heist or infiltration.
  • Dangerous Crossing - Give them a dangerous physical obstacle to overcome.  A canyon, or a raging river, or quicksand or an old battleground littered with traps and mines.
  • Festival - Have the PCs encounter a festival or tournament!  With lots of contests! This could be a good opportunity for them to build their fame and fortune (especially if you allow gambling).  Some of my favorite sessions have involved festivals.
  • Entertainment - Put the PCs in a situation where they have to entertain someone.  What do they come up with?
  • Letter - Have one of the PCs receive a letter, either from an NPC they’ve dealt with before or from someone involved with their backstory.  This is a good way to make the consequences of their actions seem more real.  You can also use it to introduce new plotlines/sidequests.
  • Crafting Challenge - Put the PCs in a situation where they need to craft something in order to accomplish their goal.  Maybe they need to make something in order to fix a mechanism?  Or in order to satisfy some local gift-giving custom?  Or they need a forgery?  Maybe as part of an exchange for something else they need?
  • Lost and Found - Have your PCs discover someone or something that is clearly lost.  Maybe they find an infant in the wilderness.  Or a key with a strange inscription, or some kind of talisman.  Throw in a clue or two to present your players with a tantalizing mystery.  
  • Inhospitable Wilderness - Have the PCs go somewhere it’s an effort just to survive.  A barren desert, a treacherous swamp with poison gasses, a forest so dense the ground never sees the sun, or even the bottom of the ocean.  Test their endurance and survival skills!
  • Dinner Party - Have the PCs be summoned to a formal event!  Test them on the battlegrounds of social grace and etiquette!  Even better if it’s in a dangerous environment or an alien culture.
  • Thief - Have something important stolen from the PCs.  See how they handle it.
  • Needle in a Haystack - Give the PCs something very difficult to find.  Like a single specific housecat in a sprawling metropolis, or a legendary weapon of which there are many fakes/copies.  

Really, if you need any more inspiration, look at your player’s character sheets and see if they’ve invested any points in a skill they haven’t gotten to use much.  Then invent a challenge they could feasibly use that skill for.  If you can’t think of a situation that could be helped by an Appraise, Craft: Calligraphy or Handle Animal check, you need to practice your own creative problem solving skills!

as much as i hear people giving different versions of d&d a hard time for “making everyone a mage” or other similar “but if everyone has it then no-one is special!” complaints, im surprised i never hear the same of darkvision

like holy shit. only 3 out of the 9 core races DON’T have darkvision.

so torches are a human/halfling/dragonborn invention that basically no one else bothered to mess with. and like, why isn’t that addressed more? why isn’t that worked into more game worlds? because that would definitely change shit up if 2/3rds of the civilizations most people know of don’t bother with illuminating dark places because they don’t need to.

especially with so many settings having so much magic in them. like you…don’t really need light to even read. what’s to stop such magical people from having touch-activated self-illuminating text? and why would people who’ve never needed light to see in the dark bother with writing systems that you need light to see anyway? you honestly expect me to believe that no one figured out some fantasy equivalent of braille? that no one knew how to write until humans or halflings or dragonborn figured it out and passed it on to these races that live so effing much longer than them?

i call bullshit

anonymous asked:

Towards the whole "pronouns hurt people's feelings" topic. Am I REALLY the only person on the planet that thinks people are becoming far to sensative? Nearly to the point that they shouldn't leave their little home bubbles in the case that a bird chirps next to them in a way that sounds like a mean word. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, we're becoming a little TOO coddling and people need to learn to deal with simplistic shit like words. And yes, I've been insulted and made fun of. I got over it. So can you.

Supposedly invented by the Chinese, there is an ancient form of torture that is nothing more than cold, tiny drops falling upon a person’s forehead. 

On its own, a single drop is nothing. It falls upon the brow making a tiny splash. It doesn’t hurt. No real harm comes from it. 

In multitudes, the drops are still fairly harmless. Other than a damp forehead, there really is no cause for concern. 

The key to the torture is being restrained. You cannot move. You must feel each drop. You have lost all control over stopping these drops of water from splashing on your forehead. 

It still doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But person after person, time and time again—would completely unravel psychologically. They all had a breaking point where each drop turned into a horror. Building and building until all sense of sanity was completely lost. 

“It was just a joke, quit being so sensitive.”

“They used the wrong pronoun, big deal.”

“So your parents don’t understand, it could be worse.”

Day after day. Drop after drop. It builds up. A single instance on its own is no big deal. A few drops, not a problem. But when you are restrained, when you cannot escape the drops, when it is unending—these drops can be agony. 

People aren’t sensitive because they can’t take a joke. Because they can’t take being misgendered one time. Because they lack a thick skin. 

People are sensitive because the drops are unending and they have no escape from them. 

You are only seeing the tiny, harmless, single drop hitting these so-called “sensitive” people. You are failing to see the thousands of drops endured before that. You are failing to see the restraints that make them inescapable.

Uranus in the houses - viva la liberation!

In the 1st House – Liberation of an attitude. Free minded. Unique perspective on life. Quirky “eccentric” personality and opinions. Strong need for a free and unlimited self-expression. Adjusting yourself to fit into expectations of others is the biggest betrayal. Electryfing and magnetic personality. Attracts bizarre, eccentric and underdogs. Stubborn and fixated on their own ideas. Humanitarian. Looking at the bigger picture. Detached yet friendly. Blunt. Shocking atitude that rejects the norm and the ’‘carved path”. Usually they have a strong need to emphasize their style. The way they talk, look and speak – they stand out even if they tried to fit in. They embrace the change and highly value truth and open-mindness.

In the 2nd House – Liberation of values. Money comes and goes fast in their life. They may get money in a way that is considered ’'unique”; ’'different” or just plain “weird”. They can earn a living by doing things related to modern technology (like social media). They values and self-esteem are not stable, they have a lot of ups and downs and can be considered unconventional (it can be shown even through native’s fashion choices, they may like to experiment with how they look like). Their dignity and self-esteem is centered around being independent, unique and modern. That is why they may dislike and rebel against traditional  values taught by their family/society or way of earning money and investing it.

