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Any thoughts on the season 6 finale episode titles? Most people are already assuming this is it for the show because of the "Final Battle" thing, but I feel like it has more to do about the arc coming to an end, as has been said it will be happening this season, and not about this being the series finale.

I think the curse will be broken - it’s only half broken now - and they’ll need another season for the aftermath, considering everyone thought the curse was broken in season one. Working on a more elaborate post on that.

You know, there is one battle really raging in the fandom and it’s this one.

The battle for Emma’s heart. This isn’t something the fans invented. Regina and Hook have fought over what’s best for Emma on the show. They’ve been set up as rivals… and it started when Hook showed an interest in Emma. If you’re going to conclude a story, I imagine it’s going to be dealing with something like this, where the stakes are high and there are two teams. People are invested in this, why wouldn’t they leave it for a big finale? It’s a derby!

In all the books I’ve read about storytelling, the lowest point comes right before things start looking up. Emma’s still on the darkest path she could have chosen.  If the marriage happens in the episode before the final battle… I’d say that is your lowest point. The darkness before…  a dawn I for one am very ready for.

I know we all love the “Chuuya had unrequited feelings for Dazai when they were partners” trope but also I would love to talk about the “Dazai was in love with Chuuya but Chuuya didn’t notice and wouldn’t have given a shit, mostly bc he was in love with Kajii, who treated him way better anyways” trope that I just invented right now

Dazai bragging about knowing Chuuya inside and out, better than anyone else does, but only really knowing the things that he needs to. He can read Chuuya’s expressions and can predict his attacks and knows what his footsteps and his heartbeat and his breathing sounds like, but he doesn’t know all of the little things that make Chuuya more than a mafioso.

Kajii, on the other hand, knows what Chuuya’s favorite color is and what his favorite brands of wine are and what gives him anxiety and what makes him happy. It’s not even because Chuuya tells him these things, either. It’s because he pays attention to Chuuya and the things that he does, his mannerisms and his actions and his tone of voice and his body language. And Dazai is incapable of noticing those things.

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People glorify all the works of past artists as if they were dignified and dedicated their lives to perfect their work when in reality it’s like:
Leonardo Da Vinci procrastinated sooo much on the Mona Lisa and didn’t really give a shit about it because he was more interested in designing inventions

Caravaggio loved to pick fights and was basically the epitome of “FIGHT ME” despite being one of the most revered Baroque artists

Michelangelo basically created the Sistine Chapel the way he did as a fuck you to the Pope. When the Pope would visit and be like why the fuck are they buff and naked Michelangelo would basically say, “I’m the artist, I’m the one getting paint in my eyes so shut the fuck up”

Brunelleschi was soo paranoid about people stealing his plans and threatened by Battista, who was creating the gold doors of the baptistry, the he regularly fired and rehired workers so much that now literally no one knows how the fuck he made such a big dome with so little support.

For a long time a calligraphy signature found in the Hagia Sophia was thought to have been some sort of important saying and when they finally translated it, it was a viking who basically wrote “Haldid was here”

Art was and will always be a shit show


- Hey, listen, that vigilante I heard about. The man in the suit. I didn’t tell you the rest. He disappeared a few months ago and crime went up. Violence, killings. The city needed somebody to keep up the fight, so I figured, why not me? But, you know, me kind of sucks. So I invented Detective Forge. All because the man in the suit went away. But I was wrong, wasn’t I? He wasn’t really gone at all.

- Person of Interest 4x06

John and Walter couldn’t be more different, and yet they share the same golden heart. Walter is one of my favorite numbers. And I hope that John got the same fuzzy feelings as I did, hearing that he actually inspired people. Walter sure didn’t have the skills to be a proper vigilante, but at least he tried, and that was very touching (if very dangerous!). Also that means The Man in the Suit has officially at least one fan ;-)

Also, can we stop and appreciate the fact that John went all the way to Walter’s office for the sole purpose to congratulate him in front of his whole office and most importantly, Elena?