In the 3rd House – Liberation of a mind. Native has unconventional way of processing their thoughts. They have sudden flashes of inspiration and their creativity appear in the most unpredictable moments. They value independence and variety of thoughts. They may have unusual speaking patterns. Their words and ideas may come off as very suprising and they may be considered eccentric and weird (for example by their sibilings or parents if they are an only child).Their relationships with neighbours are also specific and kinda distant. Weird and shocking events may happen during their travels and communicating with others.

In the 4th House – Liberation of a soul. Native is a person with unique experiences and characteristics. Their home life can be described as a very “hot & cold” place and they themselves may appear this way to other family members. It is said that one of the parents was somehow distant from a child. They could not be physically present in the native’s life ( example: work abroad) or be distant emotionally (too logical, chaotic, eccentric). This person nature is changeable yet stubborn. They are very fixated on their own freedom and the need to preserve indviduality in their home life. They had chaotic life. They have unique tastes and usually stand out in the family whether they want it or not.

In the 5th House – Liberation of expression. Natives have an interest for unusual ways to express themselves. They enjoy trying new things and usually have artistic side that is expressed in whatever form they find currently exciting. They have a strong need for a free self-expression without any restrictions which causes them to appear shocking to others since they do not restrict themselves and live true to their nature. Unconventional and rebellious. They may feel drawn to unique or just bizarre lovers. Their romantic stories may end up as quickly as they start. These people are exciting, loving and extremely creative. Their children may be very unique and quite rebellious too.

In the 6th House – Liberation of work. Schedule and routine is almost non-existent. Plans are shattered, unstable and easily change in the blink of an eye. The only predictible thing is their unpredictibility. Altruistic and helpful.They are rebellious and truly despise rules and codes which they consider boring and limiting. They find liberation through following their own type of  ’'schedule”, by being free in their workplace, freely expressing themselves there and not being constantly observed and checked by authorities. They may prefer working alone or similar to 10th House placement as a free-lancer. They may procrastinate a lot. They develop unusual working habits. They may be very responsible or be exactly the other way – reject any kind of responsibility which they can find limiting. Their health may have many ups and downs so they should always take care of themselves. They are very creative and inventive in solving problems and fixing things.

In the 7th House – Liberation of partnerships. Natives wants equality and independent, shocking people with them. They need a lot of freedom in their relationships. Friendship is important part and probably more important than romance itself.They dislike rigid, official and unbalanced relationships and aim to achieve absolute equality with their lovers, friends and business partners. 7th House Uranus person appears shocking, electryfing and magnetic to others. They are liberated and that is who they attract too. They may start relationships really fast but they may end them with the same speed especially if they feel restricted, pressured or misunderstood by their partners.

In the 8th House – Liberation or inner resources. Natives experience many sudden changes in life which force them to look for deep, inner resources. Transformation is important part of their growth and happens a lot in their life. They have a big need to form intimate bonds but they also demand a lot of independence and tend to keep others at distance which can be sometimes troublesome for them. They are attracted to taboo topics like death, sex and the occult and usually having those kind of interest causes them to be some kind of  black sheep but because of their inner strength they are able to ignore responses of others and continue following their interest with their shocking, rebellious attitude. Highly perceptive and passionate. May suddenly inherit money through really bizarre route.

In the 9th House – Liberation of philosophy. Mediation, despising religious authorites, dropping out of university or coming up with new conspiracy theories – that is something very much in the style of this placement. 9th House person is liberated, free-minded adventurer who wants to focus on expressing their views freely. They like trying new things and learning new cultures and languages, they may attract foreigners to them! They may also try learning languages on their own. They are bright and their genius lies in their fresh, open-minded philosophy. They despise being restricted, especially in their education which can cause them to avoid going  on university or even dropping out if they feel that university life is not satisficing enough.

In the 10th House – Liberation of work path. Whatever native chooses to do they always take the importance of independence in their job. They like jobs that allows them to freely express themselves. Supressing their creations and limiting them in any way is met with resistence which cause native to usually reject job that demands them to obidiently follow instructions and authority. They like to be their own and only authority. They may be interested in making money by using technology (like using social media outlets). They may have a natural talent for fields in science, technology, metaphysics, astrology. May often change what they want to do in their profession. They may actually change jobs a lot before they settle for something for longer. They bring originality and unique perspective, they are very inventive.

In the 11th House – Liberation of companionship. Native make unique friends and activists. They are unique as friends themselves and they find unique people too. They are passionate and devoted to their causes. Very loyal to their companions. They value bonds made by choice more than those by blood. They value equality and humanitarism, they aim to spread those kind of values to society and help society to progress. Freedom of expression, communication and a lot of independence is important for them in groups they live in. Because of their somehow eccentric nature they can never really ’'fit in” on 100%, they always stand out in groups whether by choice or by other circumstances yet they still manage to form bonds with others and still preserve their independence.

In the 12th House – Liberation of dreams. Natives are brilliant and inventive but many times they are hiding this part of themselves. Their dreams may be somehow shocking and even prophetic. Their sleeping patterns may be weird and unstable. Strong inuition They may get their flash of genius through dreaming and see answers they are looking for there. They may also be interested in unusual ways of healing or medicine in general. Occult and hidden knowledge may be something they have an easier access to.

In retrograde – your rebellious, liberated   self may be deeply internalized. On the outside you may appear as someone obedient, always following the rules, never questioning things. The truth is that you are quite rebellious and you have unique perspective of things but you tend to not share it with others. You may also reject this part of yourself and purposely try to conform to the norm because you are too afraid to stand out.

How SU used Mario to foreshadow a plot twist

When Padparadscha first appeared a lot of people noticed she had a very similar design to Princess Daisy of Mario fame. Yellow dress, poofy sleeves, long white gloves, spunky hair and even tiny crown-ey things. It didn’t exactly take an eagle eye to notice (though I somehow missed it at first anyway), but if anything Sugar’s early draft of her was even more obvious. Look! She even has a gem on her chest like Daisy does

The similarities are adorable, but believe it or not there may be more going on here than a simple design quirk. However, in order to understand the full body of evidence here we’re going to need to dig into something I never really expected to post about here: Early 2000′s gamer folklore

Ah the year 2001. I remember it like it was yesterday. Shrek had just been unleashed on an unsuspecting populace, Yu-gi-oh was all the rage, and JayJay the Jet Plane had just died in the deadliest drunk driving accident in recorded history [citation needed], but in that year a small japanese business unveiled the greatest invention humanity has witnessed since the lighting of the first fire: Super Smash Bros. Melee

This game had everything: crossovers, ass-kicking, even an evil floating hand with cerebral palsy. it was the game on every kid’s shelves, so it’s no surprise that urban legends evolved around it, and not all of them were bullshit. One legend in particular revolved around the statues the player could collect, specifically it referred to the statue of Princess daisy

Looks pretty normal right? Well, not quite. The SSBM statue gallery allowed players to see that the statue from any angle or distance, even if it meant clipping through the textures. Most would use this for looking up character’s dressed, but rumor spread that Princess Daisy had a bizzarre feature in a place horny young gamers would never have thought to look. According to legend, anyone who dared zoom in on the back of Daisy’s head until they clipped through her hair would be treated to this: An eyeball on the back of her head!

Do you see where I’m going with this now?

This is Padparadscha we’re talking about now: A Sapphire who can only see behind her in time. Given her defect, what do you think the odds are that her mop of bangs is really covering her eye?

Don’t buy it? I don’t blame you if you don’t, but I’m not done talking just yet. Notice how Sugar moved Padparadscha’s gem from her chest to her hand? It’s now in almost the exact same place as Sapphire’s gem, but while Sapphire’s gem is on the front of her hand, Padparadscha’s is on the back.

So what do we have? Design parallels and 90′s nostalgia; hidden easter eggs and a backwards gem. Is Padparadscha’s eye on the back of her head?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What I love more than anything about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how nice all the characters are. And we’re always told that nice = boring, but they’re not boring at all, even though they’d do absolutely anything for each other. I mean Gina’s the meanest character on there and she’d still give her friends her own liver if they needed it, she’d just criticise them really inventively while she did it.

Maybe other shows that think they need to make their characters dark and edgy to attract an audience should consider just becoming better writers?

Whipped ft. Kat Edison (1/2)
  • When bae sends selfie
  • Right In the middle of an art show, really kat?? look at her straining her neck to get a better view lmao i can’t believe kadena invented breaking necks
  • When bae speaks Farsi heart eyes who? Heart face is where its at
  • When bae speaks Français 
  • She definitely caught the gay
  •   “boy or girl?” kat: i’ve gotta gay
  • “you are so beautiful” Kat: I’m sorry imma need you to repeat that one
  •   “5 more minutes” “For me, i can never just get passed THIS”..lmao
  • Kat: I’m soft, my heart is found full of love 
  •  When bae says you are romantic look at herrrrr
Summary of TAZ discourse today

(Let me be clear I am likely to come across as defensive of taz in this)

Here’s the primary source of the controversy. Originally, preview images of the comic adaptation of the adventure zone showed it was going to portray all three main characters as white. New preview pages of the comic with revised designs were released today. (For the record, I am not 100% sure how much the Mcelroys are actually involved in the comic making process?)

So now we have; one pale skinned character, one dark skinned character and one character with non-human skin color. The brothers have made it clear that these design are not canon and there are no “canon” appearances for the characters (If you feel like that is also a bit of a cop out, thats fair tbh). A lot of people were unhappy for several reasons. 

- There still could be more poc representation.

- “We wanted dark skinned Taako and you give us blue??? wtf is this??” (Again, I can see why people read this as a lame cop out)

- Some people feel really strongly that Taako needs to be canonically Latinx because of the running gag of his name sounding like taco which has grown into him having some connection to inventing tacos. (Griffin has discussed his anxiety about this, and I think he is in a lose-lose situation. Having Latinx characters named taco and chalupa would probably create even more backlash)

- A lot of people have decided that giving Taako blue/green skin makes the design anti-semitic. (It takes some deep ass digging to figure out why green skin is antisemitic? But apparently the green skin+long nose+pointy hat look came from anti semitic stereotypes back in ye olde europe)

And then there are a couple things from the newest episode.

-There is a long-ish romantic scene were Barry Bluejeans and Lup become an official romantic pair. Some people aren’t happy about a straight relationship getting a lot of time, or think that the lgbtq relationships in the show didnt get a comparable amount of time. (For the record, Lup is a trans woman so Blupjeans is straight, but arguably still lgbtq representation)

-At one point Justin does a bit where Taako is reciting inspirational quotes from famous people and attributing them to himself. During this, Coco Chanel gets quoted and some people are pissed on account of Coco Chanel being a MEGA-Problematic person in a number of ways. (I am anticipating that Justin will figured out he goofed and publicly apologize bout that)

IDK what I am even going on about tho… I think for me the bottom line is its totally okay to be disappointed about some of this stuff. BUT there has been a lot of black and white “if the Mcelboys arent saints then they must be VILLIANS” stuff going around and??? Yeah they have made mistakes out of ignorance but have always shown a desire and willingness to take criticism and improve themselves. I mean, maybe they only act like they care about representation for the sake of pleasing there primary audience. But if someone seems to be trying as hard as Griffin is to do right by minority groups, I really think we should try to maintain our civility when they mess up and give them a chance to improve themselves.

But hey, then again, I could just be cutting them too much slack cause I enjoy TAZ. That not implausible. 

School-Related Sentence Starters (Part 2)

Part one here: ( x ). Thank you to the anons who sent in suggestions!


  • “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”
  • “Can you come over later to finish this project?”
  • “I’m gonna draw a dick on the board.”
  • “Wow, someone is late again. How surprising.”
  • “Do you ever do your homework?”
  • “Was Alexander the Great gay?”
  • “Don’t spoil World War Two for me!!”
  • “I’d rather sit next to someone who isn’t you.”
  • “Class is almost over…”
  • “Is food the only thing you have in your bag?”
  • “Hey, quit reading and talk to me.”
  • “It looks like a tornado went through your locker.”
  • “Being the new kid is so awkward…”
  • “Are you really going to fight after school?”
  • “I have the biggest crush…”
  • “I can’t find ANY of my pencils.”
  • “If you let me borrow your calculator next period, I’ll give you my firstborn child.”
  • “School spirit is for idiots.”
  • “I slept for three hours last night and I wanna die.”
  • “The Collegeboard is ruining my life.”
  • “You think that’s bad? I had to get up at 4 am for practice.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m in the same class as my sibling.”
  • “Those protection goggles look good on you.”
  • “Sometimes I feel like the janitor is staring at me.”
  • “Sticky notes are the greatest invention of mankind.”
  • “Are those light up Skechers?”
  • “I’m taking all APs, please kill me.”