Ford and Fiddleford best friend things
- Telling each other of their adventures always ends with ‘oh and I got you this’ and it’s rarely random garbage it’s always got some thought put into it like ‘It reminded me of those crisps you ate non stop for a weekend in college till you were sick and vowed never to eat them again… They’re really good’
- Fixing each other’s (bow)ties, picking fuzz/hairs from their clothes just small touch ups nothing too clingy 'there’s salad in your teeth, yeah you got it’ reassuring stuff like that
- overly critical only when it doesn’t matter just 'wow you got enough milk leave some for the rest of us pal’ but when I comes to inventions, 'you made this? of course you did it’s incredible but I’m… I’m always speechless, how do you do it?’
- Affectionate nicknames include; old friend, buddy, smarty, (I need more)
- sitting across from each other everywhere or splitting away from the crowd when they can
- Ford lets Fiddleford talk for most of the night then he’ll tack on 'oh y'know my week was mediocre had some troubling dreams got bitten by a shark nothing much’ and so the conversation needs to double in length as Fiddleford tries to pry the rest of his stories out till its 5am and their falling asleep (usually over the phone)

I’m on mobile I’m sorry this is so long message me if you want a read more of you want to reblog and add all the stuff I missed!

Classism and division and political ideology

So, in the last four/five years my political views have shifted considerably from a pretty much Tea Party to Monarchism to Reactionary to Distributionism to my current center right views with the infusion of Catholic Social Teaching (for example if possible we should value all life from conception to natural death and avoid the death penalty except when it’s absolutely needed.)

That being said, this past election cycle and surrounding events has shown me that labels in the sense of the world and especially in the political sense is something that ultimately feels stupid to take an absolutist view on politics because, its a human invention and its inherently flawed. That and it seems that really both hardline Progressives,Conservative,Libertarians, ect more often than not simply fall into their own echo chambers, willing to dismiss facts because its not from what they consider to be biased(which is stupid because, everyone has their biases and simply dismissing the facts because its not from your side is dumb and its not how one forms good opinions and virtues (which is in the median/middle).

Ultimately, the thing is that those who are not in blue collar jobs seems to be in my experience seems to be often disconnected from the working man. This applies to both sides of the aisle as well. Its just that there’s a disconnect from people who might have a great intellect but, its expressed in a job that’s vocational in its nature and while not required and seems to be of a lesser caliber. However, working with your hands and making things is an artistic expression just as equal to sculpting or painting in my opinion. The reason being, is that while it might be a mundane task at the beginning that eventually results into something that’s beautiful.

In addition, the people I worked with as a machinist were incredibly bright, even if they only had a partial high school education (they could program and code in Assembly) and it just does not seem right that, those who live their lives with little to no exposure to this side of life to act as if they know what’s best for them and to ignore that the working man speaks for himself even if its different tone and not what you as a high class “intellectual” who has dabbled in Aristotle,Marx and basic Christian teachings without any real authentic exegesis in place and somehow be “enlightened” to be the Paraclete for the uneducated masses and it’s just dumb. Also, this applies to majority of the people in more intellectual professions/pursuits like Philosophers (who really for the most part are Sophists but, that’s another post for a different time).

Long story short, maybe we should actually engage in good and honest intellectual discussion with all of those we meet before being condescending or dismissing them entirely and not simply buying a narrative presented to us by a group who has a deliberate bias/agenda. It’s a challenge, especially for me but, even if we fail the we should pick ourselves up and aim to do better next time.

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did you hear that people are saying got7 copied kard bc of the music genre/beat and bts bc of the music video sets? i honestly think that's a bit of a stretch and anyway, no singular group owns a genre or concept :/

LISTEN I LOVE KARD AND BTS but that army was ridiculous and ugly for no reason. first of all, dancehall is a genre made by black artists kard really didn’t invent that at all. their songs are bops tho pls check them out and love them!!! #stankard but uh, if never ever really does dancehall, i’m here for it bc we need more songs like that in kpop ok. that’s a good thing!

and bs&t and that never ever teaser looked nothing alike lmao it’s an insult to bts anyways bc ur dismissing the hard work the boys and the production staff into creating that mv with symbolism and whatnot by pointing out one object that’s used in another group’s mv. idk if this is breaking news but GASPS u can use the same objects and have it mean other things! i know! it’s called symbolism and symbols can have different meanings based on what their overall message is! what a concept! it’s called art!

- katie


On what planet are the feelings of Daryl Dixon more important than Maggie Greene who lost her husband and the father of her child? How is making Daryl feel better in anyway giving the viewers any inkling on her own personal struggle. Maggie is not a character invented to make Daryl Dixon feel better. Forgiveness is a part of the grieving process except we barely see Maggie grieve. It is more important to give Daryl his own episode and then when we see Maggie again it is important to show Maggie caring for him instead of the other way around when she had the wherewithal to sit in line and shut up like she was told. If Daryl loved Glenn, he would have listened in the first place when he told him to come back to ASZ.