The Nurse’s Office

  • “I just need a band-aid..”
  • “Okay, so I’m a little more allergic to peanuts than I thought.” 
  • “You have a fever.” 
  • “Ha ha. Look at all the drugs in here.”
  • “It’s broken?”
  • “I really don’t want to get my height checked…”
  • “It’s your fault I got hurt.”
  • “You didn’t have to carry me…”
  • “Why does my weight have to be checked?” 
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “Wow, your face did a really good job catching that ball.”
  • “You don’t look so good.”
  • “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”
  • “Yeah, but you should see the other guy.”
  • “Would it be appropriate to use medical marijuana?”


  • “You brought me lunch?”
  • “Hey, sit with me.”
  • “In your face! I have Lunchables.”
  • “I dare you to eat this.”
  • “I’m sorry that your parents gave you Lunchables and don’t love you.”
  • “Are you going out?”
  • “I heard a cat screeching by the kitchen, so I’ll just skip lunch today.” 
  • “Forget this cafeteria food. Let’s get Starbucks.”
  • “Is that rabbit food?”
  • “I can’t believe they don’t have a vegan option.”
  • “Do you have any idea what’s in that?”
  • “It’s called ‘mystery meat’, and I don’t feel like calling Scooby Doo.”
  • “Sorry, I only eat ass.”
  • “I heard someone is selling ‘special brownies’ out of their locker.”


  • “You ready for the big game?”
  • “You just don’t UNDERSTAND student athletes!”
  • “Gotta get gains.”
  • “If I get lower than a C, then coach won’t let me play.” 
  • “Hey! Pass the ball.”
  • “Do you know how to catch?”
  • “I hope I’m not on the bench this time.”
  • “You’d make a great captain.”
  • “If I have to run laps one more time, I will actually die.”
  • “See my sweatband? I’m dedicated.”
  • “The team is counting on me.”
  • “Don’t be a sore loser.”
  • “Who cares anyway? It’s just a game.”
  • “The coach is such an asshole.”
  • “It’s my fault we lost…”
  • “Try-outs were brutal. I think I need to be in bed for a week.”
  • “Dating a cheerleader is like, my dream.”
  • “That cheerleader is SO hot.” 
  • “Cheerleaders were created for the male gaze.”
  • “Cheerleading is a sport! You think backflips are easy?”
  • “I will shove these pom poms up your ass.”

The Bathroom

  • “It stinks in here.”
  • “Did you hear that the toilet is haunted?”
  • “Come with me! I need to fix my hair.”
  • “I just took a shit and there’s no soap. Let me wipe my hands on you.”
  • “This graffiti has spelling mistakes.”
  • “Why are you crying?”
  • “I’m just in here to smoke.”
  • “Oh my god, are you throwing up?”
  • “Someone peed on the floor.”
  • “There’s toilet paper on your shoe.”
  • “What if someone walks in?”
  • “Yeah, climbing through the bathroom window is a great idea.”
  • “Are you cheating right now?”

The Principal’s Office

  • “I don’t see the ‘pal’ in ‘principal’.”
  • “It wasn’t me!! It was her/him/them!!”
  • “A-am I in trouble?”
  • “Whatever it was, I didn’t do it.”
  • “He/she/they hit me first!”
  • “They’re going to call my parents.”
  • “Look, it was just a prank. It got out of hand.”
  • “You HAVE to help me out of this.”
  • “I’m just here to make copies.”
  • “Ha! I can’t get suspended.”
  • “I hope you get what you deserve.”
  • “Now the POLICE are involved?!”
  • “It was just a few balloons filled with paint…”
  • “You don’t have any proof.”
  • “No, I won’t do it again…maybe…”
Xeno - 4

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: Do you even read these? Probably not lmao. This chapter was supposed to be something else but then it turned into this. Kill me. The damn storyboard said fluff, but it turned into angst. ARGH. 2.2k Words

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Originally posted by bangtannoonas

It was finally back to work – which meant finding out more about the cyborg. You figured that some background information would help you get his feelings back; memories were always the root of all human emotion, after all. 

You had no problem in leaving him alone at home. There was food for him to eat, clothes for him to wear, and the smart TV was there for entertainment. He could take care of himself, even if he went out. You figured he had some common sense.

“Y/N, I need you to help me with something.”

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Big Hero 6 MBTI

Hiro Hamada–INTP

“We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.”

Hiro is inventively intelligent beyond his years, but more importantly for personality typing, is the explorative way in which he uses his mind.  He is very focused on exploring new ideas and pushing limits (Ne).  As an introvert, it can take a bit of encouragement to get him going when he wants to share his inventions, and it’s the thinking, analyzing, and creating that come more naturally to him (Ti-Ne).  Sometimes he needs a guiding figure to show him how he can put his ideas to good use, otherwise getting more lost in continually exploring but only more independently.  Hiro has great concern for the overall harmony and wellbeing of others, like Tadashi, but Fe is his inferior function and he can lose sight of that desire at times.  In the end though, wanting to do something to really help people in general is a driving force for Hiro in all his future inventions and endeavors.

Gogo Tomago–ISTP

“There are no red lights during car chases!”

Gogo loves to be seen as strong, capable, and independent.  She has a strong analytical mind (Ti), enjoying challenges that require a lot of internal logic and piecing together of information.  Gogo is also a pretty intense character, strongly capable in maneuvering the physical world and greatly enjoying an even risky situation, always keeping her cool (Se).  Though it’s not her dominant function either, Gogo’s Fe is also clear in the way that she full heartedly takes on the role of a superhero who benefits the greater good and works in the team.

Honey Lemon–ENFP

“WOO! Now THAT’S a chemical reaction!”

Honey Lemon is unafraid to pursue enthusiastically her “nerdy” interests (Ne-Fi).  She’s much more into science and thought than anything else.  She also clearly places high value on staying true to what science really is, as is shown in the ways she reacts to Fred’s very non-scientific ideas (Fi).  Honey Lemon loves to put her own colorful touch on her inventions, and she always exuberantly shares her passions with others (Ne-Fi).


“We can’t go up against that guy! We’re nerds!”

Wasabi’s inferior funciton, Ne (extraverted intuition) is fairly well developed in the way he loves to pursue new possibilities and is quite open to change; though the lower position of the function is also clear in the way that he always appreciates having a good plan to go with.  His Si (introverted sensing) is still noticeably stronger though; Wasabi has a very keen eye for detail, and he keeps good track of which of these are important to him.  He also is very meticulous, and he can be gently picky about the orderliness of his work.  Wasabi is a deeply caring and gentle character.


“I’ve been trying to get Honey to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will. But she says that's ‘not science.’”

Fred is generally very laid-back about even the wildest of events, enjoying to go with whatever comes along.  He always loves it when something is very cool to him, and he really likes a good physical thrill (Se).  Though he’s sometimes more concerned with having a good time or thinking about potentially awesome and/or thrilling new ideas, Fred also enjoys some serious analytical thinking (Ti).

Alistair Krei–ENTJ

“Listen to the kid, Callaghan. Please, l-let me go. I’ll give you anything you want!”

Alistair Krei is persuasive and talented at being in charge.  He can make a good appearance, and he sometimes has more concern for how he and his endeavors will be viewed than the more human areas that could be negatively affected (unhealthy inf. Fi).  He always tries first to take control of a situation.

Robert Callaghan–INTP

“I want my daughter back!”

Callaghan in the beginning is an inventive and creative thinker with a kind heart.  He eagerly seeks possibilities and innovation, and he urges others to do the same (Ne-Fe).  He is much more into science for the sake of itself rather than selling ideas out (Ti, IN).  Later on, he loses touch of his kinder side, with the desire for revenge pushing him to act unhealthfully but still in a very logical, innovative way.

Tadashi Hamada–INFJ

“Yeah. I’m going for a non-threatening…huggable kinda thing.”

Tadashi is reserved, forward thinking, and deeply caring towards his loved ones.  He shows strong emotional intelligence in the ways he looks out for Hiro.  He’s also quite protective and all to readily puts his own safety and needs aside to assist or support others.  Tadashi has a very Fe angle to his innovation, working very hard to create and perfect something which will primarily do a lot of good for many people.


“It is alright to cry.”

Though as a robot Baymax is not traditionally type-able, symbolically his character can represent some of the cognitive functions.  Specifically, Ti (introverted thinking) and Fe (extraverted feeling).  Quite literally, Baymax operates on internal logic.  He has sometimes humorously logical approaches to things as a robot.  Just like Fe, Baymax has the purpose of caring for others and promoting outer harmony.  He’s always there when you need him, and he knows just what to do to make things better.

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do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)
A Trying Day

When they’d finally broken the silence it wasn’t done easily, with whispers or even normal tones. Rather, they’d destroyed it with complete and utter chaos.

Pidge was yelling and mashing Black’s controls to look for coordinates or some kind of tracking or any clues whatsoever (to no response), Hunk burst into loud tears, and Coran had started yelling over the comms system, asking what was going on and was Shiro really gone? Within a few dozen ticks it died down again, but the Paladins’ exhaustion from their draining battle had vanished. Everyone looked to the princess.

“Allura,” Lance asked quietly, “what do we do?”

Allura didn’t know the answer. She simply continued to stare at the empty chair, the bayard left in the controls, certain that she had never felt so tired in her life.

After a few moments Lance took pity on her. He pulled the bayard out and handed it to her. When she glanced up at him, surprised, he said, “You should probably hold onto this for now. Keep it safe.”

He didn’t have to say the second part of that sentence – they were all thinking it.

Keep it safe, because Shiro might have died to get it.

She took the bayard and swallowed. “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never heard of…something like this…”

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I love PTA Black hat, but I have a question, if he has no kids how did he even get into the PTA? Also please consider him trying to coerce children for evil schemes and child labor.

  • I imagine he has Flug and Dementia in there to do recon work on schools; they tell him who’s most likely to be a future villain and what plans he could implement there. Plus, he needs them there to give him a legitimate reason to get on the PTA, so he can work on corrupting the whole school board
  • Flug has extracurriculars covered. “Join the Inventing Club! You get to manufacture some really awesome weap– uh, toys?” “Isn’t this is just an assembly line?” “HAHA WHAT. NAH. NO WAY. WHAT CHILD LABOR–”
  • Dementia recruits delinquents and bullies at school, but they’re all honestly pretty scared of her. (Who wouldn’t be tbh, her detention history set a new record.)
  • unfortunately, the public school system just might be more evil than Black Hat
  • “What do you mean, you can’t come to the meeting?” “I got detention for being a minute late to school this morning.” “That’s fucking ridiculous. Skip it, Dementia.” “I can’t skip anymore, otherwise I’ll get a suspension.” “….”
  • “FLUG! Where’s that prototype??” “Sorry sir, I’m still trying to finish this essay.” “But you’ve been writing for six hours.”
  • Black Hat ends up convincing the PTA to add some more homework-free weekends to the school year. It’s a PR move, he justifies. This will make his employees free to work and persuade more kids to join the villain side. yeah. totally.
steven universe ask meme.

“Go for it, bro!”

 "Wow! Everything’s changing!“ 

"Who’s terrible idea was this?" 

"No… how long was I out?!”

 "You know I can’t handle it when you cry like that.“

 "Do you remember this place?" 

"I get mad at myself! It’s what I do!”

 "I’ll fight you, and show you how bad I am!“

 "You want to pretend that none of this ever happened. You think that I’m just a big mistake!”

“What’s a chicken?" 

"Oh! I get the joke now!" 

"You are an experience!" 

"You were the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that." 

“It’s too late! I don’t believe you anymore!”

“Isn’t it remarkable? This world is full of so many possibilities.”

“How are y’all doin’ tonight?”

“Yeah, I could rave to this.”

“Why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?”

“I don’t get what you’re planning, but look! Your base is taken! Your armies are ruined! You have failed!”


“Looks like another waste of my time.”

“They kept you prisoner. They used you. This is your chance to take revenge! Come on… Just say yes.”

“You’re pointing that shield the wrong way. She’s the one you should be afraid of.”

“You can’t lie to me. I’ve seen what you’re capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.”

“It’ll be better this time. I’ve changed. You’ve changed me. I’m the only one who can handle your kind of power.”