Negan could have picked anyone in that line up. He could have scooped Carl’s eye out and made Rick eat it like he said he would, and I would still drag Daryl through the dirt. He is not absolved of his clear, plain as day canon action of punching Negan when he was ALREADY warned that the first one, Glenn…, is free. You do not have to blame Daryl Dixon. Maggie does not have to blame Daryl Dixon, but I damn sure will. Negan swung the bat, Daryl gave him a reason.


okay so headcanon that penny actually ended up inventing a really useful spell called “call me maybe” for people who need more confidence (and social skills) to talk to their crush and when it gets really popular with mages, baz asks how she came up with the idea and then she looks him dead in the eye and says “simon told me how you pushed him down the stairs the first time you tried to flirt with him and i figured this spell would be useful for future disasters like you” 

I need to tell you something.// Fred x Reader.

Title: I need to tell you something. 

Request: Fred confessing his feelings for the reader.

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Warning: nothing,

A/N: I haven’t had much motivation, so this is more of a one-shot. A very short one. This is literally the suckest thing in the world and I didn’t do justice for imagines; it could be worse right?

Smiling you looked at Fred. “Really?” you asked as you held one of his and George’s inventions. Fred nodded smiling. “Yeah. It’s really cool right?” he asked, “Yeah! It’s amazing!”

“You’re amazing.”

“What?” your face flushed, “Um, uh, nothing.” Fred looked down at his lap, “Fred,” you smiled.

“What did you say?”

“I said you’re amazing.”

Smiling wide you handed him his invention. “It’s amazing Fred.”

“Thank you.”

“Now I should really be off, I’ll see you later?” your voice was hopeful and his eyes lit up, “Of course.”

Days had passed and you hadn’t seen Fred, barley heard from him. You had been hanging out with your parents when you finally saw Fred again. This time he was in a rush and you and him had started talking again.

“I need to tell you something!”

You smiled and nodded, “Okay. Tell me.” you breathed out. “I love you.” Fred whispered. You smiled, “I love you too.”

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Tony Stark as a father-figure would include?

  • Always being extremely protective over you
  • Doing whatever he can to ensure your safety
  • Making you your own suit (Iron Man suit)
  • Always making sure you’re okay
  • The rest of the team would also be really protective of you
  • Building you whatever you liked in the tower
  • Always trying to be a better person for you
  • Teasing him about Pepper
  • Taking you on random trips when you need to get away
  • Whenever you bring anyone back to the tower, friend or more, he’s always very suspicious and interrogative of them
  • Long hugs when you’re in need of some comfort
  • Watching your favourite movies with you on the couch with some popcorn
  • Helping build inventions with him
  • Never having to pretend with him because he knows you inside out
3 am Thoughts

Insomnia’s a bitch. What am I doing with my life? What if I don’t get into medical school? Do your friends all secretly hate you? Do you even like you? You need to get your shit together. You should pay more attention to your family. Why do you always shut down and then get mad when people stop caring? Does anyone really love you or are they all just waiting to use you? You’ve dated some really shitty guys, you need to work on that. What if they have girlfriends hotter than you? But who gets to decide whether you’re “hot” or not? What does hot even mean? You should probably eat healthier, and exercise more, and just take better care of yourself. Do fish sleep? How? Turnips are the worst thing to ever be invented by the earth. At least you’re not a turnip, that’s a start. You could probably stand to loose 20 pounds, work on that. You need to call the doctor, and fill prescriptions, and do laundry, and meet people, and do that paper, and be a functioning human. Ugh! It’s 3am!

The past fifty years have seen massive gains in productivity, the invention of countless labor-saving devices, and the mass entry of women into the formal workforce. If we assume that there is, to a certain degree, a fixed amount of work necessary for society to function, how can we at once be more productive, have more workers, and yet still be working more hours? Something else must be going on.


This guy Manoj Bhargava made 5 hour energy and now he’s worth 4 billion dollars but he’s using 99% of it to give back and fund research and inventions that benefit the environment and the world. He’s building hospitals, funding projects that could save lives. His team of engineers have found such simple solutions to problems that we’ve been debating politically for decades. This guy needs to be more well known and people, specifically politicians, need to understand that it’s not about the money. It’s about all the lives we could save with this technology and all the people we could help. I just think this video is worth your time. I really do.