“Please understand, if we lose, we’ll be killed. And if we win, we can never go home…”

“I thought… haven’t we… is this not how it works?”

“Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”

“But you are supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”

“Arrggh! Why do you keep destroying my things?!”

“Go ahead, wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed!”

“You really think this is the end? HAHAHA! This… This is only the beginning! …Of my escape!”

“Oh my stars, you’re gonna harvest me?!”

“I’m gonna die here.”

“Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!”

“I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!”

“I’ve grown accustomed to this place, and I could probably fix the hole that I made with my giant robot.”

“What’s the problem? You’re the one getting all the good stuff! You’ve got the propeller and paint cans on your side!”

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!”

“I carried you while you took a nap.”

“I… I thought violence would be the answer.”

“You have a lobster on your butt.”

“Yes, the children are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords.  They are bleeding.  Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again.  …Sorry, I panicked.”

“That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.”

“It was a maelstrom of destruction and death.”

“But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single.”

“Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person… And you literally have no idea who or what I am.”

“Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. That’s fusion.”

“I’m not as strong as you think. I-I fell apart over this…”

“You’ll know when I’m joking.”

“I blame the cows.”

“You don’t understand! Just leave me alone.”

“I just want to go home.”

“Let’s stay on this miserable planet, together!”

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re MY prisoner! And I’m never letting you go!”

“Can’t you see? I can’t stop, not for a second.”

“For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they’re not. No matter where I go, I’m trapped.”

“I really thought I would be living alone here.”

“Don’t put me in charge! Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn’t trust me with the boat.”

“Thanks, but I’m not putting that on my body.”

“What we had wasn’t healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just go!”

“I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I-I hated you. It was bad!”

“You can’t outrun me, we both have short legs!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t forget: reckless, vulgar, loud-mouthed. That’s just what makes me so awesome!”

“In the ring, nobody can tell me what to do! And if they try, I HIT 'EM IN THE FACE WITH A CHAIR!”

“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

“I swallowed a rock.”

“I’mma win a airplane!”

“Are you trying to kill him faster?”

“I can fit! Which way to the baby war?”

“Now we’re gonna bury you 'til you’ve learned your lesson!”

“I’m not gonna let you stand there and remind me about everything I hate about myself!”

“I never asked to be made!”

“I’m just an embarrassment to you!”

“Oh man! I think my favorite round thing was in there!”

“I need everyone’s constant approval! I need to loquaciously converse so I can show off how smart I am.”

“Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”

“If you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a pancake.”

“You didn’t need me at all…”

“Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?”

“We want to stop all wrestling everywhere! Are you going to let us destroy all wrestling? Eheheh.”

“Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”

“Is water just hydrogen and oxygen “mashed together”?”

“Well, that’s perfect, because I don’t want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.”

“You have to feel like yourself! Sweet and considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious!”

“Just today you were crying about snakes.”

“There are… different ways of being strong.”

“I’m so sorry… I almost got us killed..!”

“Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.”

“I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.”

“Everything I ever did, I did for her. And now she’s gone. But I’m still here.”

“That could have gone… a lot worse.”

“You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”

“Have the shirts come to life and possessed the bodies of their wearers?!”

“Do you understand that cartoon show?”

“I don’t get tired; I get results.”

“I just wanted to share a few more victories with you!”

“Look! I was right! My plan worked perfectly.”

“Oh, what’s 200 years between friends?”

“Please! Tell me! How can I make you forgive me!?”

“Confident and secure and complete… You’re perfect… You’re the perfect relationship… You’re always together… I just—I wanted to be a part of that…”

“We leave for one second and everything goes off the rails!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll build it bigger, stronger, we’ll add SEATBELT!”

“Ah, sunset. My favorite time of the day… The sun goes down and the second sun gets bigger and bigger in the sky…”

“I can’t just start listening now, I’d be lost! Just like my pants…”


“Will you help me into my Birthday Suit?!”

“Try to act like a rich duck.”

“Fire Salt! Burn! Burn people!”

“None of you are the handsome one! I’M the handsome one!”

“I’m gonna bring the ocean back… or get really thirsty trying.”

“I have to protect you, what if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? I don’t want that for you.”

“Pizza rain! …But no pizza clouds…”

“You gotta take this online quiz: “Which Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?”!”

“Are you insecure about your relationships and how you’re perceived by other people?”

“If you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting you!?”

“Some day soon we may be fighting some really bad guys, and when that day comes, I wanna fight with you! Together! So please… Won’t you share this jam with me?”

“Wow! You’re so articulated!”

“Home’s been awful! Here’s been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but– Everyone’s been acting awful too! It - It just came with us. I don’t understand! Is it… is it me..?”

“We found a seeeecret way to track you, and we’ll never tell you how even if you ask nicely. MYAH.”

“Awwww! You’re like… an angry little slice of pie!”

“Wait! I have a better idea that doesn’t involve destroying the house!”

“That isn’t a very sound business practice.”

“Sweet, two doughnuts! One for me and one… for… uh, me.”

“I thought this was a dance party. Why isn’t anyone else dancing.”

“I don’t wanna hear anything you say, unless it’s “sorry”.”

“You’re choosing to take it personally.”

“Can’t you see I’m completely engulfed with rage.”

“But we made him feel like it was his fault. I keep looking into the future, where all of this has been solved, as if it doesn’t matter how you feel in the present. No wonder… why you think I don’t care!”

“You honestly think I’m not upset about what happened? I just wanted to do the right thing…”

“This is… not what I saw! I don’t know what happened, I-”

“All I wanna look at is you.”
Hi Redditors! I'm G. Willow Wilson (the G is silent), writer of the Hugo Award-winning comic book series Ms. Marvel and the World Fantasy Award-winning novel Alif the Unseen. AMA! • r/IAmA
Hi Redditors! I'm G. Willow Wilson (the G is silent), writer of the Hugo Award-winning comic book series Ms. Marvel and the World Fantasy...

G. WIllow Wilson’s AMA was yesterday, here is a quick summarry of what we learned:

* When at first Marvel approached her to write a story that became Ms. Marvel, they had a blank slate with only a loose idea to inspire it on stories of editor Sana Amanat’s childhood. It took Wilson and Amanat nine months to agree on what Kamala’s powers would be - Wilson was opposed to giving her any “pretty” powers like sparkling or Jean Grey-style telepathy, but giving her violent powers like laser beams could be seen as a political statement and on top of that they wanted something that allows creativity and is fun to look at. Getting to her type of shapeshifting took a while. And then they made Kamala have to choose between the ability to transform into other people and healing factor to show that in order to be the best hero she can be, she has to be comfortable with herself and her own body. Though that doesn’t mean she cannot turn into other things anymore.

* The most intrusive editorial notes Wilson gets are to dial down a plot point or character if they come off as too on the nose in satirizing real-life individuals. Thankfully she and Sana Amanat are mostly on the same page when it comes to the tone of the series, so they don’t have much of a conflict. That being said, while she spoke recently about her sacrificing some material gain and fame to keep Kamala from being seen as too political, if Marvel decided to turn the book into an unsubtle political story, she wouldn’t be able to stop them. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like a thing that would be in their interest at all.

* She doesn’t put too much information for the artist into the script, allowing them their own vision, which really flourished with Adrian Alphona. Kamala lives on the Groove Street, in walking distance of McNair Academics (or rather, it’s Marvel-equivalent), but not too close to PATH Station. At first, when only Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa were handling the art, everything was supposed to reflect real places in Jersey, but now with rotating artists, a lot of it has sadly been lost.

* Wilson has no better idea if we’re going to see Kamala in MCU than anyone else. If it was up to her, she would prefer her to show up on an episodic series, rather than a movie, since it allows for telling more complex stories.

* Crossover between Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl is just inventable to happen at some point, they just need to come up with epic enough storyline. While there are no concrete plans, Wilson is also open to a crossover or stories allowing Kamala to visit Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider or Black Panther (she sent Bruno to Wakanda to let that crossover happen one day). As much as people love the setting of Ms. Marvel’s adventures, she is really tempted to get Kamala out of New Jersey for an arc or two, maybe even put her on a spaceship.

* Wilson was on enough Marvel editorial retreats to witness how the event comics are being made but currently, she has too many projects, some of which she will announce soon, to try working on one. She isn’t opposed to taking another series at some point, but right now she likes having a couple of weeks to work on novels and short stories and articles and doesn’t have time for another series.

*  Islam has very high standards for what is miraculous or divine so ironically there isn’t as much conflict between Kamala’s faith and her having powers as in some other religions. Similarly, people who keep asking how she can be a monotheist in a world with Greek and Norse Gods don’t get how Islam really approaches the subject. Thor, Loki or Hercules may call themselves gods but they all have been born, can die and have physical bodies occupying a specific place at a specific time, so they don’t fit Islamic definition of God. 

* Somebody asked if there is a chance for Kamala to come in contact with people from other Middle Eastern diasporas across Americas, like Middle Eastern citizens of South American countries. Wilson said that introducing such characters often depends on strength and weakness of the artistic team, sometimes you might need to do a lot of research to tell a story about a particular culture or place or realize you’re not good enough to tell that story. 

* The story from All-New All-Different Avengers Annual she wrote, about Kamala finding out fanfictions about herself, is loosely based on her own experience with fanfics - she used to be a regular fanfic reader but now doesn’t check them out that much because she started finding Ms. Marvel fanfics and it got weird really fast. Especially the “sexy ones”…..

I need to point out that it means not only there is smut of Kamala out there but it creeped out her own creator, so, good job, Internet, good fucking job

- Admin


AN: I have no earthly idea where the hell this is going.

“Y/N you have to be my girlfriend this weekend!” Steve screams as he spots you seated in front of the library with a book in hand. You roll your eyes before closing the book. “Aren’t you already in a real relationship?”

“Yes but we aren’t in the ‘bring them home to meet the family’ stage yet and i’m honestly not sure we ever will be.”

“And why would I be doing this?”

“Because I’m your best friend and you love me and you don’t want to see a 24 year old 6’ foot tall man on his knees crying.” You did kind of wanna see a 6’ foot tall man on his knees crying that sounded amazing.

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Keith works out, Lance ogles happily, Pidge tries to analyze the nature of their PDA ... she swiftly regrets all the things.

Some very kind people have sent me some very kind asks and made me feel better about being sick lately — and suddenly, my fingers were doing a thing on the keyboard? This thing, specifically? Just, everyone is so very nice, and I hope you like this silly little one-shot about silly space boys :) (Special shout-out to the anonymous person that called out this idea before I posted! Such amazing psychic powers! :D)


“But seriously, if my calculations are correct — shut your mouth, Lance, they are always correct — then Keith is initiating fifty two point seven percent of the times you make me want to invent brain bleach.” Pidge pauses to push her glasses up her nose. “Keith, care to offer some insight into this?”

“No.” Keith resumes lifting weights. Really, discovering the Castle’s weight room was one of the worst things that could have happened to Lance — now his boyfriend split his free time between training simulations and tossing around heavy things/running on treadmills. 

The Red Paladin had become a gym rat. The Blue Paladin was not surprised.

Also, Keith didn’t need more muscles, as Lance didn’t need that kind of heart attack. Even if watching those biceps strain was … nice.

“My boo is just too hot to trot for my banging bod,” Lance says proudly, flexing his own (not quite as big but still very impressive) biceps.

Keith stops lifting weights so he can face palm. Pidge stares up towards the heavens in supplication.

“That’s going in my notes as one of the top five worst things you’ve ever said. Maybe top three.” Pidge actually takes out her computer to write it down.

Keith, with his face still buried in one hand, points with his other and says, “I don’t know if I can kiss that mouth at all today. That was horrifying.”

“Fifty two point seven percent, querido,” Lance cheerfully reminds him. “Ain’t nobody buying what you’re selling.”

Keith shoots Pidge a despairing glance. “I mean, was the pining that bad, really? Would it be so terrible to go back to that?”

Lance has taken a seat directly across from Keith, lifting a set of weights (they were barbells with rocks on either end — Coran had said something about how one could alter the density, thereby making them heavier/lighter, but Lance had immediately gotten distracted by challenging everyone to a weight lifting competition and somehow it ended with Hunk bench-pressing Lance and Pidge, and Shiro trying to throw Keith over their heads? Lance still doesn’t quite understand what happened there).