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O, P, and V? :)


o. choose a song at random. which ship or character does it remind you of?

i shuffled itunes and got “hyperlink” by emmy the great. i… feel like this song is chiyo/nozaki if they were in a serious shoujo manga. and not. gsnk.

p. invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

i think every fandom should have a paprika au. or any au that creates an excuse for characters to have their subconsciouses dragged out and aired for everyone to see. (there’s this one really good silent hill au for ace attorney, and i’ve been obsessed with it ever since.)

v. which character do you relate to most?

if i wanted someone who had never met me in real life to know what it is like to put up with me on a regular basis, i’d have them watch a couple of episodes of logh and explain that i am terrifyingly similar to attenborough.

Pluto signs
  • Pluto signs are connected to transformation and life changes.
  • Pluto in Aries: Can be impulsive, impatient, willful, optimistic and rebellious. Will do whatever it takes to get what they desire.
  • Pluto in Taurus: Very persistent. It's hard for them to let go of something once it's in their possession. Hard to satisfy, may keep seeking to gain more.
  • Pluto in Gemini: Very curious. Wants to learn as much as possible. Interested in the secrets of life and other hidden things.
  • Pluto in Cancer: Very possessive towards those they love. Feels everything very intensely. Really values their home and family. Sensitive, sympathetic, nurturing, and protective.
  • Pluto in Leo: Optimistic and enthusiastic. Likes to take over the leadership and wants to feel appreciated for it. Loves to express themselves. Usually splurges on things they want, not the things they need.
  • Pluto in Virgo: Very inventive. Good at organizing things. Prefers to stay in the background rather than be in the spotlight. Critical. Fears criticism from others.
  • Pluto in Libra: A bit compulsive. May act before thinking. Fairness and justice is important to them. Wants peace and harmony.
  • Pluto in Scorpio: Ruled by strong emotions. May tend towards darker thoughts. May be interested in sex, the mind, death, genetic engineering, and cloning. Usually questions all the rules. Can be manipulating or controlling at times.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius: Have a need for exploration. Friendly as long as you don't disrupt their freedom. May have difficulty with people that have beliefs different than their own. Can't tolerate boredom. Risk adds fun to an adventure. Optimistic and in search of all things new. Maybe be foolish at times and hates to be humiliated.
  • Pluto in Capricorn: Exercises caution in all things. Very ambitious. Born organizer. (Pluto hasn't been in Capricorn since the Amcerican Revolution).
  • Pluto in Aquarius: Nonconformist. Has original ideas. Fascinated by ideas of equality. May come off as strange or compulsive to others.
  • Pluto in Pisces: impressionable and inspiring. Interested in spirituality. Can feel easily alienated. May become secretive and manipulative.

Charlie: I’m great! I’m currently out of the realm to do part of my duty - espionage! Well, not really, but you know that a reason we are more powerful than mortals is technology. New things are being discovered and invented all over the globe and while these things will eventually, slooooooowly, make their way along the trading routes and be spread, we are much better connected.

I’m currently hanging out with the forest women north of the alps and they’re telling me about a better house heating system. Not that Dean needs it of course, but his dreamy mortal might not catch pneumonia if we get his dank monastery properly heated up. 

Steffi note: Thanks! ♥

so hear me out

one of my headcanons is that wash is autistic and one of his stims is pressure. and like thats one of the reasons why he can’t sleep bc like

like back in the mother of invention he had maine to just wrap him up in a bearhug when he needed to stim, and calm him down right away
and since then he hasn’t really had anything or anyone to give him the same pressure since like….weighted blankets aren’t really stuff that are just laying around everywhere

that is until caboose one day just lifts wash up and gives him the bearhug of his life and wash just fucking completely relaxes for the first time in years and just lets caboose keep hugging him from time to time and has at more than one occasion fallen asleep in caboose’s arms and everyone has seen it happen even though wash completely denies it

i’d like to think that everyone kinda put two and two together and while in chorus, wash still sleeps worthlessly at night, and caboose can’t just hug him all day, so all of the reds and blues kinda worked together to make wash a weighted blanket and just

i could go on but i wont be able to stop if i do just

just imagine autistic wash needing his stims and having a whole family of friends that supports him