“I feel like the reason Keith is macking on me in public more is because he’s kinda into the fact that he can,” Lance explains, grunting a little as he tries to mimic Keith’s moves. “I mean, the pining was so real — he had been staring lingeringly at me from afar for so long, and now it’s like, free pass to grope all the time.” Lance winks at Keith, who is venturing to peek at him from between his fingers. “Because you do. Have a free pass. To grope. Put your hands any —”

“I know.” Keith lifts his weights with relative ease, a small smile pulling on his lips. “And yeah, Pidge. Maybe that’s part of it.”

“Part of it?” Lance asks, somewhat breathlessly as he switches arms since his right one was starting to ache from the effort. “Dude. All of it. Your thirstiness is not to be denied.”

Pidge rolls her eyes, jotting down a few more notes from her perch on the jungle gym (like, with actual vines for swinging and bouncy giant lily pads — Lance could not get over how cool Alteans were). “Believe it or not, I actually came to that conclusion on my own — Keith is now thirty six point four percent more affectionate with everyone, not just you, Lance.”

“That’s … really sweet,” Lance says, feeling vaguely proud of both himself and Keith. The idea that he’s making Keith more willing to show his love to the rest of their space family … It’s a little humbling, and a lot of awesome. He can feel his cheeks heating up.

The weights Keith had been lifting are now on the floor as he walks over to Lance, lifting his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. Lance is grinning at the flash of a still slightly soft tummy (Keith has muscle definition, but there’s a small bit of cushiness around his middle that Lance really loves). Lance stops grinning when Keith suddenly drops into his lap, straddling him on the bench without any warning.

“You’re forgetting something key, Pidge,” Keith is saying, glancing over his shoulder at the Green Paladin, who is looking annoyed and amused in equal parts.

“All right, enlighten me.” Pidge grimaces. “With as little trauma as possible, if you please.”

“I think I’m gonna expire in a minute here, Pidge, mi hermanita querida, would you please spare me the humiliation and not witness this? Keith, whatever it is that you’re thinking —”

Keith covers his mouth with one hand, and Lance tries to speak past it, yelling his objections into the palm of a fingerless glove.

“See, notice how he can still talk?” Keith tilts his head in Lance’s direction, speaking with infuriating calm. “It’s a bit of a problem sometimes. But —”

The hand is gone. Lance is pissed off enough to start shouting, “Hey, you jackass, wail till I —”

Keith’s lips are on his. His mouth falls open automatically, and Lance sort of loses the thread of … reality. Pidge whips them both in the head with a towel, which is when his wondrous boyfriend pulls away, leaving Lance gaping, licking his lips, and contemplating if he should still be irritated.

“Efficient, no?” Keith asks, his dark eyes glinting.

Pidge is glaring at him. “Except for the brain bleach aspect. Which I am going to go work on now. With Hunk’s help, he is one hundred percent behind me on this. There are cameras in here, by the way, not that that’s ever stopped you …” She gets up and walks out, though not before ruffling Lance’s hair and saying, “You’re such a goner, hermano.”

When she’s gone, and Lance is left with nothing but a smug Red Paladin sitting on his thighs, he huffs, jabbing at Keith’s chest. “So you’re kissing me to shut me up most of the time?”

“Not most of the time,” Keith admits, his smirk easing back into a smile. “But Pidge would have probably gagged if I told her the main reason.”

“It’s not the ‘can’t resist my stellar good looks’?” Lance pouts. “That’s a little disappointing.”

Keith presses a quick kiss to his mouth. He’s flushed from exercise, but Lance swears his cheeks get a little bit darker as he speaks, “It’s because half the time I think I’ve made up this whole stupid thing, okay? We got together at a freaking ball. There was a duel involved. And dancing in fancy suits.” Keith waves his hands around for emphasis before crossing his arms. “And we still argue like … It’s fine, but it feels like before sometimes, so I just … need to make sure it’s not. Like before.”

Lance follows these words until he understands where they’re leading and then … He’s blushing, and smiling, and pulling Keith in closer. “You … you need to make sure this is real. That you didn’t … dream it. Because … I’m that good of a dream, huh?”

Keith groans, burying his face in Lance’s shoulder. “Crap. Okay, backtrack, I never said anything, especially not that stupid, sugary pile of —”

“No, no take backs!” Lance sings. “I … sometimes have the same problem. So, uh, a good chunk of my forty seven point three percent contribution is exactly that.” He smiles up at Keith once the Red Paladin pulls back and sits up straighter in Lance’s lap.

“Yeah?” Keith leans down, his eyes fluttering shut.

“Yeah,” Lance whispers against his mouth … which is when a painfully loud alarm goes off, and they are simultaneously soaked in freezing water as sprinklers kick in. Lance shrieks. Keith falls backward off his lap to the now slippery floor.

“You have rooms. Go get in one!” Pidge yells over the Castle comm.

“Please!” That sounded like Shiro’s voice, a little distant from the microphone.

Lance is laughing and shivering, and Keith is back to being mortified, but they adhere to Pidge’s wishes (who knew what she might pull next? Lance wouldn’t put it past her to space them at this point), and take off running. Keith yanks Lance into the gym’s showers.

“No cameras in here,” Keith says, raising an eyebrow. “And I need a shower anyway.”

Lance is rendered speechless. He wonders if this counts as part of Keith’s fifty two point seven percent of PDA. He wonders if Pidge is all-knowing. And then there’s a shirt coming off, and warm water pouring from a shower head, Keith kicking off his shoes from inside the cubicle. Lance can’t think as Keith’s hands reach for his shorts … and then pause.

“Yeah, so you just wait right here — you can take your turn when I’m done.” Keith grins and slams the shower door in his face.

Lance wonders if there’s a way to flush a toilet on a space castle to turn the water into a frigid torture. He says as much out loud, kicking lightly at the door.

Keith is laughing, and Lance may or may not adore that sound more than any other in the universe, except for his mom’s affectionate scolding … So, he decides to wait until the Red Paladin is done and then do his best to up his percentage. Forty seven point three percent simply will not do, Lance thinks to himself with a goofy smile.


Random one-shot after Objects in Motion? I think so :) If y’all wanna read about the ball, duel, and dancing, head over there. Thank you to all the wondrous people who have been so awesome to me! You’re all way too amazing for words, but I hope you guys enjoy these above words as a random “thank you!” :D